Vote: Season Four, In or Out?

Season Four is well underway and plenty of people on my friend’s list and clan list are already well into the paragon levels and battling past GR40 on their forever quest to rid Sanctuary of squishy things. Are you one of them? Do you aspire to be? Do you eschew seasons entirely, because reasons?

An atypical S4 start...

Not your typical Season Four start…

Let’s measure some community opinion and see what the player base is up to this first weekend of Season Four.

Vote: Season Four, In or Out?

Have you joined the Season 4 rush?

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Would you S4 on a plane? Would you S4 on a train? Would you play it in your house? Would you play it with a mou5?

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  1. I got to 70 fairly quickly, but I haven't had time to do much since.I have however, managed to achieve one of my S4 goals – Henri's Perqisition is mine! I knew about its snoring animation when it's on the ground, but I was surprised to find it meows when you move it in your inventory. I swear they put more thought and effort into that one item than the rest of the new items in the patch put together.

  2. Just passed level 50. I'm taking it slow this time, as I'm also caught up in The Witcher 3 and some other games. I have no desire to run the leaderboards, so I'll just play at my own pace.

  3. same with witcher here and MGS V being official on sept. 1st … but im p100 looking to advance oh and btw: my  FIRST legendary mojo was …  THE CAT MOJO!!! now i will never mention it again, promise.

  4. I’m happy to be in the 40% of you, taking the progress slowly.
    Interestingly I can not find any decent group to play with though. (EU)
    It feels like everyone’s rushed ahead.

    • That always happens new season.  You can be an hour or two late and still get grouped up maybe after enjoying some rushing, but if you're 6 or 24 hours late, it's tough.

      I played an hour Friday night late after I got home from an event, and everyone on my friend's list was P25 already. I had another hour to play late Saturday night and I'm level 30ish and getting non-stop notifications from F list people scoring top 1000 ranks in GR42 4p games and such.  Bastards.

      The one benefit of being a whole weekend late is you can probably find someone powerful enough to let you leech in their T7 Rift and go from 20 to 70 in 15 minutes.

  5. i am really enjoying the new season but i really hope they address the solo issue next season. i am all for there being some advantages to playing in a group but as it is now you are seriously gimped if you play alone

  6. They need to rebalance and redo how they handle Rifts and Grifts. And especially who's allowed to join public games. Newsflash, dumbcrap idiots; you'll get more XP and gear up quicker if you go T1 to T4 to T6, instead of jumping into T6 at P15 and then having everyone at a respectable level immediately vote kick you, or worse, all of the decent leveled folks jump ship and leave all of the sub-P20 folks to hang out in T6 by themselves. Once you hit P100, there is zero reason to stick around T6, b/c of all the doofus leeches who could get more progress from blitzing T1 or G20s.

  7. A lot of (softcore) players are already way past p700. In 48 hours. Blizzard revising xp requirements for level 2500+ doesn't seem that quaint anymore.Anyhow. If anyone needs a boost I'm in the INC clan. I play softcore and am still sub-100 for now but I'm happy to help if you need leveling or whatnot – just ping me.

  8. Just past level 50. Playing solo, HC. Finally, only five days between season end and start was a bit short to do all I wanted to (finding the Kanai cube and enough legendary materials to extract some powers).

  9. I just don't care for seasons, I hate starting over in D3. I do seasons for the cosmetic stuff then go back to non-season. I dunno how far I'll go for this season in the journey thing, depends on which banner I'm comfortable with.

    • So finally you only do the part you hate. I wonder if those cosmetic reward are a good idea. Moreover this time, unlocking all the portrait will require a lot of hours.Has someone already unlocked all the portraits?

      • The whole point of seasons was for people who want a fresh start. Bribery shouldn't be necessary, unless something is just wrong with the whole idea. I'll get the pet but probably no more, unless I get really lucky with drops and push for more portraits.

  10. I was planning on a sedate season because I was travelling for the start of it…Binged last night to rush to 70 and then got P60 this morning. Found the vault while collecting cube mats and one of my group logged in with the cowberd so we went off to see the cow king. He gave one of the guys a puzzle ring so we went back off to the vault again…It's going to be that kind of season I think…

  11. I agree with trocadero, I hate this leech culture. I played T1 and T2 until I got a full set and could solo T6. Then first T6 public game I jump into 2 out or 3 were leeching with sub 70 rares! It really can't be any fun not being able to kill anything and it puts a strain on those of us that should be T6.

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