Vote: Your First (?) Hellfire Ring

This post got a Blue reply and thus caught my eye.

It took multiple Uber runs, missing one single organ every time, thus preventing me from making a ring, because of that i have 3xDevil’s Fang and 3xWrithing Spine. Anyways, how well did i do for my first ring, Crap?
Grimiku: Congrats on making your first Hellfire Ring! Your ring is much nicer than the first one I made, so I’d say you did pretty well by comparison. I keep hoping my next one is decent, but I’ve only crafted a few. Do you plan on crafting more for your other characters?

I was surprised that someone who has had Diablo 3 since launch just made their first DiabloWikiHellfire Ring. After all, the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine event was added in DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.5, which was released last October 16th. That’s 7.5 months ago! Obviously we’ve all got different priorities and amounts of time to play, but I sort of figured anyone who was ever going to make a Hellfire Ring had already made one. Apparently not.

Hence, a double vote. When did you make your first Hellfire Ring, and how many have you crafted so far? If none, why not? Share your story in comments.

When did you craft your first Hellfire Ring?

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How many Hellfire Rings have you crafted?

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60 thoughts on “Vote: Your First (?) Hellfire Ring

  1. I wasn’t quite sure how to vote, even though I made the poll. I did self found for months after launch and thus didn’t have characters capable of running high level Inferno stuff when v1.05 hit, but I eventually made several HRs in softcore.

    I don’t really count those anymore though, since I’m only playing HC the past 2 months. And I haven’t made one in HC yet, though I really wish I had… My P61 Monk died last week, just as I was gearing up to make some HRs, accumulating keys, etc. Of course he’d likely have taken it with him when he died, but the past week building a new Monk I’ve really wished for a HR to speed the process.

    Best part; I’ve got a Leoric’s Signet, but it felt too risky to equip a 50m ring with crappy survival stats on a low level char while he raced along on MP10, wearing about 200k in total gear, not counting twinked gems. So now that my 2nd Monk is 60+, I’ve got that ring on my merc, since it makes perfect sense to put a 50m ring on Eirena for a whole 6% more exp gain while I’m scratching for every penny so I can upgrade the equipment I’m actually using.

  2. I just made my first last week. It was slow going playing solo. I got really lucky though when it came to uber bosses. I was 3/3 on parts on MP2, that makes up for some of the really bad keyrun odds i had.

  3. Made my first ring within a week or two. I didn’t go after it immediately because I understood the math behind the randomization, meaning I knew the odds were that the ring would be a pile of garbage just like every other item dropped or crafted in the game.

    I did get lucky and won the lottery of my first ring though. It was very nice, however not godly. I crafted a couple or more rings after that, but the math won, and they were both vendor trash. At this, point I quit caring, and quit farming. The lack of reward for the time and effort involved just wasn’t worth it. And shortly after that I quit playing entirely, because the same was true for the entire game.

  4. I have 7 keys of destruction and 4 keys of terror from my farming runs. But I can’t be bothered to really go and hunt down the rest to complete the set, it seems like too much of an effort in vain for one ring.

  5. Those poll results are SCARY. Either voters are playing alot of solo games (as in no CM wizard friend), self-found and/or hardcore.

    I didn’t craft too many rings because my 4th and 5th were good enough (playing DH at that time) and when I started my barb it was really easy to levelup (mp10 k2 runs). And I couldn’t be arsed with it really. But I helped many get theirs and it was quit funny when my barb was soloing mp8 in a 4-palyer game, while 3 dead players were cheering on the chat. There was no use ress-ing them because they were one-shottable, but they did bring the machines after all 🙂

    • If by scary you mean, Blizzard (and most companies) don’t understand how people actually play games these days, then sure.

      Herpaderp difficulty, social media, forced multiplayer, etc. certainly do drive sales, but they don’t drive any kind of retention or persistent interest. Hell, moving a boring blue bar to the right persistently will keep a certain segment of the player base more interested than all the shinies in the world, if those shinies have to be accomplished by playing with other people, or by using real money, or anything else that doesn’t fit a particularly narrow band of “game” behavior.

