Vote: Make the +100% Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rate Permanent?

Vote: Make the +100% Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rate Permanent?

This issue came up on the podcast last night, and it’s appearing constantly in the forums and in clan chat as well. Vote: Make the +100% Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rate Permanent?

Though we have no idea what the buff actually does, most fans like the current state of the game very much. Many are the voices asking for it to be made permanent, and some fans are even threatening to quit if they don’t get that. (Though no one takes them seriously.)

What do you guys think? Is this how the game should always be? Is the current legendary drop rate? Too high? Too low? DiabloWikiGoldilocks? Should Bliz return to normal and save this kind of bonus for special events, or for the upcoming ladders?

You can choose up to three of the options in this vote, since there the choices are not all mutually-exclusive.

What changes should Blizzard make to the legendary drop rate in Diablo 3? (Pick up to 3 options.)

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56 thoughts on “Vote: Make the +100% Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rate Permanent?

  1. it just feels right now. Before the buff, I could go a session (around an hour) with zero drops quite frequently. Now I know I can jump on and have a decent chance of finding at least one. My rifts so far have typically ended up with 2 or 3. (tho I have still managed to have a couple rifts with zero)

    Combine that with what was said in the podcast. So much of the time the drop is an immediate salvage. And if you do by chance get a desirable drop, it still has to roll well.

  2. Yeah, I’ve actually found a ton of stuff that’s useful, even if only for the souls I can use to reroll the few near-workable drops. When that buff falls off I’m going to very quickly fall back into “meh” and re-shelve the game yet again whenever something else interesting comes along.

    I’d like to believe Blizz would take notice and buff the rates permanently, but I’m not holding my breath. Coz that would be dangerous.

  3. No! Guys who hasn’t played Diablo II are just whining about MOAR legendary drops. I have put 5 times more time on D2 than D3 and got already twice as many legendaries, most of them worthless of course. Finding the first SOJ was dreams come true, and it took 2 years.

    • QFT.

      These guys are too enticed by the shinies to realize the long term problems too many shinies will produce.

      • Actually the abysmal drop rates in D2 were a huge reason I didn’t play that one more.

        • Diablo 2 is a DIFFERENT GAME. It was based on skills… personal skill, potions that made you able to kite and survive.. and 8 player games and hell was easy to solo with mediocre gear.. There was a economy that made you able to get anything you needed with one good drop, not salvage a unique and keep farming for weeks for the thing you need. Diablo 3 is based on drops and items.. You have to play just for that item, and when you get nothing at all to help you, theres no reason to play, when theres no reason to remake and make a new and better character to have perfect stats, or to use 2 less points in strength because you found a perfect hellfire torch for your sorceress. Stop comparing, shows you know SHIT about d2, i got 4 lightning sorces to lvl 97,97,97,and 98. Got 3 hdins to 96-97, a skellimancer to 97 and a bunch of LLD from lvl 9-30. I know what the fuck d2 is, an Awesome game, but graphically outdated. Stop ruining the chances for d3 to be better by holding onto something that cant happen in this game engine. Go play Diablo 2 then.

          • Your nostalgia filter is pretty strong, but I still have no interest in spending months grinding out things in either game. I’m glad you really, reeeeaaallly enjoyed pointless grinding in D2. I didn’t, and still don’t. The fact that you had to reroll multiple sorcs means absolutely nothing to me, and does not make me want more pointless grindy crap to artificially lengthen D3.

          • Darkmere, you are in fact an idiot. I was not even talking to you. I did in fact agree with you. I didn’t grind d2 for gear. I played d2 for PVP, maybe you haven’t heard of it. Competitively. Next time you blow up on someone with nonsense. Read what the fuck they just said. Wow. So incomprehensibly rude. And if you feel like talking more completely redundant blabbering to no one, go ahead because I have reached my limit of time wasted on someone just here to argue with others. L,mFAO.

    • It took you 2 years to find an item you were looking for… 2YEARS! And this is great, why? Was it like a full time job, or what?

      I have played my share of D2 but I have put 5 more times in D3 just because I can find (or buy) the items I want. And play how I please to. Why should it take me 2 years to find a damn pair of Taske&Teo?

