Vote: Torchlight 2 Curious?

Torchlight 2 launched last week, with considerable interest from the Diablo community, both for the Schaefer brothers connection, and out of a general interest in ARPG type top-down clickers. Furthermore, Torchlight 2 provides an intriguing yin to Diablo 3’s yang in many key features: Torchlight 2 offers full mod support, no online-only requirement, no Auction House, skill and stat points to assign, a far higher drop rate of sets/uniques, and more.

While those features are different, they’re not necessarily good, in your eyes. All the differences between D3 and TL2 (and other Diablo-clones) can be argued on pros and cons, so you’re free to dislike the TL2 differences. You might miss D3’s secure server character storage and hack-prevention, or dislike TL’s less-gothic vibe, or miss the option for Arena-style PvP. (Okay, that last one’s the same in both games).

The point here isn’t go debate D3 vs. TL2 features, though. It’s just an intro to the vote, which is purely to measure your interest, or not, in Torchlight 2.

What's your interest level in Torchlight 2?

  • 1) Excite! Already ordered it. (31%, 971 Votes)
  • 2) Kind of interested. Might pick it up. (30%, 944 Votes)
  • 4) Zero interest. This is a Diablo site. Stahp. (20%, 618 Votes)
  • 3) Not very interested. (19%, 589 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,121

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Last Vote Results

The v1.0.4 patch made massive changes to dozens of class skills, overall game balance, added the Paragon System, and much more. With 70% of you guys liking or loving them in our last vote, can we just call them “improvements” now?

What do you think of the v1.04 patch changes?

  • 2) They are pretty good. (43%, 2,738 Votes)
  • 1) They are great. (27%, 1,769 Votes)
  • 3) Meh. Mixture of good and bad. (14%, 886 Votes)
  • 6) Not played/no opinion. (8%, 531 Votes)
  • 4) Lame. Game is unimproved. (7%, 421 Votes)
  • 5) Terrible. D3 is much worse now. (1%, 89 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 6,434

    Another recent vote, tucked away in a news item on Followers, asked what you guys think of the Followers system as currently implemented in Diablo III. Initially, the D2 style of Mercs were way out in the lead, with upwards of 2/3 of the vote. The results swung a bit more towards Diablo 3’s system over time, but as you can see, much stronger Followers is a solidly-supported proposition.

    I have to admit I’m surprised by that result; back when the the D3 followers system was revealed most of the fan comments seemed to be supportive of much weaker Followers, or else were from fans who hadn’t liked the system at all in D2 and didn’t want it to return in any form.

    How strong should Followers be in Diablo 3?

  • 2) I want a return to the D2-style of big damage Followers. (56%, 1,711 Votes)
  • 1) I like the current buffs-but-low-damage design. (31%, 962 Votes)
  • 4) No opinion/not sure/something else. (8%, 232 Votes)
  • 3) I want Followers out of the game entirely. (5%, 152 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 3,057

    A vote from this news post asked if you guys wanted an identify all option in Diablo III. Despite the obvious popularity of such a feature, we are not getting it in v1.0.5. We are getting the Rare ID time reduced from 3 to 1 second, plus far fewer low level items dropping in Inferno, which might be good enough?

    Does Diablo 3 need an Identify-All items feature?

    1) Yes, definitely. (75%, 3,162 votes)
    2) No, I like the current system. (11%, 451 votes)
    3) Items should just drop identified already. (9%, 400 votes)
    4) 4) No opinion/don’t care. (5%, 214 votes)

    Total Votes: 4,227

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    1. I tried the demo. It was OK. I might pick it up if/when it goes on sale for $5, but I’ll pass for now.

      I don’t care for the limited respec, I don’t care how many call that a “feature”.

    2. Cant vote the new system wont let me.

    3. TL2 is a very nice game. I play it like 2 days and its itemization is soo much better than in D3 that I couldnt even believe. Also the sideQ and events, the behavior of the mobs and many many other thing… I like it very much. Well, the graphics is a bit… special, WOW-like style. But its ok, no problem with that. Highly recommended!

    4. Zero intereset, but because TL1 was avarage game and i don’t like the graphic style of TL series. Nothing to do with this being diablo site or not…

    5. tl2 is a nice game, but not anything more than that. Played few hours but there are certain problems that just don’t work, like the stiff control of the character even compared with tl1, the wowish graphics, the horrible voice acting and also the lack of a clear mobs indication e.g life bar. Even the itemization is at the far other side of the d3, for every 15min gotta spend 5min cleaning and selling stuff without even picking up common items.

      • D3 itemization cant be compared to TL2. D3 itemization is just horrible, piece of nonsense with lack of imagination – simply poor and broken. TL2 is a way better, the system works fine and is a lot of fun. Huge inspiration for D3 devs!

