Vote: Reaper of Souls Release Date Reaction?

Yesterday we got the surprise (?) announcement that Reaper of Souls will be released not just in 2014, but early in the year, coming next March 25th, exactly one week after the Auction House shuts down. I’ve read a lot of instant fan reactions, most of which seem to be “Awesome!” or “Game sucks who cares!” Since you can never judge the community opinion on an issue just by the small % of players who are motivated enough to post a comment, let’s Vote: Reaper of Souls Release Date Reaction!

But first, congrats to Fjassin who won our long-running RoS release date pool by predicting the exact date. Better yet, he did it back in August, before September brought news that the Auction House was shutting down on March 18, 2014. (In retrospect, predicting release date for the first Tuesday after the AH shutdown seems a pretty good bet, doesn’t it?)

The vast majority of predictions in our pool were well after March 25th, 2014, which I guess means it is a pleasantly surprising early release date. It’s certainly months and months before I thought we’d see Reaper of Souls on store shelves.

Reaper of Souls release date announcement: your opinion?

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24 thoughts on “Vote: Reaper of Souls Release Date Reaction?

  1. I actually have no opinion. Prolly going to buy day 1, but my heart isn’t with diablo anymore.

    PTR patch 2.1 is kinda dissapointing, looks as if they’re forcing our hand to buy RoS. No adventure mode in patch 2.0.1, kinda whack..

    • I agree and the fact that the features in RoS are pretty much a forced feeling to buy the expansion says a lot about d3 classic and RoS. RoS shouldn’t be offering features exclusive that actually make the game feel like a good diablo game. RoS should have something for more to offer than game fixing features.

      IMO, RoS offers too little because loot 2.0, adventure mode, torment, bounties, mystic should have been d3 classic material. What does RoS truly offer that I give it a pass? Transmog, 1 new skill for 10 levels, 1 new act, 1 new class, neph rifts. Despite my eagerness to play it, it really pisses me off that blizzard can only get this much stuff out for an expansion for 40 bucks. Really fuckn sad.

  2. I was expecting it in May , so this is good news.
    What worries me though is that all the Blue posts are saying that they are early in the Beta , will 3 months be enough to balance everything out ?

    They should start releasing patches faster for the beta , not pool everything and release in 1 major patch because that would delay the testing of those changes even more.

    • Some changes needs to stay in the game for at least a week to give most players a chance to write detailed feedback. Another thing to consider is that they can change many things without releasing a patch. Changing crafting requirements is a good example, but the whole drop system is handled by the server as well. The client only needs to be updated when something new is added on the server that the client can’t already handle. Smart software design choices in game systems can reduce the need for patches noticeably.

    • I think online only MMO-type games are less concerned with balance at shipping, since they always end up patching a bunch of quick fixes and economic stuff a week/month after release anyway. Bliz just needs to get all the big bugs fixed and content complete and polished, and those are nearly there in the beta now. Just some Act Five content is still temp-named, some bounties don’t spawn properly, etc.

  3. Only a pleasant surprise if they actually deliver.
    Otherwise it is just a rushed release 😀

    Still fells like they have a long way to go.

  4. Option 4:

    As someone who is not planning on buying this game, it’s very upsetting to me that they’ve gone against my wishes and plan on releasing it anyway.


  5. Oh Destructor, we all know you will buy it day 1 😛

    I will too, but I am quite disappointed. I really expected them to throw everything PLUS the kitchen sink into this expansion. They had to.

    The Gamescon announcement was a great start. The datamining thereafter was extremely promising. To top it off, the hype-train comments about BlizzCon explaining that there will be many more features to be announced at the show.

    But then … then came BlizzCon, and things started taking a turn for the worse. You could tell right then and there that they are rushing this product. The extreme disappointment that NOTHING new was revealed with the one exception of bounties (although this was sighted during Gamescon too), since loot-runs were just renamed as rifts.

