Vote: Your Ultimate Goal, Max Level Diablo 3

A survey type of vote, spurred by some recent news. What’s your goal regarding max level Diablo 3?

As we saw with the (ongoing) Doggie Discount to Paragon 100… many people play Diablo 3 solely to achieve the maximum level. Maybe they want that for the passive bonuses to MF/GF, but in many cases it seems like just the big number on their level bar is the goal, and it’s not a means to and end, but an end in of itself.

I could understand that in earlier games in the series, where DiabloWiki max level it was a really grind-tastic achievement. And one that was profitable to achieve; not so much in Diablo 1 where higher levels added quite minimal bonuses, but in Diablo 2 each level awarded 5 attribute points and a skill point, and skill points were really what made the world go ’round.

In Diablo 3 on the other hand, higher levels don’t mean a whole lot. Reaching 60 is a big hurdle, since you have access to all skills and rune effects and can equip any item in the game at that point… but gaining DiabloWikiParagon levels above that don’t add a great deal of benefit. Each Paragon level awards 3% MF/GF, plus 3 to DiabloWikimainstat, 2 to vit, and 1 to the other 2 attributes. Those bonuses add up nicely, for a pretty well-geared high level character with 3000 mainstat and 1000 vit… even going all the way to Paragon 100 will only grant 300 mainstat and 200 vit of that total. (Though maxing out the MF/GF is pretty handy.)

Thus my question… why do you level up? What’s the ultimate gold goal of your characters? It’s a tricky question to fit into discrete vote options, so pick the option that best matches your game goals, and then hit the comments to make BabyJayWilson cry as you complain that the vote options weren’t perfectly worded for your particular, unique approach to the dilemma.

What's your primary goal with your Diablo 3 characters?

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More than one of the vote options can be true for you, but what’s the most important to you?

For instance, I like to find shiny. I love DiabloWikiMagic Find, I work to max that out and sacrifice DPS and other things to achieve it. For me, Paragon levels are chiefly of use in that they boost my char’s other properties, especially the MF. Thus I generally choose Topaz over Ruby in my hat, since I want the MF boost now, not a slight increase to leveling speed that will grant me MF eventually. I can sort of understand players who go all DPS and +exp, purely to level up, since someday they’ll be more efficient item finders, but I want the increased chance to find the shiny now, not in 10 or 20 or 50 levels. Especially now that I’ve mostly transitioned to DiabloWikihardcore, where tomorrow may never come.

Click through for some retrospective on the time to max level in past Diablo titles, plus projections for Diablo 3’s future.

Just FYI, but D2 max level 99 varied hugely in accessibility over time.

Back in D2C, from July 2000 – June 2001, it was really, really hard to achieve. I played a ton of D2C and don’t think I ever had a char past level 90, and most players thought 99 was impossible, since past about 95 the only way to gain noticeable quantities of exp was to kill Diablo himself.

Thus it was fascinating to most in the community when we saw a race from 93 up, between two teams of players pushing for the first to level 99. Check out the GerBarb and RussBarb articles for all the details (GerBarb won), including interviews with the players and details on how it took dozens of players, rolling 12_ hours a day, to get a single character to 99 in Diablo 2 classic/vanilla.

For the sake of comparison, reaching 99 was *much* easier during most of D2X; highlighted by a team achieving 99 it less than 40 hours after a ladder reset in October 2001. (That’s less than 4 months after D2X was released, so clearly there wasn’t a real huge learning curve involved.) At that point players could level to 99 simply by doing the same level over and over and over again, and most players chose the (not so) DiabloWikiSecret Cow Level since it had huge monster density, top exp per enemy, and no ranged attackers or variety in enemies. (I always remember this sort of thing and laugh and laugh whenever anyone says D3 is boring/repetitious only 6-9 areas in Act 3 worth running.)

Paragon 40 required for a decent avatar border.
Level 40 required for a decent avatar.
Reaching level 99 in D2X became much harder in v1.10 and later, as the super easy areas were buffed or removed, and the grind from 90+ became much slower. (I made a 99 and multiple ~95s, Hardcore, in v1.09, but never got above 92ish in v1.10+.)

