I recently did some checking on Blizzard fans’ interest in buying the music of Blizzard’s in house band Elite Tauren Chieftain (of varying levels) on the Diablo, WarCraft and StarCraft communities, and the result was pretty clear: Lots of fans would like to be able to buy the music!

    So, I made a petition asking Blizzard to make their ETC songs available on a CD for purchase (or possibly through downloads from their Blizzard store). Basically, fans want to pay Samwise and Morhaime to be published rock stars, is that too much to ask?

    If you have been to BlizzCon, seen one of the WoW contests they had, or heard of the Blizzard rock band from any other source, and would like to be able to buy an album from Blizzard (for standard CD prices), make sure to head over to the Elite Tauren Chieftain Album Petition and make your voice heard!

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