Vote: What to do about the Diablo 3 Auction House

The DiabloWikiAuction House has been a love it or hate it feature ever since it was announced, and that argument has only increased in the past weeks since the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Console was confirmed to have no Auction House at all, and since Jay Wilson admitted that the developers see a lot of problems with the current Diablo 3 Auction House system. (Not to mention all of the “I wish this was real!” comments on our April Fool’s post yesterday.)

Not everyone agrees that the GAH and/or RMAH need to be fixed, though. Almost everyone uses the Auction House and lots of players like it. Even most players say they don’t like it still use it since they feel that the AH is necessary given the current state of the game. (Quality items being much too hard to find on your own.)

Other suggestions for modifying or fixing the system include adding more DiabloWikiBoA and DiabloWikiBoE items in order to remove items from the trading economy (the HC economy works very well since there’s a constant outflow of gear as characters die). There’s also a (faint) possibility that the devs might implement an DiabloWikiIronborn character designation (set upon character creation and disables that character from using the Auction House and/or taking any items in trade).

There are other fixes and arguments as well, but that’s what the comments are for. Votes must discard much of the nuance and subtlety in order to fit discrete answers into the space allotted, so pick the option that best matches your dream fix to the AH, and we’ll measure some fan consensus on this controversial issue. Also, I said “Expansion” in the vote since that seems like the best time to start afresh on the AH — the devs aren’t going to make huge changes to the AH since those would completely disrupt the current economy. (Hence the console launching with different features, many of which could not be patched into D3 at this point, but could be implemented in a new/expansion product.

What should the Diablo 3 Expansion do with the Auction House?

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64 thoughts on “Vote: What to do about the Diablo 3 Auction House

  1. I don’t exactly pay the bills with my RMAH profits, but the possibility of tangible rewards are the intrinsic reward that pushes me over the line from being bored with the game, into “just enough reason to keep playing.” Cant’ lose the AH. In fact, I hope they expand and offer character selling, like they promised over a year ago. I like starting over. If I can make a couple hundred bucks in the process, even better.

    • In other words you want a job that pays you.
      I have never used it.I like to just find the good stuff no matter how hard that is.I can’t put in the time it takes to make the AH pay off.I want to just enjoy the game.

      • ever heard of supplemental income? most people i know that like to make money off the RMAH also work full time jobs, i know, its shocking right? that people actually have jobs, but want more money than their job pays them?

  2. Leave the AH the way it is and add a seperate ladder without AH. This’d be the best thing to do.

    • this
      just bring back ladders, everytime they reset merge characters, and keep a ladder auction house as well, because the point stands people are going to buy and sell items either way and ah is more secure than the alternatives,

    • Agreed.

      Seems like the Paragon Level was tailored designed for Ladder Games. First one to get 100 from scratch, without ever trading or buying gear via AH or any other players. Winner gets BoA item.

      AH right now IS the END GAME. That is the absolute fact. People grind to P100 in order to hunt more items to sell. Add more things to do and pretty soon our focus will shift from AH.

    • This. Just make a separate character type like how Hardcore and Softcore are separate, make one for players who don’t want the Auction House system. They’re obviously not going to completely remove it because there some casual whineys that like their little convenience.

  3. I used it a lot when I played until I got sick of the game. We used to joke on mumble about “playing the AH” and referring to the actual game as the side quest. I’d make more money flipping on the AH then I would playing the game. In the end I just got sick of it.

    As for what I would do, not really sure. Maybe a ladder mode / season were the economy periodically gets purged. If I was to do that I would only have a gold AH on the ladder or maybe no AH at all.

  4. I don’t see the harm in the GAH staying. an extra gold sink, if nothing else. the RMAH is what has caused the irrepairable damage, it’s what turned Diablo into nothing more than an online casino, getting people so addicted to it that they now refer to items’ worth in dollars instead of in-game value.

    It’s awfully tragic to hear people actually spend 100s of dollars on a single item, where they can buy like 2-3 weeks’ worth of groceries for 2 with that same amount. If that isn’t online gambling addiction, then I don’t know what is.

    • The Gold AH enables you to buy only slightly imperfect items at relatively low prices (beyond a certain threshold of course, prices skyrocket the closer these items get to perfection). Finding an item of similar quality often takes many, many hours longer than saving up gold and simply buying it. So to some degree, the Gold AH is just as much of a shortcut as the Real Money AH is.

