Vote: What did you think of the Diablo III Intro Cinematic?

Last night brought the premiere of the Diablo III Introductory Cinematic, and there was much rejoicing… as well as some QQing, though that was more about what we didn’t get, than the cinematic itself.

What did you think? Pick an option and we’ll see some community consensus.

What did you think of the D3 Intro Cinematic?

  • 1) Loved it. Moar! (37%, 2,474 Votes)
  • 2) Good, but not great. (28%, 1,894 Votes)
  • 6) Irrelevant. No release date = FAIL. (15%, 1,014 Votes)
  • 3) Mediocre. Not impressed. (14%, 930 Votes)
  • 5) Didn't watch. Might have spoilers. (3%, 190 Votes)
  • 4) Awful. Lame. Rewrite. (2%, 150 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,651

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Last Vote Results

The last poll wasn’t online for very long, but it saw a decent amount of action. I wasn’t surprised at the winner, though I thought the second place finisher might have been closer to the top. I am surprised that 20% of you guys have zero interest in PvP at all, though I’m betting 100% of those votes have yet to try the Arena. As for the 11% who claim to miss D2’s deeply-flawed PK switch system — that’s got to be a surprise to everyone but Max…

What kind of PvP system would you like in Diablo 3?

  • 4) D3 style; Arenas with no normal game PvP. (44%, 1,488 Votes)
  • 3) PvP in normal games, if set on game creation. (21%, 715 Votes)
  • 5) No interest. Remove PvP from game entirely, for all I care. (20%, 660 Votes)
  • 2) D2 style; no friendly fire, but PK switch in-game. (11%, 376 Votes)
  • 1) D1 style PK switch, plus friendly fire. (4%, 109 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,348

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37 thoughts on “Vote: What did you think of the Diablo III Intro Cinematic?

  1. I wasn’t impressed, it was way average. Like, it should have me excited but it didn’t. Plus I shouldn’t be thinking while watching “wasnt that crator blue in the beta..?”, “why is Leah sleeping like that”, “how did Cain end up in the crator when he was right with leah even when it impacted and they both fell forward then cains in dat hole somehow”. etc plus someone mentioned the angle of the meteors descent and then the straight down impact lol. ummm but those aren’t any real issues, the video was good enough just not my taste it seems.

    • Few moments after impact fires went out and magic substance of star came into reaction with evil that lurked beneath cathedral which in the end produced blue glow…

      Leah were sleeping on the bench and it’s normal, when peolpe get tired, they tend to fall asleep everywere…

      That star did not behave like normal meteorite – in close proximity to surface it slowed down and entered “drill mode” and that is why Cain got sucked up by vacuum in the hole left by rapidly descending object (if star would behave like a real meteorite, we’d have this)

      and etc….


  2. Anyone else reminded of the Darksiders intro by the hand drawn heaven-hell war parts?
    And at the end a giant demon burst forth from the ground, which is exactly what i was expecting after i saw the resemblance to the darksiders intro…
    All in all not bad, although i liked D2’s intro better.

  3. Diablo of Duty 3 compared to D1 and D2 is like new Star Wars trilogy compared to old. It`s awesome but without emotions. Hope that entire game gameplay wouldn`t be like this, because after watching “awesome” skill runes effects videos from this year blizzcon (monk columns, giant frogs) and playing beta, I`m just little…scared.

  4. Lame cinematic, Leah talking to Cain big f*n deal… Angels fighting demons? Sounds awesome… but not when done cartoon style like it’s some indie company instead of Full HD CGI by the world’s leading gaming company… Bleh.

  5. Hey Flux. Please cease your endless remarks that everyone who doesn’t want arena/PvP ABSOLUTELY has never tried it because it is so awesome. It’s really just sad how you project your personal opinion on everyone else and dismiss everybody who disagrees with you with this lame argument.

    • What’s sad is you letting his opinion bother you. Grow some friggin’ integrity and stop whining like a little bitch. Jesus.

      • And you let “irrelevant” opinion bother you maybe you should grow some friggin integrity and stop whining like a little bitch. Jesus.
        It’s ok I’m with you irrelevant: personal opinion shouldn’t be shown in journalism.

    • Why wouldn’t you want arena/PvP? Its not like you are forced to play them. I don’t see how difficult is allowing players to press the button “PvP on/off” before they create their games.
      PvP in arenas it not like the good old D2′ PvP system. Open PvP allows players to test their PvP build with more freedom before moving on in serious arena matches.
      Giving players more options would only make both sides happy.

      • Just a little example how open PvP shouldn’t be removed. Lets say I play in hardcore mode and I want to test how strong is my resistances before moving to an arena match. In open PvP I could ask to a trustworthy friend to attack, but not kill me. Inside arenas that is not possible.

