Vote: What do you think of the v1.0.4 patch?

Obvious vote is obvious… now that you’ve had a week to test out (or to complain and refuse to play while wearing your best “NO” face) the Diablo III v1.04 patch, what do you guys think? The patch brought buffs to dozens of character skills/runes, weakened monsters in many ways, increased drop rates, greatly improved Unique items, introduced the grind-tastic DiabloWikiParagon system, and much more.

Our last podcast was all about the patch and both guests were strongly positive about it. I’ve also heard from a number of formerly-disenchanted fans who are back and playing happily now as well, and when I’ve been on my Friends List has been much more populated than in recent weeks.

That’s all anecdotal evidence, though, so let’s get some science. Or at least some numbers.

What do you think of the v1.04 patch changes?

  • 2) They are pretty good. (42%, 2,793 Votes)
  • 1) They are great. (27%, 1,807 Votes)
  • 3) Meh. Mixture of good and bad. (14%, 908 Votes)
  • 6) Not played/no opinion. (8%, 545 Votes)
  • 4) Lame. Game is unimproved. (7%, 438 Votes)
  • 5) Terrible. D3 is much worse now. (1%, 93 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,584

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Last Vote Results

Last time we previewed v1.04 with a pair of votes by asking which class seemed to be getting the best and worst improvements. No real surprise that the WD dominated the best vote, with all the promised (and delivered) improvements to pets and other skills. I figure the Barb came in second just from Bliz’s promise not to nerf the OP and likely-unintended Double WW build.

Which class is getting the BEST improvements in v1.0.4?

  • Witch Doctor (36%, 2,267 Votes)
  • Barbarian (27%, 1,678 Votes)
  • Not sure/no opinion. (22%, 1,373 Votes)
  • Demon Hunter (6%, 396 Votes)
  • Monk (5%, 347 Votes)
  • Wizard (4%, 259 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 6,320

    As for the worst projected improvements, the Wizard carried the day, no doubt due to the promised semi-nerf to her OP and likely-unintended WW build. This didn’t actually happen, and that build still works spectacularly, with some minor changes.

    This one got a lot fewer votes since the BEST changes vote was carried in the sidebar, and was thus visible to all site visitors for a week, while this one was only in the post itself.

    Which class is getting the WORST improvements in v1.0.4?

  • Wizard (30%, 970 Votes)
  • Not sure/no opinion. (22%, 714 Votes)
  • Monk (21%, 672 Votes)
  • Demon Hunter (16%, 521 Votes)
  • Witch Doctor (7%, 232 Votes)
  • Barbarian (4%, 120 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 3,229

    In retrospect, it doesn’t seem like any of the classes really deserved to be on the WORST list, since none of them were unimproved by the patch. It’s just a question of whether the weakest classes were improved enough to match the rest, or if the changes impacted them in meaningful ways, or just buffed junk skills that still aren’t quite good enough to put on the tool bar.

    Incidentally, I liked how every class got a fair number of total votes. Just add up the best+worst percentages: Witch Doctor 43%, Wizard 34%, Barbarian 31%, Monk 26%, Demon Hunter 22%. At least no class got like 4+7%, in a big “no one cares” result. Ironically, the big winner was “Not sure/no opinion,” which just outpointed the WD with 44% total.

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    34 thoughts on “Vote: What do you think of the v1.0.4 patch?

      • yeah, whatever. In practice me and my party was quite happy when an elite pack didn’t heal after we died and we didn’t have to start from scratch…

        “the game is unimproved”…pffft!

        • did you get any interesting drops from the elite pack ?

          that’s my problem.

          My witch doctor is much more fun, but there just doesn’t seem to be any point in killing anything.

          at least in D2 I could find charms that increased my resistance and vitality and sometimes even skillers.

          crappy whites could at least be sold for 35 000 so I could easily make money to gamble.

          enough set and uniques dropped to make the game interesting even if the set and uniques weren’t always useful for my character at that particular level

          they made it interesting because they were useful for twinking my new chars or for giving away in public games

          but D3 has none of that: there are no charms to drop; whites are completely worthless; I’ve found no set items and only 2 legendaries since the game was released; I’ve found no interesting items to twink or give away

          its just tiring and pointless doing the same runs over and over for nothing

          the P levels are a great thing and I’m loving the WD’s pets now, but what’s the point of killing treasure goblins, elites and bosses only to find blues and yellows that are so useless to everyone in the party and are so crappy that even if you dropped them in a public game no one would pick them up ?

          • well, everyone’s experience is different and everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

            Myself, the first day I logged in after the patch came out, I found (FOUND) upgrades for 3 of my items (lvl 60- barb). I am not a heavy farmer and use AH sparringly (not much now since good high-level gear is so expensive) but this was a nice experience for me. I think that same day I found 1 low lever legendary.