      Deciding to take that shortcut, will create an array of problems for the player:

      a) Your first AH upgrade to self-found gear in a slot will probably be the cheapest and most efficient leap forward. Before you notice, even very small upgrades will come at crazy, possibly unattainable prices (while the need for these upgrades will come with definite certainty). Once on the hook, D3 becomes a rather stale gold farming game for you, in which collecting gear upgrades by yourself becomes more and more of a surreal idea.

      b) Once you’ve bought a few slightly imperfect pieces of gear for your character, the vast majority of item drops becomes irrelevant for you, thus separating you from large portions of the game’s core power mechanic and reward system. You’ve basically fast-forwarded the game to the point, where you are only left annoyed by either excessive AH item pricing or excessive loot randomization that keeps you from progressing any further.

      c) With the AH established in players’ minds as the easiest, fastest and most reliable source (THE source) for gearing up in Diablo III and Blizzard making money off exactly that system (every Gold AH item is potentially a Real Money AH item, gold can be bought through real money), its track record will likely be continued and expanded upon. Despite, or perhaps even especially due to the developers/their PR claiming the contrary, the AH system might become an even more integral part of the game, spiraling D3 even further down to ruin.

      To sum up, the currency isn’t the problem, the range of goods is. In my opinion, low-level gear (maybe up to ilvl 60?), dyes, potions, low-level gems and certain crafting materials (including low-level recipes) represent goods fit to be traded through the AH. High-end gear, gems and recipes should instead be Account-bound.

      • I agree. But I’m not convinced that making high level items BoA will solve any problems. The problem is that low level items isn’t selling because there is no demand since no items are hardly ever taken out of the game – the items are just accumulating. This is one reason why the AH in the Hardcore is still alive and working as intended – there is a constant feed of new characters that need low and mid level items. This feed doesn’t exists in Softcore. Once a character hits lvl60 – all items that isn’t iLvl62 or 63 are disregarded.

        My solution is to have the possibility of items to break and not have the blacksmith able to repair broken items. Broken items are not sellable on the AH and can only be salvaged or sold to ingame vendors.

        This could be another incentive to have people to learn to stay alive. If You die a lot – Your gear could break and become useless!

        Just my two cents….

        • We might be talking about different things here, Kenneth.
          My goal with Account-Binding wouldn’t be to re-invent and improve the AH item economy but to undo its’ high-end portion entirely. It would actually be fine with me to see bad luck with drops during the early levels countered by AH usage. But the really coveted items, like max-level Rare/Legendary/Set gear & gems have no place in a trading environment like the AH, lest ruinuous effects like the ones described in my original post occur.

          As always, I’d like to remark that items which cannot be traded and are therefore irrelevant to the AH economy, don’t require the excessive amount of artificial affix-quality randomness that plagues them in D3.

          Items breaking permanently even in softcore, seems like a rather harsh mechanic to me. It probably goes against Blizzard’s most basic concept for D3 as well, that none of your actions should ever matter enough to actually have permanent consequences (HC being the exception here that proves the rule).

  5. Get rid of the RMAH. It’s just BS. If people want to cheat and pay-to-win let them do it outside of the game. This mechanic has no business inside the game.

    As for the GAH, it should stay. However, anything purchased from the GAH should become account-bound on purchase. This will get rid of the item flippers and make people think twice before paying outrageous sums of gold for items. In addition, this will remove items from the economy, which is sorely needed.

    • you’re not forced to use it and aside from pvp (that doesn’t exist) it doesn’t affect you. besides just removing the feature ingame wont make people value the items less.

      • 1) I don’t use the RMAH
        2) If you can’t see how the RMAH affects legit players, nothing I say will enlighten you
        3) If you don’t believe the AH prices reflect everyone’s real world greed and/or desire to cash-in / not get screwed out $$$, again, there is nothing I can say to enlighten you

        • a simple search for “buy diablo 2 items” shows up what i mean, if you take the rmah those are all that’s left. for crappy stuff sure, but that jackpot that you find you wont place it on the ah unless you get what you think it’s worth (and others are willing to pay ofc)
          we can argue that botters are farming and inflating, and that’s true, but the fact is diablo is also a trading game and always was, a system that lets everyone join might annoy you but that market exists and if we take the ah that market will switch to those same botters or potential scammers like it is with tf2 or d2.
          again i cant understand how this affects you there are no rankings no ladders no pvp and even the gear requirements have been lowered with inferno nerfs, plus the new recipes..