    No info about the Devil’s Hand game mode, charms/talisman, PvP modes, elixirs, Ladders, Nephalem Trials, etc.

    One could argue that datamined features weren’t necessarily going to be in the final product, but its just extremely sad to see features REMOVED from the game that were in previous alpha builds:

    First was Devil’s Hand, which was actually listed as one of the adventure game modes in alpha – Gone. Then the announcement about Nephalem Trials – Gone. Finally, with the release of the closed beta and PTR 2.01, all signs of Ladder/Season stats in the UI — Gone.

    Removal of Systems and features is just the deja-vu of vanilla D3, when they removed PvP arenas, The Mystic Artisan, Talisman Charms, Huge Stash space, and Skill Runestones.

    Sorry about the rant, which has gotten quite long. But I just can’t stop hearing ObiWan crying and telling Diablo 3 You were the chosen one!

  6. I have tested this myself. And this dev is work-in-progress, so what are thinking those who want to buy this. No idea, but I guess they don’t test on PTR or just watch trailers and jump up and down on the couch whenever any new advert is popping up.
    I think that I could buy this game after year from release, when price is more reasonable and bugs aren’t annoying.
    Yesterday I created invisible chest armor its priceless, because I can’t see price or the item itself. Great job blizzard. Keep up the good work.

    • They stated some crafted items are bugged and will consume your materials and you will not receive the item. By some I mean almost every single D3C leg.

    • What’s live is usually way behind what they have internally. They’ll likely release a patch soon fixing a large number of things. It’s not like they don’t know about these bugs anyway.

  7. Very worried… I don’t think they will have enough time to balance it all out.


  8. Bad news.
    1 class, 1 act, enchantress from before they deleted it before launch, same loot problems, same end game issues, expensive pricing, no charms, no runes, no crafting maps, no good legendaries, not dark/terrorific enough to be called diablo…and maybe the worst of them all, not listening users screaming since beta day 1…not listening at all at the HUGE diablo community dying to help with “our” loved saga.
    Shame on you Blizzard…sadness on me…

  9. I still check this site out of habit but I don’t have much interest in D3 anymore.
    The original D3 release was disappointing and I’m not convinced this expansion is going to fix the issues.
    Plus, I think it’s way overpriced. 1 new class, 1 new act. Some cut features added at last. And STILL no PvP!
    Think Blizzard is being a little greedy with this release. Will look to get it cheap, later down the road.

  10. Definitely not making the same mistake when it comes to pre-ordering the game like I did with D3 and getting the CE (the hype deceived me lol).

    I’ll most likely wait until after release to see if the game is worth it and even then I will probably get the game only once it’s on sale. I’m not being thrifty or cheap since $40 isn’t much for me. It’s merely the level of which I support Blizzard in which case it’s far lower then what it once was before D3 came out.

    Otherwise I’ll have other games to preoccupy my time with. Right now I’m more excited for GD then D3 RoS and have already sunk over 200 hours in the alpha.

        • Yea it’s GD. I would suggest looking into it but wait a bit until Act 2 is added as the development is understandably slow what with 6 people being on the team.

          The kickstarter page for Grim Dawn will tell you a bit about what the game is and what features it will have.

  11. aww man :/

    i really expected a new campaign with 4 fresh acts to choose @ the start menu

    just 1act totally disapoints me … its waaaay to less content for nowadays


    40 bucks for nearly nothing ? :O

    sorry blizz this is ridiculous :/ … i dont see me buyin this till it got a 15-25 price tag

    i always defended blizz but this is way to greedy

  12. this release date could not be worse for me as its only ten days before ESO which means one of them will have to wait/never be bought. so it looks like i will have to skip this for now anyway and if ESO turns out like i hope it does i will probably have to wait for diablo 4 in 37 years

  13. Wow these results are pathetic for such a major announcement and this is a Diablo community site no less.

    I can’t imagine how the non fanboys feel… They must hurl everytime D3 is even mentioned.

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