        I really don’t understand all the mutual hate between PvP/PvE players. The simple solution for the problem would be pressure Blizzard to add a motherfucking button to toggle PvP on/off before you create a game, but unfortunately players like to fight each other for stupid reasons.
        Blizzard only see vantages in that, its easy to change things to the worse when players don’t have the slightest empathy for each other.

    • meh why waste ur breath. I am that 20% who dont giv a damn about any form of pvp. but like….. even though i can understand why others like pvp, i dont expect them to understand us who dont. Frankly it doesnt matter to me if they dont. The world is too full with ppl who expect everyone to like things they like, to think like they do, and whoever doesnt would be the outcast, the freak, the wrong. The minority of any kind had never been looked equally by the majority, in any age and any community. Cant blame me to thus not like to be involved unless forced to, hence the love for single player, the indifference to co-op, and the hatred for pvp. 

      The arena is good for ppl who dont giv a damn bout pvp, since we wont have to deal with duel requests and PKs in our monster hunting game. It is the system that get rid of the part of the game we dislike. Still dont change the fact we dont care bout it.

    • He said it for the people who perfer to have NO PVP at all. These people are retarded and if you are one of them then yes your opinion is lame and pathetic.

  6. I have the feeling that a lot of people would completely trash a movie like a Twilight or a Transformers, but when a video game cinematic is involved, they immediately and drastically lower their standards. Honestly, if this were in a movie, it would win the Razzie for worst screenplay. Bad writing is bad writing, no matter what medium it’s realized in.

    • If every movie is 2 minutes long, at least most of them would contend for that award. Bad writing is bad wrting in any media, but when the media is 2 minutes long, u would expect nothing much in it, thus the lowered expectation. Luckily they are not making a movie, they are making a sort of “start” for the game/ act, which is where the main “writing” begins.

      I saw no sparkling pale emo or robo-leg-humping in the intro, so that makes it 100 times better then any of those films you mentioned by default.

  7. “Spirits within”-itis.
    Notice how Cain more or less looks like the original Diablo incarnation, and actually has a personality, whereas Leah seems like a cardboard composite of a high-school girl that sweaty dev nerds had a crush on in high school?

      Yes, i too can infer a character’s personality from less then 2 minutes of footage…
      Unlike Cain, she has no previous personality your mind can associate with her short dialogue…. that tells you nothing about whether or not she’s turn out either way imo.

      • I’ve heard plenty of her lines in the beta as well – she is more than a little of a motor-mouth.  If only there was a personality to infer.
        Really, a female Jake Lloyd in every way.

    • Funny that you mention Spirits Within, because I was going to as well, but along the lines of: I was a bit disappointed that the human skin textures looked no better (if not worse) than those from Spirits With like what, 10 years ago?
      Blizz: BSSRDFs, don’t leave home without ’em.

  8. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it for the most part, but like many others here I feel like it could have been much better.
    I actually like the style they used at first because it was at least well done. Even then, I’m glad it wasn’t used throughout. And the music about halfway through? Why couldn’t that be put in the montage they threw together for the Gamer God Award and not in an official, in-game cinematic? Nothing wrong with it on its own, it just doesn’t fit IMO. It gave the trailer this Hollywoodized, style-over-substance feel to it.
    One last thought – I can accept the overused “prophecy of doom” angle, but when you top it off with lines like, “You do believe me, don’t you, Leah?”, it just….hurts. I was actually surprised they went for “Uncle!” instead of “Nooo!” at the end.

  9. Hey!  I don’t know if anyone else spotted this, but isn’t that the old Azmodan concept character at 00:56?
    Also, that’s the best animated artwork I’ve yet seen in any game -especially much , much better than what was in Dungeon Siege III.  Congratulations, Blizzard, you’ve put my worries to rest.  Awesome!

  10. The dream sequence was too sketchy for my taste.  Some have even called it cartoony.  Artisticly, I get where they were going since it was Leah’s dream, but it comes off as undewhelming visually.  They should have used some of the footage from the Game God trailer…that would have made for an impressive opener.

  11. these “this cinematic sux” comments are hilarious. Why? Because we can see the results right up there, and according to those 37% absolutly loved the cinematic. And yet from these commenters you would conclude that 95% hated this cinematic because it´s cartoony qualities endanger their bubbling machones. This is , quite obviously, a very vocal minority that complains about everything without a shred of brainpower or constructive criticism.

    • Zenny, to be clear…37% did like it, possibly even loved it.  But 62% of the voters clearly thought it was “not great” or worse.  I think you’re hearing that 62% respond with some fair commentary.

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