  4. Its not the amount, but the quality of the drops. You can drop a thousand more, it wont fix the problem…

  5. I’m not a heavy player, but I’ve played more than 800 hours and found 2 set items…ever. Blackthorns amulet and ashera’s plan.

    That’s kind of disapointing. I haven’t found much more with the +100%, but I sure wouldn’t mind. I still have fun playing RoS though, I’m sure the RNG will come my way at some point and I’ll find Akkhan in one go…

    • Have you been playing normal all the time? Sorry, but I cannot believe you only found 1 set item in 800 hours… I’ve done 100-150 and have found 10+ greenies.

        • Found 3 IK pieces, 3 Raekor’s pieces and 2 Earth pieces, lots of Blackthorne’s pieces, lot’s of the thorns set whatever that is…

          As far as the bonus drop, realistically I’d like them to extend it one week, through the holiday weekend. I don’t think it’s realistic to think they’re going to make it permanent.

          • Zappa’s on the right track. There’s no reason to simply feed legs and about 1-4 per hour (depending on difficulty) was the right rate. I’ve gotten Full IK, Tal’s, and lots of random other set items and truckloads of legendaries with 100% chance to become a shard. Gambling was a huge help and that buff is already permanent.

            Don’t demand or make 3 year old “I’m taking my ball and going home” threats, it is a game that’s supposed to have years of potential playtime, not get gear and quit. I find nothing fun about instant gratification in gaming as it’s a waste of my money. Of course, that is the genre of the generation today, so do as you like.

            @OP: 800 hours; I find that incredibly hard to believe, I’m at just over 600 combined and that goes back to D3’s release.

      • Nope, not just normal, Inferno, MP2/3 and now Torment 2-4. Guess I’m just really unlucky 🙁

  6. I feel like the bonus should definitely be permanent. I’m excited to get home from work for a play session, because now I actually feel like there is a possibility that I might get something I need. My playing group and I were getting very disheartened before this anniversary buff because we just weren’t finding the pieces we needed no matter how much we played. The drops are still mostly insta-souls, but the sound of that leggy dropping makes me carry on because the next one could be it. When you have too much time between those drops, knowing that the drop will probably be worthless, there really stops being an incentive to play.

    So for my part, I say yes to permanent buff. It feels right now. More than this would be too much.

  7. Dont’ let Diablo 3 RoS get more casual than it already is..Legendaries should be hard to find, not given to you for free.

    • If by hard you mean difficult, and by difficult you mean “time consuming”, you’re an idiot.

      • Don’t forget, only uber-leet (aka, people who have the time to play for 23.5 hrs/day) people are allowed nice things, the rest of us prole-scum aren’t even fit for grey items.

    • I completely disagree. Other than for crafting mats, white, blue, and yellow drops are all but useless. With the increased gold drop rates I don’t even pick up yellow items to sell anymore once my mat stack hits 3000.

      Like it or not, the current design of D3 is that only legendaries (and sets) matter. I don’t just need the leg I want to drop. I need 12 copies of it to drop so maybe one of them is an upgrade after enchanting. If it takes weeks and weeks of nightly farming to get one copy of the leg I want, that is bad game design.

      The whole point of removing the AH and trading (something I agree with 1000%) is that you should be able to find what you want by going and getting drops. With the 100% buff it finally feels like it is possible to do that.

      Since the event started, I’ve been farming/gambling for a Wand of Woh. I haven’t found it yet but I have found a 2nd Shard of Hate and a Thunderfury. That’s a lot better than “you’ve played 30 hours and found jack? sucks to be you. get back out there for another 120 hours.”

  8. You have a bug it says to me welcome back muSPK even though I am not him in any shape or form ( dont even know who he is ) , I can also see what he voted on this pole ( I have never voted on this pole )

    • It’s just a display bug. You are logged on as you; what happens is when there’s heavy load the same cookie gets reused. Our tech guys have worked on it many times but it seems impossible to completely defeat with our user DB spread across so many sites/forums/systems. Alas.

