Vote: What do you think of Azmodan’s Appearance?

Most of us were surprised to see Azmodan’s debut in the Black Soulstone cinematic, and with an entire BlizzCon panel focused on the creation of that cinematic, with much coverage of the evolution of Azmodan’s design, you guys must have an opinion on the results. He’s big, he’s black, he’s crab-legged, and with that transparent glowing bullfrog throat, he’s got a face kind of like a jack ‘o lantern. (And I thought that even before he was a jack ‘o lantern!)

Do you think those are good things, or did the reveal of the first Act Boss we’ve seen in Diablo III leave you cold? Take a look at the artworks, review the cinematic if need be, and pick an option that best represents your opinion.

Do you like the look and style of Azmodan?

  • 1) I think he's awesome. Perfect. (55%, 2,613 Votes)
  • 2) Good, but could be better. (28%, 1,302 Votes)
  • 4) Lame design. Cheesy. Not scary. Etc. (10%, 451 Votes)
  • 3) Not so good. I have objections. (7%, 346 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,711

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Last Vote Results

Last time we asked if Blizzcon 2011 met your expectations. Since the previous vote let us know that most of you weren’t expecting much, that probably impacted these results in a positive fashion.

What did you think of Blizzcon 2011?

  • 2) It was okay, but nothing special. (42%, 1,833 Votes)
  • 3) Lame. I was disappointed. (24%, 1,039 Votes)
  • 4) No opinion. Don’t care. Release the game! (20%, 875 Votes)
  • 1) Good show. Exceeded my expectations. (14%, 632 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,379

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38 thoughts on “Vote: What do you think of Azmodan’s Appearance?

  1. I think he looks awesome and he represents the different sins well… His voice, however, doesn’t really match his body… too soft and raspy…

  2. ok.. wtf!! until now i managed to not know about more than there is a “asmodan”-villian and he looke like blabla..
    now i know he’s got something to do with the soulstone and he’s the act 1 boss. wtf?? cant u ask me how i like his appreance without soiling all this?

    • Blizzard released the cinematic at Blizzcon which explained who he was.  We have to assume that anything Blizzard releases is ‘out there’ now and therefore is not a spoiler.  Otherwise you have to consider everything a spoiler.

      • yeah i know. but you could mark these posts with “spoiler! do not read if you try to avoid every story spoilers – even those made by blizzard”. np
        and I DIDNT SEE THE CINEMATIC. i just saw the title “black soulstone” and something with azmodan. i dont know more. it was my decision not to look at it

        • You should probably stay off the internet at this point. Seriously this is a Diablo fansite; I don’t know quite what you expect.

          • as i said: it would be np to say “this spoils a bit of story and if you dont want that you could just look at this pictures”.
            news dont have to be spoilers. a few are of course.
            you could give us the joice if we want to know the spoiler by giving us a warning. like a little icon for “story spoiler” or “item & skill visual spoiler” so ppl who dont want to know can just skip.

    • Ah, stop the mindless trolling already! They very vaguely resemble each other, as much as all of the D3 character classes do in spite of all having a pair of legs, arms and a head.

      • I’d say that Asmodan is a cross-over of Mannoroth and Baal: the four catterpillar-like legs are taken from Baal, most of the body is Baal-like, whereas the head is a resemblance in some details to Mannoroth. Overall: OK and cool, but it’s definately something that we’ve seen before.

        • @ Sephiria

          I can’t agree on the Baal bit.  He has extra appendages but that’s pretty common but his body is different as Baal is more humanoid with a regular-sized torso and even a couple of proper arms.  Baal for me is the best Evil. He’s just pure sinister (

          I really like Azmodan – his fiery mouth especially, how they’ve concentrated that on his mouth, like it’s flowing magma. This way it’s such a focus (well, in the cinematics, probably not have as mesmerising in-game). I like that he’s a big hulking jabba type thing too

  3. Even the cinematic apparently doesn’t fully represent his in-game design. There’s textures for armor pieces and other stuff, golden pieces of armor and a crown for Azmodan.

    Overall, I think he’s a little too plain in the torso region. He’s just a fat guy; they could have done more with that. Belial is pretty cool, though.

    • Well, he’s got those spike things curving from the front to the side of his stoumach to break things up… All in all, he’s a lot more detailed than the first two lesser evils we faced…

  4. It looks good, but I prefer a different style.  His look is very Diablo-esque; look at Duriel for a good example.  Duriel is very monster like — there is very little there that relates him to a human.

