The "good" old days.

    The “good” old days.

    We recently posted about the dynamic spawning of Pylons in Greater Rifts that enables players to explore without killing and thus “force” Pylons to appear roughly when and where you want them. This is a recent development that resulted from Blizzard changing Pylons from random to dynamic, with each type of DiabloWikiPylon appearing no more than once per Greater Rift.

    The change, along with the nerf to Conduit Pylons on higher GRs, was obviously meant to retain some randomness, without making the highest Greater Rift leaderboards too pylon-based in results. (As many players felt they were in the past.)

    Currently on the PTR there are no Pylons spawning in DiabloWikiGreater Rifts, and while Blizzard has confirmed this is a bug, some fans like it like that. There are even some PYLON PETITION posts on the B.net forums, though we know how Blizzard deals with those.

    So what do you guys think about Pylons in Greater Rifts? You can try Grifts without Pylons now on the PTR, or just play a GRift on Live and don’t click the Pylons you do find, and see how it feels without that element of randomness. Or just vote on the theory rather than the practice! In any event, here’s a vote/survey to take the community’s temperature about this issue.

    Vote: Remove Pylons from Greater Rifts?

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