Vote: Why the Diablo 3 Auction House Change of Heart?

Lots of Diablo 3 Auction House news lately, including numerous comments by Jay Wilson and others, revealing that the Diablo 3 developers feel the AH is a negative feature that hurt the game. That’s certainly open to debate, but we know there will be no Auction House (not even a Gold one) with the Diablo 3 console.

Why the change of heart, though? Do you think the developers are really convinced the AH didn’t work and the game is better off without it? Did they never want it in the first place, and it was only something Bobby’s eyes stared in as a profit source? Are they only turning on the AH since fans (mostly) have and they’re trying to save the dwindling community? Is it entirely financial, since RMAH sales are slow and thus they’re not generating enough income to fund ongoing Diablo 3 operational expense? (And in any event, what are the devs planning to replace the RMAH fees with, if they ditch the system? Pre-game they repeatedly said financial issues wouldn’t allow them to run D3 free servers for a decade, as they did with D2. Can haz itam shoppe? Montly subs? Paid DLC bonus dungeons? Sparkleponies?)

Why has Blizzard turned against the D3 Auction House? (Pick all that apply.)

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This poll should have run side by side with the last one, but here it’s better late than never. How do you guys use the Auction House? We might as well know if and how much you’re using the system, when considering your opinions on how it should (or should not) be changed.

Do you currently use the Diablo 3 Auction House?

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Last Auction House Poll

Our last vote asked what should be done with the Auction House and showed a wide variety of opinions, but the consensus seems to be against the AH. Just 10% of you guys want it retained as is, while nearly 40% want it gone entirely. You could probably group option #2 in there also, since Ironborn is an option to create a character who can never use the AH at all.

What should the Diablo 3 Expansion do with the Auction House?

  • 5) Remove the Auction House entirely. (38%, 851 Votes)
  • 2) Retain the AH but add an DiabloWikiIronborn character option. (19%, 439 Votes)
  • 3) Retain the AH, add many types of high end item binding. (16%, 359 Votes)
  • 4) Remove just the Real Money AH. (11%, 252 Votes)
  • 1) Unchanged. The current AH system works well. (10%, 223 Votes)
  • 6) Something else/no opinion/don’t care. (6%, 142 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 2,266

    We should probably have run a parallel vote with that one, to figure what percent of the voters use the Auction House… so better late than never. It’s up above, along with the other new Auction House vote.

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    48 thoughts on “Vote: Why the Diablo 3 Auction House Change of Heart?

    1. I haven’t used either AH but I will use the GH at some point in the future when I feel the need. I’m not opposed to a gold AH.

      • People use AH and its real-money counterpart because of one important reason: item upgrade.

        Fix the itemization problem and give the players lots of ways get the items with their desired stats and affixes and AH use will dwindle. I am sure of it.

        AH seems to be a problem because right now it is the only sure-fire way to get the upgrades that were needed. RNG and the items themselves are so bad that players would rather fork in the money than grind helplessly.

        • lol what on earth are you smoking? if people only cared about upgrades, they’d stick with the GAH. the sole reason people use the RMAH is to make a RMoney profit. and that’s the only reason Actiblizzard have it there, so they can cash in on the fees of the item profiteering addicts.

          it’s an online casino, nothing more, and Actiblizzard feeds addiction which is why the game got banned in a few countries.

          • No. People who wanted upgrades actually avoid GAH.

            GAH prices tend to be impossibly expensive as players do not care for the economy at all. As soon as they get that good roll, they have that “buy this or weep” mentality. No one would settle for less or a much reasonable price. A good trifecta gear would be sold for about 100 billion gold for example. And while players can just farm gold in-game, it would be so much easier to fork in the cash.

            RMAH sellers on the other hand want to cash in quickly. Plus there’s a limit to how much to can sell an item for ($250). Most players aren’t basement dwellers so some can easily afford to buy them.

            I am by no means a supporter of RMAH. But it is kind of ironic that the GAH is actually the one that ruins the game and RMAH turned out to be the proper way of trading.

            • no kidding, OF COURSE they don’t care for the Diablo in-game economy (aka gold) because it’s completely worthless compared to dollars and cents. removing the RMAH completely would solve ALOT of problems.

              but of course pocketing the 15% flat fee per transaction is far more important to Actiblizzard than the game and its players.

    2. Crap poll choices, and one of the most important ones is nowhere to be found, certainly “something else” doesn’t even begin to compare to it.

      That is: avoiding to admit their own shortcomings by picking a very plausible scapegoat.