      I don’t presume to speak for anyone else, but the poll results are vindicating my own experience. I have amassed 20 machines now, playing self-found. I probably COULD burn them, and my Barb could probably take down the ubers on MP3. But with shitty drop rates (lol 30%) and the possibility that I may have to refarm stacks that may make the process take way longer than I want it to, I have no real desire to try. They also pretty much killed my motivation when they nerfed the Hellfire Ring proc back during the testing days. A fun proc would make it a way more enticing ring than “lulz move the bar 35% faster woooo.”

      • Well, for self-found it’s understandable. But the ring itself is great if you take into consideration it has no level requirement. Basically you can have a fresh char start with level 15 stats and 35% exp bonus. That is a good incentive to get it imo.

        • When you consider there is no reason to ever reroll/make a new character once you have created one of each class, and consider the ring can only be obtained by level 60 characters, the ring having no level requirement is pretty meh.

          • I for one have a p100 Barbie and a p100 DH and no other alts on SC. So an intel HF is more then welcome if I’m ever gonna put myself through the pains of leveling a new char. Bu since I’ve been bitten by the HC bug, fat chance..

  6. Wait…how many people voting quit playing before the 1.05 patch? I’m just surprised since my friends and I still do regular uber runs-maybe 6 or so per month? It’s something to do to take a break from farming, and I’ve been lucky enough to craft 3-4 good rings. (Maybe I’ve actually done more than 20, now that I think about it.) Yes, the odds are against a good ring, but since you’re getting a high primary stat roll, it can be a nice upgrade.

    • There’s a lot of defensiveness in these posts…things like:
      “People who don’t have one don’t play anymore.” “People who don’t have one just don’t want one.”

      How about “People don’t actually have the time, capability, or play style to obtain one.”?
      Those are probably the most common situations.

      • Yeah seriously, I took a break for a few months and now play maybe 10 hours/week. Really, not everyone is a SUPER HARDCORE LEETBRO. Very very few actually are, and they tend to hang out with each other.

        Diablo 3 is a fun game that’s improving, but no one can claim that it holds up really well after a few hundred hours of play. Most people will just get bored and stop.

  7. Eh, maybe if Blizzard made a system that was:

    1) less based on drop rates
    2) didn’t basically scream “DO ME IN A PARTY OMG WHY AREN’T YOU DOING ME IN A PARTY”
    3) had a reward that was “fun” or “awesome” instead of “lulz paragon level++”
    4) didn’t rehash what is, IMO, the most annoying encounter in the game (Rakanoth)

    then I’d be kinda motivated to actually bother. As it is, probably not worth it so long as my self-found gear would likely not let me take down the ubers past MP3. So my 20 machines will just keep sitting in my stash.

  8. I took me a while to get my first one, I was running MP 8 /9 ubers and I had 4 fangs and 4 eyes before I got a spine …

  9. I still don’t have a ring and have been playing casually since launch. I would really like to have one for my new toons but I get too excited to try other characters and don’t put the time in. I realize it would help greatly in leveling but I am not patient enough. Hopefully I will get one with my HC character as long as I stop dying before 60.

    A side note for reference, I play about three hours per week.

  10. I play casually. In theory, I’m able to solo ubers at MP7, but I’m not in the mood to farm keys on act 2 & 3.

    Nowadays, my plan is squeezing every slot on my gear to get enough EHP and highest possible DPS to play on public games. If I’m not wrong, the bonuses are greater than using HF ring/Ruby on lower MP.

    I’m not playing a lot anymore, so every time I log in I’m more interested in tweaking my non-permawrath MP7 barb and doing a couple runs to test stuff/builds.

  11. I played SC from May to August, and shelved the game for a few months. When I picked it back up in Nov/Dec I made the move to hardcore, and more recently self found. Have not felt like I was well geared enough to even give it a shot.

  12. I’ve been playing pretty casually since release too, mostly hardcore self found, and I just haven’t made it to that point yet
    I don’t even know how to get one 😀 (not that I’ve looked into it)

    • The Infernal Machine page in the wiki (linked in the post) has detailed step by step instructions. It’s not that complicated, though it can take a number of trials if you don’t have a powerful enough char to do higher MP.