      • “gotta spend 5min cleaning and selling stuff ”

        that’s why you send your pet to town to do it for you

    6. Life is too short to go for games made without enough resources.

      TL graphs : huge fail

      TL Dungeon designs: huge fail

      TL Animation design : huge fail

      Putting itemisation on a pig doesn’t work.

      Also: talent trees are out by now.

      Someone should tell these 2 programmers we no longer live in 2001.

      So animated dungeons is the least they could do. If that is not even possible: stop making games.

      • You’re bad. Stop posting. Game design isn’t limited to a specific year. When you have a gameplay model and or concept that works, you use it – not break it and call it a Mercedes like Blizzard did with Diablo III and say it’s better than its predecessor when it’s not.

      • “Life is too short to go for games made without enough resources.”

        If that is your general guideline when purchasing games, than you’re missing out on a ton of incredibly good games for no particular reason. Games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Super Meat Boy, Atom Zombie Smasher, Braid, Machinarium, World of Goo, Osmos… all low budget but interesting, unique experiences. They might not all be for you, but that’s not the point. The point is that budget, or even a straight up lack of resources, doesn’t always determine the quality of a game. Most of the great original IPs were made on a shoestring, often with the Devs thinking they would never get it out the door under those conditions the whole time. That tends to drive creativity and new approaches, simply because they can’t get it done any other way. That creativity and innovation is what makes games fun, not graphics and particle physics.

        And every last one of us knows damn well that an enormous budget and an overabundance of resources far from guarantees a good game. I’m not even going to begin listing those… unfortunately each one of us has gotten burned at least once (and almost certainly many more times than that) by those atrocities. We need not even speak their names.

        As for your list, try inserting “different” rather than “fail”. Just because something doesn’t suit your tastes doesn’t make it a failure. I’m not the biggest fan of TL2s aesthetics either, but they are a far cry from being a failure. It’s not as if they were trying for something different and just couldn’t pull it off. That is exactly the look they were going for. If it’s not your thing, don’t buy it. But to declare everything that you don’t like a failure makes you look petty and naive.

        You should also try that “2001” line on all the people that still swear by D2, or still play rogue-likes, or sell millions of copies of retro-sidescrollers that are technically not much different that what was in arcades in 1982. You really should try injecting a little variety into your gaming. That’s not an insult, but genuine advice that you will eventually appreciate.

      • “TL Dungeon designs: huge fail”

        you’ve just proved you’re an idiot

        hell, the Phase Beast challenges alone are better than anything in D3

        the puzzles areas, blowing up walls to reveal hidden areas, the secret rooms; TL2’s dungeons and levels are much more fun than D3’s (the desert area in TL2 is actually fun!)

      • Ok, that’s it. You’ve been posting stupid non-thought D3 fanboy crap for months in a row now. I’ve always held back to answer your posts, but this DOES it. Flux, i’m about to violate site policy, go ahead and ban my account i’ve had since 2003 here. I don’t even care anymore. Thrall, you’re a fucking moron. None of those asstard remarks you made merit any better reply than mine here. That’s it. Buhbaai

    7. I have a berserker in level 40 at the moment. I like the game. Yesterday I found a good legendary weapon and it felt great. Last time this happened to me was in D2. It annoys me that D3 can’t give me that awesome feeling. D3 is a great game in so many ways, but the itemization issue is just too big. And I’m not confident that Blizz is able to fix it. The funny thing is that even if TL2 is more fun and satisfying I will probably play D3 more. Why?

    8. I bought the game on Steam the night before the release. I wasn’t THAT excited, but I was curious as I liked the beta.
      I finished the game with an Engineer on saturday, aaaaaand that’s it. I’m just not motivated to do anything in that game. However, I might start a HC character as TL2 has an offline mode.

    9. So far it’s awesome, way better than Diablo 3 (which isn’t saying much), but it actually is a great game. The hard work that went into it really shows.

      • yeah really cant believe how good the game is. i had my reservations before since tl1 was only fun for a brief moment. i have already sunk 35h into this game and i dont intend to stop. dont let yourself be fooled by the graphics. this game is superior to d3 in just about every way!

    10. if the game had a secure server like bnet i would have got the game at launch. as it is now i will only play solo in that game since non of my friends will get it. so when i am ready for a solo game to mess around with on my free time i will get it but for now i am having too much fun playing online with friends and even random people to limit myself to a solo game that lacks any type of a story

      • TL2 does not lack a story

        and just because your friends aren’t playing isn’t any reason not to join public games

        the game does a check on the stats of all players in the online game and puts an exclamation mark next to them if their stats look suspicious

        you can inspect all characters and ‘vote kick’ anyone you think is cheating

        you can also blacklist people; the blacklist is account wide, so anyone you blacklist can never join your games

        • was not aware of any of that good stuff to know. i know for a fact i will get the game its just a matter of when. i cant imagine the game has a story though. beating the D3 story is something every game should be able to do without even trying but i have yet to play an ARPG with a good story.