      That’s where MY vote goes.

      1) much of the “fan opinion” has been anti-RMAH for ages, that’s nothing new so it’s sure not it.

      2) when it comes to companies like Activision and EA, anything is better than no profit at all and there are still idiots that spend 100s of real dollars on a stupid single item. DEFINITELY not it.

      3) See no2, money talks. Not a chance.

      4) And miss out on the extra cash in their pockets? That wouldn’t change when the console version came out. A blonde must have put that poll option down.

      5) Money talks. Some might’ve opposed the idea at first, but once they started receiving that little bonus, who would say no to extra cash? I don’t think so.

      6) That’s a very lame option on it’s own, it should be “something else – say in comments”, not coupled with “I don’t care”. If this was an official poll, Actiblizzard would count the “something else” as “I don’t care”, and would then say “well there’s plenty of people who don’t care so we’ll hold off on making this change until more people come around”.

      • You hit this one on the head, I agree totally with you. These devs need to quit sitting around like a bunch of bickering women, because for the past 8 months thats all they have done is defend useless crappy systems that were clearly never alpha/ beta tested, only to now begin bickering against those same systems that they so fervently defended for so long.

        Quit the goddamn bickering you useless, lazy, incompetent, passionless developers and implement some freaking changes to this supremely broken game already.

        As for the GAH. I used to use it all the time. Until Blizzard killed it with their patches. Now there is absolutely no source of gold income in the game, which is absurd. Nothing sells on it at all anymore.

        These developers need to stop going down the wrong path, its such a joke to watch them do absolutely nothing productive with almost a year since the game came out. They truly need to fire all of these incompetent monkeys and even just sub-contract the games development to another company at this point.

        I dont think they will fix the game prior to an expansion any longer, and I do not even believe that an expansion will make the game playable with the incredulous lack of any actual effort being put into this game by a company with endless pockets, I sincerely believe Blizzard has become the standard that nobody else in the gaming industry wants to be; a far cry from where they were 5, 10 or 15 years ago.

        It is sad really, after so many passionate games they made that people were so happy to throw money at, that there is no more passion in the company any longer.

    3. I’m not opposed to the gold ah too, I just don’t like how the overall ah is ruining the item hunt for those who don’t use it often. The potential items are just too rare, it’s not exactly rewarding for those who play the game in short bursts.

      I still play D3 once in a while, but I hope they do something with this. I really like the Ironborn idea.

      I also wished the copied the way D2 made the loot-tables.

    4. I honestly don’t see what the fuss is about. The presence of either auction house has virtually no impact on the game for me, or on my enjoyment of the game. If people don’t want to play multiplayer with each other due to gearchecks, then they’re idiots and I wouldn’t want to play with them anyway.

      I’ve used the gold AH to unload a legendary that dropped for me, which otherwise would’ve been nothing but a little crappy salvage material… not even a fiery brimstone. I’ve also used it for a couple high level gem crafting recipes since I didn’t feel like waiting 100-1000 hours of gameplay to find them. Never used RMAH, never will. To me, even though I generally play self-found, it’s nice to know the option is there to trade with other players in a sanctioned environment in the event there’s some random item I just HAVE to have. By the same token if I find a great item I know I will never use on any of my characters, I like having the option of selling it and funding my own crafting/GAH actvities.

      • ” The presence of either auction house has virtually no impact on the game for me,…”

        you really think they don’t take the AH into account when they determine drop rates ?

        even if you never use the AH, your game is affected by the precense of the AH, because drops rates are lower due to the face that the AH makes it easier to find and trade for items

        • Good point: the drops do tend to rather suck. I do think Blizzard is still too much of a tightwad with legendaries, considering they aren’t necessarily better than D2, and the drop rate of plans is just awful. Although it may not be as big a tradeoff as we all think. I’ve found it easier in D3 to upgrade and get useful stuff via self-found/drops than I did in D2. Part of Blizzard’s original point was that trading will happen with or without an AH, and in D2 they still had to take the reality of trading into account when balancing drops. And none of this is to mention how the common stash and sharing openly among all your chars also affects drop rate balance, no doubt dramatically. There’s no easy answer.

          • Just like Blizzard defends the auction house as some sort of additional avenue to acquire items to offer the player more choices. Now see, that sounds great, but in reality it’s just a line of BS from the Paragon 100 Blizz PR team.

            I think the pressure to show huge earnings at their corporate meetings is starting to overtake the old culture of showing something awesome that gamers love. Expect more lies.

