Vote: Your Reaper of Souls Launch Experience?

Vote: Your Reaper of Souls Launch Experience?

It’s too soon to properly evaluate Reaper of Souls, but not too soon to reflect upon the launch. So how was your Reaper of Souls launch experience? Most reports I heard were pretty good; fans enjoying the new content and the Crusader, and experiencing little to no technical trouble. But here’s where we introduce numbers, since the plural of anecdote is not data… unless it comes with bars and graphs!

How was your Reaper of Souls Launch experience?

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I can hardly comment since I was at the Launch Party Monday night, then traveling most of Tuesday, so I didn’t actually install RoS or play until early Wednesday morning. Everything worked fine then, and in the couple of hours I had time to play before crashing after a long day I leveled my HC DH to 66, midway through Act Five, without any technical issues at all. (I was so tired playing that I kept almost nodding off, and kept thinking I was back in the Beta, since the content was 98% identical.)

vote-ros-launchBut that’s me… how was it for you guys? Especially if you were on Monday evening and Tuesday morning when things went live. Most reports I’ve heard have been positive, but vote and put your words into comments and we’ll get a wider sample size.

At the Launch Party Monday night, especially as the evening grew later and we knew the servers had been live for a few hours (I was standing in the courtyard outside the Vibiana, talking to Lylirra and Nevalistis and some other fans until 2am.) I asked multiple Bliz people if they’d heard about the launch, if things were running smoothly, etc. And they mostly shrugged since, 1) they were not keeping very close tabs on it since they wanted to relax some, and 2) they couldn’t have fixed any tech problems anyway.

When I joked about “Error 38” reports Lylirra told me they’d briefly considered running some kind of “Error 38” prank content, I guess along the lines of their annual April 1st projects. That idea was rejected, and I think they were wise not to kick that sleeping dog in any official capacity. Those sorts of jokes are what obnoxious fansites *cough* are for.

So how was it? How goes it? RoS’ing to your heart’s content, or suffering error messages and such? A reader, Heaters28, mailed in about a visual problem he’s having.

Looks like there are some decent graphical issues when playing Act 5 on a Retina Macbook Pro 15” See related image. Had this happen 5-10 times in my play session yesterday, had to quit the game each time to get it to go back to normal. You should fight Malthael when all you see are blue squares moving around like ghost checker-board pieces… Or when those black boxes swirl around in a decreasing radius! Rad stuff!


There are inevitably some issues with different systems/drivers/video cards, etc, and Bliz tech support is good about addressing them. That said… he can still play! It just looks like RoS + LSD. Some people would pay extra for that.

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33 thoughts on “Vote: Your Reaper of Souls Launch Experience?

  1. The poll didn’t load for me, so I can’t vote, but I had absolutely no problems at all. I received notification that RoS was live, and I just jumped game and instantly started as my 60 Wizard. I played in a group of 3 (me and two friends), and we hit 70 and then ran through the act to kill Malthael. Not once during our time spent (about 5 hours) did we have lag, or graphical issues, or any other troubles. Everything ran perfectly smoothly for us. To be honest, I was really surprised about that, since I’ve learned to expect tons of issues from Blizzard on launch day; fortunately, it was a wonderful surprise for me! My game did start experiencing heavy lag later, but I believe that was a problem with my own internet connection, as the rest of my group continued to play without any latency issues. Overall, I think the launch was fantastic, and the game is really fun now. I can’t give my full re-consideration of the game now, but in terms of just the launch, I’d say it was definitely a 10/10 launch!

  2. First impressions of the game are wildly positive. The music, the atmosphere… amazing. I got my head dunked in cold water a bit: as soon as I hit lvl63 I started getting killed by elite packs and had to crank it down. At first I played on T1, now I’m on Hard. I was also surprised how fast upgrades appeared. I now feel foolish about how much I crafted in the last two weeks, thinking I would need to go into RoS with the best gear I could (way better gear was dropping immediately), and for not selling off ALL my gems (only most). About 10 minutes into RoS a lvl61 socketed Mempo of Twilight dropped that put to shame any helmet I ever owned pre-RoS. 5 minutes later I was using a giant 2-handed axe that added about 50k to my previous DPS. This game is insane… in a good way.