      • Actually I’ve seen it’s often the last person on the page to post a comment, and if I try to post anyway, I get an error message about permissions. I do indeed have to actually sign out and back in again in order to be able to post. So it’s not as harmless a bug as you seem to think, unfortunately. (Wish it was.)

      • If it helps, this never occurred to me ever until your anniversary when I donated to show my support. =P Maybe that has something to do with it? -shrug-

  9. I’d not go with 100%… but 50% would still guarantee a leg drop in every rift.

    • Yes! I also think 50% is the way to go. 100% feel a bit too much for me, while going back to normal after this would suck even more.

      The reason it feels better now than before is that players now have decent quality gear on them. When the game was new, every leg drop was a potential upgrade. Now, most players have to either find the same leg with higher stats, or several other good legendary items and change build to be able to upgrade their chars. This justifies a higher drop rate.

  10. People maxed out their characters WAY too quickly with the current drop rates.

    RoS has not been out for very long at all. We need the item hunt to last the long stretch.

    So, they need to LOWER the drop rates from what they currently are, lengthen the progression curve. People don’t like it now but they will hate it much more when they never find any upgrades a month from now (and not realize the current drop rates are the reason).

    • I’m supportive of the current buffed rate.

      But I feel your concern. The problem here is a big one. People who play 4+ hours a day vs those of us that can squeeze in 1-2 hours a day.

      Since RoS has come out, I’ve gotten no BiS items. Prolly around 50-60 hours of play. So for players like me, the old drop rate just feels like getting those wonderful items is just never going to happen. It gets old real fast playing for 1-2 hours for 1 to 2 legendaries, both of which are junk.

      I dunno, maybe return the rates back to what they were but consider this rate for seasons? Its definitely a very hard issue to tackle. Because you are right, for those that play a ton, this drop rate would get them to max weeks faster.

  11. I voted for 5, 6, and 3.

    I think there should be a reward to leg drops starting at Hard or Expert, not just at Torment, and it should just scale up from there. Practically nobody plays above normal anymore, so much so that I can’t even remember which one is above it. =P

    I also think magic find should be in the list of paragon points, even if it doesn’t return on gear. This was the original point of paragon after all, to get you up to magic find cap without having to gear swap.

    While I’m on the subject of paragon points let me throw in a suggestion I just thought of. I also think it would be cool if you could pick a legendary or set bonus for like 100 paragon points, that way even if that item has never dropped or you want to wear something else in that slot you can play with that legendary bonus. Or alternatively it can be like transmog in which you do actually have to find the item first (at equal or higher level to the level your character currently is) to ‘unlock’ the affix.

    I think spending 100 (or possibly more) paragon points to permanently ‘enchant-mog’ an item into a legendary you’ve previously found would be epic. All orange text or set bonus on the item would be replaced with that of the item you would prefer to be wearing in that slot (that way you can’t combine bonuses of two different belts for instance), but all other stats would be of the item you’re actually wearing.

    This could be great for something like Nemesis bracers so you don’t have to swap to them every time you click a shrine. It can also work great for other build-altering legendaries as well. And it would make paragon points something people actually want rather than just number dumping.

    Back on subject though, I think this is a good drop rate for ladders to have as an incentive to play them over not playing ladders.

  12. KEEP. The. BUFF! I haven’t had this much fun on the game since it came out. The last 3 days have been just wonderful. I upgraded my WD and Wiz several times over and was finally able to re-enchant some of the items I found due to the extra money and souls I have now. This is how the game should be. Not too many drops, not too few. Just right. It’s the porridge that Goldilocks chose!

  13. I think the game would benefit more from smaller affix ranges/less random affixes on legendary quality items and improved chances for the ‘rare legendaries’. Spinning the frequency spiral down further would only make legendaries feel even less special.

  14. I wouldn’t mind having weekend bonuses like this. That way during the busy work week you look forward to having a few hours on the weekend to just relax and knock out some legendary farming without making them so common all the time.

    • **WTF? who pressed the post comment button when I left the room?***

      I really enjoy running my favorite areas, when 2.0 first came out I did really well speed running the keeps on all 3 levels and then killing Ghom at the end.

