Vote: Seasons and Exclusive Items

Season Three Rewards

Season Three Rewards

Most of the complaints I’ve heard about Seasons are along the lines of, “Since everyone plays Seasons, there’s no no one to party with for non-season players.” But there are people who don’t like Seasons at all, and/or the legendary items that are exclusive to each season, before joining the general item pool when the Season ends after five months seven weeks. (As we joked/warned many times before Seasons began; people in weatherless-SoCal do not understand them.)

I noticed an outbreak of “Seasons suck, because exclusive items” in a recent thread that a Blue stopped by simply to shut down, and while I don’t agree with the anti-season complaints, I’m curious to take the community’s temperature on the issue.

Vote: Seasons and Exclusive Items:

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Almost everyone plays seasons, but how much of that is due to the seasonal exclusive legendary items? In other words, if there were no sesonal items and all the new loot in each patch was available seasonal or not… would lots of the people leaping into each new season choose otherwise?

I also wonder if there’s a HC/SC variance in the whole seasonal issue. Hardcore players are used to rerolling now and then and a new season is a challenge since it takes a while to gear up well enough that you can do T6, when death is permanent. Compared to that, capable softcore players are back into T6 within a day (or less), where they can promptly Zerg their way to uber gear since death provides no delay. It seems to me that must make the whole “starting over from scratch” seasonal thing feel meaningless, and that most softcore players would just prefer to keep grinding on their existing 70s without the distraction of a brief restart?


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  1. It should be like D2. There should be season-exclusive items that cannot be found in nonseason. They can be transferred to nonseason at the end of a season but that's it.

    Blizzard needs to be careful with complaints that the game is too difficult or unforgiving. As we learned from Diablo 1, people WILL give themselves god mode, roflstomp everything in 5 minutes and then quit because the game is"boring/stupid" shortly thereafter if you allow it. Players tend to lobby to make their characters increasingly god-like. That doesn't mean its what should happen.

    In this case, a little effort to start fresh and play seasons to get some exclusive gear is a good thing. Its not like Blizzard is asking players to achieve something really difficult.

  2. Seasonal only legendary items are Blizzards way of enticing you in to play their shiny new game mode. They want you to play this mode so you play through the same old content time and time again, while still getting that “progression” feeling with your character.

    In reality though, all you will end up doing in future Season, is re-rolling one of the six classes that you have already played in a previous season, just to get the new gems/items so you can transfer them to your main class in non-season when it ends.

    There is no new end game content for non season players and this is likely not going to change until an expansion pack arrives, so for now we are stuck farming the same old content with fresh characters in seasons, or old characters in non season.

    I can see why some people are getting burnt out, when there is really no new content to play, just procedurally generated maps of tile sets we are all too familiar with.

    • The D3 model, where its f2p and not much new content released outside of xpacs, is best suited for a gated rewards model. There should be significant rewards, improvements, and content that is gated. It should be set up where the very top end gets harder and harder to reach, but it definitely should not be a "smooth curve" like greater rift levels are.

  3. I skipped S1 but played S2 and am enjoying it very much. The point of seasons should be the starting over, not getting exclusive items.

  4. I don’t see any point in season exclusive items.
    Why I want to grind for these, if that Season ends anyway after a few weeks yet. Good, they are on normal then. And now?
    We play 5 days on normal just to have to grind again on a new seasonal char. And then theres again nothing of these hard-earned items.
    So we actually farm items we won’t use anyway.
    I like seasons, but either w/o season-exclusive items or at least that a season lasts a way longer (like the first one). So you can play on normal and casually on your seasonal hero to farm those exclusive items.
    But in just few weeks… if you want them you will have to spend most of the time on your seasonal hero, depending on your luck, well. And when you got them, you just have to start over again and these new shiny items lay in a dead storage.
    Great … lol

  5. "Almost everyone plays seasons" – again, do not make assumpions like this, You don't know everyone, not even 1% of players.

    • probably a lot of occasional players don't do seasons, but they're not really voices that are heard in these debates. (Though more in a vote than in comments.)

      As for regular players, the vast majority are doing seasons. I'm in full clans on US and EU and in both at least 90% of active players are in seasons, and I hear similar numbers from others I know in different clans.

      This surely creates something of a peer pressure situation, where if you're an active player and everyone else in your clan is going seasonal, you'll probably join them just so you can play with your friends.

  6. I think this poll is kinda meaningless unless you split it between hardcore and softcore players.

    In softcore you can't ever lose an item so the idea of "starting over" and "having to earn it" hold more merit. In hardcore, assuming you are pushing things, you will be forced to start over anyway regardless of seasonal play or not.

    I think that distinction would have a huge impact on the view of seasons in the minds of players.

