Vote: Your Highest Solo Greater Rift Clear

news-highest-griftA blue replied to a thread asking players about their first Greater Rift 50+ clearance, and after I coughed through my reflexive “not HC doesn’t count” reaction, I realized that it was a pretty interesting topic. Not just how many players have cleared GR50, but where people’s best GR clears are overall. So let’s survey!

To avoid posting a vote with 60 options, I condensed the choices a bit. Pick the Grift closest to your best clear, solo, within the 15m time limit, short of 50. (Since we’re inspired by the 50 Club, after all.) So if you’ve cleared GR38 or 39, you can round up to 40. But if you’ve cleared GR49, vote 45 and try harder! Vote: Your Highest Solo Greater Rift Clear:

What's your highest solo GRift clear in Softcore?

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What's your highest solo GRift clear in Hardcore?

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With which class did you clear your highest solo GRift?

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To return to the OP’s topic, how many people have done a GR50+ solo? There’s no telling since well over 1000 have done it on 4 of the 6 classes (in softcore S3), nearly that many have in the current Era, and some players are on the leaderboards in both season and era, and with multiple classes. Overall, DHs are slightly ahead of Barbs in S3 Softcore, Barbs lead the way in Softcore, with an 11m GR52 required to rank in the top 1000.

The 50 club is much more exclusive in Hardcore, with only around 340 total chars with a GR60+ clear so far in S3, and 211 of those are Barbs. (Thanks to the gigantic damage and toughness of the Spin2Win build.)

If you’re not one of them, in softcore or hardcore, take heart. This season’s got 2.5+ months yet to run, so there’s time yet to push your limits. Even if you’re waiting for the last weekend of the season to unleash your true power in a suicidal assault upon the leaderboards.


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  1. dat HC elitism…

  2. whoops … I read the vote quickly and didn’t see the word ‘solo’ … and voted 55 in Soft Core … Can I take that vote back? I did that in a group not solo.


  3. Great and interesting poll. The class poll doesn’t surprise me all that much but I hear you, Neinball, etc. on your podcast talking about soloing some of these substantially higher Grifts that it makes me feel like I’m doing it wrong but seeing a good amount of other people in softcore around the 40 range, like me, makes me feel a bit better about my gameplay. Ha.

    • And bear in mind that readers of a fansite are self selected to be fairly hardcore players, so are likely running higher GRifts than the average.

      That said, the self reporting on an anonymous poll must be taken with a grain of salt. Early in the vote there are 3 60+ replies in Hardcore, when no one has ever run 60+ solo in HC. I wasn’t even going to include that as a vote option, but it made the polls look lopsided when one had more options than the other.
      some 57 barbs are the highest ever so far, on US or EU HC.

      And defying the meme, no 14 y/o Asians have done better. HC is generally much less played on the Asian realm.

      • Yeah, I was basing my comparison on the fact that the fansite would attract a larger population of people at a higher skill level. It does feel good in that sense. Statistically speaking, I would say the amount of people that responded give a relatively accurate depiction with a reasonable margin of error. Just giving you kudos on the idea. 🙂

  4. Softcore DH here. On my very first GR 48 I finished in 8:17. Since then I haven’t finished one in less than 11 minutes, and have failed several. The four GR49’s I’ve tried were 17:28, 19:24, 17:17 and 27:00, so I have determined I started off very lucky and have become more and more reliant on my (nearly non-existent) skills since then.

    • I’ve had similar results pushing up to higher GRs, and have wondered how much fishing people really do. Apparently a lot at the highest end, where players are generally able to do the GRift in say 18m, but if they get Stonesinger they might manage 14:55ish.

      I’ve never fished or done the same level repeatedly for a record high, but that’s mostly due to playing Hardcore. What I’ve done is bailed on a Grift if I’m pushing it and I get a bad spawn or proc early on. Just last night trying some GR45s, I had 2 straight with terrible spawns; corrupted angels and winged assassins in both, and had to abandon them both for safety, if not clear time potential.

      One benefit is exiting and starting a new game gives me an excuse to speed farm A1 again, as I continue trying to find some decent shoulders.

      • You know, I wondered if that was something people might do if there was a bad spawn in a Grift, especially in regards to Hardcore. It hurts to back out of a Grift that is so high but the frustration that comes from taking so long to do the Grift is certainly worse than losing that key.

  5. This whole thing read like an elitist HC snob looking down on softcore players. Hope you realise not everyone lives in the so called “first world”, not everyone has green pings come rain or shine. Thought journalists were supposed to be unbiased. Guess the world changed more than it should have after the gamergate mess…

    • That’s awesome. Laughed hardest I have all day. The totally irrelevant GamerGate mention was really the ribbon on the present. Hope it was intentional sarcasm?

      If by some chance you were serious, I can only assume this is your first time visiting the site, since we put opinion and jokes into almost every post, generally to spur debate or conversation, and joking about HC vs. SC is a very common thing.

      BTW, “journalism” allows for opinions and humor. Ethical considerations would only apply if we rigged the vote or something along those lines.

  6. I generally take a much more casual approach to D3 (and in gaming in general) and don’t do as much to min-max my characters as possible – to me having fun with the game trumps all, even it if means using suboptimal skills/runes. I’m still using Energy Twister on my Wiz because I love the pull effect from Ranslor’s Folly, even though I’ve ditched Delsere’s switched to a full Tal’s set. That being said, I have been making more of an effort to push GRs this season and managed to (finally) clear a GR 40 (with about 15 seconds left!). That’s the goal I wanted to achieve with that character…I could probably push higher with some different skills and/or more disciplined play (I don’t put much effort into keeping my stacks of Tal’s bonus damage maxed), but I was able to reach my goal playing the way I like to.

    Now I just need to get P400 to reach my overall goal for the season…and maybe get my DH some decent gear as well (can’t find anything better to use than an ancient Puzzle Ring). =^-^=

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