Vote: Your Opinion on No D3 Patches this Summer

As we recently explained in great detail, there will be no new Diablo 3 content patches this summer, with nothing new coming until “after Blizzcon.” There’s been a ton of conversation about this, but we haven’t run a vote yet to get to the numbers behind the anecdotes, so here’s that. Pick the option that best expresses your reaction to the no-patch-summer and we’ll see what the community is thinking.

No D3 patches until after Blizzcon... your opinion?

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43 thoughts on “Vote: Your Opinion on No D3 Patches this Summer

  1. I’m always amused when I post a vote and none of the options (which I just composed) quite sums up my opinion. For this one I’m about a 1.5. I wanted new content, big or small, but at the same time I’m not unhappy with the current state of the game. And I understand that any patch worth playing is a huge undertaking, and that all the most-needed game fixes are redesign-level projects, which they seem to be undertaking for D3X.

    So it’s dumb to want a small patch now if it delays the much more needed major efforts, and yet… want?

    Besides, I’m distracted by finding (and selling) my first 1B+ item yesterday, and thoughts of many very shiny upgrades are beginning to dance in my head.

    • Flux, your a Diablo fan! How the hell are you not “unhappy with the current state of the game.” ?? I know you got your hands tied with Blizzard bud, but even being partially honest as not to offend by adding some constructive critism would your fans put some hope into you that you’d voice our concerns to Blizzard.

      Diablo 3 is terrible, I am not afraid to come out and say it. I am a diehard fan of the series. I put 1000 hours into Diablo 3 before I came to any conclusions and gave it a fair chance before I let loose any opinion I have. Dev’s got their hands full if they want players like myself to return to their game or future games.

      With Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, those games are special and the attention to detail is amazing.

      The designers and writers were fans of the game, making games for the fans. Now its designers and writers being fans of profit, making games for more profit.

      I am truly heartbroken and hope they come back and win the true Diablo fans back with D3X, bring back awesome feats from previous games that made them so damn badass! (Youve read my post, you know what I mean haha)

      I am sorry, but in my honest opinion. People who are happy with Diablo 3 have not been in love with the series since the 96′. If so, more and more people would be upset. This game is a slap in our face. Not to mention, they murdered “Deckard Cain” as well as chopped so many amazing features out from the previous installments, if to finalize the deal that the Diablo series we known and loved it gone forever. I hope not but I don’t see any hope these days.

      Anyways Flux, I put my faith in you that you’d voice our opinions to Blizzard. I just want to see that your seeing the same things we are and are not too afraid to voice your concerns. Im not expecting you to bash Blizzard either haha Thanks for the cool poll though, got my emotions going.


      • There are lots of improvements I’d like to see, but I’m much happier with D3 now than I was 6 or 8 or 10 months ago. Current vote stats show 48% of people agree or like it more than I do right now.

        The reality of patching and new content factors in as well. If they could patch in a bunch of fixes in a day, I’d be pissed that they weren’t. Knowing that any substantial content patch takes months to create, and that they’re reworking a ton of game systems for D3X so that any big changes now would be entirely undone next year, also factors in.

        And yeah, probably a lot is justification and rationalization. Making the best of the situation instead of rose-tinted glasses wishing. Reality often sucks, after all.

      • You spent 1,000 hours on a game and you think it’s terrible? Man… that’s some kind of dedication to something you strongly dislike.

        That’s like eating at the same restaurant 700 times, and then finally deciding, “Man, this place is gross!”

        (Btw, Rush/Flux/Elly — the site’s login functionality is having issues again.)

        • @Ivan Haha you made me laugh my ass off. Theres alot more to the story behind this. But to give you some insight my wife and my best friend also bought Diablo 3 and we all played together regularly. We got in many arguments about the game, I wanted them to quit pretty early on haha I finally got them to quit in June and were all back to playing D2 right now so you know 🙂 I wasn’t about to ditch my wife and my best friend because I didn’t like a game, there are worse games anyways *Cough WoW*. The game is playable and is decent for MP, its just not worthy of being called Diablo 3 IMO. I am a passionate Diablo fan and really wanted to see D3 improve on D1-D2, instead its not even remotely close to those games.. Just sucks that as a fan, I have to put down a Diablo game. Never saw that day coming back in the old days.