        • I actually do think the drop rates were designed to have it take a really long to find great gear. D2 was very much about the item hunt, and I think the D3 devs were trying to develop a system where D3 would have a very long item hunt.

          I’ve played self found from Day 1, and have managed to regularly upgrade my gear. I’m now at the point where I’ve done a full clear of MP7 (minus the Ubers, who I’ve downed on MP5). I still regularly find upgrades, although that regularity has slowed to once every few weeks.

          What your seeing from the D3 dev’s these days is their admission that they drastically underestimated how people would use the AH. Players essentially skipped 90% of the item hunt progression. Thus, what was meant to be a steadily decreasing flow of upgrades (the better your gear, the harder it is to find better) became a brick wall for most players, with little chance of finding anything better than they’ve purchased.

      • then you clearly don’t know much of anything. it’s not necessarily a bad thing, ignorance is indeed often bliss, but if you’re gonna comment on certain matters, then ignorance ain’t bliss at all.

        are you aware that Actiblizzard CONTROLS the drop rates because of the RMAH? that’s the reason why you spend 100-1000 hours of gameplay without finding a single one. and I’m not just saying you specifically, there are 100s of 1000s of people in the same boat.

        the reason for that is they want to prevent item flooding. more copies of the same item reduces its value, and people don’t spend as much money on them, which means Actiblizzard receives LESS money from the mandatory Auction House fee.

        for example, 15% of $50 is much less than 15% of $1000. see? loot is one of the most important parts of games like this, and when the drop rates are deliberately reduced, it definitely HAS impact on the game for you and everyone else who’s in it for the loot enjoyment.

        and of course Actiblizzard are idiots for thinking their money-whoring scheme was Disintegrate-tight because there’s plenty of item duping going on, or there are far too many people with too much time on their hands item-farming 24/7 and the prices are reduced ANYWAY, and the drop rates remain dropped like the knickers of a prostitute really gagging for it.

        savvy? *wink wink*

        • If you increase drop rates, of course item values go down, but AH items will also increase. So instead of selling one item for $1000 you sell 20 for $50 and the end result is the same.

          Maybe. The hours people spend not selling anything it uses server time, which costs them something to keep it up. People running around for hours not selling an item is not bringing in any cash, instead of having a constant trickle then get lump sums.

          There is also the the reward angle for the players, they find items they deem as worthy they feel accomplished, if not they will focus on negative of the game. So more great item drops doesnt necessarily reduce $$ for Blizz, if anything it increases player satisfaction, and the monetary gains are basically the same.

        • who’s the idiot that shuffled my posts around? now it’s not even clear who I was responding to. give us back the EDIT button and leave our posts alone. blondes.

          • Probably nobody, once it happened to me as well. After posting, my comment appeared in the wrong place. This comment section is a barely usable mess right now.

    5. I sell my rares and dupe legs on the GH, but I’ve never — nor will ever – buy anything on either AH. So I guess I’m going Ironborn or whatever you want to call it.

      My main is a DH(P9) that I’ve got about 80 hours with and, to be honest, I’m really starting to wonder what the point is. Actually, I started wondering it months ago. Better equipment simply changes the stats. Nothing in the game changes at all. Sure, you can alter MP but you’re still fighting the same enemies with the same skills. The only thing different is your yellow crit numbers have more digits. Yippee.

      It’s like trading one spreadsheet for one with bigger numbers.

      Compare this to the uniques in a game like Borderlands 2. The uniques were actually unique, and not just visually. And certainly not numerically. You might get weapons that behave completely different. A shotgun that flies through the air and homes in on enemies for example. In DIII, it’s just a numbers game.

      I’ll never understand why someone would buy better equipment, effectively eliminating the only reason to play the game — the excitement of the drop. But I don’t even see what the point in playing anymore once you beat it. It’s just the same thing over and over and over and over.

      • “I’ll never understand why someone would buy better equipment, effectively eliminating the only reason to play the game — the excitement of the drop”

        because drops are 99% crap as it is, combine that with the terrible drop rates = it’s just no fun always dieing and not beating anything because you can never find an upgrade that would make a difference.

        don’t even get me started on the drop rates and item quality of Normal. I remember my first ever playthrough, how many times I died because I couldn’t kill anything fast enough (thanks to the crappy weapon damage affecting spell damage). then I remember heading over to the GAH and even with a few 1000s of gold I got a weapon that multiplied my DPS at least by 5.

        so, grinding for hours and finding absolutely nothing “to excite” me and making hardly any progress VS buying a nice enough weapon that would’ve otherwise never dropped for me so I could actually kill something without spending hours in the same place.

