news-wiz-bug-RoFA fan posted about an annoying and odd Wizard Ray of Frost bug, and since there’s a cool video to go with it, and a Blue said a fix is coming, let’s take a look.

    Using Ray of Frost with Light of Grace against some varieties of crawler/torso-type monsters or other tiny monsters will result in absolutely ZERO DAMAGE DONE. Ray of Frost completely and 100% fails to hit the target.

    On Live I occasionally run into Elite or Rare monsters of the torso variety and it takes me FOREVER to kill them because my primary damage dealer does ZERO DAMAGE.

    I’m baffled that this bug has been let live for this long, but I absolutely refuse to stand by and watch it creep into 2.1. I just paused my PTR session in the middle of a Level 25 Greater Rift because I just ran into a rare torso-type monster that is going to ruin my Leaderboard timing because it took me at least 3x as long to kill it.

    The short video is below and it just shows the Wizard standing in a sea of ankle-biters, her main attack sailing happily into the distance without so much as scratching their scaly heads.

    If Diablo 3 had monster immunities and physics and more hotkeys, you could actually defend this. After all, a projectile/beam fired from a standing position with a straight arm *shouldn’t* hit ground targets at close range. I’d like that version of the game, but obviously that kind of realism and situational skill switching isn’t in Diablo 3 at this point, so it’s a bug to make one skill fail at a primary task such as this.

    And now for the happy ending!

    Tsarnis: Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to pop in here and let you know that we have a fix in place for this internally that you should see in the next PTR patch. Thanks for the reports!

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