Vote: Your Favorite Diablo III Boss Battle

Boss battles are a big part of Diablo III, with special “locked room” type encounters for Act Bosses and other major DiabloWikibosses in each act, and bosses with abilities other monsters do not possess. It’s obvious that the developers put a lot of design time into crafting interesting and compelling special boss events… though we can certainly debate whether or not they succeeded.

So, which do you like best? There are literally hundreds of different purple-named Elite bosses, so feel free to comment if there’s some unusual or uncommon one you especially enjoy, but to keep the number of vote options reasonable, I just listed most of the major ones. You can pick one, or perhaps you enjoy random encounters more than boss fights, where you never know what you’re going to get in modifiers, though at least know you’re not going to have to click through some damn cinematic before you start the fight, and then restart it from scratch if you die playing solo.

Which is your favorite Diablo III Boss Battle?

  • Belial (31%, 4,383 Votes)
  • The Butcher (16%, 2,269 Votes)
  • They all suck. Everything sucks. Hate hate hate. (14%, 2,008 Votes)
  • Random Champion//Boss encounters are the best (13%, 1,847 Votes)
  • Diablo (10%, 1,345 Votes)
  • Azmodan (6%, 820 Votes)
  • Leoric the Skeleton King (4%, 563 Votes)
  • Zoltan Kulle (1%, 209 Votes)
  • Cydaea the Spiderwhore (1%, 196 Votes)
  • Siegebreaker (1%, 193 Votes)
  • Some other Purple named Elite. (1%, 191 Votes)
  • Magda the Butterfly Queen (1%, 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 14,106

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Last Vote Results

The last main page vote asked your opinion of Diablo III’s storytelling. There were more than 50 comments in the thread, if you want to get more details on everyone’s opinion. I’m in agreement with the many players who said the tools were fine, but the DiabloWikistory itself, as told through cinematics, cut scenes, and endless nagging Act Boss holographic appearances, was predictable and pretty lame.

Rate D3’s storytelling via plot, dialogue, cinematics, cut-scenes, lore books, etc…

  • 2) Good job, but could have been better. (29%, 1,707 Votes)
  • 4) Not very good. (22%, 1,311 Votes)
  • 5) Awful. Dumb. FAIL. (19%, 1,131 Votes)
  • 3) Meh. Not good or bad enough to notice. (14%, 855 Votes)
  • 1) Very good story and presentation. (14%, 827 Votes)
  • 6) No opinion/don’t care. (2%, 126 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 5,957

    Another vote tucked into a news item asked if some of the Champion/Boss affixes needed to be nerfed. There was extensive debate in the comments on this one, and I agree with the majority that the mods are awesome, but that some of them need not to spawn with others. IMHO, it can be too nasty or annoying when you get multiple mods that do the same thing, such as DiabloWikiVortex, DiabloWikiTeleporter, DiabloWikiWaller, DiabloWikiJailer. I’ve never seen all four of those on the same monster, though I suppose it would be possible in DiabloWikiInferno. That actually wouldn’t be such a tough monster, certainly not for any melee character, but the point is that it’s annoying when a boss has multiple properties that keep you from being able to move. The most deadly seem to be those that keep you from moving while putting big damage under you, and many players seem to want those mods limited from appearing on the same boss.

    I’m pleasantly surprised that only 16% say nerf them, given how much QQing I see, especially on the forums, about Invulnerable Minions and a few other mods. Nice that most fans are up to the challenge and variety, and don’t just want things made easier.

    Should Diablo 3 Elite Affixes be Nerfed?

  • 2) Not nerfed, but some Mods should not spawn with others. (37%, 1,343 Votes)
  • 1) No way. Leave them nasty and unpredictable.` (33%, 1,208 Votes)
  • 4) Yes, some mods and combs are way too hard. (16%, 599 Votes)
  • 3) Maybe a little, but only on Inferno. (11%, 386 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion/not sure. (3%, 105 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 3,641

  • The last small vote in a news post asked about the Diablo III Banner system and if you’d been using it a lot, a little, or not at all. I’m in the “not at all” camp, and as usual per my opinions, that’s a minority view.

    Do you customize your account Banner?

  • 2) I play with it now and then, but don’t really care. (41%, 1,216 Votes)
  • 3) Set it once, but never adjusted since. (30%, 896 Votes)
  • 1) Yes, I tweak it constantly and value the appearance. (19%, 555 Votes)
  • 4) Never even touched the thing. (10%, 280 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 2,947

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    80 thoughts on “Vote: Your Favorite Diablo III Boss Battle

    1. I was tempted to include a vote option for any boss that doesn’t require you to click through an annoying cinematic/lecture, or perhaps two annoying cinematics/lectures, during the same fight. But 1) I couldn’t figure a way to word it concisely and 2) everyone would have voted for that option.

