Yesterday we got the surprise (?) announcement that Reaper of Souls will be released not just in 2014, but early in the year, coming next March 25th, exactly one week after the Auction House shuts down. I’ve read a lot of instant fan reactions, most of which seem to be “Awesome!” or “Game sucks who cares!” Since you can never judge the community opinion on an issue just by the small % of players who are motivated enough to post a comment, let’s Vote: Reaper of Souls Release Date Reaction!

    But first, congrats to Fjassin who won our long-running RoS release date pool by predicting the exact date. Better yet, he did it back in August, before September brought news that the Auction House was shutting down on March 18, 2014. (In retrospect, predicting release date for the first Tuesday after the AH shutdown seems a pretty good bet, doesn’t it?)

    The vast majority of predictions in our pool were well after March 25th, 2014, which I guess means it is a pleasantly surprising early release date. It’s certainly months and months before I thought we’d see Reaper of Souls on store shelves.

    Reaper of Souls release date announcement: your opinion?

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