Vote: Your Favorite Act in Diablo III?

There are four acts in Diablo III, and all have their strengths and weaknesses. Very different design and artwork, varying level sizes and shapes and layouts, different types of monsters, and thanks to Inferno, they’re all viable for end game item hunting, depending on the power of your character and their gear.

I don’t have any real feel for which act will win out in this vote, though I am pretty sure which of the four will get the least love. But that’s why we run the votes; to measure the community’s opinion on issues, so click your favorite and we’ll let the math decide.

Your favorite Act in Diablo III?

  • 1) Act One (50%, 6,754 Votes)
  • 3) Act Three (23%, 3,035 Votes)
  • 5) Act Five in the Expansion will be the best. (7%, 981 Votes)
  • 6) Don't like any of them. (6%, 856 Votes)
  • 2) Act Two (6%, 840 Votes)
  • 4) Act Four (5%, 619 Votes)
  • 7) Not sure yet/no opinion. (2%, 333 Votes)

Total Voters: 15,098

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Last Vote Results

We’ve run several votes in posts since we last did an official “vote post” so here are the recent results to various polls.

The last main vote asked for your favorite boss battle. I wasn’t surprised that Belial won since the visuals and design of his mid-battle transformation is pretty awesome, but I wouldn’t have guessed that the Butcher would come in second. Did you guys like the strategy of the burning floor, or the design of the creature, or are these votes just because he’s the not-too-difficult end to what is, for most players, their most profitable Inferno item running adventure?

I was also surprised that “some other purple name” didn’t get more votes. I expected fierce advocates for Raknaroth or Leah’s ghost, or whatever. The lack of useful drops from the hundreds of other purple names probably dooms their popularity.

Which is your favorite Diablo III Boss Battle?

  • Belial (31%, 4,383 Votes)
  • The Butcher (16%, 2,269 Votes)
  • They all suck. Everything sucks. Hate hate hate. (14%, 2,008 Votes)
  • Random Champion//Boss encounters are the best (13%, 1,847 Votes)
  • Diablo (10%, 1,345 Votes)
  • Azmodan (6%, 820 Votes)
  • Leoric the Skeleton King (4%, 563 Votes)
  • Zoltan Kulle (1%, 209 Votes)
  • Cydaea the Spiderwhore (1%, 196 Votes)
  • Siegebreaker (1%, 193 Votes)
  • Some other Purple named Elite. (1%, 191 Votes)
  • Magda the Butterfly Queen (2%, 82 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 14,106

    Another recent vote asked how you guys felt about Blizzard’s proposed Magic Find system changes, and was posted in the news item that detailed all of those potential game alterations. That was two weeks ago and we’ve not heard any official word on it yet. Judging from the vote results, that might be good news, since none of the proposed “solutions” are popular, and the majority plurality want things to stay as they are now.

    Which of Blizzard’s proposed Magic Find changes do you prefer?

  • 6) None of the above. Retain current system. (29%, 2,781 Votes)
  • 4) Zero-Out Your MF% for 3 Minutes After Swapping Gear (26%, 2,491 Votes)
  • 1) Set a Magic Find Cap (15%, 1,457 Votes)
  • 2) Slowly Adjust Magic Find Over Time (11%, 1,093 Votes)
  • 5) Gear Swapping Interacts with Nephalem Valor (9%, 827 Votes)
  • 3) Use your average MF% or your lowest MF% of the last 5 minutes (5%, 498 Votes)
  • 7) Some other new system I’ll brilliantly explain in comments. (5%, 486 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 9,633

    A final recent vote discussed the confusing terminology for the different types of boss monsters in Diablo III and asked what you guys thought they should be called for greater clarity.

    The current naming system won out, despite the “Rare = item AND monster” confusion, but it wasn’t exactly a landslide victory. I am surprised how few votes the old D2 naming system got; maybe this is proof of my comments in the news post that “superunique” was a confusing term best left in the past?

    Diablo 3’s Boss types should be called:

  • 1) Champions > Rares > Uniques (34%, 738 Votes)
  • 5) Something else/don’t care (24%, 511 Votes)
  • 3) Champions > Elites > SuperUniques (20%, 434 Votes)
  • 4) Blue Bosses > Yellow Bosses > Purple Bosses (19%, 410 Votes)
  • 2) Champions > Bosses > SuperUniques (3%, 73 Votes)

    Total Voters: 2,166

  • We’ve run almost fifty votes in the current news script (dozens of earlier votes from years past are no longer available), and they provide an interesting history of key events in the game’s development, along with community opinions preserved in amber. You can see all of them by using the Diablo:IncGamers Votes news category tag, if you want to refresh your memory or wonder WTF we were all thinking about back then.

    For instance, check out our expert prognostication for D3’s release date in a vote from last September. The few, the proud, the 3%! You can also see that when I mention on the podcast that most people loved the idea of Inferno when it was announced… I’m not lying.

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    46 thoughts on “Vote: Your Favorite Act in Diablo III?

    1. Act 3.

      Most varied, from castle siege to descending into an epic Hell.

      I know I stood in awe the first time I saw those hellish back drops.