      I think Diablo and Belial are pretty good boss fights, but I’m really not sure, since I’m always so enraged by having to click and reclick through the stupid intro and mid-fight interruptions, especially after getting one-shotted with an undergeared char and having to restart it from the beginning, that I can’t judge them rationally.

      A default feature to auto-skip all of the talking on a 2nd or 3rd or 17th attempt at the same boss in a row would be a very wise inclusion in the game.

      • Yes that would be a great addition, perhaps when they’re done with all the other fixes they’ll start implementing wishlist items!

      • Judging by all the interminable dialogues in WoW in the last few raids, I’d say Blizzard philosophy on those actually prevents them from adding such a ridiculous option. If you can’t bother listening to half an hour of corny boss speeches everytime you pull, you’re not a true fan.

        All kidding aside, I chose Zoltan Kulle because he’s the only boss on the list who’s not in Diablo 3. πŸ˜›

      • on this one i had to vote for zoltun, because killing him FINALLY concludes his quest line. which sucks ass. majorly. the fairy was a close contender though.

        we need a poll which boss fight is the most annoying.
        the worst… i think they are all … a bit subpar. all the taunting and the cheesy lines just ruin it all.

      • Well, if it makes you feel any better, I read a interview from Jay that said he’d rather have had zero cut scenes. :/ Hopefully we can turn all of that off at some point.

    2. That will teach the people of Alcarnus!

      This is what you get when you build a pvp arena in your backyard. -Some evil butterfly fairy queen will move in and take over. πŸ˜›

      • Did you vote for the Butterfly Queen? If so your vote is bad and you should feel bad.

        With 370 votes, she’s got 1. I mostly included her as a joke, since with all her flit in and flit out appearances in Act 1 and early act 2, she’s the most annoying thing in the game until Azmodan’s holograms, and I thought it would be funny after 5000 votes if she had zero. Or one, perhaps.

        • But we aren’t really picking based on how much we like or hate the characters, just the battles.

          If the poll was “What’s your favorite villain”, I would have picked Zoltan Kulle, hands down. A very interesting character. I can’t really classify him as a villain, as his intentions are actually good. His path is just a little misguided, but definitely one of the only characters in the game that has a hint of personality and depth.

          • That’s a good idea for a vote, now that you mention it. Though “favorite” is kind of ambiguous in interpretation, as you can get “love to kill” or “enjoy in the game” differences. I’d probably vote Diablo on that one, since even though he’s completely annoying and ruins his mystique by too much monologuing, none of which seems in any way flavored by Leah, he’s so annoying with all the pauses to lecture during the battle that when I kill him I’m always like, “shut up shut up shut up never talk again!” relieved.

            BTW, I should do an article about this at some point, but IMHO Zoltan isn’t actually a villain. He gives you lots of warnings, he hints strongly that there are bigger dangers than Belial in your presence, he’s full of useful old time info, and he doesn’t start the final battle. He does as he said he would to restore the black soulstone, but when he finds out that it’s full of the prime evils, he says (correctly) that you’re falling into a trap, and only fights back when you attack him.

            If the hero had listened to him, Adria never could have freed Diablo as the prime evil, Leah wouldn’t have died, and there would not have been an invasion of Heaven. On the other hand, Zoltan would probably have enslaved all humanity for his personal amusement, but so would most of us, given the opportunity, so I don’t think we can really hold that against him.

            • Yeah let’s leave out the part where he wanted to enslave the world and become a god of all creation πŸ˜› I think his goals were initially noble, but as he grew in power he became more and more selfish. This is supported by the differences between what he says in his journals, and what he says to you privately.

        • no, no, no, no, noooooooo . . .
          I did not. I repeat, I did not . . .
          I don’t know who voted for her, but it sure wasn’t me. πŸ™‚

          • Well, I voted for her…
            Being an altoholic, after the 5th/6th time you go through nightmare/hell, boss battles becomes little more than annoyances and she’s so lovely easy and fast to kill.
            Diablo takes too long to kill – I can understand it’s supposed to be an epic fight and all, but it feels like a chore, specially if you make a stupid mistake and die when (s)he’s at <10% health…

    3. I was torn between Leoric, Cydea, and Siegebreaker.
      Leoric won me over because The Cathedral is probably my favorite place in the entire game.

      • The siege breaker would have absolutely won for me, but it turns out fatalities were a fucking lie. I don’t enjoy any of the boss fights, the cut-scenes really kill it for me. I spend more time hitting escape and skip scene than I do actually fighting Diablo.

