Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3?

Checking the blue tracker today and a reply from Lylirra caught my eye.

Name your single biggest issue with Diablo right now
Lylirra: Thanks for the feedback, all. And for keeping the discussion constructive. There’s some great stuff in this thread, and we’ll make sure it gets passed on to the appropriate teams. 🙂

I thought it would make a good topic for a vote, so I read over the first ten pages, tabulating how often specific complaints came up. Of course more replies treated the “single biggest issue” part like old people treat the “ten items or less” sign at the supermarket, and there were a lot of posts with WoT crits or just bullet lists like this one that defeat the whole purpose of asking for top complaints..

There’s obviously some sort of self-ranking just by what people care enough to type a complaint over, but people have differing typing speeds and varying amounts of free time. So here’s our vote in an effort to really whittle down the issue. I’ve listed the most common dozen complaints, and you can vote for one up to THREE of them. I figure limiting it to just one is too selective, but letting you guys vote for everything is too indiscriminate. And obviously you can share reasoning of weight your vote with words in the comments.

Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3? (Pick up to 3.)

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I listed them in semi-random order, rather than sorted by the most complaints from that thread, since I didn’t want you guys to just click the top 3 and not even consider the other issues. Take your picks and we’ll see what order and ranking the sort into. Because science!

I didn’t mention it above the break since I didn’t want to influence the vote, but the most complained items on the thread varied, but definitely Greater Rift monster density/inconsistency was the most made single complaint. However, complaints about item binding were a close second, or possibly a first if you count everything they related to. After all, lots of complaints about having to farm for crafting materials, or inability to obtain specific legendary items required for builds… are only an issue since there is BoA.

The lack of item trading is an obvious one; my new HSea Monk could quadruple wield without loss in quality since she’d found a ton of great 1H weapons, but has had horrible luck finding armor. Obviously if there was trading, I’d be happier and another player who has found multiple armors but can’t get a good weapon, would also be happy. Or take another common complaint, about having to farm materials (blue, yellow, souls, topaz, etc) for crafting. That sucks now in RoS, since you have to pick up all the blues and yellow just to insta-salvage them. But in D3v material farming was actually a great feature in the game. Rich players who needed massive quantities for high level crafting could just buy them with gold or items, and poor players who weren’t finding great gear yet could still profit from their play time by gathering materials and selling them.

I’m not really advocating a change back, but just pointing out that item binding is a major factor behind many different major complaints. But of course BoA is required in a game with such high drop rates. I’m sure a top 3 complaint about D3v would have been how hard it was to find useful legendary items, and that’s no one’s complaint about RoS since the drop rates are so much higher, and that’s possible since there’s only very limited trading.

BTW, my favorite comment from the whole Bnet thread:

I think the demon hunters breasts should be proportioned with her butt.

I must admit, despite playing literally hundreds of hours with the DH, almost all with a female avatar… I haven’t noticed this *problem*. (One drawback of being old. If I was still 15 I’m sure I’d have a nuanced opinion on the matter.) So now I’m wondering… which proportion does he feel is too small, or too large? I’m almost tempted to post a second vote on this. There would be four options, obviously, with each of the two body parts and a bigger/smaller vote for each. Though knowing males and the internet, I can’t imagine that “bigger boobs” wouldn’t win in a landslide, proportions be damned.

Dat booty? Opinions differ…


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  1. I voted stash/storage. I have so many things I want to try and just not enough space to hold it all to make them work. Especially in HC where I need backup(s)…

    • Not enough stash space was probably #4 or #5 most complained in the first 12 pages of the bnet thread. And often was voiced as a solo issue.

      I'm surprised at the votes here so far, since Grift density was easily the most complained single issue on the bnet thread. It's probably a misrepresented one, since it's about the #1 issue for people who play 4+ hours a day and who are spending their effort trying to push past GR35 or 40… but is an issue of very little importance for people who play less intensively.

      • I dunno about that. I have done about 4 or 5 Greater Rifts until I failed since 2.1 released, and I still voted for it. Density is absurdly low sometimes. I've had a rift which I just barely made in time followed by me finishing the next one in 5 minutes.

  2. In general I'm liking where the game is at.

    One additional thing I would like to see: an exposed user interface API. Since the RMA is gone, should be less resistance. I'm not asking for botting or anything, but would like:

    1) Chat timestamps
    2) Lockable user interface with a hot key override (IE when I'm in the middle of combat in a tight grift, the last thing I want to click on is the clan roster button or somebody's achievement in the chat window, yet I manage to hit both semi-regularly)
    3) A HUD

    • YES.