  7. I just hate the 1-70 grind. I've already made multiple 70s of every class, it's just a waste of time. You just get power leveled anyway, may as well let us start at 70. The game starts at 70.

    • Mithron expressed a perfect example of god-mode wrecking the game that I talked about in the first post:

      1. Getting from level 1-70 IS the bulk of the content.
      2. People lobby for god-mode and beg for the leveling process to be easier and easier.
      3. Blizz says yes and suddenly you can do it in a day.
      4. Now people are gods, smash the game in a few hours, and then quit and claim its boring and there' nothing to do.
      5. Blizz installs bounties, rifts, and grifts for more content
      6. Players lobby for god mode, and ask that they are made to be very easy
      7. Blizz makes them easy.
      8. People roflstomp bounties, rifts, and grifts, then get quickly bored and complain there is nothing to do.

      The problem is not the content. There is plenty of content. The problem is you can't give players god mode.

      • Since when is dinging 70 "god mode?" Grinding to 70 IS pointless and boring and stupid. Instead they should gate the gear better. Ancient weapons, for all of their problems, at least had it right that they should only drop from higher difficulties (don't get me started on Kadala). Stop equating grindy, boring crap as "content" and "challenge" when it's just a pure time sink.

      • Forgot to add/edit; 1-69 is nowhere NEAR the bulk of the content. Not even close. The overwhelming majority of your hours are spent at level 70 farming items or Grifts.

        • He meant 1-69 is the bulk of the content in terms of maps, monsters, effects, quests, etc. Blizzard spent a LOT of time developing these things. And yes, everyone skips them now.

          So they added bounties, ubers, rifts and grifts @ level 70. But because of power inflation bounties, ubers, rifts (even at T6) and grifts < 40 are all trivial now. I agree, that is bad game design.

        • Well…NOW….its not the content anymore…sure…because they nerfed the difficulty to the point where you go from 1-70 in a day. That right there was a mistake.

          What is the point of working on all of that content for YEARS and then having players complete it in hours. It doesn't make sense.

          • You can make that journey w/o the stupid 1-70 grind. Play the story, unlock your skills. Play the story, unlock new legendaries. Beat the story, unlock new difficulties which unlock new items. Beat the new difficulties, unlock new tiers of items w/ more power. You can do these things w/o the crappy 1-70 grind. Tie these gates w/ crafting and recipes, even better (so your progression isn't completely shackled by RNG). There is nothing in the 1-69 game that can't be done w/o it, other than wasting extra time.

      • I agree.
        Another problem is that each character is the same build-wise. There is no sense is re-leveling another barb, the already existing can change completely. In D2, you always had a mood to try something different, so a 1-70 would have some sense. Now it basically offers nothing.

  8. I find seasons to be interesting and I would gladly take part in them, but I have one of each SC character that I am not interested in deleting. Additionally, I also have one of each class in the form of a HC toon, which I also would like to keep. It’s sad not having any more character slots for seasonal characters.

  9. Everybody says they want to start over. I say go for it and enjoy yourself but I can't for the life of me figure out how in someone's mind that justifies an exclusive item associated with that season. You must earn it. ????? You play and if you are lucky or are very effecient and lucky it drops sooner rather than later. Season or no season. And those of us who really don't want to start over or are just ok about it don't get the new content.

  10. Let's test this. Season 3, no unique items. Blizzard has their statistics, we have our guild lists. Let's see what the interest looks like.

    If it fails horribly end it after 2 weeks then either admit seasons are just a gimmick or throw out season 4 with 1 new relevant item and 9 forgotten souls.

  11. When the seasonal item becomes crucial to many of the available builds I don't think it's okay to dangle the carrot like that. Spirit Guards comes to mind. Let seasonal legs augment builds like legendary gems, but don't make it so rough that you basically have to either play the season or not to get anywhere in the current item environment.

  12. "It seems to me that must make the whole “starting over from scratch” seasonal thing feel meaningless, and that most softcore players would just prefer to keep grinding on their existing 70s without the distraction of a brief restart?"

    For me it's the exact opposite. I enjoy Softcore (mainly because I play on older equipment and unreliable wifi) and I prefer seasons. Seasons feel, to me, like a "midcore", where I get the enjoyment of being able to start over occasionally, without actually losing my character during the season (as well as it getting moved to non-season, so I don't ever really "lose" it at all). So it feels like a best of both worlds situation.

  13. When thinking of seasons the word treadmill comes to mind. When thinking of ‘season only gear’ the word carrot comes to mind. Clearly this must be more in favor of Blizzard than the general player base as we spend so much time doing exactly the same thing before we can get close to that 1 set end game items. Again.

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