          @ Flux I kinda agree with you. I wish in the early patches they didn’t nerf so much like all the loot drops, breaking pots and stuff no longer dropping items and MF no longer working on Chest/Objects. That took some air out from my wings, but they did add other cool stuff like buffed Legends and MP1-10. Going forward, patch 1.08 did make the game more fun but as far as loot and XP goes, I am indifferent. Thanks for the engaging poll/post however. Touchy subject once more!


  2. Now that beta has finished, we can finally look forward to the release next year. The game can only get better from now on!

    I hope they will give some kind of perks in the final game for those of us who paid for this beta.

  3. Sure, game should get better. But better keep down your expectations.

    I do hope they introduce a familiar class from D2 in the expansion. To get some more D2 feeling into it… maybe. But please not a Druid/Shapeshifter.

    • If they do things right, we will have 5 new classes, if you get what I mean.

    • You should not come back until you see that the expansion is worthwhile and not a bucket list of lies.

      • Seriously? Won’t the game cost like 60 bucks/euros? I’ve played worse games for that amount, doesn’t matter if its bad or not imho, it’s Diablo and most people are gonna play it no matter how it turns out, so might as well preorder when you can 😉

  4. I don’t think the assumption that any patch released between now and D3X will take significant dev cycles is accurate. Here’s a list I posted from the forums that I think consist of fairly small changes that would improve D3 without requiring much(any?) code changes:

    1. Make affixes on legendary items properly searchable on the AH.
    Legs are pretty much all we care about now, so lets get those affix slots pre-filled.

    2. Make BoA searchable on the AH.
    Same deal with with boa gear, and throw up the standard tooltip rather than the currently-useless one.

    3. Make Massacre and Mighty Blow records apply to each character, not to an account.
    I’d like to know when my monk breaks his own massacre record, as he has no chance breaking my barb’s massacre record.

    4. Improve chat window functionality.
    Make it movable or resizable, or implement a minimize window button like on the minimap.

    5. Add buff timers to all skills that generate a buff.
    Great that it’s up to 8 now, but I’m more interested in my own skills, not shrine buffs.

    6. Implement a /nopickup mode.
    Especially important for hardcore, but generally a quality of life improvement.

    7. Implement a /nostorymode uhh, mode.
    Another quality of life improvement.

    8. Act bosses now grant nv stacks.
    Encourage players to explore as much of Sanctuary as possible. Patterns were all found in the first few days after 1.07.

    9. Act bosses now have increased chance to drop legendary items.
    Further to #8 above, a slight increase would encourage players to explore more of Sanctuary.

    10. Dyes on legendaries.
    Been worked on for a while now; hopefully it’s close to complete.

    11. Tighten up rolls on some affixes.
    Eg. 20-80 all res at iLvl 63. Yeah it’s an itemization change, but hopefully one that involves little more than a change to an xml file, or some other externally-read file of values.

    12. Remove terrible affixes.
    Eg. bleed over time, thorns, life after kill, ignore durability loss. With the itemization patch purportedly turning itemization on its head, I don’t see any harm in diminishing the value of existing items by making loot not able to roll a few unhelpful affixes (and buffing affix values as per #11).

    • “…fairly small changes that would improve D3 without requiring much(any?) code changes”

      Holy crap talk about totally unrealistic expectations.

      I’m glad they are focusing all their attention on D3X. Very happy about that. The game is good right now, I hunger for more actual game content and the itemization changes. I never thought it was realistic to expect the itemization changes via a regular patch to begin with, it just made more sense to me that would be part of the expansion. That would certainly be the smart thing to do from Blizzard’s perspective.

      • Why are they unrealistic expectations? I’m not suggesting all of the things I’d like to see added before D3X require zero code added. Is it unrealistic to hope for more skills to show up on the buff bar?