      When the 100% bonus to leg drops was added to rifts everything else became obsolete at that point, there was no point in running my keeps as I could go days without seeing a single legendary…

      With this 100% bonus I can now run AREAS OTHER THAN RIFTS and still feel good about my play time and it feels much more like diablo again.

      Please keep this bonus to add more options to this game besides rifting till we drop.

  15. 2 years to get your first SOJ and that is what you consider optimal fun? I believe it if it takes an average of 2+ years of work before you have BiS items, 95% of the community/game base will move on before that happens.

    Ask yourself what that very low drop rate accomplished back in D2. Item Dupping, Botting, black markets, gold spamming. No thank you. The old \wild west\ D2 was fun, but not a model I think needs to be replicated in D3.

    Without the ability to trade anything of value, drop rates need to be buffed past what was seen in D2 or D3 vanilla. My opinion is the optimal rate is somewhere between the 100% buff and patch 2.5 normal level. Follow that up with some tweaks to the loot 2.0 system by allowing legs to drop with 5 and 6 main affixes with increasing rarity.

  16. I don’t think the legendary buff should be permanent but a once-in-a-while community event is fine. It’s definitely been fun the past few days getting so many legendaries but a large part of the appeal has been because:

    1) It’s a special event.
    2) We’re finally getting upgrades again like when we first started playing.

    If we keep the buff, eventually our gear level will plateau again. What then? Do we ask for a 200% buff instead? a 400% buff after? Ultimately we’ll never be completely satisfied with the amount of loot we receive if everything else stays as it is. The answer can’t just be more carrots on a stick; there needs to be a better carrot so that we feel like we’re progressing in a meaningful way without Blizzard throwing legendaries at us like candy.

  17. I think that it would be cool if they
    1) keep the buff
    2) replace the leg which drops with the bonus by soul drops since I essentially use my leg to enchant others.
    Enchanting is really great since it adds the feeling of progression in items.

  18. I think that 50% of the current buff would be okay. Before the buff, there were several sessions in which I didn’t find a single legendary. Now it’s really cool, but sometimes it feels a tiny bit too much. (especially on the higher difficulty levels)

    As I’m a pretty casual player (full-time job etc.), I can’t grind as much as other people do. If you can only play for about 2 hours per day, there should be some feeling of progress attached to each gaming session.

  19. I like the idea of an “active” buff – that changes with the number of players logged into multiplayer games. 1) incentivises people to log on, 2) incentivises group play, 3) increases leg. drop-rates.

    Also – I like the idea of a 50% increase being permanent. Considering how many legs become auto-souls, and how few are actually useful as the game goes on, more frequent drops are necessary for enchanting gear, at least, or crafting.

    ALSO – has anyone tried to max out MF? There are a lot of times the provide it still in RoS – I’m just curious to know if anyone has done it, and how it might affect leg. drop-rates overall.

  20. I haven’t found 1 leg that has been useful, most of them are junk, but the game has been more fun to play. Specifically hopeless play is not fun, hopeful play is fun.

  21. Yes, the buff is nice, but I don’t think it should be permanent. I love seeing those gold & green beams, but if they become too common they will lose that feeling of finding something special.

    However, I think it should be incorporated into the game on a regular basis by adding a Legendary Pylon (that would do this exact buff, but only for a short duration), and by bringing back REWORKED Magic Find properties.

    To see how I think Magic Find should be reworked, check out my earlier post here:

  22. knowing blizzard they wont do this, according to them the drops normally are fine last i heard.. they are nothing but a joke really.. its really more fun playing the weekend with the buff, found tons of nice items and finally i can play on higher torment levels, before i couldnt so that to see the buff soon gone is sad 🙁

  23. Just killed 10 goblins in a rift T2, not one drop nor did any other players in the game, we then cleared it, still no drops. I don’t think it’s too high, I can play an hour or 2 a day at a real push and it’s sad to come across a rare sequence and not get a reward from a potentially rewarding event.

  24. They should double it every month until nothing drops but Legendaries. Preferably, at some point, killing anything will be guaranteed to drop all Legendaries.

