Vote: Season 3 Plans and Rushing Strategies

Rush rush rush!

Rush rush rush!

Diablo 3 Season Three begins tonight on the Americas server and is already underway in Asia and Europe. Are you guys jumping in and joining the (cooperative) race to 70? Here are the official start times:

  • North America: Friday, April 10 @ 6:00 p.m. PDT
  • Europe: Friday, April 10 @ 6:00 p.m. CET
  • Asia: Friday, April 10 @ 6:00 p.m. KST
  • Vote: Season 3 Plans:

    What are your Season Three plans?

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    Season One’s rush to 70 was broken by exp-exploitable bounties (in softcore, at least), and with those fixed in S2, most players found the first night rush a lot of fun. It helped (IMHO) that the level 70 conquest was removed after S1, so there wasn’t such a pressure to get to max level.

    That said, everyone wants to level up fast, and with two seasons of practice the best methods have been pretty well determined. There are two fastest ways to gain, from 1-70, and both assume you are playing in a four player game and working together as a team for the fastest possible leveling:

    1. Halls of Agony level 3. High density of slow moving enemies, in a fairly large area. If you’re after speed, don’t bother with the Butcher, even if he’s a quest.
    2. Cursed chest quests. All of them in all acts are worth a ton of exp from the huge monster spawns.

    Thus the fastest way to level to 70 is for your four-person party to keep creating new games, always doing the Halls of Agony 3 and taking a quick scan for any Cursed Chest or Shrine events in A1-A4. Always completing the content together, co-op on killing and exploring, to save time and share the big exp.

    Should you play that way? Sure… if your only goal is to reach 70 ASAP.

    Personally, I find it useful (and a lot more fun) to do more Bounties and Rifts on the way. Rifts give more exp per kill, and good density in a Rift will give faster exp than Halls 3, plus you’ll find more legs to improve your killing speed, and you’ll earn Shards from the Guardian. Doing Rifts from 61-70 is a real benefit since finding level 61 legs can really boost your performance, and the Shard drops from Guardians at that stage are adequate. This way when you hit 70, you’ve got a stack of Rift Keys and several hundred Shards, for instant gear upgrading.

    Click through for more essential tips, Artisan upgrading advice, and more.

  • Play on Normal or Hard all the way to 70. The exp gain from higher difficulty is not worth the slower killing time for un-twinked chars.
  • Avoid dead time! Plan your crafting times in advance, never waste time standing around in town, enter/leave games without delay, etc. All those little 5 and 10s pauses add up considerably over 5-7 hours of rush leveling play time.
  • Work together. Everyone in the same dungeon, coordinating your skills. Spread out to quickly find the Cursed event. Etc.
  • Gold is scarce, so only upgrade the Blacksmith. The Jeweler and Enchantress aren’t really needed on the way up, and Enchanting is very expensive, especially as you’ll outgrow everything you find in 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Weapon crafting with the Smith has huge potential. The spot of real note is Clvl 42, since a level 9 Smith can make level 60 weapons with up to -18 level req. This is worth spending all your mats on, since the DPS jump can be enormous.
  • Any fast leveling advice you guys would care to share? Ideal party composition theories? And has everyone planned out their runs already, with caffeine and snacks and friends lined up for your party?

    Update: Results from a similar vote we ran back in February, the day before Season 2 got underway. Compare and contrast!

    Will you take part in Season Two?

  • 3) I’ll probably play some S2, but not full time. (33%, 540 Votes)
  • 1) Yes right from the start and I’ll play only Season Two until it ends. (28%, 466 Votes)
  • 5) No chance I’ll play any S2. (15%, 250 Votes)
  • 4) I am unlikely to play any S2. (12%, 201 Votes)
  • 2) I will rush on Day One, but not sure about after that. (9%, 144 Votes)
  • 6) Not sure / no opinion. (3%, 44 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 1,645


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    1. Getting my cosmetic stuff and back to non-season. This game is about the destination not the journey. Going from a high power level to a low one again feels terrible and serves no purpose since I'm just going to play the same way again and if I want to try something new I can play my non-season and use the gear I already saved up for it. Hunting full sets isn't fun.

      The game starts at 70 when you've completed your build and gear.