    • Actually that’s the best idea I’ve heard about a solution to the AH. Account-bound after buyed. How could the economy become with that change? =/

      +1 – good idea

      But we would never see a removal of the RMAM, it’s Bli$$ard.


    • I voted for some form of item binding. I think binding everything is a bad move. I think the system needs to be more flexible than that.

      I am of course biased, but, I think the ah should favor the person who initally finds the gear most. Instead of items binding, I think the item should degrade every time it is posted on the ah (except the first time). The degradation will only occur after it is bought.

      For example, you find a 180 str/280 vit ik chest. You post and it sells. If the buyer posts it again, the stats to the next buyer would be 175 str, 272 vit. So every successful sale degrades the item. This includes rmah. The buyer only sees the degraded stats through the ah.

      So after being traded on the ah a certain number of times, the item becomes junk and leaves the economy. The ah convenience is still there. You can go outside the ah to try to get better items as well, since items are only perfect for the first sale on the ah (presumably by the guy who found it).

  6. Makes me sad the number of people who think removing the AH entirely will solve anything. You just exchange the problem we have now with the problem you forgot about from 10 years ago. The demand for a system / place for players to trade items will not disappear. A system like PoE’s will not work for D3 because D3 has a much larger active player base (sorting through trade channels would be a nightmare).

    A healthier way to stop the AH is to simply encourage more options for individuals to self-find gear, improve gear quality, introduce new item sinks (at least four or five that are very desirable to use), and start a new league/season to wipe the slate clean.

  7. i really don’t give a f….
    removing aint gonna solve anything

    i still love this game !

  8. Voted other: I think they should use item sinks, because I’ve seen them work and be effective.

    • > I think they should use item sinks . . .

      This. The problem with D3 isn’t the AH, it’s that player keep collecting loot from monsters, so the available selection of items just gets better and better, ** and nothing ever takes items out of circulation. ** Inevitably item prices spiral downward. Inevitably the best items can only be found on the AH.

      The hardcore economy works way better because death is an item sink. I vote the keep both AHs as is, and add a real item sink.

      One way to add a real item sink would be simply this: you lose an item when you die.

      Or here is a less painful way: Blizzard appoints an employee to monitor the GAH. Call him Fred. Fred is given a certain amount of gold per day. His job is to spend that gold buying items. He uses the same interface we do, so he never knows who he is buying from. He is judged by the total quality of all the items he buys, so he has an incentive to spend his gold as efficiently as possible. All items purchased by Fred simply disappear from the game.

      Of course Fred could be a girl. There could be multiple Freds. Fred could even be a computer. The point is, Fred is an item sink—items are removed from the game, completely painlessly.

      Fred would go a lot farther toward fixing D3 than simply getting rid of the AH.

  9. I think the Ironborn option is the best compromis to solve this issue. People who like the AH are not affected, they can keep playing like they do and the devs can give the ironborn people way higher drop rates of good items.

    Less then 10% of my items are self found, so even if ironbound drops 10x as much good loot as normal, shall you still have worse gear then AH people.

  10. Get rid of drops that your character can’t use, get rid of trading, boom, you’ve got a game where people have to play if they want the shiny things.

    Not that people want that, I expect.

  11. My vote was to remove the AH entirely assuming that in doing that drop rates would return to something respectable. I want it to rain Legendaries on a good day when the RNG gods smile upon your efforts. That just won’t be possible with drop rates that are cognizant of the AH system. Even if the quality stayed the same, I just want more opportunities to roll better items then so that means more drops of the potentially good stuff, which in turn means cranking up the drop rate of Legendaries/Sets.

    I think people will find another efficient way to trade or instead of the AH, allow people to set up little shops thought a feature in-game. I dunno if that’s the same problem by a different name, but someone will have an elegant fix to the problem.

