It’s too soon to properly evaluate Reaper of Souls, but not too soon to reflect upon the launch. So how was your Reaper of Souls launch experience? Most reports I heard were pretty good; fans enjoying the new content and the Crusader, and experiencing little to no technical trouble. But here’s where we introduce numbers, since the plural of anecdote is not data… unless it comes with bars and graphs!

    How was your Reaper of Souls Launch experience?

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    I can hardly comment since I was at the Launch Party Monday night, then traveling most of Tuesday, so I didn’t actually install RoS or play until early Wednesday morning. Everything worked fine then, and in the couple of hours I had time to play before crashing after a long day I leveled my HC DH to 66, midway through Act Five, without any technical issues at all. (I was so tired playing that I kept almost nodding off, and kept thinking I was back in the Beta, since the content was 98% identical.)

    vote-ros-launchBut that’s me… how was it for you guys? Especially if you were on Monday evening and Tuesday morning when things went live. Most reports I’ve heard have been positive, but vote and put your words into comments and we’ll get a wider sample size.

    At the Launch Party Monday night, especially as the evening grew later and we knew the servers had been live for a few hours (I was standing in the courtyard outside the Vibiana, talking to Lylirra and Nevalistis and some other fans until 2am.) I asked multiple Bliz people if they’d heard about the launch, if things were running smoothly, etc. And they mostly shrugged since, 1) they were not keeping very close tabs on it since they wanted to relax some, and 2) they couldn’t have fixed any tech problems anyway.

    When I joked about “Error 38” reports Lylirra told me they’d briefly considered running some kind of “Error 38” prank content, I guess along the lines of their annual April 1st projects. That idea was rejected, and I think they were wise not to kick that sleeping dog in any official capacity. Those sorts of jokes are what obnoxious fansites *cough* are for.

    So how was it? How goes it? RoS’ing to your heart’s content, or suffering error messages and such? A reader, Heaters28, mailed in about a visual problem he’s having.

    Looks like there are some decent graphical issues when playing Act 5 on a Retina Macbook Pro 15” See related image. Had this happen 5-10 times in my play session yesterday, had to quit the game each time to get it to go back to normal. You should fight Malthael when all you see are blue squares moving around like ghost checker-board pieces… Or when those black boxes swirl around in a decreasing radius! Rad stuff!


    There are inevitably some issues with different systems/drivers/video cards, etc, and Bliz tech support is good about addressing them. That said… he can still play! It just looks like RoS + LSD. Some people would pay extra for that.

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