This issue came up on the podcast last night, and it’s appearing constantly in the forums and in clan chat as well. Vote: Make the +100% Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rate Permanent?

    Though we have no idea what the buff actually does, most fans like the current state of the game very much. Many are the voices asking for it to be made permanent, and some fans are even threatening to quit if they don’t get that. (Though no one takes them seriously.)

    What do you guys think? Is this how the game should always be? Is the current legendary drop rate? Too high? Too low? DiabloWikiGoldilocks? Should Bliz return to normal and save this kind of bonus for special events, or for the upcoming ladders?

    You can choose up to three of the options in this vote, since there the choices are not all mutually-exclusive.

    What changes should Blizzard make to the legendary drop rate in Diablo 3? (Pick up to 3 options.)

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