Walkabout Videos from BlizzCon 2013

Flux has arrived in the convention centre for BlizzCon 2013 and has had time to shoot a couple of videos walking round the show floor before the crowds are let in. He’s thrown in some commentary too for good measure.

Keep an eye on the BlizzCon Coverage Section for the full transcripts (not bullet point lists) of the Diablo 3 Panels, videos, hands-on reports, photos, screenshots and more.

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8 thoughts on “Walkabout Videos from BlizzCon 2013

  1. lol, Unofficial V.I.P. Chinese Bot/Exploit/cheat Team already at the RoS stations playing long before “the crowd” is let in. They have to get a headstart to keep the blackmarket economy going, and some keypeople at blizzard getting a nice bonus check every month ^^

    • I’m just cynical about these things. I know Blizzard is a big company out to make money, DUH, it’s just a lot easier to forget about it when you focus on the nuts and bolts of design and such on sites like these. But at Blizzcon it looks like a lot of hard selling, and marketing to the gills, reminding me so bluntly how much Blizz desires my money. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either, but I prefer to stay in my fantasy land where stocks and share holders don’t exist, and all that you have to worry about is how much items suck.

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