      • He’s not missing, he’s just hard to see behind the giant billowing clouds of stinking sewage.

        Actually I was going to list him and Izual and a few other purples, but the list was looking really long, so cuts had to be made. There’s the “other purple name” box for outliers. I’m expecting (hoping) for some comments from people who really love some obscure or hard to get enemy; one that only appears in certain rare areas like the Old Man tree, or the Fallen Shamans who summon Fanatics out of the pond in the act 2 oasis, etc….

      • I thought Ghom was a fun villian, but I seriously expected the Siegebreaker to be where he was.

      • Ghom is also one of my favorites… easy but with interesting mechanics, makes hilarious farting noises, looks kind of cool, and MOST importantly doesn’t talk very much. It’s a win-win-win!

        Belial was my vote because of his awesome screen-filling, over-the-top appearance… I had hoped all the act bosses would be like that, while still having diverse mechanics. I hate the Diablo battle in every way, I hate fighting him, I hate his crappy dialogue/smack-talking, I feel they really dropped the ball with that one.

      • Jondar = most under rated villain.
        Jondar is probably the ‘cowbell’ of the Diablo III game.
        -as in, ‘. . . needs more Jondar!’

    4. Belial + first time + no walkthroughs, hints or spoilers + Hardcore mode = one of my best all-time video gaming moments. Good stuff.

      • Agreed on that surprise. I hadn’t seen any video of the end of act 2 before I actually played it, and while there was zero surprise who Belial actually was, when all the city vanished and he was supersized in a lake of green flames, that was a pretty awesome sight.

    5. I had fun with Azmodan and Magda.

      Leoric has the best scenery for me.

      I hated Diablo. The voice was so annoying that the first time I met him, I had to shut down the speaker.

      • Diablo is Annoying orange! I finally figured out who he really is!

        *Imagine hearing his voice saying:
        “Hey guess what? Ter-roar! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Ter-roooaaaar! Get it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Don’t you like my realm or ter-roar? HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

      • I hated Azmodan because it was so anti climactic

        you’re going down that long spiral dungeon/staircase and you see those giant chained demons and you think “OMG, I’m going to have to fight that !”

        you go lower and lower into the dungeon, and the excitement and trepidation grow (especially for a hardcore character)
        then you finally get down there and …

        that’s it ? !
        seriously ! what the hell happened to the big scary chained up demon !?

        big let down

    6. I must admid that the Skeleton king on a melee chareter who isen’t completely overgearing the content is a fun fight, you really have to move, duck and weave.

      The first time i went to the skeleton King in inferno on my Barb was prob’ my single best Boss fight experience.

    7. I picked Diablo, I enjoyed the three parts of it. I would have picked Belial, but it’s quite annoying on Inferno. The Butcher probably comes in at #3. The rest are underwhelming.

      • If it was Mother Brain version from the ‘Captain N’ cartoons, I would definitely choose her.

    8. Belial was by far the coolest boss battle. It felt like I was playing an old NES or arcade game all over again. One miss-step and you were dead but it gave you enough warning to react to it, which in turn gave you a sense of accomplishment when beating him since your victory was a testament to your skill. None of the other bosses came anywhere close to that feeling, not say many weren’t fun just no where near as enjoyable as Belial.

      • Yeah it made a nice change to have to do something other than stand there and play punch bags with the mob.

      • One misstep and you were dead on Normal Mode?? What were u lvl 15 or something? It was a decent fight but c’mon it wasn’t that hairy…

    9. I got a monster named Larry the Vegtable Eater in the beta. Haven’t seen him since, though.

      • He’s still in the game actually, I saw him just yesterday (Inferno) in the first area after the main gate (act 1). Said something like “Eater of Vegetables” as his affix.

    10. seriously?

      come on people

      what happened to the plan for a unified defiance?

      we were all supposed to vote for Rita Repulsa as an act of rebellion =P

    11. I went with Kulle because I love his laugh. That’s the only reason I chose that. And the horrible irony of his “and there is no justice in murder” line.

      I was very underwhelmed by the boss fights because, like Flux said, they killed it with the completely unnecessary saturday morning cartoon bullshit.

    12. Cydaea was the most disappointing, I expected more from her beside shooting poison and summoning spiders. Weren’t succubus her daughters? They could’ve made a theme out of it.

    13. Flux, was this a Zoidberg reference:
      “If so your vote is bad and you should feel bad”

    14. I picked Belial since he’s the only one of the evils that actually looks badass. I mean, when he changed into that huge form for the first time I was blown away.I was like “Awesome, they really made this game feel awesome! I wonder what azmodan will look like!” and then they dropped the ball completely… Why is it that belial is the only boss with a “great/large” form? :S

    15. I always liked Belial, because that first time, when he transforms it’s kind of like holy shit. Honorable mention for Vortex, Fire Chains, Invulnerable, Extra Fast Lasher. trollololol

      And um, the Big D ain’t bad either.

