Vote: Your 3 Favorite Things in Diablo III?

With all the doom and gloom and complaints voiced by a perpetually-aggrieved minority, how about a nice, happy vote for a change? Pick the features in Diablo III that you really like and we’ll see just what the mostest favoritest are. You can vote for up to three options, so pick wisely.

Elly and I came up with like 20 options for this vote, but that would have been a bit much, so I combined a few and trimmed off some that seemed unlikely to gain much of a following. If your favorite thing is not listed, feel free to use the comments to blame Elly for not including it. And yes, we’ll probably run the yang to this vote’s yin at some point, and you can all vote for the things you like least in Diablo III.

Pick your -- THREE -- favorite features in Diablo III.

  • Skills and runes. (21%, 3,812 Votes)
  • Graphics and sound effects. (15%, 2,707 Votes)
  • Quests and random events. (12%, 2,171 Votes)
  • Monsters and varied boss modifiers. (12%, 2,065 Votes)
  • The Auction House. (9%, 1,547 Votes)
  • Inferno difficulty level. (8%, 1,348 Votes)
  • Items. (7%, 1,305 Votes)
  • NOTHING! 🙁 (7%, 1,178 Votes)
  • Story, plot, and dialogue. (6%, 1,067 Votes)
  • Intangibles / something else. (4%, 675 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,336

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Last Vote Results

The last main page vote asked how far into the game you’d advanced your biggest character. We posted this vote last Wednesday, a couple of days after Blizzard released their State of the Game progress report with that much-debated 1.9% Inferno figure. While many of you guys have surely advanced further since the vote went live, the overall percentages haven’t changed much; around 50% of total voters were in Inferno that day, and that figure stands at 51% in the final results. If nothing else, this certainly shows how much more serious about Diablo III you guys are than the average player.

What’s your highest level Diablo III character?

  • 2) 60+ In Acts 2-4 of Inferno. (29%, 3,485 Votes)
  • 4) Level 50-59. (21%, 2,575 Votes)
  • 5) Level 30-49 (21%, 2,487 Votes)
  • 3) 60+ in Act 1 of Inferno (20%, 2,401 Votes)
  • 6) Level 1-29 (4%, 540 Votes)
  • 1) 60+ I have beaten Inferno. (2%, 297 Votes)
  • 7) I have not created a character yet. (2%, 280 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 12,066

    We also ran a vote in an article about account security issues:

    Should Blizzard Implement a “coin-lock” type system

  • Yes as soon as possible (68%, 1,534 Votes)
  • Yes. But not for people with Authenticators on their account (19%, 418 Votes)
  • No, it’s a user’s responsibility (13%, 294 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 2,246

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    1. where is the combat option?

    2. self loot should be on this list. i still say its the single greatest improvement to the diablo franchise

    3. That’s what I was thinking ecto.

    4. 1) Intangibles – A) Death animations B) The “extension” effect, whereby my character is a wrecking crew that does damage seemingly as an extension of my thoughts.  I have a number of combos and skill usage scenarios worked out for the DH and Barb.  Regardless, I can DESTROY ON COMMAND.

      2) Runed Skills – I find myself using as many old skills as new skills.  Great balancing.

      3) Graphics/Sound – I specifically enjoy the sound effects, but the watercolor scenes have grown on me.  I’m also amazed by the looks of tiered gear.

      *Agree with Apoc about self loot and I would also like to add that the inventory item size is an equally important change.

    5. I voted “Nothing” because I’m bitter, but my favorite part is definitely the nice little combos you can do such as Leap into a pack, Ground Stomp, then Whirlwind (with your Barbarian).
      My other favorite thing about D3 is the Barbarian.
      I also like auto gold pickup and the improved inventory.
      Overall, though, I’m bored and I’ve lost all motivation to play. At least until a new patch where the item hunt becomes more about hunting items and less about hunting gold to buy items.

    6. gold auto pickup
      destroyable environment

    7. voted for:

      but graphics/sfx could easily have been subbed in for Inferno or skill/runes.

    8. Flux, please add “gameplay” to this as it differs greatly from D2.

    9. lol @ the people who voted “Story, plot, and dialogue”

    10. Treasure goblin!

    11. Skills and runes by far. Also I been enjoying Hardcore mode!

    12. I’ve been very impressed with the audio.  Sound effects are spot on, and to me they don’t sound recycled from another game/source.

    13. Since there was no “gameplay” option I went for skills and runes, plus graphics/sounds. So far those are the only real positives, with the atrocious writing and voice acting on the other end of the scale (closely followed by itemization).

    14. The Blizzard comment from last week on 1.9% was referring to CHARACTERS not players. 

    15. I mainly like the pace of the game. it is much faster, more arcade like than D2. I am meh about most other changes.

    16. The treasure goblin.
      Shared stash.
      And the RAGDOLL!

    17. Nothing, who enjoys useless legendary and set items that are impossible to find. Doesn’t everyone love the unbalanced character classes and inferno balancing issues? Perhaps the best thing about the game is how useless leveling feels since you will hit level 60 in half the time it takes to farm items to move to Act 2+ in inferno. This game feels like it was rushed for release once you hit Act 3 although I still enjoyed the story at times. Perhaps the worst thing is that it feels like the entire game was made for the RMAH. I waited like everyone else and was psyched for the game, but this is a huge let down. Anyone who says this game is amazing is only trying to convince themselves it was worth the wait. 