    I prefer a more human look. One concept art shows Azmodan with a more human face (and large grin).  I believe this conveys “sin” more-so than a monster.  Remember, sin includes the seven deadlies: greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, envy, vanity, and pride.  Non-human-like monsters do not convey sin to me.

    Azmodan has gluttony (he’s fat), wrath (he looks angry and destructive), greed (gold regalia) and a small bit of lust (nipple piercings), but overwhelmingly he conveys a lord of destruction (which should be Baal’s job) more than a lord of sin.  Baal, on the other hand, conveys a lord of sin (though missing gluttony) more than destruction.

    But all is well, he still looks excellent, especially considering he is only the first boss we have seen thus far.

    • It’s sloth not vanity… I’d say his personality conveys the envy (for the leadership of hell) and pride (obviously), and the sloth probably ties in to his fatness…

  5. To clarify the \Diablo-esque\ comment (since edit is not working for me), I think he looks like he’s from the Diablo universe, not the Warcraft universe (which is where Mannoroth is from).

  6. Agree with the torso being a let down. ‘Fatty, fat, fat, fat’. If they wanted to place emphasis on the gluttony bit, they could have given him a fat/bloated insectoid body to match the legs and face, instead of some fat human guy. And those pierced nipples are just gyah…! Makes me think of the spoofed Xerxes from ‘Meet The Spartans’ everytime I see him…

  7. It’s a fat asshole with pierced nipples… The name of Azmodan has a power in itself, this dude is grotesque, don’t match to the name… don’t look like a lord of the hell.

    • So you are saying demons can’t be grotesque? What about Duriel’s chubby caterpillar body,  oversized claw arms, and tiny head with the big cheesy grin? He looks more like an obese hydralisk than a lord of hell…

  8. the awnsers amuse me – hundreds of people have objections / dont think he is good / he is cheesy not scary – yet if you asked them for a better concept or what is it he is misisng they would not be able to awnser.
    they only throw around cryptic attributes and feelings like “not scary” “cheesy” ” sinister” – this kind of comment is so constructive and helpful – i guess Blizzard Artist team should have just pulled the “cheesy” controler more to the left , and the “evil” controller more to the right problems fixxed right ?
    i cant help but notice that a lot of people of my generation (iam 24) and younger are just jaded / dulled by all the CGI that gets shoved down our throat. and than you have to cater to spoiled Brats that apparently cant tell a donkey from a horse (looks exactly like Manoroth LOL).  i think the Concept and the Art and the Animation are f*ckin amazing, and if you dont agree – show me how you would have done it better and as to why your idea / concept is better , instead of “HE dose not look EVIL , Duuhhh”

  9. I like the design a lot, but if I had to pick a few nits with it, I’d say:
    1. Not sure I like that his body is basically a cross between a Thousand Pounder and a Grotesque. I expect act bosses to be fairly unique in their structure
    2. I do see too much similarity among the locomotion of Azmodan, Duriel, and Baal. All very insect and or crab-like. Diablo is the only biped, though goat-like, and similar to Andariel. You gotta figure they will have one straight-up humanoid of the seven evils, right? Hint for Belial’s form maybe?

    • They showed Belial at Blizzcon… He’s kind of like Mephisto with multiple faces and less skeletal… but yeah, no legs and floats above the ground…

  10. I think once we see how large he scales within the actual game it will give a better perspective of how cool this boss will be. One of my favorite bosses from D2 was Duriel simply because he was so large and beefy compared to Andariel for example. That being said, his spell/melee mechanics in-game will effect my judgement more so then the screenshots/cinematic’s.

  11. I think Azmodan was the right balance of ugly and scary but not as scary as the big three(Diablo, Baal, Mephisto).. being a lesser evil.

    • I dunno, man. Belial’s pretty damn creepy and his design is fairly in line with the big three as they were shown in D2/LoD.

  12. Azmodan looks amazing in cinematic, but in still screenshots not so much. The animation really adds to his character.

  13. None of the answers really fits me. I went with the #2 for the sake of balance. I had no preconceptions of the Azmodan’s looks so to me he looks like a demon lord. I like flaming mouth though 🙂
    No offense to the people with stronger or more definitive opinions but I personally don’t get this pool. It’s like posting Flux’s photo (or mine for that matter) and asking “What do you think of this design?”. Well, he looks like himself, I guess… 😉

  14. I think he looks like total crap but on the other hand, so did Duriel in D2, and if he’s only act 1 boss then I really couldn’t care less overall.

  15. Hes the FIRST act boss we have seen not the ACT one boss. Common Blah if your gonna troll, get it right.

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