Vote: Your Favorite Diablo III Class?

We’ve run a number of past votes on favorite classes, the most recent asking if you even had one. (Most of you did.) The last survey of class popularity was posted on the day of release, which was before any of us had played enough to form a real opinion. At that time, the standard pre-release Barb/Wiz duo stood atop the charts, with the other three a ways back and grouped fairly tightly in 3rd-5th place.

That was then, though. Now that you’ve had 2.5 months of play time (or 2 weeks of play time and 2 months of FRISTing! every thread to complain about why you quit), has your opinion changed?

Which class is your favorite now? Vote and we’ll see everyone’s favorite form of damned lies take form in real time, while pretending that it’s science. I shan’t guess numbers, but I’m fairly certain the tallies now will vary quite a bit from those last batch of Launch Day votes, though I suppose you could vote for a “favorite class” that’s not actually your most powerful/most played/most MFing/etc.

Your favorite Diablo III Class is...

  • Barbarian (24%, 1,713 Votes)
  • Monk (17%, 1,220 Votes)
  • Demon Hunter (15%, 1,096 Votes)
  • Wizard (15%, 1,070 Votes)
  • I hate them all. (12%, 869 Votes)
  • Witch Doctor (10%, 697 Votes)
  • I have more than one favorite. (8%, 598 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,262

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Last Vote Results

We’ve run several votes since the last vote post tabulated them for posterity.

The most recent vote asked which Act you liked best, and it was quite competitive, with Act One and Act Three almost neck-and-neck for a week. As I look now, after closing the vote, I see that about the last 3000 votes were all for Act One, so clearly something went all security on this one. At any rate, Act One was winning, but by a quite small margin, so it gets the crown even without the haxoring.

When I posted the vote I was sure that Act Four would come in last, based on much despairing fan commentary (Act 4 is pretty, but lacking in bosses, filled with non-NV stacking Elites, it’s much too small, lacks layout randomization, and the bonus dungeons are terrible), but I am surprised how poorly Act Two did. I rather enjoy that act myself, at least the surface desert parts, though I have to agree with Covetous Shen’s in-game dialogue that the damn sewers get pretty repetitious. I also wonder just what experiments Zoltan Kulle was performing in his endless elevated platform levels, unless it had something to do with how far a human could walk in search of a restroom, or someplace to sit down.

Your favorite Act in Diablo III?

  • 1) Act One (45%, 6,754 Votes)
  • 3) Act Three (20%, 3,035 Votes)
  • 5) Act Five in the Expansion will be the best. (6%, 981 Votes)
  • 6) Don’t like any of them. (6%, 856 Votes)
  • 2) Act Two (6%, 840 Votes)
  • 4) Act Four (4%, 619 Votes)
  • 7) Not sure yet/no opinion. (13%, 333 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 15,098

    An earlier vote asked about the big “Sheablo” plot twist and asked when you first heard of the issue, and what you thunk of it.

    When did you first find out about “Sheablo?”

  • Pre-release speculation, and I liked the idea. (27%, 753 Votes)
  • Pre-release speculation, and I hated the idea. (24%, 676 Votes)
  • I was surprised by the ultimate in-game reveal. (20%, 577 Votes)
  • I figured it out mid-game. (15%, 430 Votes)
  • Wut? I Esc all the cinematics and dialogues. (14%, 303 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 2,818

    The most recent vote was tucked away in my article about finally giving into the GAH seduction, and asked where you guys got your Inferno gear. Unsurprisingly given Diablo III’s item drop mechanics, most of you are using the Auction House for damn near everything, though props to the five percenters who are entirely self found, or at least claim they are in anonymous Internet votes.

    What’s the origin of the gear on your Inferno characters?

  • 2) Mostly from the Auction House or friends. (43%, 2,116 Votes)
  • 1) All from the Auction House or friends. (30%, 1,462 Votes)
  • 3) Mostly self found. (13%, 645 Votes)
  • 5) I don’t have a character in Inferno. (9%, 457 Votes)
  • 4) Everything self found. (5%, 239 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 4,919

    Thank you for participating in democracy.

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    17 thoughts on “Vote: Your Favorite Diablo III Class?

    1. Voted DH again, but my DH is a broken, dejected emo type, because I was really looking forward to Wolf Companion and it sucks. Also the wolf makes a dying sound effect when the duration is finished. I guess someone at Blizzard thought it would be cool to hear your wolf friend die EVERY 25 seconds. Yeah, that really feels epic guys. WOLF HATERS!11


    2. Flux, tried to PM you last week about the class podcasts. Is there a better way to reach you?


    3. Why bother? The game is shit to the extent it’s not worthy to any attention, at least not until 1.04.

    4. Even though the class is having a hard time right now (& was blatantly not given enough love by the development team before launch) I still love playing as a witch doctor & am confident Blizzard will sort him/her out in good time. Demon Hunter comes a close second though for overall fun.

    5. I have tried all of the classes a little bit but I like the Monk the best. This surprised me, as I was planning to put most of my time into a Barb or Demon Hunter.

      I love the Monk’s speed. My favorite D2 class ended up being the Assassin, and the Monk is the closest to that playstyle.

    6. I made the mistake of rolling a Witch Doctor as my first 60. He was a really cool character when I could actually play him like I wanted to (with summons). But in Inferno the best I can do is run a shitload of survivability spells and hope nothing kills me while I stand there throwing bears in a 4 foot radius.

      Oh.. and poison darts. Lots and lots of poison darts.

      Never again.

    7. DH, but I’m surprised at how much I like playing all of them. Barb is probably my least fave, as it just doesn’t seem as dynamic as the Monk in CC, but it’s still fun.

    8. I rolled WD to start with and it was the character I was looking forward to the most. However being essentially forced to use Vision Quest (which IMO is really bad design – essentially you loose 4 skills so that you can spam one) really turned the character off for me, I think I gave up on the character in Act II hell.

      I ended up re-rolling a barb, which I enjoy.

    9. Monk in A4 Inferno, DH in A1 Inferno, Barb 51. For now, even with crappy equipment, the barb is interesting. I can see my barb becoming my new main in a few months. So yes, kind of uninformed vote but whatever.

    10. You should add an option something like “Can’t decide” or “I don’t really have a favorite”.

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