      I hate Blizzard's answer of "we want to avoid clutter" but most of their UI elements just haphazardly clutter the screen. It's a cheap answer to avoid a UI that is lacking.

      To your list I'd add:

      4) Scaleable UI elements.
      5) Visibility toggle (eg don't need to see quest objectives when in combat).
      6) Moveable UI elements.

  3. Top 3 for me on the list are:
    -Legendaries w/o some sort of special property are instant salvage fodder
    -No trading, my father plays the game and has found 3 Scahefers, 2 of which are awesome, and he doesn't need them at all while I need one and get a horrible roll on the one that I do find
    -Gambling for specific weapon categories would make the process far less painful and tedious

    • I feel like the trading issue is only a big problem if you don't party with people, and you are rewarded for partying anyway. If your father does play, why don't you play with him? Then when he drops a Schaefer's Hammer he can give it to you.

      Other than that, I mostly agree with you. That said, I know that the legendaries issue is, slowly but surely, getting worked out. Lots of worthless legendaries got new affixes in 2.1, and the devs said explicitly that they plan to have every legendary have a special affix, they just haven't made them all yet. I agree that more, faster would be better, but eventually the problem will be gone unless something major changes the devs' design plan.

      • Your solution only works if everyone who wants to trade only amounts to 4 people who all play at exactly the same time for exactly as long. My friends and I all have different work hours and even playing time of day is variable. If there were some kind of clan-allowed trading, we'd be fine. As is? I have sharded half a dozen akkhan's pieces that someone else could have used. Most were pretty decently rolled, just not quite as good as mine.

  4. I was looking for "Myriam" as a complaint but had to settle with the rest.

  5. Wow….I consider myself more of a casual player (although I play Diablo a lot) and I picked the top three choices (did not look at results prior to voting). Storage/stash space is definitely a big issue right now. I've barely touched the characters in my main account, but been spending a lot of time with my seasons Crusader and have so far managed to fill up one full stash tab, and getting close to halfway on a second tab. If the seasons last for another 2+ months, it won't be hard for pack rats like me to fill up 3 or 4 tabs…which means a lot of salvaging when those characters roll over to the main account.

  6. chat window type is way too small
    im ususally sitting about 1m/3ft away from my screen and i always have to strain my eyes to read the chat

    • There were a couple of complaints in the bnet thread about chat stuff, but about the window opening up when you mouse over it by accident. I didn't include every last possible issue to keep the vote from being absurdly long, but in retrospect I should have put in a "something else" option as well, to catch the rare person who has a top 3 gripe that wasn't on the main list.

      • I would have added "lack of clan features" as one complaint.

        Trading should be relaxed among clanmates, so that if you found something you could trade it to anyone in your clan who was online at the time. Clans should have for sale boards for this.

        Also there should be an events board, so people could sign up for group play at specific times.

        • Agree on all points and it's something we've been complaining about since Clans went live back on the PTR. They did fix one thing, at least.

          The first day clans existed I emailed Blue CMs about the lack of death announcements, since literally every HC death people complained over that lack of feature. And that was patched in, eventually, though it's not as visible or showing in the legendary item find roster, as players would prefer.

          As always, any fixes/changes on features take much longer than game fixes, since there are different devs running Bnet than running D3, and they've got to service all of blizzard's titles.

    • Change the font size? The highest settings is easily readable from a distance.

  7. Do I win the lottery for picking the top 3? Build diversity and lack of good legendary affects that work. The latter heavily influences the former, yet another part of it is due to the focus on the need to have damaging abilities that do upwards of 6-7 times more damage than damage abilities do normally. i.e. sunwuko clones doing 3.5k or raiment explosions doing 3k while monk damage abilities do 600ish. It's a horrible band-aid fix.

  8. How is PvP arena, the number one thing from Blizzcon 2010, not the number one vote? That was supposed to be in on ship! What's their plan? "Click here for PvP mode." (Downloads and installs Heroes of the Storm). Blech!

    Also, trading gear is one thing, but the materials system is a disaster. They need the GAH for gems and souls. I never share w/ anyone b/c I need the damn souls for too much junk, and enchanting is fancy gambling, as is. NO MORE GAMBLING FOR EVERYTHING. If I reroll 687 vitality, WHY THE HELL IS 645 VITALITY ONE OF THE OPTIONS???

