Vote: Season Three Too Long?

Vote: Season Three Too Long?

news-seasons-featureWith Patch 2.3 deep into testing on the PTR, we’re not too far from the end of Season Three and the start of Season Four. Blizzard told us this season would go this long; way back in April, before Season Four even began, Wyatt Cheng spoke thusly:

We generally feel that Season 1 was on the long side, and that Season 2 was on the short side. We want to strike a balance between having enough points in time when we can all commence this journey together, but also allow enough time for characters to mature. Expect Season 3 to be at least 4 months long. Expect Season 3 to be at least 4 months long. While the exact end date is not yet known, we plan on once again giving 2 week’s notice before Season 3 ends.

Season Three began on May April 10th, and they haven’t given us that two week notice yet, so clearly it’s not ending on August 10th. And note that Wyatt didn’t say, “exactly four months,” and recently a CM confirmed that they were still on track to end S3 in August.

So basically we’re right on schedule. No worries, then? Of course not.

Memories being what they are online, you can’t hardly swing a dead cat these days without seeing someone ranting about how S3 is much too long, how S4 and DiabloWikiPatch 2.3 have been “delayed,” etc. Clearly it hasn’t been delayed but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been here sooner. So now we vote:

How do you feel about the length of Season Three?

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So what do you guys think? Will we ever see a Goldilocks season? Why does Bliz resist simply making Seasons 3 months, as everyone expected back when they announced them? And can there ever be a perfect length for a season, or are they always doomed to be either too long or too short, no matter how long or short they actually are?

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26 thoughts on “Vote: Season Three Too Long?

  1. What does Aug 7th have to do with anything? If s3 started May 7th its only been three months and if they said four, then isnt that september?

    • Yeah, it started in April, not May. That's what I get for posting this just before I went to bed so you guys could have it to vote and chew over first thing in the morning.

  2. Yeah, it’s annoying but unsurprising to see so many posts about “why is Blizz delaying!” when Blizz already said this is exactly as long as they expect it to take. As for “is it too long?”, I find that hard to vote personally, because the announcement of S4 with all its added content completely and instantly killed any motivation I may have had in playing S3. It felt like “why am I bothering?” (even though I know that kind of doesn’t make sense). So, had they not announced S4 with the Cube would I still be playing S3? I dunno. I doubt it, tbh, but I would have probably played it for a little longer than I currently am/did. In the end, I think you’re exactly right that there is no Goldilocks length, and ideally they might think about stealing the PoE model of having multiple and varied seasons running simultaneously ranging all kinds of lengths, to cater to everyone’s desires.

  3. I think Flux meant April, not May. 3 months would definitely be the goldilocks length IMO.

  4. My oppinion is not so valid in terms of: I’m not 17, I don’t get all day to play, maybe an hour or two a night, and that’s if I decide to play diablo and not another game. But the season is too long, but of course I need to think about the crazy 13 hour a day people too, but then again, if they play so much, they’re gonna get pretty geared quick anyways, I think 2-3 months is a better time, as generally I make an effort to play within the first week as much as I can in a new season, so more season starts = more interest? Dunno! 😀

  5. Way too long, and s3 started on april 10th so its 4 months soon already, and will prolly go on another month before it ends.

  6. I wonder if their settling on 4 months has anything to do with wanting to sync each season with new content (new legendaries, cube, etc.) and currently 4 months is their shortest possible time frame.

  7. well they have decided that seasons should be split by patches. So the readiness of a patch is dominating the season length. They really need to rethink that for the future as the game stabilizes. They should have ended this season after 3 months, start a new 2 month season. In between they could have released a very minor content patch (just new seasonal legendaries) and then focused on the big patch. A 2 month season is perfect if all they did was introduce 1 leg per class and a new gem. Considering the fact that 1 month into the 2 month season would be PTR launch, really just 1 month of fresh play is ideal.

  8. Tbh, without trading even 3 months is to much for me. I only enjoy the game for about 3 weeks then i start to miss trading 🙁

    I really hope there is gonna be some surprise waiting for me in the future what concerns trading..

    • With drop rates as high as they are, I don't see how trading would do anything but accelerate the "bored with a season" issue. You'd have all your ideal gear in 2 weeks, instead of 4 or 5 weeks?

      Would the game be more fun and have longer legs each season with 1/4 or 1/3 the current leg drop rate, but with full trading allowed?  Seems unlikely to me.

      • Related topic that I was going to include in the OP, but wanted to keep it focused on topic.  What happens to perceived rate of progress in S4, with more sets and items, but also the Cube? 

        It's hard to judge progress playing on the PTR since the community buff keeps coming and going, but I played a new char in both versions of S4 so far, both without the +2000% until I was more than P100, and thanks to the cube I was able to move up in Torment more quickly than in S3 on live.

