Diablo III does not allow any nonconsensual DiabloWikiPvP. If you want to fight, you must join an Arena game where you will deathmatch to your heart’s content against other eager duelers. Though Blizzard seems to be treating the Arena as a minor part of the game, and they keep insisting there’s no way it could ever be esport-ish, I think they’re underestimating the interest we’ll see in their PvP mode, and I base this on the fact that everyone I know who played the Arena demo at Blizzcon 2010 or 2011 absolutely loved it.

    Arena expectations aside (thought that would be another good vote, someday), what do you think of how Diablo III is handling PvP? Do you love the new DiabloWikiArena mode? Do you wish you could PvP in regular games? Or are you a straight up old school PK and you wish the Barbarian had brought the D2 spank ‘n gank system along with him? If you need it, check out the freshly-updated Diablo Player Killing article for a refresher on how PKing was handled in D1 and D2, and then pick the option that best represents your opinion, and we’ll try to iron out some community consensus.

    This vote is partly spurred by the mention of a PK switch in a recent editorial, so thanks to that for the inspiration. I’m pretty sure we ran a similar vote a couple of years ago, but since the old poll posts didn’t import from the old news script into our current Word Press system, I can’t easily point to the archives and say yes or no. In any event, it would have been more than two years ago, before the Battle Arena was even announced, so we might as well vote on the issue now that it’s non-hypothetical.

    What kind of PvP system would you like in Diablo 3?

    • 4) D3 style; Arenas with no normal game PvP. (44%, 1,489 Votes)
    • 3) PvP in normal games, if set on game creation. (21%, 715 Votes)
    • 5) No interest. Remove PvP from game entirely, for all I care. (20%, 661 Votes)
    • 2) D2 style; no friendly fire, but PK switch in-game. (11%, 376 Votes)
    • 1) D1 style PK switch, plus friendly fire. (3%, 109 Votes)

    Total Voters: 3,348

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    The last vote asked what you guys thought of the look of DiabloWikiAzmodan, as revealed during Blizzcon 2011. I’m always surprised when as critically-discerning a bunch as the readers of this site all like something — but I wasn’t terribly surprised in this instance, since I thought Azmodan looked pretty cool myself.

    Do you like the look and style of Azmodan?

    • 1) I think he’s awesome. Perfect. (55%, 2,613 Votes)
    • 2) Good, but could be better. (28%, 1,302 Votes)
    • 4) Lame design. Cheesy. Not scary. Etc. (10%, 451 Votes)
    • 3) Not so good. I have objections. (7%, 345 Votes)

    Total Voters: 4,711

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