    • The launch was perfect for me too. I was already logged in and the background suddenly changed to act 5. I clicked on Start Game and I was in. I believe having ros preloaded helped a lot.

      Unfortunately, I did not get any upgrades until 65 and everything I had was self-found (I didn’t buy from the AH). I also dropped to Hard but still was barely making a dent in the monsters. I can only assume I had terrible RNG, but my witch doctor did not get any upgrades either. I was forced to salvage some lvl 60 legendaries to do enchants, otherwise I wasn’t going to make any progress.

  3. I logged in at 11:55 when I read that RoS had just come online. My first log-in attempt hung for a minute before rejecting me and making me try again. I thought ‘Uh-oh, here we go…’, but then I tried again and logged in almost instantly. I wasn’t in the beta, so I was looking forward to trying the new content and features. I started a Crusader and played almost all night. I had some minimal lag, but nothing major, and not sure I’d blame it on Blizzard’s servers – it could just as likely have been my Roadrunner acting up (as it does from time to time). I didn’t rush or PL – played SP and took my time, even enjoyed watching the cutscenes and reading the various dialogues again. I enjoyed it immensely. Found some decent loot. Later that night I logged into my 60 barb and did some MP with random peeps, and that was lots of fun as well. Found a nice legendary Mighty Weapon upgrade from the A2 boss, and a couple of other legendaries. Unfortunately, I’d reset my quests about a week ago and so can’t try out adventure mode until I complete the campaign again with my barb, but I’m in no real hurry.

    So… overall I give it a tentative grade of A. If adventure mode turns out to be as fun and random as I’m expecting, and A5 is a solid act, it will probably go to A+. Zero technical issues except that initial login glitch (no biggie), and I really like the new direction they are taking the game. I think getting rid of the AH, upping drop rates, making loot more likely to be class-specific, adventure mode, new difficulty settings, etc are all steps in the right direction, and the Crusader was way more fun than I was expecting. In my eyes, this expansion did about as much to redeem a previously ****ty game as I could hope for.

  4. The launch went very smooth for me and I was not really expecting that, I was far too cautious and created a act 4 game just in case I could not create a act 5 game due to lag and errors. There was absolutely no need though for that as my fellow clan mates waited until launch and then created their games.

    So I killed Diablo at 12:00am exactly (awesome timing), and then jumped into act 5.

    The only problem that I was having was the first few quests, the ones with the female wraiths you had to kill guarding those soul globes (sorry, forgot the names there). There was severe lag in that part of the game and is was very bad for me. I have a decent rig and the rest of the game runs perfectly fine, that area needs to be looked into.

    Other than that it went very smoothly, I was almost shocked at how well it went.

  5. I enjoyed it dunce I got my box yesterday. The progression of enemies to lvl 70 really hit hard. I had to complete act 5 on hard. I didn’t find much upgrades either and crafted a few pieces as a temp measure. I plan to do adventure mode to find more loot to get back in T1

  6. Went to bed early Monday night, got up at 2 AM Tuesday to play before going to work. Everything was flawless for me, no lag nor technical problems of any sort. Played for about 4 hrs then went to work. A+

  7. On the topic of video card/display issues I did notice some strange artifacting happening during cutscenes and the start and end cuts. The launch was smooth for me. I almost forgot I was on central time and that I actually started at 11, rather than 12. Leveled my monk and had shrine xp until almost 70. I got to the early parts of the blood marsh before I had to get some shut eye. Of course I found a piece of the Inna’s set at 61 and that flustered me, but it’s still can be relevant but of course I’ve since found both the spirit stone that causes WoL to hit at mouse cursor (hard to get used to in practice due to months of it not), and then my pride and joy find shortly after getting Plvl 244 the spirit stone that allows you to get cost-free spirit for 3 seconds on attack. (it rolled well outside of no socket/Spiritgen/LPSS) The issue with it is it’s hard to prepare for (high proc rate, but long internal CD needs to have an identical effect to how Haunt of Vaxo- Summons shadow clones to your aid when you Stun an enemy. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.) and the only somewhat easy indicator is a timer buff at the bottom.