        The cube might mean it takes you a bit longer to get your ideal gear, and the change to no slow rolling LGems really makes obtaining those much more of a project, but players will get into T6+ sooner than before.

  9. I played my fill of season3 and have been sitting by idly playing everything else under the sun. I’ve started to run dry on things to play now tho.. Seems like i havent touched d3 in more than 2 months as it is. Holy crap d3, still no end date? *rolls eyes*

  10. There isn’t some magical number of months a season has to last to be a good length. It depends heavily on the content of the patch that precedes it. S3 is too long because there isn’t enough to do. S4 might even feel too short with all the content they’re cramming in the next patch. Depends on how viable the new sets end up being.

  11. Well, for me four months is a perfect length. I JUST managed to finish my S3 plans. I got "I've been framed!" achievement, I got four LGems to 25, I'm edging towards GR30, I'm P255. Yeah, I'm a "Filthy Casual" ;). I'm as casual as long time Diablo fan can get. I've clocked about 160 hours in S3 – that's about 10 hours a week. I could probably do it all in 3 months if I had to but I'm glad I don't. With longer season I can take my time and not burn out on Diablo like in S2.

  12. Really needs to be 3months on the max end since that seems to be the sweet spot.  At this rate I think they are going to be closer to a 5month season which they already agreed was way too long but I guess they are behind again.

  13. If Season 3 was going to end this week(end), it's probably about right. The problem is that it's at least 2+ weeks away from ending since Blizz will schedule it to end with that timing. From what I can tell, there's still some (significant?) tweaking to be done on the PTR (there's reference to at least one more patch there). I hate to say it, but it seems unlikely for Season 4 to start before the end of August…which means S3 will be pretty close to being 5 months in duration – just about everyone felt that was too long for Season 1. The PTR for the next patch really kills motivation to do much with the current season – it just doesn't feel as exciting without all the new toys coming to the game. At least we did get about 2.5-3 months of play time in Season 3 before getting distracted.The horror of it all, though, is that no one really wants the current season to end – that means it'll be time to sift through and combine/salvage/trash our stash inventories. =P

    • I agree that the PTR is one of the main problems with the perception of season length from the ones we’ve had so far (not just the current season but the previous ones as well). As soon as a new PTR goes up then all of the people who keep an eye on the game (because as it stands I’m not sure you could consider anyone who is still playing “casual”) turn to ripping as much information out of the PTR as possible – the podcasts have been full of PTR related info since it went live and also the data mining of this batch of new content appears to have significantly stepped up compared to in previous patches. When you know you’re getting the cube you don’t have that much pushing you to keep going.

      I think there does need to be some kind of de-coupling of the “season = content” equation as well because it means that when there are problems with development it means the season has to drag on, which annoys the player base, which pushes the devs into a corner, which means they are less likely to do as much content going forwards. They could end the season on Friday and it’d be fine for me. There’s no iron rule that once the season has to end and then the new season has to fire up two weeks after that. There could be a month of work between the season ending (actually ending not just the announcement) and the next one running.

      • I was thinking about this "season 3 too long' issue and realized I was what you mention.

        I haven't played live in a month, since the PTR went up. So S3 doesn't feel too long to me, since it basically ended (for me) in mid-July.  If I'd just been playing live all this time and watching the PTR changes and waiting for them… yeah, I'd be pretty bored too.

        • as written another place on this site im not a fan of season mode at all, I would love to know how many players really play seeason mode????Gues some play it only to wait for next  patch and the same second a PTR went up they quit just as you do!!

  14. I think the anticipation of the upcoming patch has people wanting the season to end as much as anything, since everybody knows that the current season will end just prior to patch release.

  15. Signed up to add this reply, bad luck if it ain't worth it! For mine, I'd have seasons at two months max, continue to align seasons with patches and just leave people to play ns in the meantime. That way the ns guys get a crack at the full loot table, the seasonal guys have a slightly more meaningful time frame in which to play, and you're not playing with (effectively) split accounts all the time. Gearing up is so easy now there's just no need for long seasons.

  16. I think there are misconceptions about trading.Trading in itself is an activity. It can provide a break from Paragon farming, back in the D2 days I often spent my entire in-game time in trade channels.And even though you don't need to trade in order to 'quickly gear', there is always better rolled items to find. Isn't that partly why people sink hundreds of hours into the game in the first place?

  17. Its way to long imo after a month you get tired of a season. Season 2 I play for 6 weeks and then find it boring !! Season 3 to be honest I play ut only for a few days! I would really love to know how many WHO play season games???? In the Clan im in the moment (72 Dudes)3 are playing season mode, and among all my other friends zero!!!!

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