    • Was just about to post the same thing. I remember how much fun it was in D2 to build wacky characters specifically for PVP (Chargadin with an ethereal BOTD lance, throw barbs with super rare throwing axes). I miss that aspect of Diablo.

    • Probably because Diablo is primarily about PvE, people in the serious PvP scene was a small minority. Sure, PvP was promised, but since it's not integral to Diablo not many people miss it… probably.

      That said, one of my vote was PvP. I never played it in D2 (where I feel it was merely an afterthought) and I don't care that it wasn't in the base game, despite the promises, but I really liked what I saw at the BlizzCons before D3's release so I'd like to play it eventually.

      • What's weird is the lack of any real explanation as to why it was yanked. Team arena looked promising, and Jay was hyping it, and then *poof* sorry it's not good enough so you can't have it.

        • The explanation that was given to us was that the dev team didn't think a true PvP game mode was a good fit for Diablo. From a narrative perspective that makes perfect sense to me, since the game is about heroes banding up against the hordes of evil. From a gameplay perspective however it would be fun as hell, evidenced by the fact that people who played it at previous BlizzCons said that it was by far the most fun part of the game.

          It's worth mentioning though that at that point the itemization was nowhere near complete (is it ever?), so players were given pre-made gear. PvP could very well be a balance nightmare with the current itemization, but some kind of gear rating system could help matchmaking, or barring that I'm not against using completely pre-made gear either. That way at least that only differentiating factor would be skill level between players, although such a system would go against one of Diablo's core design: gathering gear to advance our characters.

          • PVP is the only way the game can progress as D2.

          • I was back then, and remain today, largely convinced that Heroes of the Storm is a large reason we don't have D3 PvP Arena, at least not with the pre-made chars that would turn it into a skill battle, rather than a "who has better gear" contest.

            D3 devs had this awesome dueling system at Blizzcon 4 years ago, but Bliz DotA was under production and the company was like… "do we really want 2 ARPG top-down view games offering balanced, competitive PvP? When it's the core feature for one game, and just a cool additional feature for the other?"

  9. Lack of diversity but I would have picked a couple more but it was the 'biggest' complaint so only one choice.

  10. My 2 biggest complaints are not on the list:

    1) MOAR because MOAR – talisman, new act, new class, new mobs, new skills, new items, all the new content you could think of + all the goodies they can put in, just give me MOAR!

    On a more serious note, though – the game is in a really good state right now – RoS and 2.1 patch definetely brought a lot of improvements. It just makes you want more 🙂 To be honest, I'd happily pay for even like 2-3 more expansion packs for D3 if every one of them brought at least the same amount of content to the game as RoS did 🙂

    And… I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone – the question is if there's enough people who'd buy many expansions for Blizzard to justify doing them?

    2) With paragon points we got a nice replacement for attribute allocation in D2. I love the idea and I think it's superior to the old system, but I'd like to see some customization option for skills and… the talisman with a pretty well thought out charm system. Those are pretty much the only two big cut features that I really, really miss.

    As for actual votes:

    1) Orange items with no affix – that needs fixing, now… Adding unique affixes to legendaries is probably the single biggest improvement from vanilla, because it creates many cool builds and breaths a second life into many skills. Sure, not a lot of them are T6 or higher Grift viable, but more unique affixes = more builds, more items to hunt, more fun to have 🙂 I hope that at one point all legendaries will have those affixes.

    2) Trading system – AH/RMAH were bad, that I agree with, but cutting trading completely is also bad. There are times when I play with some friends and I'd really love to give them some items I have in stash, but I can't.

    I think that they should allow people from the same clan to freely exchange legendary items, so that if you have a buddy in the same clan you're free to give him any legendary you have or exchange it for any of his legendaries.

    3) I voted for melee being weak, because I play melee and the damage on higher Grifts is just insane – either you avoid it completely or get one shotted. I think that they should settle for some maximum monster damage based on how much toughness and healing you can rationally get and after some point only increase the monster hp per grift level.

    • A 2nd expansion pack has been on the table for a long while now. They just needed to get Vanilla and Reaper of Souls working to an exceptible level first which I think they have achieved. Of course things could still using tweaking but the game is a lot better with patch 2.0+2.1 and RoS in play. They plan on 1 more class and the talisman might show in the next expansion. We might hear something of it at Blizzcon this year.