  25. The drop rates – with the curent +100% buff – are on spot. There are still so many junk legendaries around, and complete sets still hard enough to get, so that it shouldn’t hurt the economy at all – especially with the much shorter seasons coming soon.

    • Flux wrote an article way back when (D2 1.08?), when 80+ Paragon Points gave you over 400% Magic Find…

      That’s what the Anniversary Bonus feels like now. We’ve gotten our characters to the level where they can run torment rifts, and are properly rewarded. The loot pool is a lot larger, and a lot of the drops become Souls, but at least it’s nice to be seeing drops in the first place.

  26. But but but, if you lower it, its like a 100% nerf to our drops !!!

    Of course everyone wants more…what kinda loaded question is that?

    Personally, I hope Bliz does not cave; it will bode ill for the future

  27. I was tempted to shout (and vote) “MOAR!” like good little munchkin I am, but in the long run it would spoil my game enjoyment. I wouldn’t want legendaries to become new rares – you find tons of them but only a fraction of a percent is actually useful. I would rather want them to become “even smarter” loot – so the legendary drop would have much higher chance to be an upgrade over most rares (give them higher stat roll brackets for example).
    I’m all for higher drop rate in the ladders, seeing how they will last just a couple months.

  28. The buff should stay. Unless Blizzard want to test the actual results of such a change before making it official in a patch, they made a bad decision. We played what the majority of players consider a better version of the game and Blizzard cannot ask us to pretend it didn’t happen.

    They should have known people still experience multiple rifts, even hours, without a single legendary drop and “doubling” those drops would improve the game too much to accept its removal.

    They can’t go back, not from this. If they do, they’ll see a significant loss of player interest. Nothing as major as pre-105 inferno, but I’m probably not the only one who was starting to get more and more bummed out when multiple rifts in a row were without a legendary. And if I was starting to lose interest before the buff, now that I’ve experienced it, I cannot see myself going through more than two rifts without a legendary before I just quit and do something else instead, anything that won’t feel like an exercise in futility.

  29. I played all day and night on friday, and for once I found the first of 4 upgrades for the first time in literally a month. Maybe more. Granted none were perfect, a low roll magefist with no crit damage just attack speed, a low soj, a low andys with wrong element, and finally ik gloves to get 3 ik pieces. But for once I felt rewarded, and happy to be able to try out new and different builds. If thats gone, it will be the same as before, playing 2-3 rifts a day, or once a week. I play tor 3 with either lightning ww barb, or now i can go fire hammer or fire ww, all with perm ancients. And I finish rifts around 10 mins each now, can actually kill bosses faster now, feels good to get better gear, and I will probably barely play if I have to put in an entire month of 2 hours a day to get a upgrade for once. And my gear is far from perfect.

  30. As much as i like the increase in drops, I think the main problem (like other people have said) is quality, not quantity.

    The Legendary items you pick up should be more on par with each other, so you have to think about what one to use each one you pick up.

    If people want to play it all the time like it is now, then there is a sign every time you start up Battle Net saying it will be out on console in August.

  31. I think there needs to be further mechanics that alter skills then game changing legendaries, that way the legendary quality can be improved. Maybe new skill runes dropping? The anniversary buff for the drop rate is good for me and other players who can only really play on weekends because of full-time work.

  32. I went for 2, 3, and 5. I like all of those alternatives for keeping the increased rate feeling special and creating incentive for people to really really put aside time to play the game (2 and 3; the latter being incentive to do the ladder and the former being incentive to set aside some random weekend they deem bonus weekend) and 5 to make gear progression more meaningful. You want to strive to get into the higher difficulties to find higher rewards to be better at Tiered Rifts or whatever competitive elements they enable. The individual systems should work to encourage a feeling of just wanting to play the game and get better at doing so.

  33. Yes I have, It’s a complete waste. I have 300% MF and it does absolutely nothing for me. I have found no more legendaries then anyone else. I find no more then i did when i first started stacking it. They need to make MF apply to Legendaries much more strongly. As far as i know. 10% of your MF applies to Legendaries. Meaning 300% MF is a 30% buff. Waste of effort.

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