Vote: Do You Have A Favorite D3 Class?

Everyone’s seen votes to measure the popularity of the various classes in Diablo III. We’ve run them ourselves (though not for years) and we’ll run another one soon. For today though, I’m more curious about a related issue. How did you decide upon your favorite class, and how long have you stuck to that selection?

Some players seem to have had a favorite class in mind forever and they stick to it no matter what. Others are constantly seduced by one new shiny after another, or can’t make up their minds at all. Where do you fall on the scale? (You may also enjoy this forum vote that measures your favorite class before the beta, vs now.)

Do you have a favorite Diablo 3 class?

  • 1) Yes. The same class since it was revealed. (52%, 2,260 Votes)
  • 2) Yes, but I've switched favorites in the past. (22%, 965 Votes)
  • 3) I don't have a favorite. Still undecided. (19%, 814 Votes)
  • 4) Favorites are silly. I play whoever draws my mouse that day. (7%, 299 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,338

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Last Vote Results

We had to close the last vote after just one day, since the announcement of the open beta weekend changed the rules of engagement. Nevertheless, we got enough votes for a fair representation of the community, and they certainly illustrated the need for an open beta weekend, with the largest group of fans still waiting for their chance at some beta time.

I am surprised at the 11% of you guys who said you’re going to wait for marriage, though I wonder if those will work like real life abstinence pledges, i.e. broken the first time a really good opportunity presents itself. (In other words, this weekend = drunken spring break party, with a higher than average chance of pregnancy, STDs, and lingering guilt?)

Have you played in the Diablo 3 Beta?

  • 4) Nope. Still waiting. Want want WANT. (34%, 1,584 Votes)
  • 1) Yes, my account was opted in by Blizzard. (27%, 1,229 Votes)
  • 3) Sort of — I borrowed/rented access on someone else’s account. (16%, 752 Votes)
  • 2) Yes, I won my account access through a contest. (12%, 540 Votes)
  • 5) I don’t want. Saving myself for the full game. (11%, 502 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,608

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12 thoughts on “Vote: Do You Have A Favorite D3 Class?

  1. I have always been drawn towards the darker heroes in games. So the Witch Doctor was the obvious choice at revel but when Demon Hunter was reveled I was like “That’s my class” Then I got into the beta and could not make up my mind? I kept flip flopping between the 2. I finely just decide role out with the Witch Doctor. I feel good about it and the Demon Hunter will be my second play through.   

  2. The history of my favorite class in D3 is long and stroried. To recap, back in D2, position of my favorite class was split between Sorceress and Necromances. I loved them both but for diferent reasons and I considered them both to be my favorite class.

    Then, when D3 came around, after the initial reveal I fell in love with the Witch Doctor, and decided that he was to be my main class. Even after Wizard was announced I still condired Witch Doctor to be main. However, over time, things changed and then Wizard was my favorite class, with WD being pushed to the back. So, for long time Wizard was first, followed by Barbarian. Then Barbarian started growing on me, and he held the title for short time. After that, I wasn’t really sure about my main, and for some time (months) Wizard, Witch Doctor, Barbarian and Demon Hunter all shared the title of the main. Then after some, time Monk grew on me, and, at this point, quite predictably, joined the group. Then, the Monk became my favorite, far outshadowing all others.

    That was late last year. After half a dozen of more changes, Demon Hunter, Wizard and Monk are top candidates for being my first char on release day. At least I was set on the genders and haven’t changed that, male WD, Wizard and Monk, female Barbarian and Demon Hunter.

    TL;DR I am indecisive as hell.  

  3. I’m in the 11%, and my current plan is to not play the open beta.  We’ll see if i last the weekend, but i have pretty good willpower, i should manage it.

  4. I’m one of the abstainers. 😆   It has everything to do with how close the game is to release, though. If open beta had come out a couple months ago I’d be all over it. Now, I’m two weeks from the authentic experience. I’ve waited this long, I’m willing to wait a few more days and (hopefully) not have to fight through downloading the gigantic client and wading through disconnects and errors to play for a weekend.

  5. I thought I’d love the DH best and hate the Monk, but wound up liking DH least and liking the monk a lot.
    WD, which is now my top choice, would have been my second though. Monk moved up to number 2.
    However, I have to say I don’t hate ANY of em, and have played all of em about equally during the beta. Can’t say that about D2.

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