          • well, imo, TL2 has a nice ‘world story’ where as D3 might have a better ‘central story’

            in TL2, there are a number of races, each with their own problems, each needing your help with different things (some of the things are rather small, but still, it gave it more of a ‘world flavor’ — the whole story and each quest doesn’t center on just one thing — finding and killing the main evil)

            is it a good central story ?
            I’d say ‘not really’, but only because I see it more as a bunch of little stories wrapping one central story, it’s more like a mini mmo

        • yet the fact still remains, its gash.

          My 9999999 dps weapon pwns your acc.

    11. Unfortunately, the poll is missing the option that I would vote for, “Eagerly awaiting the Mac Version.”

      I’ll almost certainly purchase TL2 when the Mac client is released, which from Xanth’s interview with Max the other day sounds like it’s not too far off. It is only $20 after all. Even if I end up just feeling kind of ‘ehh’ about it, I’ll be hard pressed to say it wasn’t worth the cost of admission.

      This is how I see it playing out in the long run: I’ll purchase TL2 and get wrapped up with that, almost completely ignoring D3 for a while. Exactly how long that lasts is really the key wild card here, and is impossible to predict… it’s entirely dependent on all the “x factor” type stuff… basically just how well the game and I “click”. But, even if it’s great, I’ll end up back in D3 the majority of the time.

      Why? I just prefer the overall aesthetics of D3, and I don’t foresee myself completely changing my tastes on that. People keep citing the “cartoony” graphics of TL2 (which actually remind me of “Team Fortress 2” more than anything), but that’s not really the problem for me. It’s more about the overall design, look and feel of the world in general, not just the graphics.

      If you don’t see that as being much of a distinction, think about it this way: If D3 is a month long safari in the African Savannah, than TL2 would be a week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. That’s not an insult to TL2 in anyway… sometimes you want that sense that a Lion could be lurking in the tall grass, or outside your tent at night; sometimes you would rather have fences and safeguards so that you and the family can just be goofy and enjoy yourselves. This isn’t a commentary on difficulty, skill factor, or anything like that, it’s just the best way that I can describe the difference in the way the games ‘feel’. And it is admittedly drawing solely from limited TL1 play, and the what I’ve seen of TL2 so far.

      I could, of course, be completely off on my prediction as to how I’ll feel once the game is in hand. TL2 may blow me away. But I honestly think I’ll end up playing D3 most of the time, then every once in a while setting it aside and going over to TL2 for a week or so at a time.

      One last thing: I’m a bit baffled by how people are coming down so strongly on one side or the other. I get the frustration with D3 for many, and the fundamental differences in some of the key systems… but in the end they are basically just two distinct iterations of what is possible in ARPGs. In the grand scope of gaming, we’re not even talking apples and oranges. It’s more like Granny Smiths and Red Deliciouses. I, for one, like having both varieties around for when I feel like a change in pace.

      • if you have Steam and buy the Windows version now, you’ll get the Mac version for free when it’s released

        of course that means nothing if you can’t play the Windows version now

    12. I got Torchlight 2 gifted, but I was going to buy it anyway. I’ve had a play and it is a very good game. I still prefer Diablo 3 better overall, but I haven’t played nearly as much Torchlight 2 yet so I’ll have to wait and see what high level play is like. There are a couple of things that annoy me though about Torchlight. Having played D3 I find the poition spam in T2 to be quite annoying, especially the mana potions. It is actually a pretty big deal IMHO. Also it’s very difficult to see how changing my equipment will impact my character, which makes gear comparison a pain. I don’t think this will be an issue long term though as I’m sure a mod will fix this, but it’s annoying now. Speaking of mods though, I think T2 will age much better than D3 because of that.

    13. No dedicated servers = Fail. Ashame Torchlight, I had my hopes up!

    14. You play 51584785 hours and get the best shit.

      I play 30 seconds in an editor and have even better. SO fail!

    15. Ok. I know this is a Diablo fan site so I’m gonna catch flak for this, but here goes:

      Let me start by saying that I own and like both games. I think they both have strengths and weaknesses, but I’m not going to talk about my opinion right now.

      Because I believe in democracy I believe the best way to *objectively* weigh the value of a medium like this is through voting. With that said:

      The Metacritic USER score for Diablo III is 3.8.

      The Metacritic USER score for Torchlight II is 9.3.

      Now I know you can (and will) make the argument that Torchlight II hasn’t even been out a week, so it’s overall score may drop over time. That’s true, but also realize that Diablo III has been out for over 4 months now, and it’s score has only steadily declined despite all the work Blizzard has put into it post launch.

      But as it stands now, I’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves. Take them or leave them.

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