    Makes for fun WoL/CS spam. The other cool drops were of course a fulminator and the Mad Monarch’s scepter that does a huge poison explosion after killing 10 mobs. Mad monarch’s is great except it will not register kills of other party members so it’s best solo maybe a blizz oversight.

    The music has certainly improved over vanilla. Bosses are much tougher overall. I especially liked the character specific content. Still trying to find good replacements for certain items, will come in time.

    Rifts/bounties are fun.

  8. started a hardcore Crusader on EU servers so I could start fresh
    completed killing the Skeleton King
    so boring
    so incredibly boring

    started a Barb
    completed killing the Skeleton King
    more fun than the Crusader
    but still pretty boring

    the game just has so many long spaces with no monsters
    and every time I leveled I kept wanting to do something, but there’s nothing to do, no stat points, no skill points
    yeah, I knew that going in because I played D3 last year, but PoE has got me into the habit of actually doing something when I level up

    I miss that

    with RoS every time I leveled the game would pop up a a giant message “YOU HAVE LEVELED”
    and I’d say “so what ? I don’t actually get to do anything with that”

    and I kept mousing over my skills in the hot bar to see how much damage the skill did,
    oh yeah, that doesn’t work either

    technically the game is flawless and the launch was perfect, but it’s just not that fun, it’s not involving
    it still has the same base problem as D3
    maybe it’ll get better once I reach adventure and rifts

    • I feel exactly the same way but all arpg’s are like that these days for some reason, the only thing compelling me to try ros will be paragon levels and the new legendaries. Pretty much everything thing that has come about since josh got his hands on the controls. But since i don’t like ping in my games that don’t need ping in them I won’t be buying this on the pc. It’ll be months till i play ros, on the ps4, offline without ping -> the way diablo 3 plays best!!! But thanks for testing it and ironing out all the bugs for me guys :p

    • This is because they’ve removed almost all RPG aspects of the game, which is one of the bigger disappointments, in my opinion. They’re “streamlining” removed all that stuff… I don’t know if it’s because they think it’s too complex for the “average gamer” or what.

      The game is good (way better than before) but is still lacking a system or two in terms of character development or *something* to give it that extra piece it’s missing.

  9. The item system between 61-69 is broken. I’m almost level 66 and I have seen nothing but level 61 items (except for a couple of legendaries which rolled at my level). I have hit a wall in difficulty because of this and had to drop down from Torment to Expert because of this just to stop dying.

    This is further compounded that to do any sort of crafting you need a large supply of Death’s breaths. I figure these drop from champions and elites and I’ve certain battled many of these, but so far I have had a grand total of 1, yes only a single one, dropping for me. This means I can’t upgrade my blacksmith much at all to get access to higher level items and on top of that most of the level 61 items I did gain access to be able to craft require more Death’s breaths I don’t have. To me this is stupid, the blacksmith might as well disappear and come back only when I get to level 70.

    It seems to me that they completely neglected the level 61-69 itemisation. I have heard that it’s good at 70, that’s nice, something to look forward to, but right now it’s down right frustrating.

    • ditto. not enough drop (good items/death’s breath). Moreover it’s a little deppressing to have to constently lower the difficulty level…

      The leveling of the first hero is the hardest. The others should be easier(better gems at least).
      Anyway the fun should be going exponentially from lvl 70.
      I plan to do 60-70 the fast as possible.

