Checking the blue tracker today and a reply from Lylirra caught my eye.

    Name your single biggest issue with Diablo right now
    Lylirra: Thanks for the feedback, all. And for keeping the discussion constructive. There’s some great stuff in this thread, and we’ll make sure it gets passed on to the appropriate teams. 🙂

    I thought it would make a good topic for a vote, so I read over the first ten pages, tabulating how often specific complaints came up. Of course more replies treated the “single biggest issue” part like old people treat the “ten items or less” sign at the supermarket, and there were a lot of posts with WoT crits or just bullet lists like this one that defeat the whole purpose of asking for top complaints..

    There’s obviously some sort of self-ranking just by what people care enough to type a complaint over, but people have differing typing speeds and varying amounts of free time. So here’s our vote in an effort to really whittle down the issue. I’ve listed the most common dozen complaints, and you can vote for one up to THREE of them. I figure limiting it to just one is too selective, but letting you guys vote for everything is too indiscriminate. And obviously you can share reasoning of weight your vote with words in the comments.

    Vote: The Biggest Current Issues with Diablo 3? (Pick up to 3.)

    What is your biggest complaint about Diablo 3 right now? (Pick up to 3.)

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    I listed them in semi-random order, rather than sorted by the most complaints from that B.net thread, since I didn’t want you guys to just click the top 3 and not even consider the other issues. Take your picks and we’ll see what order and ranking the sort into. Because science!

    I didn’t mention it above the break since I didn’t want to influence the vote, but the most complained items on the Battle.net thread varied, but definitely Greater Rift monster density/inconsistency was the most made single complaint. However, complaints about item binding were a close second, or possibly a first if you count everything they related to. After all, lots of complaints about having to farm for crafting materials, or inability to obtain specific legendary items required for builds… are only an issue since there is BoA.

    The lack of item trading is an obvious one; my new HSea Monk could quadruple wield without loss in quality since she’d found a ton of great 1H weapons, but has had horrible luck finding armor. Obviously if there was trading, I’d be happier and another player who has found multiple armors but can’t get a good weapon, would also be happy. Or take another common complaint, about having to farm materials (blue, yellow, souls, topaz, etc) for crafting. That sucks now in RoS, since you have to pick up all the blues and yellow just to insta-salvage them. But in D3v material farming was actually a great feature in the game. Rich players who needed massive quantities for high level crafting could just buy them with gold or items, and poor players who weren’t finding great gear yet could still profit from their play time by gathering materials and selling them.

    I’m not really advocating a change back, but just pointing out that item binding is a major factor behind many different major complaints. But of course BoA is required in a game with such high drop rates. I’m sure a top 3 complaint about D3v would have been how hard it was to find useful legendary items, and that’s no one’s complaint about RoS since the drop rates are so much higher, and that’s possible since there’s only very limited trading.

    BTW, my favorite comment from the whole Bnet thread:

    I think the demon hunters breasts should be proportioned with her butt.

    I must admit, despite playing literally hundreds of hours with the DH, almost all with a female avatar… I haven’t noticed this *problem*. (One drawback of being old. If I was still 15 I’m sure I’d have a nuanced opinion on the matter.) So now I’m wondering… which proportion does he feel is too small, or too large? I’m almost tempted to post a second vote on this. There would be four options, obviously, with each of the two body parts and a bigger/smaller vote for each. Though knowing males and the internet, I can’t imagine that “bigger boobs” wouldn’t win in a landslide, proportions be damned.

    Dat booty? Opinions differ…

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