Waller Bosses in Action

While updating the Monster DiabloWikiBoss Modifiers article in the wiki this morning, chiefly with the new info from the BradyGuide preview (the page is still a WiP), I was reviewing the screenshots and Beta videos of various bosses and enjoying the show. All of them were seen in our forums during the beta, but I’m pretty sure I never posted any videos of DiabloWikiWallers or DiabloWikiJailers on the main page. This means that those of you who weren’t in the beta, or never got “Beyond the Cemetery Gate,” or didn’t endlessly run the Den of the Fallen, the second level of which was the only place to find such monsters during the last couple of months of the beta — probably never saw them.

To remedy that shotcoming, here are a couple of very cool videos showing off how Wallers play. It’s one of the more interesting properties, since it varies between DiabloWikiChampions and DiabloWikiBosses. Champs can only create short and straight walls (at least on Normal), while Bosses can corral you in three-sided rectangles that force you to run back to them if you wish to escape. Imagine that with DiabloWikiVortex, DiabloWikiNightmarish, and DiabloWikiFrozen on Inferno? Your only real choice would be to restart at the last checkpoint, or leave the game entirely.

Besides locking you in, Walls will also block projectiles, and ranged attackers who aren’t blocked in can be frustrated by their inability to shoot the DiabloWikiBoss or DiabloWikiChampion that’s casting the walls in the first place. One of them drove my DiabloWikiDemon Hunter crazy in the DiabloWikiFields of Misery during the beta, and they’ll no doubt repeat that trick many times in the final game.

Here’s the video of a Boss with Waller, building house foundations to lock players in. (The titles on the videos themselves are reversed.)

Click through for a video of Champions with this modifier, making short, straight walls. Both vides are courtesy of z00t.

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45 thoughts on “Waller Bosses in Action

  1. I’m having more and more concerns to ‘start’ with a hc character 😛

    • Ok, so the most hyped champion affix actually seems to help you. Alright Jay, it might be time to go.

      • Exactly. What we heard from fatty Wilson and the majority of casual baddies when they first talked about this affix was: “Oh no! they can trap us and we can’t run away”. Typical of a baddie without confidence in their skills.
        What I saw instead is a monster affix that makes it easier to trap THEM with us to unleash a coordinated party aoe attack.

        A monk can blind them for 4 seconds, a barb can chain 2 stuns for a total of 7 seconds and a wizard can frost nova them for 3 seconds, that’s 18 seconds of stunned/incapacitated mobs and this sequence can be repeated ad nauseam (party of 2 monks, 1 barb, 1 wizard).

        And that party comp is not required to effectively CC them either. A Witch Doctor can use mass confusion to make them attack each other and runed with Mass hysteria can stun them for 3 seconds should the primary effect fail. A Demon hunter can spam Rattling Roll runed vault which stuns all enemies in an 8 yard radius for 1.5 seconds.

        • Yes. Sure. Trap them and unleash coordinated….

          Let me stop right here.

          At what point will you be coordinating with 3 more of those motherfuckers with other totally fluffy affixes chewing on your arrogant ass?


          It’s all good fun my man. You will be proven wrong and you will love it…or will just rage quit. 

          • Not arrogance, it’s simply experience and confidence. I really don’t get why many of you exaggerate and try your hardest to make it sound as if it will be impossible. Don’t let your fanboyism for anything Blizzard says blind you.
            This is stupidly easy to figure out and coordinate if you’ve played any team based game. My group consists of veteran US top 10 raiders. I think we know how to coordinate and press 3-4 buttons in succession in a rotation, it is not rocket science.

            P.S: I fully expect people to use the “you had no life and played the game all day” line. In fact, we only raided 2 hours every night for 4 nights a week during progression and during farming only 1 or 2 nights a week. I quit the game 3+ years ago tho, but the rest of my group still plays.

          • Funny how many people went “LAWL” and pressed +recommend, as if you showed him, without realising that aforementioned stuns are AoE. So if you have 4 baddies chewing on you, throw a monk blind, chain rest of CC’s and you have 4 loot piniatas.
            It just shows how many bad WoW players will jump onto D3. They don’t know how to use CC!

        • Bold words my friend. I’d like to see you run out of a wall cage with monsters hitting that hard in inferno…

      • People – watch the second video before saying it “helps” the player. This is deadly stuff. Cagematch!

        • I’m a Barbarian. If anything, I want to keep stuff close to me.

          Anyway, have you seen the monster AI? They barely attack you in the first place. 

          • As a Barbarian you want the enemies to be close… Until you don’t. They can die from getting stuck just like anybody else.

      • I think waller will be fine on most mobs, but imagine if stygian dolls or gloams had the waller affix. It only gets dangerous when the situation is already dire. Survival/mobility spells ftw.

      • I changed their order. Pity, as I’d watched them immediately before posting this, but hadn’t noticed that the titles on the vids were switched.