      Runner up: Act 1 (those painted pictures on the walls scream extreme attention to detail …)

    2. Act 2 is the worst level design yet by Blizzard. Basically every quest is: find these 2 locations on these way too big and undercrowded maps. Add the game’s most boring and annoying creatures and voila: a steaming pile of crap.
      Extremely boring and I skip act 2 whenever I can.

    3. The majority of players do not in fact want the magic find system to remain the way it is. Looking at your statistics there is an overwhelming majority 70% that want it to be changed.

      • Yep the majority 71% want a change, but they cant agree what said change should be

      • Exactly. Flux, you shouldn’t be posting up votes if you don’t know how to read the results…

        • 😀

          It just goes to show that one can’t go far in statistics before one reaches philosophy…

        • He ofc know how to read the results, but he would do anything in his power to make D3 look a huge success in front of fan eyes so that the site will be able to sustain the traffic.

          At least we’ve learnt that Flux is a big fickle. Don’t forget his harsh comments about D3 before the release.

          • How is pointing out that none of Blizzard’s proposed MF solutions is popular, and that retaining the current messed up system got the most votes, me defending Blizzard or trying to make D3 a success?

            The current MF system is stupid (though I do enjoy NV), the overall item system is crappy, the lack of a weapon switch hotkey has long been one of my biggest complaints about D3’s UI, and the problem with MF in D3 is that the way the mod appears on items is poorly-implemented.

            On the larger issue: If I seem to have changed perspective on D3, that’s more about your perspective than about my words. For years pre-release I was a voice of reason trying to reel in the wild and unrealistic fanboy excesses of praise. I am now a voice of reason (occasionally) acting as a counter against the wild and unrealistic fanboy excesses of hate.

            • Whether or no the “its fine” option got most votes or not is irrelevant to the issue of if the community wants something done to magic find.

              The conclusion you can, and should draw from these numbers is that the community wants magic find swapping to be fixed somehow but it is split on how this should be achieved.

      • I wonder for the people that don’t want the MF system changed, how many of them are ranged and how many of them play melee. My guess is melee overwhelming wants change.

    4. Flux, how can Magda the Butterfly Queen with 82 votes get 2% but Siegebreaker with 193 votes get 1% ?

      • I noticed that but it’s just what the vote script listed; you can click to the original post and see the final results. Apparently there’s some minor display in the code when something gets less than 1% of the vote with that many vote choices. Should actually have been .7%, by my math.

      • I guarantee that the script does this:

        On the lowest answer (With the fewest votes), it wants to guarantee a rounded 100%, so it does 100%-(sum of all other options). So sometimes, it gets wonky.

    5. My favourite is act 3, transition earth to hell. I dont really like to play act 2, but I think is beauty too.

    6. The game needs more dungeons. The game is beautiful overall but we need more dungeons, castles, ruins, tombs, cemeteries, etc. Thats just me. I need dirty, grungy, and satanic.

    7. Pretty similar to Diablo 2: Act 1 hands down, followed by Act 3 and 2, and as glorious as the graphics are, I didn’t like act 4 in neither Diablo 3 nor Diablo 2.

    8. I’m really surprised Act 1 and 2 are the highest as I hate those two. Mostly because they are the first two and it feels like I’ve played them the most I guess. Coincidentally, Act 4 is my favorite.

      Then again I loved Act 1 in D2 and I played that a million times.

      • I was sure act 4 would get the least votes, since I’ve never heard anyone (until just now) say they liked it the best. Common complaints are the repetitious level shape/layout, and especially the prevalence of purple named elites who don’t drop good loot and don’t count for NV stacks.

        The continual hate for Act 2 does surprise me, though. I enjoy the desert open areas and the variety of monsters found there. The endless repeating archives of Zoltan Kulle get a little tedious, though, as do the 40 straight sewer levels.

        It’s odd to compare to D2 though, since that game didn’t have the flat style of Inferno, so everyone always MFed in Act 5 where the best loot was found. (Cow Level and The Pit and Meph and a few other odd detours aside.)

        • I would bet everyone’s hate of Act 2 is the large static layout, lack of monster density, especially in the above ground open areas, and the annoying wasps. When someone mentions Act 2, the above is always what pops into my head. I cannot even think of anything good about Act 2, even now, sitting here trying to. However, I can think of more things that are annoying, or stupid in my opinion, such as the last phase of the Belial battle.

    9. I can’t make up my mind. There are parts to each of them that I really like, and parts to each that really bore me. Act 1 might edge it, but I always enjoy the beginning of a game and the start of the adventure.

      They all, however, look pretty damned good.

    10. hey flux which one did you think would be the least popular? as you hinted in your post

      I personally picked Act 4 and thought it would be the most popular, but it’s in last place by a lot haha

      captcha: pearly gates

      • Agree, I was sure Act 4 would get the least votes, since I’ve heard a lot of complaints about it. Mostly due to the repetitious architecture and all the Elites that don’t count for NV.

    11. Act III, but the latter half of the act really dragged on. It’s like they just looped the dungeons castlevania-style so the game would last longer.

      Edit: I still love the idea of Inferno, if they would have done what they said they were going to do. Which they didn’t.