            Since the beginning I found maybe 10-11 legendaries, 1 set and a couple of plans so I guess not too bad compared to some other people but I agree the rate could be a tad higher, especially for plans and the DAMN GEM DESIGNS (none found so far)!

            Also nice changes to some skills, e.g. Rend seems really sweet now.

            I dunno, I guess I’m just liking the game and this was a nice batch of improvements and I can’t wait to see what else they got in store. I’m also leveling my lower level chars so that gives a nice change to the inferno grind as I still have so much to explore.

        • The elite pack health regen was absolutely retarded to begin with. But yeah, I fully agree that the game plays better since 1.0.4, even though the incentive to actually do so hasn’t changed much despite paragon level.

        • I already went on record that the only good thing about 1.0.4 was “the removal of the idiotic enrage timers and the full life regen of Champ Packs.”

          The game is unimproved as this crap was added in 1.0.3 only to be removed (put back to status quot) in 1.0.4, and should not have been added to 1.0.3 in the first place. Do you seriously consider the Devs ******* something up and then restoring it to original condition an improvement? I don’t.

          • good point, but I can’t remember what changes were made in every single patch, so I can only refer to what was there directly before 104 🙂

            I consider other changes improvements as well, like skill changes (just as an example, Rend, Vengeance, bash), paragon level, new molten animation (I already had a few cases where I forgot about the explosion but noticed it thanks to the new animation and moved away).

            I’m not saying the game is ideal but I don’t expect it to be and am quite happy with the way it is now. Anything more is just icing on the cake. And I’m also able to let go of some of the D2 nostalgia despite of how much I loved that game.

      • I like the changes, but identifying all these shiny level 63 rares is still as depressing as always. 35 dex chest here, 50 str gloves there, woohoo. I’m at paragon level 10 and drops feel worse than before actually. Normally I would get some decent items between all the rubbish but now it all seems to get salvaged.

      • I have to agree. Even though they boosted some skills and I do find more rares, even from white trash mobs, I still can’t find anything decent to upgrade especially weapons.

        I tried to join some public games in Act 2 thinking that as a group it would be better than alone in killing speed and it sucks as everyone seems to be undergeared

        And I haven’t found a single set either since the game launched, a few legendaries all lvl 50 or lower, 3 plans, no jeweler plans, etc.

        I don’t care if it ruins the damn AH, but they seriously need to beef the carrot as it’s getting tiresome. With the random attributes on lgendaries and sets,it wouldn’t kill to up the drop rate so at least people find some once in a while as the chances for a perfect will still be very low anyways. And perhaps add some more ways to get them out of the economy like provide more crafting materials from sets/legendaries to incite people to kill the junk ones. Then boost and add crafting recipes that garantee a type of stat so that people can aim at crafting the perfect item around a specific stat like in D2 with crushing blow gloves for example.

        Good thing I’m spending time to try and complete some achievements like the unique purple mobs else I’d probably shelve the game which may happen once I’m done most achievements except get through inferno.

    1. Changes are great. The game is like crack now. More drops, better items, small yet satisfying progression through paragon, and enemies that don’t piss you off, all combine to make something compulsively playable. I am addicted much in the way I was addicted back in freshman year of college with D2.

      • Yep I’m guessing that over the next year as they patch and add content the game will slowly but surely become better overall than Diablo 2. I’m really excited :D!

    2. Shame about half the ‘buffed’ legends missing an affix which they should have according to the gameguide though (e.g. mempo, stormshield, litany of the undaunted etc).

      I’ve also lost the feeling that a really nice item is just a drop away, but that’s likely just because RNG has been being unkind to me – getting to paragon 15 with 220 base MF and only getting two legendaries (both sub-60) does things to a man…

    3. I was stoked at first. However…

      I thought this patch was going to revive my initial excitement for Diablo 3. Being completely truthful, I was back to yawning after day 2 post-patch.

      Here are a few personal reasons as to why I’m not enjoying myself complete.

      #1. If I want some of the best items in the game, e.g., The Witching Hour, Manticore, and Calamity, I will need to farm the more difficult and time-consuming acts. Due to the way the monsters are grouped together, the room for kiting, and the drop rate, Act 3 is the obvious choice. However, there is only somany times I can do Act 3 before I lose my sanity.

      I want to dabble into Act 1 & 2, but knowing the drop rates for 63 Legendary Items are terrible, it depletes my real interest and fun factor.

      #2. I have 3 level 60 characters. My Demon Hunter is Paragon 16. My Barbarian and Wizard have not been touched. I feel compelled to only play my Demon Hunter because of my progression with that class. I know this is a personal conflict, but I thought I’d share anyway.

      #3. My goal is to obtain either a 2-socketed Manticore, a 1-socketed Calamity, a Tyrael’s Might, a 2-socketed Inna’s Leggings, or a dexterity version of The Witching Hour. It’s extremely frustrating to hit Paragon 16 and not find anything of value. I’m not asking for a hand out or anything, but knowing that I’m earning 500k here and there means nothing when the items I want are all priced at 100m+.