  2. Great stuff!
    Can I ask an off-topic question?  I am curious why I have not seen any full reviews/previews from any of the online gaming websites (PC Gamer, 1Up, etc)?  Don’t they normally get an advance copy of the finalized game to do a full review?  At this point it looks like all the reviews might come out at the same time as the general public can buy it, which kind of defeats the purpose of the review for some.

    • Those advance copies would have to connect to Battle.net to play, which won’t be active until May 15. I suspect gaming websites will get their hands on the full version the same time the rest of us do.

      • True, they’d have to be on a b.net server.  But Blizz has had the full game running on internal servers for months now.  Doesn’t seem like rocket science to authorize a few gaming web sites to one of them.

      • They must have some kind of private setup, maybe a LAN version or something, because the game guide was written a while back.

        • The game guide people go to HQ and stay there for weeks to create those. That’s how they did it for D2, and other games I’ve heard of the writing process.  And then the last minute updates are all just updated spreadsheet values; that’s why the Arcane Enchanted page had the old hydra photo, but the new “second hand” text.

    • They probably will play the same time as us.

      Doesn’t make that much of a difference. Those who are interested in the game but waiting for reviews will likely hold back before buying anyway.

      • I’m sure you are right for some gamers.  I just think the reviews serve several useful purposes.

        1) Provide some (hopefully) unbiased evaluation of the game systems, graphics, challenge, etc.
        2) Provide something to ‘chew on’ while waiting for the game to be available.
        3) Provide valuable publicity.

        In the case of D3, there is likely enough publicity anyway.  But I’d still like #1 and #2.

    • I think there is no advance copy of the game cause the servers aren’t up yet… This leads to an awkward situation when gaming sites will be able to review the game along with the common players 😀
      Furthermore, IMO the only reliable review to me is the one written after full playthrough, which in this case should be when reviewer hit 60 (and got wasted in inferno dozen times) 😛

  3. Am i the only one who thinks those walls befit the player more so than the monsters ?

  4. Looks like in narrow spaces Waller + Desecrator will mean a quick death without a mobility skill.

  5. I wish that Arcane Enchanted…

    Champions: Spawn stationary rotating orbs that fire arcane rays.

    Rares: Spawn Arcane Hydras. O_o 

  6. This is most likely why I’ll be rolling a Wizard with teleport lol. That or barbarian with leap although you probably don’t get as much distance as you would with teleport.

  7. Champion makes much better U shape walls, while Elite walls seems quite pointless.

    • I think the videos have the names backwards. Champion packs are blue, Elites are individual mobs that are yellow.

    • As stated, videos are BACKWARDS. The 3-wall U’s are from the Yellow guys, not the Blue guys 😛

  8. Like somebody said, if stygian dolls or gloams had waller we would have been screwed, lol.

    I’m probably gonna be rolling with 3 defensive skills in inferno. 

    If the rest of the champion affixes are like this, i’ll be happy. It’s better than the busted damage totals on LE or the FE death explosion, I think. Also, Iron Maiden in Chaos Sanctuary, fewer cheap shots like that until we get to inferno, and then the whole difficulty may be a cheap shot.

  9. I think ppl need to just sit back and let this happen.  Monsters are going to kill you and you’re going to like it.  There’s no doubt that they made this game hard.

  10. “Imagine that with Vortex, Nightmarish, and Frozen on Inferno? Your only real choice would be to restart at the last checkpoint, or leave the game entirely.”
    Who would be such a coward ? 🙄

  11. Just an FYI the blues are champions, thats a rare in the video (with yellow)

    This was confirmed awhile ago. But you can also confirm via the ach in beta.

    The term “elites” cover all three.


    • I noticed this too.

      champion = blue

      rare = yellow

      minions = monster pack that spawns with the rare, is stronger than ordinary, and shares (some of?) the rare’s abilities.

      elite = champion, rare, boss and other players (for PvP), but not sure if it includes minions.

  12. I didnt read all the weird comments but think if it like this; 5 Wallers, with a group of champions 10+ mobs in inferno. Essentially you would be “trapped”

    People need to just stop with there EMO BS comments about how they are so l33r n3rd [email protected] pr0.. if you want to design a game with what you think is hard then go ahead. Until the game comes out, and they wipe you and your EMO commenting butt buddies, then you can bitch more. Sick and tired of all these people constantly saying how its a dumb skill. Put your Spiked Shocked collar in your neck and wrists and go play l33t n3rd [email protected] pr0 EMO World.

    Oh yea and lay the hell off Jay Wilson. Why is everyone calling him a Fatty. Does it really matter? Hes designing a one of the worlds top PC Games for you to play with all your buddies. Have some respect.

  13. I ran into a few packs of these during beta, and I couldn’t move, and they were damaging me. Plus, the walls spawned much faster, and the champions/rares moved much faster as well. I found it to be a “oh Sh*t” moment, and I did sustain damage, but not enough to kill me! They will be much harder to deal with on higher levels of difficulty. 

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