    18. dialogue? you lot for real??

    19. ‘Satisfying combat’ needs to be on the list!

    20. It’s too bad graphics and sound effects are not seperate, because I like one and not the other.  On one hand, I like the idea of random events, but not the implementation.  I dislike the quests.  I like Treasure Goblins, but I don’t exactly care for nearly any other monster in the game.  I like the idea of the skills and runes (that every skill is “useful” and that runes are supposed to “modify” them), but hate how they stuck them in the game.  I like the idea of Nephalim Valour, but dislike the implementation.  I like the shared stash, but not the small size of it. Overall, I guess I have to say nothing then, since none of the poll options work for me.

      • You seriously don’t have enough stash space? I maxed mine and use less than half the space (1 tab gear for future chars, 1 tab gems/mats/books/novelty items and 1 tab for pending auctions).

        Great game, much improved over D2, but I’m not sure the franchise improved enough in this installment to satisfy fans. Then again, if D2 was an indicator, the game is going to vastly change in the next few years. 

    21. Every one of those options needs improvement.  Hey look!  A half empty glass of water.

    22. “perpetually-aggrieved minority” is spot-on.
      I much prefer the post-release Flux to the version that came before. 😀

    23. Skill/runes Events and AH get my votes.
      Skill/runes as they are all useable, at all stages (if you pass the gear check)
      Events/random stuff as it nice to find and do them.
      AH as let me sell and buy stuff with without spamming chat or using a website.

      though I admit theres room for improvement on all of them.

    24. You missed the single biggest improvement, which is the ease of playing with your friends.  Jumping in and out of games to play co-op with friends is really easy and awesome in D3. 2.0 can still use some improvements, but co-op play in the Diablo series has never been better in D3, IMO.

    25. Hmm, it  was impossible to vote because for every option there was a “but” kicking in so I just wanted to lay out my opinion for each one roughly:

      Skills and Runes: I like the skills in general and the fact the skills are customised as they are, I just don’t like that it’s the runes that are doing the customization.. because a) it probably means we won’t be seeing runes in the future in the same context as D2 (which added an extra layer of item customization) and b) I don’t see how objects can modify abilities, it could have been a “tome of training” or something similar that does the same thing. Seems such a waste of “runes” overall

      Items: Without going into much detail, I don’t mind legendaries not being the best items around I just don’t like their drop chances. I have played 140 hours with my wizard (no rushes, just normal play) and haven’t found a single legendary (or set) item yet. I like the idea that rares can be the best item around but the best rares are still yellow in color so they are indistinguishable from more common ones. Would be cool for example if rares with really juicy modifiers were called “Ultra Rare”, or something similar and were gold color instead (which is like a better yellow 🙂 ). But these ultra rares would be ultra hard to find, while legendaries would drop more often

      Graphics and sound effects: I like the graphics overall but the sound fails to put you in the right mood for the game. Same graphics with different score would be a better experience

      Monsters and boss modifiers: Monsters are mostly nice (not counting Magda) but some boss modifiers are comical at best (arcane beams and fire chains remind me of old arcade spaceship games and indestructible minions is simply tedious)

      Story, Plot and Dialogue: I think the story albeit generic it’s cool and the plot is interesting, dialogues though are a bit too obvious and generic and some voice acting and in-game animations are cartoon-like (especially Lea’s) I mean as a genre even in a book reading about Angels and Devils relies a lot in the reader belief and imagination anyway so in a game the less you show the better. Some things should be implied. 

      Quests and Random Events: This is the part I like the most but the quest rewards are pretty lame. Would be cool if we had some “essential” quest rewards in D2 style, like socketing, imbuing, etc (not necessarily the same but in this manner)

      The Auction House: I am generally for the idea of the auction house (both gold and RM) but there should be a cap for the gold based trades as well. It’s ridiculous seeing items going for 10s millions of gold when the RM will be capped at 250 usd. But it’s still work in progress anyway so let’s see

      Inferno difficulty level: I don’t really mind it so far (even though I am not past act 1 yet) but I just don’t see the point of “Inferno” overall. The game starts at lvl 60 really, so it feels like a chore having to go through 3 other difficulty levels before getting to inferno. Would be nicer if “Hell” was once more the end goal but normal and nightmare modes were a bit more difficult.

      Intangibles / something else: I really like the world and some scenes in the background (looking down the cliffs in Act2/3 or background fighting in Acts 3/4), don’t like at all the Zerg-like Act 3 dungeons and zerglings-like monsters and Act 4 resembles too much the Protoss (even corrupt angel remind me of the Protoss-Zerg hybrid). I wish I had never played SC2, maybe I would have a different opinion

      I tried to stick to generics but still came out pretty long, sorry about that, it’s just my opinion and to conclude just to say these critisisms only exist because I like the game overall and will be playing for a long time, but could be better.

    26. So When are you going to have a vote on favorite follower?

    27. Good post Flux:
      (I voted, here are 3 more)
      Voice Dialogue

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