        • ?You have no clue how programming works.

          “Go remodel a house. It doesn’t require that much work.”

          “Go retro-fit that hotrod! Should require too much planning.”

          “Hey everyone, I want something for nothing and I am not satisfied!”

    • Item affix tweaks and such are reasonable requests, but I think the whole, “everything is going to change in D3X” is holding back any such quick fixes.

      Most of your requests are stuff, and that’s not up to the d3 devs and any changes to accounts, AH functions, bnet functions, achievements, etc require the chronically overworked coders to implement. And that’s 3 months minimum, for anything. Even small stuff. (Yes, this sucks.)

      Why do you think we never got any achievements added for paragon levels or Infernal Machine stuff?

  5. I’m quite satisfied with the current state of the game but I would have welcomed some kind of itemization buff before blizzcon tbh.


    when can we expect the podcast about the interview you are going to make with the devs Flux?


    • No ETA on the dev interview. I think Lylirra and some of the others were off last week for a holiday stretch. No forum posts from anyone but Grimiku, no email replies, etc. Hopefully next week they’ll be back to usual schedule and things will move forward.

  6. So basically Blizzard support for the game is winding down even though D3 still kind of sucks. Or maybe because D3 still kind of sucks. I wondered if Blizzard was going to put forth the effort required to fix the game. I guess now we know.

  7. Dude, seriously?. Bit of a biased poll. Why even bother asking us? I guess no patches means a increased chance of more substantial changes. I guess im happy at that….

    • Biased is the wrong word, just Blah… Didn’t really give us much option other than accepting or I’m a douche. Wheres the I’m happy because we might see some serious surgery rather than this emergency triage we’ve currently had for the last year.

  8. meh – as of now there is no reason for me to play – there is no new experience to be made no matter how much i grind – pretty all most effective class builds have been figured out for more than 6 months.

    the problem stands it has always been the same; Item-affixes are too bland and imbalanced to open up room for meaningful build exploration.

    and the Skills are too bland as well – there is no unique scaling attached to most rune variants. so there really is no way or room for unique characters that work – everyone just stacks critdamage / critchance + lifeleach and takes the skill with the best AEDMG : Ressource cost – ratio.

    I also dislike in Diablo 3 specificly the prevalence of AE Skills.
    they tuned Diablo 3 skills like they would tune them for WoW.
    most single target skills barely deal 1.5-2.0x more dmg than a AOE dmg equivalents. why is it ok in D3 to literally kill 100 Monster (including 1-3 rarepacks) in 20 seconds on MP10.

    but it would be outrageous if a singletarget skill instagibbed a Monster? (atleast it seems so from the dev-perspective)

    anyways I am curious what they have in store for us with upcoming Blizzcon announcements – but that is all ; Blizzard really lowered my expectations for their franchise tremendously – that being said every bit of news will be taken with a huge grain of salt – especially if they are as vague and as early in production as they have been when diablo 3 was announced.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that Blizzard scraps or changes 7 out of 10 announced core features completely in between announcement and release.

    anyway Steam Summer sale is soon – so I really doubt that i will start up Diablo 3 again until a major content / designchange patch.

  9. Can’t vote because nothing falls into my category. If I could, Id vote;

    “Unhappy with game, though Patching won’t fix it. Let them spend time working on D3X in hopes to fix this sorry excuse of a WoW game, I mean.. Diablo?”

    Hope the dev’s play Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 over the summer months to come and learn a thing or two on how Diablo games are meant to be..

    Until D3X I will be playing D1 and D2 myself. D3 isn’t even a Diablo game in my opinion. Its WoW Diablo themed. SO I can’t wait to see a sequel to Diablo 3 someday, because the latter is not it.

    -Sad Fan

  10. We already know no patches means because they’re working on expansion content. Seriously its time for them to stop with the band aid fixes and fix the profound aspects of this game, no more band aids get the real work done now.

  11. “Now that beta has finished, we can finally look forward to the release next year. The game can only get better from now on!”

    I wouldn’t be so sure that the release of an expansion marks the end of beta. They could just be expanding on the beta, with a potential release planned for 2015 or 2016.