        • It’s not the game’s fault you’re a bad player. Not only is it entirely possible to beat the game self-found, it’s fairly easy to do so, especially ever since MP0 was introduced.

          • They do it on purpose early on to make you rush for the GAH/RMAH from the get-go. I ain’t a crappy player at all, have played D2 for years and I was doing just fine. Normal was a bit of a challenge but a welcomed one nonetheless.

            but combine the uber-shitty Normal items with the terrible slow movement of your char no matter what you do, and let’s see you get surrounded by, say, 5 monsters while having 3.1 DPS yourself. you probably stuck it out once or twice, then you got sick of dying and if you say you didn’t rush for the GAH or RMAH straight afterwards, I don’t believe you.

    6. I only use the AH to sell items at this point, and only because I pretty much have to due to the high cost of crafting. I won’t spend another minute of my time searching for gear upgrades on the AH.

    7. Why do they sound all-of-a-sudden underwhelmed at their AH? Well it’s simple, if they make the AH out as bad, people won’t feel bad when they buy the console version. Rather then see it as a version with less features, it’s a version with no AH, a version improved!(TM)


      • I thought this was obvious, especially with Jay Wilson “stepping down” (he hasn’t left the company at all; I imagine them laughing about it all at board meetings, and Jay is likely some sort of hero in the upper Blizzard circle).

        Their PR is so well orchestrated. I mean, we knew about the potential console release BEFORE D3 was released for PC. In fact, nearly every interview leading up to the release they mentioned a potential console release and that they were hiring to “bring the most epic Diablo experience to console”. That was no accident.

        Anyway, my point is if the community can guesstimate their PR, surely someone on Blizzard payroll can do it better. They’re one step ahead of us with their smooth tricks, and the entirety of the Diablo 3 PR has really soured the hardcore fans and tarnished Blizzard’s image.

        Somehow they always manage to swoop back in to try to fix it all, and for the majority of folks, they’re doing a damn good job!

    8. Occasionally use the gAH but only when i think my gear is getting behind, my luck with drops and so on. The RMAH I will never use.

    9. They’re parroting fan opinion, truth is they don’t even realize how much they’ve fucked the game up by leaving out runes, destroying class customization, casualizing gameplay and limiting players to a console-friendly four.

    10. I have never used the AH (Gold or Money, buying or selling) and those who played pre-1.0.3 still know how the drop rates were calculated (Act1 – rubbish(50-60 ilvl), Act2 – rubbish (50-61 ilvl), Act3 – mostly rubbish (50-62) ilvl and Act4 – mostly rubbish (50-63 ilvl)). So if you wanted to beat Act2 (incl. the famous gear check wall) you needed Act3-4 gear. How amazing is that? When I first beat Act2,3 with my pre-1.0.2 geared Monk (all of my gear was from v1.0) I was really excited. Then I looked on the dropped loot (Belial or Azmodan) and was really sad (3-4 blues, few gold). Then I beat Diablo (dropped 7 BLUES!!!! ~1500 Gold). I was not even using OWE passive, because I find it not that great (5% DMG reduction was nothing).
      Many players were saying that Inferno was hard or impossible and that was not true. The only problem were the drop rates (which were designed around the AH in the most retarded way by super awesome boys in Bli$$ard) and when I am playing D3 now (just sometimes and only with my brother), the buffed drop rates and ilvl calculations are a million times better that were last year.

    11. I think it’s more of the d3 dev team and blizzard not having a clue why d3 had/has so much bad reception. It seems like their excuse for the game not being a great successor to d3 is to now blame the AH. The AH, in reality, is only a problem because of the way d3 was designed. The real problems are bad itemization, no ladder, loot specifically designed around the near necessity of using the AH, bad crafting, and no way to get rid of already existing items ( a ladder solves this, but other ways can also be implemented)… so I see it simply as another copout by Blizzard.

    12. My main beef is that a lot of these were problems in Diablo 2, as well, and they didn’t seem to learn any lessons at all. They had a lot of these FIXED in WoW. If this Nefarious and Shadowy WoW Strike Team screwed up the game, it wasn’t the same WoW team that has had a very stable trading economy and item system for almost ten years. So why are they so hell-bent on regressing? “The AH” is a bull crap boogey man that fails to address the real issues; incredibly poor/non-existent item sinks, unbelievably awful crafting, and bad affix design. This game was at its best sometime in 2010, when they showed off the PvP arena, runestone items, focused crafting, and the other stats system. Jay Wilson’s little talk erased all doubt that he was the main problem w/ D3’s design. Yeah, it’s a team effort, but he’s the leader, and he STILL has no idea what’s wrong w/ D3.