        • It was originally presented as a blanket difficulty. So in today’s D3 terms, imagine that every monster in Inferno is mlvl 63. You would still progress (because there’s native properties of each area that make them more difficult, such as sheer volume of enemies on the bridge in A3, and AI tweaks, etc), but each monster in the game would be the same mlvl.

        • i believe he is referring to the original inferno idea where all acts are same difficulty with the same mob lvls. and you’d farm wherever you wanted to.

    12. It was hard for me to pick a favorite act, because the first 3 acts are all mostly good yet have certain parts that get tedious and repetitive (like the gazillion levels of the “Tower of the Damned”). The more I’ve re-played the game the more I’ve come to dislike A4 in its entirety.

    13. Act 3 is great except for the stairs. They need more variety on the way down. I’m curious to see what results would be of two parallel polls – what is your favorite act to farm and what is your favorite act to play.

    14. Still don’t think any location matches the Diablo series anywhere nearly as perfect for a setting as good old dreary Khanduras from the original game. For me, Diablo just belongs into that classic medieval rural setting where the atmosphere basically indicates 24 hours of dusk per day.

      I sympathize with Blizzard for trying to expand the Diablo universe by incorporating largely diferrent climates and regions – designing those certainly comes with a certain appeal for them as well. But sun-flooded deserts, Secret-of-Mana-level-colorful bazaars, splendorous cities und lush green forests simply don’t match that creepy gothic atmosphere of the original – nor can I really see them add some kind of absolutely indispensable contrast.

      Speaking of the jungles, these seem to break with an essential rule of the classic original’s atmosphere per se: no use of green in Diablo. For a bit of eerie cave lightning or some Acid Beast vomit, maybe, but everything else should just feel old and withered, instead of lush and vivid.

      Knowing pre-release what the acts in D3 would be, I didn’t expect much from acts II and III. I kind of had hope for act IV’s theme, but guessed correctly that their staff of ‘recently’ hired artists would turn it into that overly glowing, coloful, high-fantasy concept (which worked out perfectly for outer-space settings like The Burning Crusade and StarCraft, but doesn’t do Diablo justice).

      From all existing acts in Diablo III, act I would be my personal favourite for at least trying to stay a bit true to D1 in terms of atmosphere.

      • I too miss some jungle areas, and I’ll be surprised if we don’t get those in Act 5 in the first expansion. There are quite a few pieces of concept art that show overgrown stone temples and other jungle scenes, so the idea was clearly on the drawing board.

        I think the Oasis in Act 2 would be an interesting place in that way, but since it’s always blue-lit night there, it doesn’t have the same vibe.

    15. The reason the current monster naming scheme won my vote is due to the fact that Champions, Rares and Uniques can all be categorized as Elites, since there are even item modifiers for elite damage mitigation.
      So you can’t have an Elite in a monster category name, since it encompasses all non-regular monsters.

      The name “Rare” item/monster is as much of a confusion as “watch” and “watch”. You probably won’t ever confuse the two due to context.

      But I would have gone with Champions, Elites, Uniques and rename their category to Bosses. But this probably won’t work so well, since it’s more than likely that Players in PvP will be regarded as the Elite category for the purposes of CC/Elite item affixes. Maybe?

      Well, Anyway, Act 1 is still the best. They’ve put a lot of work into it, much less than into the other acts.

    16. Act 1 is my favorite. Act 4 is probably my least favorite simply because it’s so short. There was so much potential in that act and, imo, they ruined it by making it an half and a half long.

    17. I had trouble deciding between Act 1 and Act 4, so I’m interested to see that Act 4 isn’t getting many votes. I really, really love the artwork in Act 4.

      I ended up going for Act 1 — I really enjoy how much it harks back to D1. I wonder if that’s why the Butcher came in second in the boss poll? I admit I squeed a little the first time I heard him exclaimed, “Fresh meat!”

      Although actually I kind of like the Magda fight… because it means I don’t have to see her again for the rest of the game.

    18. Act 1 by a huge margin. It is the most polished acts, has random events, oozes the terroristic diablo-atmosphere in the Halls of Agony levels and has a good balance between outdoor and indoor levels. Act 2 and 3 were a bit tedious and not half as impressive as D2 act 2 and 3 when I played them first. Act 2 does have some nice events and still has some story elements.

      Act 3 and especially act 4 feel extremely rushed to me. Act 4 doesn’t give me the feeling that I am running around in the high heavens. It just doesn’t. Even Titan Quest did a much better job at that.

    19. Act 3.

      I’d consider putting Act 4, but I hate that it doesn’t have it’s own town.

      I get this doesn’t coincide with the story, but they still could have made a new stop-over with new vendors etc. The way it is it simply it feel’s like a big Act 3. Which it literally is, as the different acts are decided by having new towns. Right..?

    20. Hard choice between Act 1 and Act 3. Voted Act 3 because I do like it better, castle siege and descending into the depths below the castle are just plain fun, even though Act 1 is more polished, has more random events.

      Hate Act 2, though I’d probably hate Act 4 the most if it were as long as Act 2.

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