      What many people do is farm up the keys (which is the more time consuming part, though much more pleasant in v1.08 since A1/A2 keywardens are in the best farming levels) and then look for a high MP party game with some really powerful chars. You spend your keys to open the portals and the other guys do the Uber killing and share in the potential demonic organ drops.

  13. I got lucky and found a group who carried me in MP10, I think it was early 2013 or so. I crafted a total of 4 or 5 rings, most being crap. The only one with crit chance is on my Monk, the others are on followers.
    I farm keys, but mainly as a by product of random xp runs.
    HF farm and Ubers should be done on MP8+ and I can’t do that solo.
    Also my CM fellow left to play LoL.

  14. I still haven´t got one. Takes a lot of time (and luck) to get the components, so I don´t think I´ll be getting one soon (TM).

  15. Is it really that surprising, that people play Diablo differently than You? Even if you know 100 or 1000 other people it is still less then 90% of Diablo players.

    • This. Now extrapolate that to most things people do and have beliefs about.

      False consensus effect, and it’s all over the place on this website.

  16. I don’t have one, stil lacking 1 of 3 components. I play selffound and my wizard can only manage ubers at MP3

  17. This blog post should make us think what kind of players actually comprise the majority of D3’s fanbase. It seems the casual players are a silent majority and most comments on this site don’t reflect it.

    • “Casual” players — by which I mean people that dutifully log on, have fun for an hour, don’t care about epeen or social media or multiplayer, anything but just killing time and having fun — are pretty much the silent majority in any game that allows you to play in a non-competitive manner.

      • I know, but it seems most people on this site don’t, judging by all these comments saying “the results scare me” or “I’m surprised by the results”.

      • I’ve just read my own comment, and I’ve realised that I’m the one who is generalizing now. I shouldn’t have “most people on this site”. Just some people, I guess.

  18. For making a Hellfire Ring, I would like to at least try.But as I’m a Self Found gamer, it will never happen. Congrats to everyone who can make and has such a ring. (BlackAdder)

    • That’s definitely a hurdle. And in HC you can’t just party up with some big chars on a high MP. Well you can, but it won’t do you much good if you die in the process. Ubers aren’t *that* nasty, but it feels like a waste to do them on just MP1 or MP2 or something since your odds for the demonic organ drops are so low.

      • Lobby method works just fine, the game gets pre cleared so the 5 elites are at super low hp, and the trash is gone, so you get your 5 stacks and then wait in menu to be told to enter and then you get told to spam click the banner button and you enter the area right as the ubers start dropping loot

        it is pretty safe, but very lame. i wouldnt bother until you fight and earn you first

  19. I just made my first one last week.

    I play almost exclusively solo (it’s nearly impossible for me to play for any length of time without some kind of real life interruption, so I would rather not annoy the hell out of other players by constantly having to leave or go AFK).

    So… I soloed the whole damn thing on MP3 & MP4. That takes some time. Then again, I wasn’t exactly in a huge rush either. The only reason I went ahead and pushed through to get the one I made is because I hadn’t leveled a Monk in softcore yet.

    Like a few of the others who’ve posted, it took me forever to get the last organ I needed (Spine) while sitting on a pile of Fangs and Eyes. I did get pretty lucky on my first ring though- while it’s not exactly godly, it’s pretty decent.

    Honestly, I don’t see myself making another anytime soon. There is no question that it’s great for leveling, but once you hit 60… eh. Barring an amazingly good roll, there are just too many better options available. I enjoy dinging new paragon levels and all, but not at the cost of EHP or DPS. I look at paragon levels more like a pleasant bonus rather than a goal in and of themselves. I’ll hit 100 eventually, but if that were my primary reason for playing I would definitely be burnt out by now.

  20. ubers are the most challenging and lesst rewarding content in d3. it is especially bad if you cannot solo farm at mp5 with some speed to get keys quick.