    13. An auction house doesn’t work in a game like Diablo 3 because it’s comparable to having every single player in the game accessible for trading at any given moment. Compare this to how few people you actually interact with when you trade in Diablo 2 or Path of Exile. The game becomes saturated with items in no time at all even with the reduced drop rates in game.

      And the reduced drop rates hurt the fun of actually playing the game way too much.

      I played Diablo 3 at launch and I played a bit last week trying the new monster power stuff and to play a class I hadn’t tried before. It was fun playing a character from 1-60 on monster power 10 , but I still saw no uniques and very few rares except from the guaranteed boss drops. A single playthrough of Path of Exile or Diablo 2 gives you a couple of uniques and a ton of rares.

      Also it was hard to ignore the fact that you could go on the AH and buy absolutely insane items for the cost of a health potion. Items that didnt’ even exist or were almost unobtainable at launch. I know good items become cheaper as time passes in games where trading is difficult as well, but nowhere near to the extent seen here. The only way to keep subsequent playthroughs fun is to avoid the AH.

      I still think the core skill/stat system is Diablo 3’s biggest problem, but the Auction House was a bad addition to the game as well. People complain about the trading in Path of Exile being a pain in the ass, but honestly I think that’s the only way to keep item saturation in check in games like these without resorting to binding items to players which is a much worse solution to the problem.

    14. “Pre-game they repeatedly said financial issues wouldn’t allow them to run D3 free servers for a decade, as they did with D2.”

      Can you back that up with a source? I don’t ever remember reading that pre-launch; instead I remember multiple quotes about how the expected income from the RMAH was little more than the anticipated expense of keeping it going. Considering that D3 was in the works for a long time before the RMAH became a reality, I sincerely doubt Blizzard was/is concerned about the profitability of keeping the servers running for many years. If they were, they never would have designed this as a free-to-play game in the first place.

    15. 1. We wont see RMAH on console Because the console players are not “competitive enough”
      2. We wont see AH on console because the profit to blizzard for such a feature is 0 and because AH needs mentenance.

    16. Blizz hates AH because it needs frikin maintenance all the time.

      Fix their product < primary business area "selling something" to consumers

    17. I don’t know, Flux, but you make it sound like the AH was dead already. In fact however, Blizzard has actually done very little to counter its (massive and negative, as even they admit) influence on the game so far.

      Right now, there are only words, words of future plans, words that they may or may not hold on to, just like during the years of pre-release developement. I’m afraid that Blizzard’s official statements have kind of lost too much in weight to draw these kinds of hasty conclusions. The times when they took an eternity to decide on something, then announced it and it was set in stone are long over (though things seem to take them longer than ever to decide in the first place).

      We’ll see what actions will follow their promises. But skepticism didn’t prove to be wrong tenor in regards to their recent course. In this spirit: The reasons for no console AH are probably quite trivial – missing infrastructure and imminent platform licensing fees on their gainings. =)

    18. I made about £300 on the RMAH in the first few months (from dropped items, not flipping). I know of no other game that has enabled me to do this legitimately. And the fact is, for me, the RMAH is the only reason I play D3. Perhaps this is a good example of the glass being half full/half empty. The RMAH was actually a huge success. Hyper item inflation is my guess as to the reason it seems no longer to serve a purpose. Maybe Blizz miscalculated the ratio of item farming to the introduction of new items. So, end-game item saturation is actually what the problem is, rather than the RMAH feature per se.

    19. It is ridiculous to say that financial situation wouldnt allow them to run servers for 10 years like they have done with d2. Running servers dont cost a shit! Small gaming companies dont seem to have any issues with servers at all, eventhou some of them are running huge playercounts for free games etc…
      think about PoE for example, they didnt sell 6 million copies and STILL, they arent complaining “running servers” etc. bullshit

      blizzard was just too creedy this time and d3 was a horrible farce.

      • It would be great if anything you said was accurate, but I’d suggest that you talk to anyone who has ever run a server, run a website, or done anything else requiring 24/7 online time for thousands, much less millions of people. Data transfer costs have become much cheaper over time, but everything else is quite expensive.