  12. I’m still not seeing why removing the auction house would be a good idea. All it would do is move the trading to third party sites and trade channels. Trading would take much longer, and would be more susceptible to scams. Since it would be so much more effort to sell off items, every problem people have with the trading today (only really good items selling, low and mid quality items selling for cheap) would get much worse. Item flipping would also probably get worse because it’s much harder to price items properly. Since there’s no 15% gold tax, you would probably see more inflation too.

    A full removal of the auction house would really need to have all trading removed as well (essentially making everything account bound) with only commodities like crafting supplies, gold and gems tradeable. Then, the game would need to rebalanced to be able to find and make the best items on your own. I can see this working, but it’s so much of a change, it would really need to be a separate game.

  13. Neither AH nor the RMAH is the problem.

    Paying real money for the items was also there in D2 and D2LOD. And I still remember crazy e-bay auctions for the best items.

    However D2 and LOD was perfectly playable and fun without spending a single dime, so “regular” players (eg. me) were never affected from it.

    The problem is itemization of D3. It could only be because of poor design when a weapon without socket is worthless.

  14. The problem is that supply of really good stuff is so low. Make the best stuff drop more often so you don’t HAVE to go to the AH to gear up, and people wouldn’t use the AH as much.

    I’ve been annoyed with the RMAH ever since I tried to sign up for it and it won’t accept my prepaid phone. So I can’t make profits on it. If I could, I’d be playing Diablo 3 a lot more than I currently do, which is pretty much not at all. Sigh.

  15. over a third of people want to remove the ah entirely…. that seems silly. cause most people would end up just using something akin to d2jsp again, which was an auction house basically, with its own form of currency, but much less secure.

    or if you didnt d2jsp, you spent like an hour actually playing, then 6 hours in trade chat, just hoping/praying you’d find someone that would want to trade specifically your item for theirs… that or the created economy that was HRs…

    is the auction house perfect? no. did blizzard fuxor drop rates because of it? probably. but that still doesnt mean its all the problems of the AH existing, and frankly, i do NOT want to go back to spending 4x as long trading as i did playing.

    • This comment needs to be somewhere everyone will read it, because it’s true. No AH = back to FG (or possibly just IGG on that site), which isn’t really an improvement on anything.

  16. A lot could be done to improve the auction house without removing it.
    How about a simple listing fee that has to be paid upfront. Make it 10% of the initial bid price and it would help eliminate unsellable crap, weaken resales (since some value is lost in each transaction,) etc.

  17. Ironborn characters for those who dont like the AH. Simple and elegent solution.

    Regarding BoA, I wish there was a way to have a friends list or a guild so that you could share BoA with actual friends. It would be more fun to craft and be able to share with your friends. It could be limited to avoid abuse, perhaps everyone is limited to joining or forming a guild 3 times per account and Guilds are limited to something like 25 people.

    • I think one way to make account-bound items work, would be to have items drop unbound as they do now, but allow for them to become bound, through “crafting” alternatives.
      Such adding extra stats, sockets, rerolling current stats etc to your items in exchange for making them account-bound.
      Then, you could further have the option of making the item non-bound again, by turning it back to its original state.

      This way, you could trade your great “standard” (pre-enchanted) items or give them to your friends as much as you like, but a large part of gearing up would be account-bound, by trying to make your great non-bound items, even better through various crafting options.

  18. I voted “remove AH”, but I’m not sure it would solve much at this point.
    Third parties would be ready to take over from day 1.
    Now someone might say that third parties existed for D2 as well, but it is simply NOT the same. The potential customer base for an AH was much lower, simply because you had to start at a third party site to get into it. Now Blizzard (and other developers too) has trained people for trading and they would be much more willing to use other alternatives if official AHs were closed down.

    So while I would be just fine with AHs being removed, the larger goal has to be to make AH unimportant.
    With better droprates, “ironborn option”, increased use of account-bound, or whatever else might help.

    At the same time, it has to be said repeatedly, that increasing droprates as the only change, would make no difference at all. It would just lower Ah prices further, keeping AH as the best option for getting gear.

    • > increasing droprates . . . would just lower Ah prices further.

      Only if increasing drop rates increases the overall supply of items. If there is an item sink, the increase in item drops will be balanced by the items falling into the sink, and prices should remain the same—or ideally, even go up.

