Vote: When Will Diablo 3 Be Released?

With a new hot issue to strike while the iron remains despairingly warm, we’re hopping on a new poll after just a few days. As Blizzard announced a couple of days ago, Diablo 3 is not going to be released in 2011, and is now being targeted for “early 2012.”

So… how “early” is early? Or do you think they’ll miss early entirely? Pick your poison, and if you have somehow not yet registered your selection on the unofficial prediction thread, go for it.

Not to influence your vote, but IMO January is highly unlikely. The devs were crunching trying to make this year. Now that they’ve ruled that out, they’re not going to keep rushing to release it on like… January 9th. They’ll take time for evaluation and analysis, plan some Xmas holidays, etc, before returning in the new year to get back into gear as they push towards release. Or so I suspect.

When will Diablo 3 be released?

  • February 2012 (29%, 3,082 Votes)
  • March 2012 (25%, 2,666 Votes)
  • January 2012 (13%, 1,344 Votes)
  • Canceled. Vapor ware. (9%, 911 Votes)
  • April 2012 (8%, 855 Votes)
  • Second half of 2012 (5%, 513 Votes)
  • 2013 or later. (4%, 452 Votes)
  • June 2012 (4%, 392 Votes)
  • May 2012 (3%, 298 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,512

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Last Vote Results

The last vote asked what you guys thought of Diablo III’s highly flamboyant armor looks. Given how much complaining we saw about those Transformer-looking Inferno sets, I was surprised by the highly-approving results. As often happens, a vocal minority skewed public perception in a way that an actual community consensus measurement debunked.

What do you think of Diablo III’s Armor looks?

  • 1) They are awesome. Very creative. (35%, 2,070 Votes)
  • 2) I like, but would make some changes. (30%, 1,750 Votes)
  • 4) I don’t like them. They’re over the top. (17%, 1,007 Votes)
  • 5) Hate. Stupid robots. Utterly impractical and non-functional. (12%, 691 Votes)
  • 3) Don’t know. Don’t care. (6%, 322 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,840

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79 thoughts on “Vote: When Will Diablo 3 Be Released?

  1. Or it was like:
    “So… or we deal with idiots / whiners / technical problems during xmas, or we move release next year and have nice, peacefull xmas and new year holidays”.

  2. Any given release date is subject to (at least) these two questions:
    Will the game be finished on Date X?
    Will Date X satisfy our business plans for the current year?
    You can imagine that WoW, D3 and SC2 have potential releases in 2012, so that means they might need to push some projects in order to ship them all the farthest from each other as possible.

  3. lol, a good thing you said that January is highly unlikely, otherwise everyone would have picked that, now they chose the next month 🙂
    Personally I picked May, because it’s a new fiscal year and it would look better in their financial reports of 2012. Also I heard the new gold toilets models will be out in May, and Bobby really wants to replace his old one.

    • I was going to include that as an option, just for contrarians, but that would have made 9 options with 4 or 5 getting like <4% of the vote. Seemed spammy.

  4. I want march since that is when I will be full swing into spring semester and have the best idea of what to expect from my students and how much time I will have to play.

    • LOL.  I put a “Diablo Clause” in my fall semester syllabus, indicating that if D3 was released on a day in which the class was held, every student would get five bonus points.
      Needless to say, they’re all quite bummed now, and especially so after we watched a few minutes of one of the Yogscast videos during a break.

  5. @Flux

    What were you thinking? This is a D3 fan site and I don’t think the site followers are here because they hate D3. They’re here because they love D3. People who don’t like D3’s direction generally don’t care about D3 fan sites or D3 news except release date mentions. I’m one of those a few unique men in this regard.

    @The current poll

    April 2012 (there’s a very small chance it can be the end of June 2012)

    • so site followers can’t have negative opinions on proposed game features? i’d hate to think we are all mindless robots eating up everything put in front of us without question.

      • People can be fans w/o liking every aspect of the game. You see proof of that in virtually every poll we run. I didn’t expect hate and dislike to be 1 and 2 in the armor looks poll, but i certainly didn’t expect love and like to be so far out in front either.

    • That’s the way I see it too.
      35% in favor of current armor, 59% want them changed and 6% could care less.

      • I was wondering why “vocal minority” was being used for what was arguably a majority opinion.
        Even dropping the people who would like change but can roll with what was presented, a third of the people voting seems like a large enough minority to not dismiss so readily.

    • No, they didn’t. Blizzard no longer has that amount of control over their portfolio. When they sold themselves to Vivendi, and later to Activision, they lost the ability to cancel multimillion dollar investments without board approval – in this case, two corporate boards. I seriously doubt that a person like Bobby Kotick would allow one of his two cash cows (see COD) to vaporize just because it might not be as not as good of a game as it should be.