    I have made 100+ rings, the first 50 were in the month or so after patch, until I lost interest. I also play barb mostly, which is one of the best classes at high mp … other being cm wiz. I bet most people who have done alot of ubrr runs had a cm wiz or barb ready to go when the ubers patch hit.

    you really must do ubers in a group at mp5 or higher to get reasonable return rate on keys.

    • You are surprised at starting over? D3 components were scrapped and re-imagined several times over… and not for the better. In the final 9 to 12 months before D3’s release, the WoW strike team really fubar’d the game.

      • Except that the core Titan team, those thirty people who remained, are the most experienced and maybe the best (alongside maybe SC team) in Blizzard. They were the ones who developed World of Warcraft and they were the ones who developed WoW: The Burning Crusade and they were the ones who developed all of the content in patches for vanilla and TBC. I don’t think anyone can argue that vanilla and TBC WoW wasn’t an amazing game.

  21. Given the statistics from Blizzard on how many D3 characters are still in hell, nightmare, or even normal, I’m surprised how many people are surprised by the results of this poll.

    • Fair enough. And you can point to me and laugh as one of the surprised people. Mine is rooted in the fact that I made a faulty assumption, which was that most of the people who frequent this board at this point are playing more than “average” or “casual” (i.e. a few hours a week). I get that I’m in the casual+ group, but I have some friends who only play a few hours per week and they all have Hellfire rings. Now I realize that must be because I was goading them into joining me for those runs!

      @FaultyYogurt and @nasarius, I did not mean to come off as defensive. It was genuine surprise on my part, due to (see above). If anyone is looking for an IncGamers buddy to help, I have standard characters that can do ubers on MP7 (or lower). 9PM to midnight eastern most evenings is my usual playing window. (I do not have any HC chars capable but I’m playing that mode a bit more lately.)

      • Nearly missed your comment. My reply was directed at more than just you, and I understand how you could be surprised. You’re probably right that the people who would see that poll are already more interested in D3 than the average player. It’s quite telling that, even with such a biased sample, there are still so many that haven’t reached that point in the end-game.

  22. I’ve been playing on and off. I have two lvl 60 characters and I’m trying to get the ring. It’s not very easy especially since my main character is a wizard. I’ll need help and finding a public game isn’t easy. It’s helped with the public game keywords, but even that has bugs.

  23. Oh Flux.

    I like the game, bought the Collector’s edition, played the game since launch.

    I only have the key of destruction. And I have less than a million gold.

    No ring. I hope to make one some day though.

    I don’t really hurry the game (and the AH accelerates it more) so I don’t suck out the enjoyment of it.

  24. I’m one of those “haven’t yet, will someday” people. Others have already posted the reasons why but to summarize.

    — I only play D3 off and on, mostly off. The D3 they made wasn’t the D3 I wanted. That doesn’t make it bad, it just doesn’t make me want to play much.

    — I play only hardcore. I’ve gotten a few characters to 60. The farthest I’ve progressed was PL 7 or so, Act III inferno. I want to kill Diablo on inferno first. So I’ve never done much farming, and none of it on MP10, etc.

    — I play only solo. I have no interest in being carried. No interest in being part of the “D3 community”. If I want some social interaction while gaming I play an MMO. I’ve played a few times with a RL friend but was usually showing them the game so not up to the point of keywarden killing.

    — While I use the AH, I haven’t made much money in HC (have 2 million saved so far). While this can buy me a few decent items, most items are priced way outside my means so I don’t farm on MP10 solo, etc.

    — Since I knew it was out of reach I haven’t really read on how you make the ring. I know you hunt down keywardens and I know the chance of dropping what you need increases drastically on higher MP levels. Other than that, no clue.

    I really hope the item overhaul gives me some reason to play more. Until then things like hellfire rings are just things I read about on the forums.

  25. It took me a while (probably dec 2012) because I didn’t have friends playing. Trying the ubers solo or with a bunch of randoms wasn’t attractive. I tried to find a carry group online but the timing just didn’t line up. It wasn’t until I had a couple of friends get to inferno that it even became viable.

