Vote: Your Opinion on Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0?

It’s not our most creative vote question ever, but after the patch preview and review and multiple articles about the new features, DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube, etc, we figure most of you guys have an opinion. So what is it? Pick the vote option that best matches your opinion and we’ll take the community’s temperature on this issue.

Vote: Your Opinion on Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0?

What do you think about the Patch 2.3.0 features and changes?

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No option to vote for “Don’t know because PTR is untestable!” because everyone would vote that, and a lack of capacity on the test server during the first few days of testing shouldn’t shadow a vote on the patch content… though it probably will.


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  1. Like every other patch, awesome until it gets boring.

  2. It looks awesome and definitely has a lot more content and stuff than I expected. That said I'm kind of interested in how many people actually play on the PTR since personally I don't really care for it. I'd rather wait for the live patch. Maybe a future poll Flux? Also: More stash space please! :()

  3. A lot of great stuff coming, but still a few standing issues that keep it from being perfect.

  4. Patch ? What patch, I haven't seen a patch. With Q times at 1/2 of a day, for all the rest of us there is nothing to see and no feed back to give. Just the twitcher's and that is the only opinion Blizzard wants anyway.

  5. Brilliant system (pre-)patch for the Diablo 3 expansion 2. I DO hope that the barbarian lore is actually a teaser for Scosglen, home of the Druids, and that Baal will be back. ^^

  6. The Ruins of Sescheron was just oozing with atmosphere. With all the lorebooks, the little quest and the little details that reference D2LoD’s Act V cinematic, it was rather awe inspiring, especially when you’re aware of who this place was dedicated to.

    • One let down is that this area is one off event. You going there for the Cube and then there is no real reason other then….to revisit for fun. I hope that they put this as Rift tail set.

      • Yeah. I think they added the area as one of potential bounty areas though. I remember finding a bounty assigned to it while I was going to explore the area.

        • .. and it is pretty good one too – different then others. You are getting locked in small arena and have to fight a few waves of Elite Fighters. Anyway – this area is too good to not be used in future as a Rift tail set. So it is just a matter of time.

          • The bounty I got was to free a couple of imprisoned barbarians. I think I remember seeing another kind of bounty too in one of the streams I watched.

  7. I answered awesome because it is really great, though I do have some complaints. Because of the new grift key system you’ll burn through them a lot quicker because you don’t get an upgraded key at the end of the grift. This means that going through seasons will be much slower as you’ll have to run rifts for grift keys and then only be able to get 1 leg gem at a time.

  8. I'm probably pretty well known by now for always hating stuff, but even I have to say the timing on this poll is waaaay off and totally unfair to Blizzard. The major parts of the PTR can't be tested, so how is it fair to poll people on it? Anyone not happy with it is likely not happy with the wait times, and anyone loving it probably hasn't even made it in and is basing their opinion on what they read. Should have run this next month!

  9. It's still very early but really underwhelmed by the Witch Doctor sets.  Particularly with the Arachyr set.  Not too worried about the power as Blizz will tweek the numbers.  However it's a bit all over the map thematically.  I'd like to see it concentrate more on the apparent spider theme.

  10. This Power Creep is terrible.

  11. Great patch! Team D3 is the best carrot danglers I’ve ever seen.

  12. patch looks amazing to me and i cant wait to get a chance to play it. being said i am still a bit upset over the group vs solo gap and really want them to fix that soon

  13. We need more stash!!!!! This is ridiculous use chars to save gear

    • this patch should help with the stash space somewhat. not a fix but a minor relief at least. really though the xpac will bring more stash space

    • I agree more stash please. I has hoped there would be more stash in a new patch and yes its rediculous that you have to make chars to save gear for future use

  14. I vote \1) Awesome patch. Very excited\
    because this patch alone is really awesome, but it is two-months solution.
    After two months, top players (streamers)will hit the wall.
    Diablo 3 is gear dependant game. After two months, top players will find best combination of sets,skills and passives. Crowd of players copy that, and we will get to present situation.
    sorry for my english 🙁

  15. I'm very impressed (and surprised!) by both volume and quality of content in this patch. I remember playing in the 2.2 PTR and being blown away by all the new items available (especially all the new rings)…the impact of that patch is completely dwarfed by 2.3. Each new content patch really helps breath life back into the game, and as D3 was designed, it really needs a fresh dose of excitement to keep it interesting. I'm very curious about the new WD set – I love the idea of creature themed abilities – and the Cube will not only be substantial boost to player power but will also open up a lot more creative and fun builds…for those of us that don't prioritize climbing the leader boards.

  16. I voted awesome patch just based on Trials being removed.

  17. I voted good but with some complaints. Well, more dislikes than actual complaints because I haven’t tried PTR and tested the cube for myself.

    If my understanding is correct, I’m just really worried about having to do all 5 act’s bounties to gain just one item of each type to use the cube. Hopefully that doesn’t have to be done in one session and they can make the bounties with more story or completely different per game, so objectives change, different random targets and exapand upon Diablo’s history.

    • You don't have to do all acts in one session, but you are slightly incentivized to do so. The reason is that now the act for which you get extra rewards (in the form of another Cache) is randomized every hour I believe instead of a day, and it changes to another random act when you complete it in a session. The reward for completing the bonus act includes the new unique crafting materials, so basically the best way of farming them is to start a new game and doing the bonus acts as they pop up.I'm not a 100% sure how the materials are distributed across all the difficulties yet, but I do know that you get more of them the higher you go, because the normal Horadric Cache gives you 2 on Master and 3 on Torment 1. The bonus Cache gives you 1 on Master and I believe on T1 as well, but I'm not sure about that. I haven't had too much time to play due to the long queues. I didn't want to spoil too many things for myself anyway.

  18. Primaries/Generators still don't generate enough resource/do enough damage outside Slow Time set/Multishot set. Rifts/GRs take way too long to complete now and single target based builds are even more useless now that Guardians die so quickly. Cube might become a wasted feature once metas and optimal builds settle in. There is still no proper end game that stays fun for thousands of hours. (PvP/trading do not count as end game anyway)

  19. I install and after that uninstall was never able to try cuz of to long waiting time and then kick out of the que 🙁

  20. Almost voted for "Bring back Jay"… Almost ;p

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