      • The didn’t sell themselves to Activision… Vivendi merged it’s Vivendi Games unit (which included Blizzard and other studios) with Activision and named the resulting company Activision Blizzard which is an umbrella organization for the two production studios… They also never sold themselves to Vivendi… they sold themselves to Davidson & Associates back when they were still Silicon & Synapse who was acquired by CUC International along with Sierra On-Line which merged with HFS Corporation to form Cendant which later had to sell off all it’s consumer software operations which included Blizzard and Sierra to a French publisher named Havas which was purchased later that year by Vivendi… and I already told you the rest…

      • They never sold themselves to Activision. The owner of ActivisionBlizzard is still Vivendi. While the CEO is from Activsion, the chairman (high than CEO in term of power) is from Viviendi. What happen was Vivendi bought activision (sort of) and merge it with their whole game disivion which includes Vivendi games and Blizzard. The reason you might read that Activision have to pay Vivendi is because Blizzard is a much larger company than Activision, if you just merge than Activsion side might only own 20% share for example, therefore Activsion decide to buy some share from Vivendi, that said the Vivendi still own the majority share, therefore they are the one in power.
        By the way, while Blizzard is owned by Vivendi they cancel several important games. Such as SC: Ghost, WC A: Lord of the clan, Nomad ( Sqaud base Sci-fi MMORPG, the game WoW team was working on before WoW, canceled before it was annouced.).. Also they restart Starcraft and Diablo 3 completely, too. That total up to a hefty sum to say the least. Not to mention that all of their best games are released after 1994, the year that Vivendi bought Blizzard.
        I Know people might be interested in nomad so here a the link: @1:28 and 2;42
        You also google: nomad Blizzard.
        Disclaimer; I know they cancel way more game than I listed but these are the big ones.

  6. Jay Wilson himself said that the game will be released six months after the start of the beta. Hence I voted March 2012.

  7. Looking at the release calendar for next year there is really nothing in Jan and Feb. There are only 2 games of note in Feb “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” and “The Darkness II” both come out on Feb 7. We are fairly sure D3 will not be out in Jan so I will go with what I said last year and say Feb 14th.

    I can hear the commercials now “Love is in the air, and so is Terror…”  Maybe they can do something like the old D2 commercial.

  8. LOL @ the “Cancelled.  Vapor Ware.” option, not to mention some people actually voted for this option.

  9. Looks like some people think d3 will go the way of Starcraft Ghost.   I really wish they would bring back that game.

    • They always said it is postpone not cancel, and in DICE they list out all of their cancelled games and Starcraft: Ghost was not one of them. Hint. hint?
      In interview they always said that they would love to go back and work onghost if there is time.

  10. Don’t confuse “When Will Diablo 3 Be Released?” with “When Will Diablo 3 Be Complete?”
    A further 2-4 weeks need to be accommodated into the equation for manufacturing etc. I still strongly feel that we’re looking at a June 2012 shelf-date. 😉

    • What? No. It’s an online-only game; the only thing they need on discs are the large assets like sound, art, and cinematics. So long as those were done, they could have shelf-ready boxes sitting in warehouses months in advance of the release date.

      • Actually they only need the art graphics and basic game code on the disc that will likely be 90% of the game files.

  11. 2nd half of 2012 so I don’t get my hopes up again =\…
    Also, didn’t they say something like “end of q1 2012 at EARLIEST”?

    You guys forget that now that they won’t be realising it in time for Christmas they’ll most likely shoot for another sales friendly time frame… and January-February aren’t one…

    • They never care about release friendly time frame? July was the worst month in term of game sales, yet Starcraft 2 was released in July. Like the guy above me WoW: cata was release in Jan. If the game is a classic it doesn’t matter when it is released, Diablo, starcraft, Warcraft battle chest still sales this very day, as many places still stock them. Only hype base game need sale friendly window.

      • “Like the guy above me WoW: cata was release in Jan.”
        Um, no. Cataclysm was released in December. The Burning Crusade was released in January, and Europe relase of classic WoW was in February.

        Which obviously proves that January – February is possible for D3 (not including technical delays), just wanted to correct thing in quoute.

  13. i voted for vaporware. because diablo 3 will never be released, what they are releasing is another game, not diablo
    call it world of diablocraft, if you so wish

    • QQ because you didn’t diablo 2 with 3d graphics… oh wait… Blizzard North was making world of diablocraft so I guess you should be thankful that that didn’t happen and a newer form came about that’s still in the arpg genre…

  14. I voted for march, but i think it will be sooner, so blizz can say: “Because we love you guys and because we’re the best there is, the best there was and the best there will ever be, we worked realy hard and so the game is ready in January!”

  15. There’s a lot of wishful thinking in these votes.  If January was even possible they would have never announced a push back of any kind, Flux is right on that.  February is also highly unlikely and I fear to many of the votes for Feb. have to do with anxious fans.  March is realistic, but again if it was going to be Q1 of 2011, then I think they would have said Q1 and not “early” 2012.  My vote is on April, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was May or June either.  An honest assessment with no emotions, puts the best chance for release in Q2.  

    As a side note, I think they may actually release SC2:HotS during Q1 (we’ll know for sure at Blizzcon).  This may be the reason they decided to push D3 release back, as it was encroaching on the SC2 release.