      In general, this game had pretty lack luster writing. I think Diablo 2 sort of knew where their strengths lied, and so the bosses said one line, then got down to business, which actually works. :/

    16. Every champion battle since 1.03 now that every pack has reflect damage making DH’s even more worthless. Blizz wouldn’t want people doing high damage, that wouldn’t be fair to the unbalanced characters that no one wants to use.

    17. You know you screwed the pooch on designing this game when the Belial, the Lord of Fail himself, is the favorite.

      • But he the coolest act boss fight in the game, I mean he the only one that makes you think oh **** during your first fight with him, also was the only real challenge I had on my first run though.

    18. Hate the cutscenes where even though you cancel them, they kinda still play out. Like the realm of terror defeated/stomp the ground part.

      Makes me lose my sweeping wind stack every time πŸ™

    19. Belial? You sadistic bastards. He’s not a boss battle in an RPG. He’s a bottle battle in an arcade game. The fight is stupid in how many 1 shot mechanics there are. But; when you do defeat him (Esp on inferno) it’s a real HELL YEAH moment. That fight is a pain in the ass.

      That said, I think Leoric has the most interesting fight. If he was only a little more aggressive towards the player – I think that fight would top everyone’s list. That he stands around away from the action so much has always bothered me.

      Magdha is stupid. I got killed by butterflies. Really? Really!?! She’s also lame in the sense of how she comes out of nowhere in Act 1; tells you her entire plan; then dies immediately in Act 2. It’s like. Um, okay?

    20. Well its Belial for me, really he the only greater evil that feels like a true boss when you fight him. After that I guess it the Butcher or Zoltan Kulle kind of a toss up here.

      The over act bosses including Big D are kind of a disappointment after Belial. I mean there’s nothing special in the fight at all.

    21. Belial! Belial! Belial!

      So freaking cool to go from “that’s it?” from form 1 to “wow!” from form 2.

    22. I love the mechanics of the Butcher fight plus there’s some decent action music. It’s unfortunate you can just straight up outgear him and make him a complete joke even on inferno though.

    23. “Cydaea the Spiderwhore” haha πŸ˜› getting a little out of control

      My 2nd favorite is Azmodan. It’s something about the battle that makes it feel better. Maybe the background music? Maybe due to the fact that you finally get to kill him after all the taunting he’s done. We may never know.

    24. Cydea. Because she gives me the impression she would actually torture and sexually-violate my character. Also Jondar wasn’t an option…

      • Someone’s an M :p

        Anyways I chose Belial, his fight was the most interesting. After his fight I was expecting more from the other bosses but all I got was disappointment.

    25. I loved the butcher

      When I saw him hammering his weapons while Maghda was going “blabla” in first playthrough I just thought “hell yeah”… Now gimme “Fresh Meat”; he complied. Yes I’m one of those that’s been on the series since get-go!

      Was a really great moment hence my vote went for him

      Belial feels more epic though. Azmodan was a big letdown. even on my first kill I just stood there wacking away without moving. Diablo feels good but is abrupted way too many times with cutscenes

    26. I love the random purples that have a bit of a setup before fighting and sometimes a lore book with a background story. The vampiric cannibal in A2 (that I couldn’t even kill one my first time through the game), the extra large dune beast that eats some guy’s legs then sucks him down into the sand before the fight, a “cult” leader that takes people to the oasis but you find their bones and he pops out of the water, and I found a cultist draining civilians in a random dungeon room and one of the guys says “I don’t want to die!” But that’s where they all explode and the cultist transforms, and his name was “_____ the soul siphoner”. Those are all cool encounters.

      Now that I think of it, they’re all in A2.

      But my favourite is the Spider Queen in A1, despite the fight not being anything special, I LOVE the music. After its done I like to just hang out for a minute or two and rock out. Plus spiders are awesome in general.

    27. Belial should be the top because they way it was a GoW-look alike. Huge, suprising, action-packed and engaging.

    28. Wow, Belial winning the vote. IMO, Belial is the dumbest boss battle in the game.

    29. this poll sukd like most polls -_- boss names missing…instead we have options like they all suk…not to mention Diablo gets a place under that -_- It’s mind blowing…

      Now compare all those to Lazarus battle in D1…not to mention the Butcher in D1…and all the gossip and atmosphere that builds towards that encounter,…in the dark labyrinth beneath Tristram…

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