Wal-Mart Midnight Launch Preview

A site reader who works at a Wal-Mart in the US sent in some details about what his store is planning for the midnight release of Diablo III.

The package contained some instructions for a midnight launch trivia (with questions like: Who are the prime evils? and What the “Helpers from Diablo 2 were called); the CD, poster and Lanyard (not in picture) are the prizes.

Three pics he took of the goodies can be seen below. You’ll need to check with your local Wal-mart to see if they’ll be open for the midnight launch (many stores are open 24/7) and if they’ll have such an event.

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    16 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Midnight Launch Preview

    1. I work in the Electronics department at Walmart, we are having a release party here in Texas and have recieved all the items listed above.  I made sure I got one of the lanyards because they look really cool. We also have a 6 foot long diablo banner that I will be taking home with me after the release.  Can’t wait for May 15th!!!

      • What’s the best time to show up at walmart to get in line for a CE?  How do you guys handle that?

        • Roz, I can’t speak for all stores, but my store personally did not recieve any copies of the collectors edition, in fact, so far I have only seen about 15 copies of the standard edition so far.  I remember when SCII came out we had about 100 copies of the game I was surprised they were only sending us that many copies because my store is one of the higher volume stores in the area.

        • CE just depends if they ordered any or not. Walmart usually has a very small PC section so it is unlikely.
          As for when to show up, I frequently get my games at midnight at Walmart. I don’t bother pre-ordering games either, so I just go in, ask if they’ve unpacked it yet, and buy and leave. Since I live in central time, I’ll probably get home with the game long before the servers actually go up.

    2. Wal-Mart sells the cheap Chinese stuff.
      If you want a quality D3, buy from GameStop. 

    3. My walmart that is a mid-sized supercenter and we will be having no CE, but we will have 21 of the regular.

    4. I as well work in the electronics department. Our rep is coming in monday day to give us the trivia kits, so this is the first im seeing of them. From the sound of it, we are only getting 4 kits, so it might be hard to snag a lanyard 🙁 our banner is still sitting in the warehouse, and it might just have to end up in my room haha. As far as CEs go, we have received zero so far, but 81 SE. interesting to hear that a super center has far less copies then us, as we are the oldest, and only store that has yet to be remodeled.

    5. My Walmart in California said they are doing EXACTLY what is posted, and they usually have about 10-15 copies of a collectors edition for games. First come first serve though. When I called, the guy said to be there at 10pm to secure myself a spot. 

      I’ll probably be there at like 9 though.  

    6. I wonder the store size of the Manchester, IA would be classified as. Being remodeled Atm. 
      Me and a friend are going to try and get a nice spot in line @ 11. Anybody have an idea how fast this game will go off shelves for a few days? Hope to see how the servers work for D3 compared to others.   

    7. Hi Walmart guys, do you happen to know if there will be a new stocks of Diablo 3 Collector’s edition in any branch after May 15 onwards? My uncle from NY pre-order another 2 copies last May 12 but just today Walmart returned the payment since it was already sold-out. Thankfully I advised him to pre-order two CE last april and the items are shipped 😀

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