  10. I have had very few problems. A couple of disconnects over the last two days. Getting around 65 latency.

  11. No problems at all. I was online when they kicked us out of the game to enable the RoS content. Me and my friend took a brief brake to get us sorted, then came back and jumped into act 4, ready to take in Diablo and enter act 5. Didn’t notice any technical issues, except maybe for about 70 ms ping, which with D3’s network infrastructure, is hardly even noticeable. Been having about 60-65 ms ping since launch, but never had an issue logging in or getting disconnected from games during the about 10 hours of play or so that I’ve done so far.

  12. i have the same texture glitch as shown in the news post and on a retina macbook pro as well. it can be fixed temporarily by going into options, graphics and switching the texture resolution to anything else, hit apply, then switch it back to the previous setting. this forces the engine to reload all graphical assets, and you can finish your rift/bounty without running around half blind.

    otherwise the launch has been excellent 🙂

  13. Good work, Blizzard! 🙂 No problems at all!

    ..or so I’ve heard.. Without warning my ISP shut down several network nodes for maintenance, and thereby cut my internet connection, less than 5 minutes after RoS was enabled!!!

    I had preordered the CE from Amazon but also purchased it via just one hour earlier so that I could play at launch.

    In 25 years, maybe I’ll be able to look back and laugh..

    Several of my friends were having a great time, though. 🙂

  14. I usually don’t write long posts and – really – I hated a lot on D3 on this site, since it was a shitty game at launch. That said, I got this great feeling of wanting to share with the community here that I am in love with the game right now. Likely this is a crush, only time will tell, but the feeling right now is as intense as it gets.
    I can’t stop playing. The environments are gorgeous, the atmosphere dark and gloomy. The music? S%^t, when I play – and I play every day before and after work – I tone to minimum everything (I don’t appreciate all the noise from the skills) but the music. The music is wonderful, it goes beyond the epic tones of D1, expands, but stays within the narrative of the environments and all. Overall, the tone of the gameplay is just f***ing amazing . I really felt the intimate connection to the themes in D1, which is my all time fav game.
    I also like to story / quest a lot. My fav is Adria. I’ve been re-listening her diary every time I play. So much voice acting, so much narrative you can use a starting point to fill in the gaps with your own imagination. I feel greatly nostalgic about the character the finale of the quest leaves me sad every time.
    The monster are just. I mean. I love every bit of the new content.
    All of this underscores how shit D3 was upon release. I feel this is a disgrace Blizz will never wash away. The story and all, especially the fate of Cain – that was just not ok, man.
    Some thoughts on character progression.
    Well, now it’ clear that if you didn’t play while community bonus was on, that is a missed opportunity with grave consequences. Three things.
    First, piling up those paragons lvl up to mid-100’s is a significant factor in filling you character’s weak spots. Two, drop rates during that time were ridiculous – orange and green dropped liked candy and you could get a ton of solid loot. Three, If you did not amass tears and brimstones, you may have a hard time.
    All the gear 2.0 gear I got prior to RoS release after mistic-ing was what carried me through hard spots of Act V and progression to 70. There were hard spots, just like Flux said, around 65/66 I had to come down to T1 and the game was still very challenging. Which I love. I love the challenge. You need that toughness baby, but go find a wizard friend:). And I’ve been working hard with both items and my skills to be at a sweet point between challenge and fun. I learned the hard way that some things don’t work, or at least not with the gear I got.
    My impression is – and that might indeed be a bad thing – that all practical purposes CC, CD, AS and main stat were still my top choices as I got to 70 (I play baba, dual wield). Perhaps now with 300k unbuffed dps I will start seriously consider +damage type items, but until now I felt those were not worth giving up quadfecta, which you can still get but with +500 mainstat. I can imagine for bounties diamond in weapon may a viable alternative, but generally emerald ftw. Funny, gem in helmet is sth I gave up long ago. Again, for some builds the cooldown will surely work, I played WotB, Eartquake, CotA build since 2.0 started, but now play a different style. Oh, and the rampage passive is sick, I am sure it will get nerfed very soon, as at 25 stacks buff to dps is tremendous and with all the shit on the screen you pretty much have it on all the time.
    So, if you have not put the hours in D3v2.0 you may be struggling. But don’t complain. You have an exciting road to master the higher difficulties. Isn’t that what everyone wanted? The toughest guys (with sick legacy items) I played with (4co-op games) at t4 in 2.0 are all playing t1 now. So…
    Not enough death breaths? Well, again. This is supposed to be progression, the game does not own you anything. Just have fun.

