Wardrobe Focused Feedback Requested

Wardrobe Focused Feedback Requested

The PTR had some weird Wardrobe locations.
The PTR had some weird Wardrobe locations.
The Wardrobe was added in Patch 2.3 after some testing time on the PTR, and it’s popular (I guess?) amongst players who spend time polishing their character’s appearance. Some fans who have used the Wardrobe much more than I offered a bunch of feedback and got a Blue reply asking for more.

Wardrobe Feedback

Honestly, I am *STOKED* to finally be able to take these items out of my packs, but even better is that now they show up in the other Menus! I wanted to offer a bit of feedback, though, in hopes of improving the system even further! In no particular order:

  • When you click on the Wardrobe, it should just automatically pull on the window. Since there are tabs on the side, I think it just makes more sense.
  • I’m not sure that “Wings” and “Pennants” really warrant having two separate categories. The reason is, I think it kind of pigeonholes you guys into making lots more Wings and Pennants, as opposed to maybe more creative options. Plus, when you equip Wings *AND* a Pennant, it’s visually kind of overkill, to the point I think it starts to look a little silly.
  • I would love to see a new “Skins” option. That is, being able to replace the character-model with a slightly altered version of them. Look at the new Season 3 artwork, for example; there’s a gorgeous, red-haired Demon Hunter! Or for my Barbarian, I love the idea of having a black Barbarian with long dreadlocks, or maybe a Crusader with fair features and short red hair, sort of an Irish appearance. Really, there’s a lot you could do there, so that even if you have a team of all Male Wizards, they might all look a bit different (even if it’s only their face and skin-color). Keep their voice-work the same, but maybe they also get a different portrait?
  • Working off of that last idea, maybe even do “Special Skins”, such as giving your Barbarian green skin and black hair like an Orc, or making your Wizard appear as a Protoss. Because they’d be so over-the-top, maybe just reserve them for special events, like on Halloween, or during Blizzcon weekend, stuff like that.
  • I noticed that “Angelic Wings” has been renamed to “Eternal Light”. I’d personally suggest changing them once more, and calling them “Wings of Justice”, to fit the precedent of the “Wings of Valor”. I might also suggest giving it a cool little quote, too.
  • By the way, *PLEASE* don’t implement all of those other “Wings” that were datamined. A number of them look virtually indistinguishable from the original Collector’s Edition Wings, and those are something I take a great deal of pride in; if other Wings are to be added, then I think an effort should be made to ensure they’re instantly recognizable as being different.
  • Obviously, more Pets might be cool… Although I struggle to think what they might be. Personally, I hate the Special Hound-thing that’s currently available, because not only does it look creepy as hell, but it looks like an enemy, so I would constantly stop to try and attack it, which is why I don’t even use it.
  • Grimiku: Nice thread with lots of good feedback and suggestions. I like to encourage healthy discussions like this whenever I can, and I think it’d be cool to see more ideas (and feedback) from the community about the Wardrobe feature. Thanks for starting it, Terin!

  • What do you like about the Wardrobe right now?
  • What about the current functionality do you think could be improved?
  • What else would you like to see added to this feature?
  • How about it? Are you guys using the Wardrobe and finding it useful? I see more players than ever (unfortunately, IMHO) running around with glowing/distracting wings, so maybe the Wardrobe is reminding player to turn them on more than in the old “have to click that item in the inventory” days?

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    11 thoughts on “Wardrobe Focused Feedback Requested

    1. It is usefull in the sense that it freed up 4 spaces of inventory on every hero I have.
      Now we just need to wait till they finally add other cosmetics and stashspace and all that. I mean surely this is just step 1 to reach that.

    2. I like the wardrobe and agree that it needs a broader variety of options. I like the idea with different skins, it always bothers me a bit, that all characters of one class look the same. On the other hand, how much will you notice a different hair color or skin color when you are in full armor?
      For example, the Roland Set of the Crusader covers the whole Crusader. You won’t be able to see the difference.

      I still think a broader and more unique selection of wings, pennants and pets is the best way.
      Some of those datamined wings really look quite generic and to similar to already existing wings.

    3. Don’t use it. I kinda liked the way of D2 that you could estimate used skills, overall powers and probable gaps to use/abuse. On the other hand, D3 has no PKs to begin with, so there’s no need whatsoever to build a strategy on the spot to PKK instead…

    4. Lets get those dyes out of the stash and into the wardrobe.
      Maybe also just use dyes to change skin/hair color?

      • Okay yeah, getting dyes all to the wardrobe would be great. Their cost is beyond trivial now, anyway. At the very least just make every vendor stock all of them.

        • There’s no real point for them even being objects. I think they had planned for them to drop from monsters at one point, and for there to be ‘rare’ ones etc. But since neither of those are really true, there’s no point in them being items.

          However, changing from the current system to a new system is work, and effort that could be spent on adding something new to the game, instead of re-working a system that most people don’t care about.

    5. It’s patch 2.2, not 2.3, it’s 2.2.1 on the PTR…

      We haven’t even seen any indication that 2.3 is a reality at this point.

    6. I’d just like to know how to actually get my ‘Pre-Order ROS’ wings out of my stash and into the wardrobe. The wardrobe function tells me I don’t have any wings…and I can’t get it to update. Not that I use the wings anyway, but I’d like the thing to be accurate…

      • I had the same problem, but I solved it.

        AFAIK, this is how it goes…
        Make a new character. Enter a game. There will be an email delivery button on the bottom left of the screen. Accept it. Now the new character will have the wings and it will not show on inventory, but in the wardrobe.

    7. I’ll just pop in here to reiterate my longstanding hope for the thing that would draw me back to D3: If they completely expanded the Wardrobe to be a tool for collectors and grailers.

      Ideally for me, it would function like D2 ATMA, and basically allow you to store anything you found in there for later use. That’s never gonna happen, of course – Blizz is never going to allow unlimited storage like that. So let’s brainstorm some.

      Obviously you can cut down on a huge amount of potential abuse by limiting it to legendary/set items. (IMO crafting mats should never take up inventory space but since they don’t belong in the wardrobe either, that’s another discussion). Since you may find items with different rolls and you want to keep more than one, ideally you could keep any that you find. But if it’s an infrastructure issue, they could allow you a max of 5 for each item, or whatever. Now you’ve got a finite number of potential items a user could store, easy to account for.

      At a bare minimum, whenever you find a particular legendary it should “unlock” in your collection. That can mean anything from being able to view the skin, count toward an achievement, or apply the skin to other weapons (not a huge fan of that, but just a thought).

      I tried to think of some ways that you could pay to collect or withdraw the item, but nothing I came up with would be feasible due to Blizz’s concern for player confusion, and potential for abuse. Maybe others have some ideas.

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