  12. Meh. I don’t play now, but I’ll probably come back at some point for a few days. I’ve gotten my played time/money spent out of the game, so that’s all for me for now.

    I hope they impress me with the Xpack, but after the poor showing from their other franchises it won’t be a day 1 purchase for me.

  13. Eh. I’ve played this game A LOT over the last year, and while I would love some patches, there ARE other games out there, so hopefully in a few months I can come back and find the experience fresh and worthwhile.

  14. Lol at all you kids desperately holding on to the franchise you once loved. Time to find another games kiddos summer is almost out!

  15. Too much to do in the current game. I only have 2 avatars in hardcore lvl 60 inferno.

    My goal is all 5 classes downing Diablo in Inferno Hardcore and so the next 6 months are already planned/filled.

    I’ll buy D3 on the Playstation to play casually with the family on the couch and probably set aside time for Hearthstone later this year.

    tldr: I am having too much fun atm with present day D3, so I am happy with the other 12% with the current state of the game.

    screw the D3 hate boys, they don’t know what they are missing in HC.

  16. It’s pretty clear that they are done working on this game despite the half hearted PR fluff that occasionally drips from their rectum every so often.

    Anyone thinking otherwise is delusional.

    • Not sure how this opinion squares with the fact that they are in crunch mode on D3X? Did you think D3 was WoW and you’d see a big content patch every 2 or 3 months? That would be awesome, but there’s a reason WoW’s dev team is 4x the size of D3’s, and the fact that it costs $15 a month is a very relevant factor.

  17. Happy. The game is still not in a good state. I would be happier if they just stopped all patch content for d3 and focused everything on the expansion.

  18. I play so seldom, it doesn’t affect me either way. The game as a random ARPG is quite good now. For a Diablo-title it is an enormous letdown. Even with all the improvements since launch.
    Maybe they’ll get it right with the expansion. But I’m not holding my breath.

  19. Only 25% are outraged? I would have guessed atleast 50%
    The incgamers community will be known for their great patience.

    • Some of the haters have gone away by now, but do you realize that the fanatic 5% make 95% of all Internet comments? You can’t judge public opinion on anything by reading comments, which is one reason I enjoy running all the votes we do here.

      • “Haters” is a strong and a very narrowminded way of labelling the huge mass of dissapointed fans which D3 currently has. I dont think this site has any “haters”, I havent seen one in a long time, dissapointed fans are everywhere in any Diablo 3 community, it just the nature of how the game was received.

        Still, I cant see a proper option for me on this pool. I believe the game isnt good and needs lots of changes, I dont even play anymore but I know patches will never be big enough to even scratch the bad design decisions rooted in the game, a big overhaul wont come in the form of patch so only an expansion have a chance of doing it. So… I dont know, I would vote 5 I guess.

        But when their next big move is the console version, which is to me another cash-grab, I wouldnt vote on a “I am happy” option. There is not even a bone to throw to the PC community but even so, what could they say about it? And this console endevour will complicate things even further especially if they plan to keep both versions updated.

        Also I wasnt expecting monthly content patches like WoW but I also didnt expect the game to burn itself out of interesting things to do so quickly, this desire for content isnt the player’s fault, its blizzard’s. Simply because maxlevel + endgame-grind is a system that works on MMO because of those content updates, it really didnt work on an ARPG-dungeon-crawler.

      • Interesting how percentages have been pretty much consistent since voting started (or since I fist checked at least)

  20. A mix of 1 and 2 would probably fit me the best, happy but wouldn’t have turned down patch content 😉

  21. wow, I totally didn’t expect 2 to be the most popular answer. Thoutght it would all be hate. Awesome!

  22. I think most people want to like and enjoy D3, they are just upset that the game isn’t what it should be. At this point that game just doesn’t feel finished, it honestly feels like playing a beta. I still have hope for D3, and I think they can turn it around if they start making drastic changes. I just wish they would hurry it up a little bit, they have the money and skills to make it happen faster!

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