        Besides, hosting costs are just a tiny part of it. We’re all hoping that D3 won’t be released and then updated just once or twice more in 8 years, the way D2X was. We want ongoing support and updates and new features, and that’s the real cost. Developers aren’t cheap.

        As for PoE, it’s like every other F2P game; item shops, pay for early/beta access, pay for special perks, etc. They’re trying to do it more ethically than say, Zenga, and PoE is a very small team, but don’t get some communist fantasy going in your head; they’re a business and they want to make money providing a useful service.

    20. I want to play any Diablo game from the start through to the end, and have many awesome items, maybe some rolling close to the best, without ever replaying the game (except for maybe restarting a checkpoint owing to accidentally exiting before the next checkpoint). This is what is called a good item game(in my opinion).

      Each single/straight playthrough of Diablo I and II resulted in many awesome gear, and a fraction of the best items in the game (not nearly perfectly rolled though). Diablo III does not do this; and is thus a bad item game (in my opinion).

      The auction house is clearly the result of this, or at least the most contributing factor.

      Possible solutions:

      An Ironborn mode will fix this, but will cause a huge split between players, and screw RMAH investors.

      Removing the AH will screw anyone who heavily invested in the RMAH, but will also fix the item game.

      Soulbound items will fix this to a certain(poor) degree, but screw trading and RMAH investors aswell.

      Each solution screws RMAH investors, but only one of them has no gameplay drawbacks. And this, my friends…. is the removal of the AH.

      Remove the AH. Finish. Crappy (actually still cool, but I like go overboard) game to awesome game. Why argue? (please do)

    21. Has anyone ever seen the real numers of both gold and real money auction house? Because I keep reading that the use of it dwindles, but all I see in public games are people that certainly used the AH sometime (it´s not possible with the current drop rates to have a vile ward, tal rasha´s orb, unity ring, helm of command, blackthorne´s pants, tyrael´s armor set and chantodo´s wand with no AH use, all in one).
      I´d like to see if what people keep saying of the use of the AH is real or just saying “people are not using it anymore”.

      • I would like to see real numbers, too, but I doubt Blizzard will ever release those. I think also that the main problem is that the userbase for D3 in general is going down, so of course use of the AHs is going down as well since there are simply less people available to use them and some people are switching over to self-found to keep the game interesting.

        I do want to take a moment to refute your point though and say that if you farm dedicatedly over a significant period of time with a high paragon level character, you can actually find quite a bit of gear. I’ve complete the Tal’s set almost twice now and also have almost the entirety of the Blackthorne’s set. Are those items perfect? Far from it, but I’m trying to illustrate that it is indeed very possible to find all of those Legendaries without necessarily going to the AH for them. It’s just that my Wizard wouldn’t have been able to be fully dressed in all of that gear for weeks whereas someone who went to the AH could accomplish the task in less than an hour.

        So, my point there being that you can’t assume that just because you see someone FULLY decked out that they HAVE TO have used the AH. It’s highly possible and most likely the case, but it’s not a foregone conclusion.

    22. The reason there’s no AH for the console version probably more closely related to the game not being on BNet, so because it’s a console game. Of course the general consensus is that AH use diminishes fun of the game by directly making items too accessible and indirectly making good drops super rare; however, the truth is that unless trading is completely disabled, the AH is merely a convenience that reduces the need to sit in trade chat spamming your WTB and WTS advertisements.

      The AH isn’t a problem, it’s the items themselves. The way stats scale up to high makes anything without a high value of a primary stat generally low value, and low rate at which rares get all the right affixes is quite rate. In Diablo 2, you usually only had to worry about the %enhanced damage value to determine the worth of an item, but in D3 there’s black damage vs elemental, how much damage (similar to %ED), attack speed, +% damage, and the primary stat. Blizzard created a game where rares were important because legendaries are so rare and the rares have the potential to be great, but the chance of them being great is so low that you rarely find a good one yourself. If the AH didn’t exist, we’d simply be stuck in the same echelon identifying hundreds of rares and not finding any upgrades, which is extremely frustrating.

    23. After remove the Ah&Rmah devs should take notes from what makes the best gameplay in D2LOD: skill tree and pvp.and they need to wake up their lazy brains and make a game for fun & fans & items.
      They need Now to listen the comunity.its very important for the game and for them,as devs and company.without listen the comunity this game will be another bite in the dust,as another mmorpg who will be forgotten.And D3 dont deserve this.
      Good luck devs! 🙂

    24. Something else: I used a lot on my “NA account”, but never used on my “EU account” (but in future, maybe I’ll try to sell stuff on RMAH).

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