  11. Triple vote for arena-style PvP

  12. Build variety (and attached sets/leg itemization) is certainly a big one, as is very narrow itemization (get Unity x2 OR ELSE), and most of the rest besides PvP (huge waste of time, no idea how anyone could enjoy it) are valid. I'd like to add one:

    Lack of content variety. Right now you do Rifts, or GRifts (now with more artificially inflated numbers for fake difficulty!). Sometimes you do A1 bounties for a RoRG, but that's about it. The Hellfire amulet droprate buffs were a start, but I know whatever I make will be crap, so I wish there were something else to be doing.

    I wish the number of bounty bag legendaries were tripled and they all had useful item properties, for example. What about those zone-specific top-level drop rate areas from D2? Maybe a special enchanting mat that you can toss in to mess with item enchanting properties somehow, but doesn't drop in rifts?

    Rifts are okay… but ONLY doing rifts makes Jack an angry boy.

  13. I was gonna make a serious post, but Wizard boobs best boobs.

  14. I really just want to see them build out grifts more, keep the main incentive to be for leveling gems sure but give us some variety and/or control of grifts. For example I love the Torchlight 2 end game where maps can have magical attributes like mobs do 15% more dmg, exp increased by 50%, mf increased by x% etc. etc. This can make some grifts more challenging/rewarding.

    Honestly we all end up in a grift range that is “comfortable” so why not make them have some variety in terms of reward/difficulty other than the straight up exponential scaling from grift 35 to grift 36. I think this is my biggest gripe right now and biggest opportunity for them to make the end game feel more varied/rewarding.

    Granted this would probably entail a pretty massive redesign of grifts, but I think that is inevitable anyways. People will complain about the current way grifts work, and blizzard will redesign them within a year anyways or just come out with something that basically replaces them entirely. As is grifts have great potential to be THE end game but they need some tweaking and they could kill two birds with one stone.

  15. I'd have to say there could be more in the way of character/build diversity.

    Right now, I can switch around to any skills I want as soon as I reach level 70. Unlocking a new skill to me really isn't a big deal, and other than the odd legendary I find that gives me a boost in one of my skills, there really doesn't seem much that differentiates one of my demon hunters from another. Take off their gear and they're all the same.

    There was something really appealing I found about the way skills and skill points were handled in D2X. There was real consequence to my choices and required some thought when building a character. Builds in D2x weren't only defined by the gear they wore, but the way their stats and skills were allotted. DIII still seems a little too wide open to me. It's fun, to be sure, but maybe a little too mindlessly so.

    ***If they want all the customization to come from gear, then they really need to push this further than they have been doing.

    ***It would be cool to have special skill/rune-boosting gems to enchant through Kadala. These could be enchanted to boost specific skills of my choice.

    ***More sockets in EVERY piece of equipment. (Need I say more?)

    ***After level 70, I think it would be nice to let paragon points (maybe every 5th or so) go towards boosting specific skills/runes of my choice.

    ***Maybe the talisman could help with that? . . . 😉

  16. majorly missing from here is clan size. why on earth is there are limit at all? those of us in incgamers are stuck in full or nearly full clans where 90% are inactive. incgamers should not have to dissolve the clan every time they want to house clean.

    – unlimit the clan sizes
    – add last login to the clan list

    My other complaint is about crusaders. 1handers are f'ing worthless. There are some cool 1 handers with nice skill modifiers but they will never equal the dmg output of a 2hander. so something has to be done there to equalize the dps potential.

  17. I can’t believe “Too much RNG on items. Even ultra-rare Legs can roll with useless stats.” is top 3.

    What is the point of a loot based game if everything just rolls good stats?

    Sure it sucks getting a string of crappy rolls but hell i’d rather have that than getting near perfect rolls every time. This is personal opinion obviously but I honestly thought more people felt this way.

    Maybe a solution could be to add unique items that have very tightly defined roll stats and ranges.

    • I tend to agree, that the whole point in a Diablo game is RNG on almost everything. But the Bnet thread had a lot of RNG gripes (about everything, not just items) so I included it here. And you can see, many people think it's an issue.

    • The problem is that people all DO want what you are saying, they just don't realize it.

      RNG and rarity are what make loot exciting.