D3 hasn’t changed that much between patches, though it might in the future. Reaching level 60 isn’t meant to be that hard, with a single pass through Normal/Nightmare/Hell sufficient to achieve it. Paragon levels were added August 22, 2012 in DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.4 and the first player to reach 100 was Alkaizer in on September 6, 2012 . (Yes, that’s just two weeks later. Not quite the 40 hours to 99 of v1.09 D2X, but certainly easier than anything GerBarb could have imagined.)

We don’t get ladder resets in D3, but it would be interesting if we did…. interesting to see how long it would take someone to get to 100, now that we’ve got Hellfire rings and many other exp boosting items. V1.08 will make Paragon 100 even easier, with the multiplicative experience bonus, bonuses for multiplayer, and the potential of super geared players running over 1000% experience bonus on MP10.

All of which leads to the long-lingering question… what happens to max level in D3X? Does Paragon just increase to say, 150 or 200? If so, what are the bonuses, since characters are already maxed out on MF/GF? Can max level increase to 70 (more skills/skill runes to squeeze in?) while Paragon is already intact? Will the whole level / paragon system be overhauled in the expansion? Personally, I has a curious.

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27 thoughts on “Vote: Your Ultimate Goal, Max Level Diablo 3

  1. I only play to have fun and I do have fun, usually spending more time than intended each session. Building wealth is only secondary but it doesn’t affect my entertainment. I don’t like to worry about virtual money.

  2. I’m playing because i like leveling, its fun for me, and i want to be lvl 100 in sc and hc with five characters.

  3. It’s my mission, since the original game, to find all the Uniques/Legendaries. That’s the main reason I’m still playing DIII. I don’t focus on boosting my MF, tho. I choose to pray to the RNG god(s). I’m also a compulsive level-clearer and can’t leave any parts of the map hidden. XP is secondary, helping me to use better gear & thus kill more monsters, possibly getting better loot.

  4. I’m a loot hunter first and foremost…I love the thrill of finding rare and (hopefully) powerful items. Even though most of them are not very good, legendary/set item drops are the highlight of my playing time and I have to add that the special visual/audio effects when one drops makes the event even sweeter. That is until I realize I’ve just found Zunimassa’s Vision for the umpteenth time. But that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

  5. My goal is to kill Belail mp10 on HC. Once I can do that, a full play through of the game on mp10. Most likely, if I don’t die on this monk while farming to get the gear needed, I will hit pl100 before.

    My current monk is getting there with gear, but I still have to get a gfg Nat ring and Boots, along with a 6%/30 elite/2.20+ 5+ crit wol easily another 3+ billion gold on top of what I have spent so far.

    Not sure how much DPS I need for belail mp10, but my last monk with 120k or so dps got him to 1/3 before enrage. I am thinking like 175k dps unbuffed and I would stand a fighting chance…

  6. My goal would be to efficiently farm MP10 and outfit all my characters to do so. However, because in D2 and D2X I loved to magic find, I selected option 3. Finding good items can outfit your characters and increase your in game wealth. In game wealth gives/increases build options. My medium term goal is to max MF via Paragon Level and replace MF items on the way.
    Because that is the way Blizzard wants me to play, and they know best.

  7. I think they screwed them selves with the expansion. One idea they haven’t done in D2 (and therefore acceptable in D3) is to add more to current characters, not just new ones. Say make the max level 80 and have more skills, runes, etc. to unlock as you progress.

    My bet is, they’ll add another exp bar, paragon jr., and it will increase something minimally like AR.

  8. Other: Not playing anymore but still check here out of habit for Diablo news, hoping for improvements.

  9. Ultimate goal: Logging on hoping there has been a patch that fixed a game that is broken and boring with no end-game.

  10. At this point I think I plan to hit P100 just to continue my streak of hitting Max level for the series (50 in original, 99 in D2). Finding the shinies is a nice bonus, of course.