      • Hence the “as the only change”.
        Also, an item sink would only have an effect on AH, if the item sink works for the high quality items – which they rarely do.
        Item sinks that only remove bad items from the economy (such as dismantling for crafting mats) have no effect. A

  19. Removing the AH is a bad idea, because people still want to trade and would instead have to resort to trade-chat spam, which is a pain in the ass and takes too much time. It’s not fun sitting there for hours spamming your copy-pasta advertisement until you finally get a whisper. The problem with the AH is it makes every item that drops accessible. They could raise the gold tax on item sales, but that would simply be a smaller push to people using trade chat than removing the AH would be.

    Once items drop less often and have higher quality, as well as with the item pool being expanded by including all legendaries under 62 that are scaled up to 63, I think the AH will improve itself. Adding more BOA items is nice, and adding more useful crafting recipes would help too, but overall the AH should stay. The RMAH, however, just rewards people for taking shortcuts and is not needed at all other than to potentially make Blizard some money.

  20. I’ve been an advocate that there are only one real problem with the AH, and that is that the choice of currency is the wrong one. In D2, the currency was SoJs in classic, then runes and gems in LoD. In both cases, these were player-approved currencies for many reasons. Gold did not fulfil the criteria of a valid currency and was deemed worthless.

    The value of D3’s currency – gold – would be worthless if Blizzard had not purposely tied it to so many things. That it should be tied to in-game mechanics like repairs and purchasing potions or whatever is fine. It works less as a medium of exchange for items because players don’t entirely agree on its worth and it’s not as convenient. It’s also massively inflated by being in endless supply through gold drops. I would strongly advocate a system letting players decide the type of currency they would like to use. The D3 economy would be much better off that way.

  21. I still don’t think there’s anything wrong with the AH persay, they just need to balance the drops better so that it doesn’t feel mandatory for progression. It may not even require a balance of drops, it may just require a balance of crafting. For the most part, other than account bound gear, you will always get a better deal going to the AH than you will throwing away countless materials to try and craft something better than you can buy for cheaper than you could have purchased it from the AH.

    Sitting in a trade chat for hours spamming the same WTS message was not fun, the AH is fine, the game just needs to be balanced better.

  22. Imo, they should remove it now. The only thing blizzard could do that would make people more disapointed would be… War Z? I know a lot of people would like a lot of things, but if even blizzard says it doesn’t work, remove it. The don’t really seem to care about what the d2 fans “would like”.

    I mean, they removed skill tree and stat allocation. Removing AH would be nothing compared to that. And people will always have Ebay, where gold can be bought for less than .25 and items can be sold for more than 2bi gold.

    • yea… cause i’m sure everyone would rather buy their items on ebay, than with an in-game found currency and without an insecure middle man…

  23. There is a solid option for people that don’t like the AH. DON’T USE IT. My using the Auction House doesn’t ruin the game for you.

    • I kill a kitten every time you use the AH. My life is actually ruined because of you. As well as the lives of a thousand kittens.

      Anyway, you as an individual using AH doesn’t affect others much, but the existence of the AH affects everyone.

  24. It’s true what they say; too much of a good thing is always bad. In this case, the auction house made trading the easiest thing I the world. So much so that it breaks the game.

    Imagine if in other games a feature was designed so well that it actually broke things. What if shooting in the original dues ex was amazing and the best way to play? All the hacking and non-shooting aspects of the game would be lackluster and pointless. This is where we stand today: d3 would be a better game if the auction house (and thus trading between players) was a bit broken or suckyer. How odd.

  25. It’s cool to see the community vote against the AH in such numbers. I think this echos the general sentiment people had before the game was released in that (generally speaking) people thought that the AH would negatively affect gameplay as we now know that it did. Obviously it wasn’t the only nail in the coffin… I think it was more of a continuous earthquake slowly crumbling Jay Wilson’s pillars of good gameplay. All that being said they will NEVER remove this money making feature from the game or the expansion pack. No way no how… not ever.

  26. People seem to be under the belief that we “need” an Auction House. Have any of you not realized that the Auction House IS the “item hunt” now for end game because nobody wants to spend 8 hours a day finding trash drops because the Auction House has screwed with drop rates – Ohh but you guys with your broad sense of rationale don’t understand how it all ties together, you’re so narrow minded you think the auction house “just makes it so we don’t have to use those stinkin’ trade channels anymore because they hurt your poor eyes”, you only see the Auction House as a convenient system that makes trading easier. We can’t play a Diablo game with an Auction House they’re two competing systems for finding items.