      I just feel like I’m constantly wasting my time. I’m just not enjoying it anymore.

      • My thoughts exactly. With 1.0.4, the distribution of item types has been shifted even more towards the magic/rare end of the spectrum, when most sane people have been asking for the exact opposite: to make rares less common and legendaries/sets more so. At this point, the latter are so rare that you might as well not bother farming.

        I sincerely hope Blizzard plans to buff drop rates in the future, but given the fact that they didn’t even mention drop rates in the 1.0.4 previews, I’m starting to believe that they have no plans to do so.

    4. Demon Hunters had an entire niche build nerfed out of existence. I’d say that is an “unimprovement”.

      • I agree. The ability for a decently built Demon Hunter to tank was pretty fun. It almost felt like Diablo 2 – being able to mix & match interesting skills shocking outcomes.

        Not anymore ;/

    5. I like the new Paragon levels. That added MF, GF, and bonus to base stats gives me that little ‘extra’ which makes playing fun.
      The new monster changes and balances feels much better and ‘fairer’. There are still tough spots, but in general, I’m glad I don’t feel I have to kite the majority of champions and rares around.

      I still think something needs to be done with the end game crafting recipe drops. I felt pretty good while I was able to upgrade my gems using the default recipes my jeweler had, but once I maxed them out and got the highest gems they afforded, the game really started to slow down for me again.
      For me at least, I wish crafting recipes dropped more frequently. Even though I probably wouldn’t find them too valuable right now, at least finding them would help to smooth over the pain of long grinding sessions.

      I’ve been farming Act I Inferno over the last 3 days with about 280% MF (that includes the Paragon bonus) and I really haven’t seen much of any drop improvements. Maybe it’s just bad luck, but it’s really leaving me frustrated to the point I’m starting to not see any reason to endure the beating I get from mobs because of the reduced stats on my MF gear.

      I think rares are still too common and underwhelming. I wouldn’t mind if they were a little rarer and had a minor overall stat boost to make them better than blue items. It seems that rares are too close and similar to blues to make them all that special.

      At last of all, a legendary bow that shoots chickens? Are you serious? It’s funny, for sure, but it seems more like a carry-over from the land of WOW, than something which would materialize in Sanctuary. 🙂

    6. For me the patch is a step in the right direction but more is needed to be done before we get a great game. One that lasts 6+ years like Diablo 2 has. I still play Diablo 2 to this day mainly MedianXL and its derivatives. They should take a page out of Brother Laz’s book on how to do a game right.

    7. Would like to see two new polls – what character are you maxing paragon on first? And … What character class were you playing most before patch?

      • I think the second poll could be simplified to “have you switched main characters pre- and post-patch?” and get the same information. I’m curious about this, myself.

    8. The patch is great.

      I’ve been able to progress through Act 2 and in act 3 now.
      Before the patch I was forced to lame farming of Act 1 only.

    9. I’ve probably found about 500 62-63 items since the patch. Every one of them sucked.

      I’m at the point where it feels like they are doing this to push us towards RMAH. I’ll quit the game before I touch that.

    10. Happy with most changes. Unhappy they randomly made elites much easier. Who asked for that, exactly? No enrage timers is great, but did they really need to nerf so many elite affixes in a patch that buffs everything so much?

    11. I am finding roughly the same quality stuff after patch as before. Weapons are an exception, with 61 and 62 being much better than before in terms of dps.

      D3 has the same problem as D2 non ladder. There’s nothing removing gear from the economy so you basically make less gold per hour when selling drops on the AH than before. Gear that was uncommon before is becoming common. As a result, it takes even longer to find gear better than that posted on the AH and the AH is better than crafting.

      If you play self found, none of this matters 🙂

        • I’m for this if the BOE is bind-to-account. I definitely don’t want to lose the ability to swap items between my own characters.

    12. Haven’t played yet ;(. Right now I’m in Germany in work. I’ll be able to play it in 5 weeks, since my laptop run D3 with 10 fps (in Tristram) with everything on low.

    13. Game-fun-improvement wise. Not much.
      The paragon system gives something to do at level 60, and inferno is nerfed some.
      Definitely the only real enjoying change is the 6 search slots in the AH.

      The rest,. not that impressed.

    14. Honestly, the patch is great, but all my friends still feel no urge to play, and its only a matter of time before I can’t play without actual social interaction, random pugs aren’t sustaining enough, and playing solo on my wizard is getting… boring. Its been about a week, and the patch has already got me straining to even turn the game on, let alone actually play for more than an hour.

    15. Same experience here. I am at nearly 300 magic after stacking and still nothing worth a damm. I hear they are going to improve the color of lege dary’s. Maybe I missed a few. Doubt it.

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