    Complete speculation, but I’m assuming no more paragon levels will be added in the expansion. One of the reasons given for putting paragon levels in the game was to get the magic-find affix off of gear. So I would assume you put in more items, and let the high level paragon chars go hunt for them. But of course, it was basically a different team that put paragon levels in the game…

  11. The fact that people are selecting anything other than “I play for fun” blows my mind.

    It’s a game… you’re not getting anything but fun out of it, in the end. No one cares about your gear, gold, etc. — slaying internet dragons doesn’t get you any actual points. Play for fun or go do something else you enjoy, otherwise you become miserable and start complaining about balance or whatever else it is people complain about these days.

    • You do realize that each person’s answer IS their idea of fun? Getting good gear, gold, and slaying so called internet dragons is the fun for most people. You sound more like the one complaining.

      • But that’s exactly my point:

        If you don’t select the first answer, then what you’re saying is, “I want X/Y even though it’s not fun to get X/Y.” And that’s what I find so weird.

  12. Getting to lvl 60 with all five classes was a goal.

    That having been done, I’m mostly just playing for fun.

  13. Well, after having beat the game a long while ago, I quit for a few months. Now that I am back, and finally moved on to playing 99% Hardcore, my initial goal was to reach level 60 and clearn inferno Diablo with a HC char. Now that that´s behind me, my wish is really just to enjoy the game BY working on that elusive Paragon lvl 100 HC char.

    Is it ever going to happen? Probably not. I am not quite sure yet which char to focus on either, as after getting my barb to Paragon level 10 I am already rather bored with Act III runs. A Wizard is something I´d like to take to Paragon lvl 100, as unrealistic as that sounds. If along the way I find some shinies and get to accumulate more than the 26M HC gold I have right now, I will definitely be getting my money´s worth.

    As it was said before- the grind, the goal by itself is the fun for me.

    As for the expansion pack, good question. I think they will either add a level cap of 70-80 with new skills and new runes, and keepthe total level at 160, or they might redesign the entire thing and find a completely new system with synergies between skills. Either way, I can´t wait to find out!

  14. It used to be the item hunt that kept me coming back. I played D2X for years and still didn’t find some of the best items! In D3 even if you manage to find them, they are useless… Fix the itemization and I’ll be back to pour in countless hours and occasionally pray to the D3 gods.

    • Finding a health globe Inna Chest is not a good drop. Finding a split dex/vit IS the same gfg rare drop that was the same as finding a zod rune.

      Not every legendary you find should be good, they drop far too often.

  15. I play to reach 100% achievement.

    However the game may have it repetition as you say, others may choose to be patient and play other areas or use the game as a coffee break.

    The games skill dynamics typically lead people into specific load outs.

    Recently to break the repetition, I chose to play load outs that are not common. Play around so put.

  16. I think its a little obtuse to single out one objective: to have fun, to build wealth, etc. A good game can encompass all of these features, and not just one. Thats my concern. The gameplay is fun if you focus entirely on gameplay, you can build wealth if you focus entirely on wealth, you can create one OP character if you focus on one character. What I want is a little taste of the big rainbow. A great game can encompass every one of these features and not leave one forsaken.

  17. Leveling paragorns is an excuse to still play this game, have fun and find new items even after you are moderately happy with your current gear.

  18. I play for fun, what that means? well…

    0. i never ever buy gear with real money
    1. i play hardcore
    2. i play to ingrease my DPS and overall HeroScore
    3. i do ubers on more challenging mp than most people ( just for the kicks )
    At this moment i even think of doing an mp7 solo ubers on hardcore
    4. i farm on higher mp
    5. i also play for paragon but its indeed the last of my targets

  19. Finally, I find that playing with other people is what I enjoy the most. Last time, I was the most experienced of the group and that was nice to get to lead 🙂

  20. I’d like to get each class at least halfway to max paragon level, which at my current pace is a serious long-term goal.

    In the short-term, I aim to get 1 character to p100 and use it to farm and provide for the others as I bring them up.

    Of course, all of this is SC. I dabble in HC but not often. I’d also like to get to a point where I’m satisfied with my SC position and can start focusing on HC.

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