Season Three Rewards

    Season Three Rewards

    Most of the complaints I’ve heard about Seasons are along the lines of, “Since everyone plays Seasons, there’s no no one to party with for non-season players.” But there are people who don’t like Seasons at all, and/or the legendary items that are exclusive to each season, before joining the general item pool when the Season ends after five months seven weeks. (As we joked/warned many times before Seasons began; people in weatherless-SoCal do not understand them.)

    I noticed an outbreak of “Seasons suck, because exclusive items” in a recent Battle.net thread that a Blue stopped by simply to shut down, and while I don’t agree with the anti-season complaints, I’m curious to take the community’s temperature on the issue.

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    Almost everyone plays seasons, but how much of that is due to the seasonal exclusive legendary items? In other words, if there were no sesonal items and all the new loot in each patch was available seasonal or not… would lots of the people leaping into each new season choose otherwise?

    I also wonder if there’s a HC/SC variance in the whole seasonal issue. Hardcore players are used to rerolling now and then and a new season is a challenge since it takes a while to gear up well enough that you can do T6, when death is permanent. Compared to that, capable softcore players are back into T6 within a day (or less), where they can promptly Zerg their way to uber gear since death provides no delay. It seems to me that must make the whole “starting over from scratch” seasonal thing feel meaningless, and that most softcore players would just prefer to keep grinding on their existing 70s without the distraction of a brief restart?

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