    Basically if your a solo player only, the runs don’t seem worth the hassle.

    That being said, if you plan on leveling a new character you really want at least one of these.

  26. My wife and I are SC, casual, self found players who only play solo or with each other and have been so since the debut. Not spending tons of time or money hasn’t even allowed us to have a single organ let alone come anywhere close to a HR. I know I’m in the minority but it just seems like an impossible dream at this point to ever actually own one, let alone 50 plus like some people claim. That being said, we have a ton of fun with the game (unlike a lot of “fans” online) and both have several characters that are into paragon levels and able to farm on MP 2-3.

  27. The big factor is: You can get keys on any MP. Any chance > no chance.

    If you’re not using them on MP 10 you’re wasting your time.

    How many can either solo MP 10 or know someone that does and still needs a ring?

    I have 3 rings, 3 machines, and could do 42 more if I stopped hating act 3.

    Dunno when/if I can use em.

  28. I tried once and totally sucked. I thought my DH was ok, but apparently not. I think I EVENTUALLY killed the two bosses? But got nothing.

    I don’t have friends playing this game. So, doing it on my own and the amount of time needed to find all the components to try again and die over and over again before killing them…, makes it not worth my time.

    I’ve decided to focus on random achievements instead. Two of each class to 60, here I come! Also, hearing everyone talk about how random the stats are on this ring make me even less motivated to try again.

    • It’s ironic how popular the ring is, since 99% of them are a not very good DPS ring that just has an exp bonus. And an exp bonus is nothing but a time saver, and yet the people who want them most are players who spend the most time playing. So 100 hours later you’re Paragon 90 instead of Paragon 82. Is that really such a prize?

      Objectively, not really. And yet… want!

  29. I just switched to hardcore around the time 1.05 came out, I’ve made a couple of PL4-8, but haven’t even found a single key before those chars died. My current char is only L53. I’ll get there. It’s just been a bit slow for me.

  30. Hundreds of hours in to this game and can’t even imagine collecting the bits, let alone beating the ubers. Maybe sometime later, after I have finished sampling the characters.

  31. I’ve been playing selffound since release and spent around 400 hours playing all 5 classes. With small breaks in between, i’ve been playing pretty much constantly sice release (my highest character being Paragon-Level 22).

    Right now my equipment is good enough to play on MP2, very slowly on MP3 with some chars, which means the chance to get a single key is VERY low. Taking into account that you need the plan + 3 keys, to get a shot at a single organdrop… its simply not worth it.

    I’ll rather continue to play and enjoy the game, level my chars slowly and maybe get a few good drops inbetween, then to try and grind my way to key drops on MP2 – just to get smacked around by the Ubers, who probably wont drop anything worthwhile if I even manage to kill one of them…

    If I get to a point where one of my chars can take on MP3 oder 4 comfortably I will try to build up a collection of keys…. but I dont expect that to happen, before I hit PLevel 50 or higher…

  32. I’ve been making rings periodically since about a week after they were launched (I don’t get a ton of time to play during the week, so it simply took that long for me to get enough key sets to do all the ubers in a single game). I’ve yet to make a truly good one…with each one having about 1/2 or 2/3 of what I would want ideally.

    I guess that’s OK though…it keeps me trying, which as some others have said is a nice break from strictly farming!

  33. Now we know why Blizzard did not repeat the collecting key hunt and machinery after patch 1.05 and went for much casual crafting mechanics with BoA gear in patch 1.07.

    Of course Blizzard has these stats every week…

    It would be cool to see how many crafted the 1.07 gear : probably 95+%.

    i am not surprised. Only a fraction of players finish game mechanics in the end game of ANY game.

    That’s why I said: 1 million daily players in D3 is a HUGE success after one year.

    For every thousand lvl 50+ Paragon players, there are a million players just killing Diablo in normal mode and then stop with a “great, I finished the game. I am the champ !” feeling.

    I can’t even count anymore the number of times I met WoW players who said : ” Diablo ? Great nice new game, but too easy because I finished (normal) in 20 hours or so …

    Really: players have a complete wrong idea about how casual games are played…

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