  27. The people that like the Auction House are most likely people that play for about an hour, get frustrated they can’t find any good items, and then say “Omg, no big deal if I didn’t find any good items, I can use the Auction House to find items I couldn’t find in the actual game(because the AH has screwed with the drop rates), its so convenient I couldn’t possibly understand why anyone would be against the AH, it makes playing Diablo3 so much better”

  28. And then they’ll pull that great line of logic “Just don’t use the Auction House if you don’t like it” Excuse me but we are trying not to use the Auction house, the Auction House has created a game where we have to use it because drops are so shit nobody wants to spend 8 hours a day finding nothing good but were not stupid enough to think the Auction House is a good solution like you. This one cracks me up because ofcourse any idiot that clings to the Auction House system obviously loves using the Auction House.

  29. Both AH’s just ruined the integrity of the game. Don’t see why you would keep it for this game. I do like the idea of a RMAH but I’m not sure Diablo fits the mold for this game.

  30. I voted don’t care because I don’t use the AH at all so I don’t care in the slightest what happens to it. Keep it for the people that do use it seems to make sense, but since I’m not one of those people I really don’t care since it doesn’t affect me.

    The only thing that might have made me use the AH was finding a really good weapon and selling it for real money. However since I only play hardcore that’s not possible and it doesn’t bother me that it isn’t.

  31. So much ignorance. The auction house has nothing to do with any of the true problems of this game. You guys should know this.

    • The auction house is the root of most issues like very bad itemization remove the auction house and they can rebalance drop rates and items completely cant really do that witht he AH in place like it currently is you know.

  32. The auction house should go. Blizzard already acknowledged it is bad for the game. An “Ironborn” option would have to give a rather significant drop rate boost. Additionally, such a system would force everyone to start completely over who wanted to play auction house free. Tons of hours down the tube.

  33. As long as we can still trade in ironborn mode as I like playing with my brother and when he gets drops that benefit me its a plus. same for when I get drops that help him out. I have personally never looked at the AH let alone used it.

  34. I spend a lot of time farming items, and finding good items with my (now) P90 HC barb. I get tons of great drops, because I’ve taken the time to develop a high level char. I also really like using the AH for both buying and selling stuff. I love the AH. Removing the AH isn’t going to change the drop rate, it will only change the way the people that are getting the good drops such as myself sell those things. It will only make it harder for the people that aren’t getting those good drops to get those good items.

    So you ditch the AH and simply go back to the D2 way of item trading. What will that really change? It will be back to making lists and posting them in forums, or sitting in a trade channel sorting through spam trying to find something. Oh yeah, that sounds way better than using the AH.

    I was a very active trader in D2. The AH is so much better than the old way of trading items.

  35. now, I know we’re ALL beating a dead horse here, but seriously.

    Account bound, char bound does NOT fix itemization.

    Right now: You get godly shit either via rolling new gear with the new recipes and or buying the shit in the auction house.

    More account bound end game:
    You will STILL roll your self some godly shit, but it’s lack of resale value is a huge drawback for me. Additionally, regardless of whether or not you GAF on the resale value front, YOU’LL BE IN THE SAME BOAT AS RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, except TRADING and AH will die, too, because now end game best in slot will all be account bound. GREAT.

    No, just kidding, not great. that fucking sucks.

    The fix to itemization shouldn’t be rolled out all at once, rather a little bit at a time. FOREVER. this is what we need.

    We need improvements and new items, constantly. we need a constant flow of new ideas, new builds, new modifiers occasionally.

    Bigger numbers and account bound is lazy and stupid.

    Nock it the fuck off blizzard, and put some goddamn heart into it.

    If they get itemization right in a long term way, it will fucking line their pockets with AH profits as the bleeding edgers go apeshit for the new things.

    But bigger numbers and account binding is fucking lazy. And fucking stupid.

  36. Do people think removing the AH somehow fixes the existence of the biggest D2 trading site out there? Because using that site and using the AH both make the respective games rather easy, and that site is already a rather big trading ground for D3 last I checked… it would just explode without an AH.

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