    • if they are pushing el diablo 3 back for another games expansion, what, a year after the og game came out then i will shoot myself in the balls. and never play a game again. not even tic tac toe.

    • I seriously doubt HotS will come out that soon… in fact it may be the last game released in 2012 for Blizzard with the next wow expansion in the middle of the year (and even that is pushing it since the last major content patch of the current expansion is about to be on the ptr)… Why would they not announced a push back for January? Is that not early 2012? They knew they couldn’t hit December after saying they were shooting for late 2011 several times so they had to push it back a few weeks… that could still be in late January… although personally, I’m thinking it will be more like early to mid Febuary…

  16. They said ‘early 2012’ – so the best guess is

    “What is the latest possible date that could be considered even remotely early 2012?”
    June seems out – since that is clearly mid-year.  So I’m guessing May 31.

  17. I really wanted to say January, but that’s far too optimistic, so I went with February, but that’s only because I can’t wait any longer than that. I also really wanted to choose Vaporware just to be a troll. haha

  18. Think there’s too much over thinking (& panic!) going on here. March is a very good bet (if you’re the betting type!) Matches with the whole idea of releasing about 6 months after the beta theory, plus if you look at that leaked release schedule from a year or so ago, HOTS & Diablo3 were put together in the same quarter which suggests Blizzard aren’t opposed to releasing the 2 near to each other. But given what I’ve read elsewhere about HOTS, I’d say Diablo3 will come out 1st. HOTS the quarter after then a new WOW expansion.

    On a side note, as disappointing as it is to hear Blizzard have pushed back the game’s release, I’m kinda relieved if it allows them more time to make important tweeks based on external feedback, rather than rushing to make the Christmas market. We’ll be playing this game for years to come & I for one cannot wait!  🙂

  19. i really cant wait to play this awesome game =)
    but hey its blizz we are talking about 😉
    “early” 2012 leads into 1st Q 2012…wich means may / june 2012 😉

    i dont expect D3 earlier ..but jan / feb would be totally awesome

  20. I’m wondering if the sceptics who say june or later would actually be positively surprised by a february release or if they are so jaded that it wouldn’t make a difference?

  21. Everyone who voted past June 2012 are either severely jaded or attempting to be funny, the latter of which does nothing but skew poll results.

  22. Vaporware – it’s all about creating as much hype as possible and see the frothing masses drool themeselves into utter despair

  23. To put something a tad more serious: the debate on if anything was released in jan/feb the vanilla WoW was released February 11th here in Europe. I guess it sold alright

  24. I’m pretty sure, that implementation of RMAH will give Blizzard a lot of trouble. Add here unsolved game content and issues. All of that will cost another half of a year of testing and tweaking. Likely, Diablo III will be released by next summer.

  25. I voted July or after. SC2 was delayed for a long time due to implementing 2.0, and it wouldn’t shock me to see a similar delay ironing all of the kinks out of the RMAH.
    I’d love to be proven wrong, of course.

  26. I chose June, and I have a really intelligent and well-researched reason.
    Just kidding, who the heck knows when it’ll be out. June is my birthday and I’m also a cynic so I’m shooting for halfway thru 2012 x_x

  27. I knew that damn RMAH would be the death of D3……….

    I would like to assume that everyone expecting this game isnt expecting perfection upon release. I know i am not. If they just ramp up the beta as much as they can as a decent pace for the next few months getting this game done shouldnt be that hard of a problem……but thats just my opinion…….damn RMAH……

  28. It will be my most busy days during early 2012 then any time given in the past decade.
    Early 2012 is really the worst possible time it could release. What’s with the fast betas anyway? Fast betas always end up destroying games. Please, don’t release before May.

  29. It’s definitely going to be released in February, because that’s when my daughter (1st child 😀 ) is expected to be born, and thus when I will have the least time to play.

    Not upset about that though! Would rather have my daughter than D3 any day…but man D3 is a close 2nd (don’t tell the wife!). Ow! Ok maybe 3rd!

  30. I have to write my master thesis in january, so I hope Ill be done end of march. I hope DIII will be released 31/03/2012, so my master thesis is written and I have time to play.

  31. ALOT of the armor and names including weapon names and even some weapon images are COMPLETELY taken from wow. To me this just shows blizz being way to god damn lazy and i’m fed the fuck up with this. Diablo is NOT world of dickcraft learn to separate the 2 and bring back the dark gothic look and feel to diablo. The scenery is good but the weapons armor and characters almost all remind me of wow.

  32. I cant see it being released before april, they wouldnt delay it with just 2 months… its gonna be atleast 4 and knowing how fast blizzard work, it could very well be june. Everyone talking how they gonna have time to play BF3 and Skyrim now.. i dont really agree because i had planned to play BF3 and skyrim for the 1 month till the alleged mid december release of D3.. yeah thats how much time those games could be fun for.

  33. I hope they release diablo3 summer 2012 😀 😀  becase i studing schools, now, so i would have any spare time to play for like 8 month..

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