      If you go out treasure hunting and always find treasure, pretty soon treasure is another word for 'garbage'. If everyone had a Ferarri, no one would be interested in them anymore.

    • Firestarter, I voted for the RNG complaint. I focused on the second sentence: "Even ultra-rare Legs can roll with useless stats." I do not have a problem with RNG per se and agree with you that items should not always roll with great stats. I would go further and say items should not USUALLY roll with great stats. But if ultra-rare items can roll with useless stats, why are they ultra-rare? The ultra-rarity should take care of the RNG thing; the stats on these should be better than average at least.

  18. Druid, where is Druid!? We have sort of elemental Druid with Wizard and some of her skills. DHs have wolf and raven. Still, we know what Druid was all about – Werewolf! We want Werewolf!

    I voted on stash and orange-less legs. It's self explanatory.

  19. My biggest complain is not on the list: ultra linear skill system

  20. I matched the current top 2. (build diversity + useless legendaries). I think "too much RNG" on items is a silly complaint. We have smart loot and a mystic, RNG is fine how it is.

    I think no-trading is a feature. I like finding my own stuff, and being able to trade in groups works well enough (for that rare non-smart drop that just happens to be perfect for my group mate).

    • I wouldn't mind trading between clan members though. If one of my friend plays much less than I am I'd like to help him along by giving him what I find. Even a very limited system like 1 or 2 items per day would help a lot.

  21. Out of control health scaling of monsters relative to damage scaling. This is not really noticeable and was less of a problem before 2.1, but now that the game's professed progression benchmark is clear speed and not survival-related, it lays the problem bare. What's the point of having varied monster types or elite affixes if the game itself tells you it wants you to biff them as quickly as possible? Why even have defensive stats then?

    Basically, I think damage should ramp up more accordingly with health, and that jumping from t3 to t4 shouldn't result in a 30% increase in time spent whaling on mobs that have no chance to kill you because the toughness requirement difference between the two is trivial. It seems like this issue prompts a bunch of others in top-end Grifts, but it looks like no one really cares because pew pew pew?

  22. Balance of class is totally out of contorl

  23. I'd like to have the ability to trade-in Set items for other items from the same set. It's really aggravating to see part of a Set drop multiple times, but not the one or two remaining item you actually need. I think trading in 2 or 3 items from a given Set + tons of crafting mats at a vendor for the item you need would be fair.

    Doing the same should be possible for gems as well, but the gem situation has already brought up.

    Another pet peeve of mine is that gold is now officially worthless, thanks to the Goblin Vault and the Boon of the Hoarder gem. The situation is even worse than in D2, where we could at least gamble with it. A new gold sink would be nice, preferably one that's really deep.

  24. It's too big a departure from D2.

  25. The thing that bothers me most is how the DPS indicator on the inventory screen is becoming increasingly useless.

    As a casual player who spends on average less than 1 hour daily on the game, I need a quick and easy way to know what combination of my equipment/skills gives me the best possible damage.

  26. #1 Stash space – I started playing alts from my WD which already covers one tab himself as I kept almost all good legs that offered different types of builds/combos within the pet build. I really see that this should be 7 tabs, 1 per char and 1 for the generic crafting stuff.

    #2 Not enough legs with leg affixes – This would probably tone down the "too much RNG on items/too much RNG to find items" if we could find legs that offer diverse playstyles/combos within the same type of build instead of having to find the one leg that defines the build which is in the ultra-rare items. Like RoRG is already needed by most builds and now it's pretty easy to find (perhaps a bit too much, but way better than before)

    #3 Kadala gambling: First I have no clue why everything is not 5 shards each. Secondly I'd like to see weapons split by type, even helmets if it were possible. I'd also like to see RNG fixed for this so that you know, I have a chance to find Tasker & Theo before I die.

  27. Useless and boring crafting delays on gems.

  28. I can't even believe that "Not enough stash space" comes before "Too high unavoidable damage".

    Are you people freaking retarded? lol

  29. I know many people are going to disagree on this, but at this rate I'd like to see BUYABLE items from Blizzard Store. I'm just sick and tired of endless farming in the hope to find a Tasker and Theo, Witching Hour or even a little toy like Kridershot. lol

  30. I would be happy if I could simply see the cursor while playing.

  31. The top 2 most voted I could care less about, to be honest.

  32. Trading, beyond what we have now, would move progression along far too quickly.

    People that don't spend all day can already have full torment sets in very little time played.

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