      • I keep saying I want to differentiate between SC and HC attitudes on seasons, and then never put that into practice. There's probably less diff anymore, thanks to twinks like the Gem of Ease. After my DH died in high GR last week, I wasn't going to make another one until S3, and yet was curious what it would feel like with a lvl 35 Gem of Ease…

        30m later I was plowing through T1, just about to hit level 50 while the game display was still 20 levels behind, and from there it was a quick hitch a ride in a T6 rift to 70 in about an hour.

        That said, I've felt no interest in playing the past few days since it's just Era and I don't care about finding gear or leveling. I'm just waiting for S3 and looking forward to building new chars and working my way back to T6 and then GR40+ again. I think it helps that I play HC, since in HC those are real accomplishments and can be completely lost with one mistake. If the process of getting back to GR40 was just a mad rush, zerging through T6 rifts for legs ASAP, it wouldn't feel as compelling to me.

        • Yes, I can see where HC can make a major influence in making Seasons fun. I love ladders in D2 and fresh starts in other online RPGs like Ragnarok Online, Dragon Nest and La Tale but that's because of build commitment. I love D3 for the fact you can always change your build whenever you want, so that's why I don't find Seasons fun at all in it for softcore.

    2. I just want the season pennant for the sake of it and then I am done with S3.

    3. Also a good tip: the option to disable clan achievement notifications to get rid of the spam at season start.

    4. #eastcoastplayersmatter

      This 9pm EST start time is such bullshit. It takes about 6hrs to get to 70 on average which means 3am for EST to complete. I think they need to change the time next season a bit.

      • The fact that seasons always start right when Blizzard employees get off for the weekend will never stop being funny. Especially when it comes up in Tavern Talk and the devs are like, "oh, we never really noticed."

        It would probably be more fair to start Saturday morning, maybe 9am Pacific/noon East. Bit of an early morning for west coast people, but that would only screw over people who work on weekends…

        Like me. 10-5 both days this weekend, plus 6-9 special event Friday night. Either my S3 will start Monday, or I'll barge into the clan chat friday night around 10 and demand someone 3p game full of lvl 50s let me leech, or else everyone gets kicked out of the clan. Which scenario likely depends on how buzzed I am, so pray for your souls.

    5. Wait a month, leech 70 in two rifts, piddle til I get the banner. The end.

    6. I will get to 70 at some point but I don't care for seasons other than the reaching 70 bonuses. I will mostly play my normal characters.

    7. Ehm,

      6)Playing S3 till april 14, GTA V release date 🙂

    8. Never really a rush-to-70 player, but definitely jumping into Season 3 tonight. I had a lot of fun trying out new stuff on the PTR, so definitely want to find some of those new legs for real – gotta have my Fallen Maniac Suicide Squad!

      I'm already loving the 2.2 changes on the current servers – the Jade Harvester 2-piece buff really makes my WD rock (I can't believe I've been playing that class more than DH) and it'll be fun to build another one in Seasons. I definitely need to make a new Wizard as well, but I think I'm gonna give the Monk (by far my least played class) another go. Despite all the flaws that still persist in the game, it's been massively improved and still a lot of fun to play. =^-^=

    9. I will not even try to get to 70 this weekend.

      I will, however, get the Dream Team achievement before season 3 ends as I do every season.

      I keep all classes at 70, combine their gear after season ends and delete 6 of them. Though yesterday my GR 30+ DH was deleted on accident *cough*. Bummer.

    10. Plan to take my time and actually play the game through again. Something I haven't done since D3v week 1.

    11. Due to life/work, I can't spend a lot of time starting S3 until Sunday rolls around. I'll S3 HC until it ends. See you guys soon.


    12. Totally agree with you… 10 games in 1… xd

    13. Just wanted to point out they changed all the seasonal achievements (not the Conquests); the first two seasons, you'd get enough points for the banner fluff before you'd even hit 70, leveling up the blacksmith, Beastmaster, etc. Those are all gone; you have to kill the various bosses, including Uber Diablo, at 70, usually around T6 (I think Skeleton King is T1 or so), plus various Grift milestones. You can't even try and get the banner fluff until after 70, further proof that Blizz realized that the game doesn't even start until 70.

      • In order to get to 70, don’t you have to start at 1? So the game starts at 1. Just because you reach a different tier once you hit 70, doesn’t mean what you did previously is completely useless.

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