Barbs are up in arms.

    Barbs are up in arms.

    Mortick’s Brace, the “All the WotB!” bracers for the Barbarian, was available all during the PTR testing of Patch 2.2, but the developers decided to cut the item shortly before the patch went live. It was a late change, so late that no public announcement was made and the item was listed in the initial patch notes. Of course Barb players were eager to get their paws on it and everyone set to furiously and futilely gambling Bracers, until hours after the patch went live when John Yang officially crushed their dreams.

    PSA: Mortick’s Brace was removed from Patch 2.2 and will not drop. — JohnYang

    well its kinda reasonable. As an idea maybe give Morticks Bracers only one random effect of Wrath of the Berserker. –Akyrotv

    This was the preferred alternative to cutting the item completely, but it was too late in the patch cycle to make string changes. –JohnYang

    John’s follow up came late Tuesday night, and just deepens my confusion as to why they were in such a rush to end S2 and launch v2.2, immediately after a 5 month S1 and before a 4 month S3. And no, amusing numerology is not an explanation.

    morticks-bracers-ptrv220aThe more immediate issue is the removal of Mortick’s Brace, and while you never know how much real troll flavor you’re tasting in any Battle.net forum post, there are plenty to sample from:

    Thank you Blizzard for making Barbs useless, at least now we know what class not to play.

    R.I.P. Barbs
    Vaneras: This smells like hyperbole to me, but please know that we will be keeping eye on how well (or poorly) Barbarians will perform as a result of not having access to these bracers. Constructive feedback from people that will be playing Barbarians after patch 2.2, especially in Greater Rifts, will be very helpful in this regard.

    We’ll see how it plays out.

    I am not saying barb gonna be useless, but nowhere near good enough.

    Will Barbarian be in a good spot in party play? I have many doubts
    Vaneras: The developers will certainly keep an eye on the leaderboards, and as mentioned in my previous post, we will also be very interested in getting feedback from Barbarians who will be playing in Greater Rift after patch 2.2.

    The best part is that Mortick’s was briefly available in the console v2.2, until it was hotfixed to stop dropping. So a few early adapters have it, and no one else. (Except of course it’s offline, so people will just hack/dupe it.)

    So, what do you guys think? Was the item too OP and it had to go? Are the Barbs just being whiny? Was the real issue Blizzard removing it so last minute? Or are you just enjoying the QQ show and laughing until next time when it happens to your fave class?

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    Click through for slanderous photos and added info about Mortick’s Brace.

    wyatt cheng mortick's brace
    When you search google images for Mortick’s Brace you’ll find this masterpiece featuring Wyatt Cheng at Blizzcon, as the second result. Why blame Wyatt? Dunno. The quote isn’t even from him. Maybe they couldn’t find a good Jay Wilson pic?

    I’m all for blaming Jay, BTW. We’ve been happily blaming him for all the problems from the first year of Diablo 3, Josh included, and the biggest imbalance in vanilla was the OP spin2win Barb. Mortick’s Brace is an issue with OP DiabloWikispin2win Barbs, hence it’s Jay’s fault. Sure, he left the D3 team more than 2 years ago, but this is the Internet. We never let facts get in the way of a good scapegoating.

    Update #2: Leviathan/Katniss points us to a short but informative article about Mortick’s Brace he authored a few weeks ago.

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