  15. I got monster lags twice while talking to NPC, that made the game not react at all for quite some time. Other then that? No problems.

  16. As others have mentioned, was stunned by how straight forward it was to play ROS on launch night. No lag, no queues on EU realm. Very happy with new content & just started rolling a crusader who I have named Eleanor in honour of a certain site moderator around these parts. 🙂

  17. Zero technical issues whatsoever. No lag, errors, queues, disconnects or anything in that nature. A complete opposite of the D3V launch.

    Act IV is breathtakingly good. The scenery, monsters, bossfights, extra sidequests are all amazing. If there´s one thing I´d have to complain about is that I think Urzael seems a bit out of place fantasy-wise. Fallen angels with flamethrowers feels just weird. The fight itself is great though.

  18. No technical problem. No lag, no difficulties to login, no errors… From the technical point of view everything’s ok.

    Now, for the game, I am a bit disappointed. The adventure mode is great but the story mode is not really good and the act V is overall not as good as I would have hoped for. The story is still bullshit. I do not really liked two of the new bosses fights. I really enjoyed the first few zones in Westmarch (the town) with many little events, dungeons… But the next zones (the swamp, Pandemonium) were not that beautifull and seemed a bit empty. I also find that the monsters (scarab…) were not really inspired and seemed unrelated to the story in some intermediate zones whereas the reapers in the first part of the act are great (as well as the boggits in the swamp).

    For the story it is not that important, as we won’t suffer it for long with the adventure mode. But the relative deception concerning the setting of act V will remain, even in this mode.

  19. Cannot see the poll (windows 8 / firefox)

    But no issues at all, everything was very smooth. Did act V with my wizard and then bounties ftw!

    Got 10 Horadric caches today and then opened them at the same time, the look of all that loot…. (2 legendaries out of the 10 caches)

  20. My launch experience was fairly seamless.

    Grouped up with Emery, Belatrix, and someone else at 1155 PM..

    Hit Lvl 70 at 430 am and beat the boss two minutes after that…with my Barb…that I never play…lol

  21. Judging by the pool, positive, I think? 🙂

    The first hour on asia was troublesome, but after that I was at my regular Asian ping, so I tested the crusader for a while.

    When the game went live on EU, I cleared the A5 with EU barb on SPF clan – no ifs, no buts, no DCs – my regular EU ping, if not better. Keep in mind I had 10k gold on EU account – RoS preparations (I had to buy some cheap stuff on last day of AH with my lone million) – and even with that factored in I managed to level the mystic selling rare items to vendors. I would be unable to do the “force torment enchants” I’m doing on my US account, but the systems seems to be working.

    On the US account I think everything is going as it should, except I’m not having time to play as much as I wished to. Today is day off, so T1 maybe 🙂

  22. There were some lag spikes but surprisingly no error 37. There still is some lag occasionally.

  23. I slept through the first 6 hours or so of the launch, then got up early and played for a couple hours before work Tuesday. Since then, I’ve played for around 15ish hours. Haven’t had any lag, or anything except for one instance when I was grouped with my husband. We started an event, only to both immediately freeze. He got booted from the game completely. I was not, and was able to rez in town (we both died, of course). Other than that one hiccup, everything has been fine. My latency has even stayed almost entirely under 80.

  24. A brilliant launch experience from me I was very impressed. My only 2 complaints is this is how Diablo 3 should have been in the first place and that the game can be a touch laggy in rifts. I am very impressed with what blizzard has done here and I am really looking forward to ladders.

  25. Played for a few hours after launch and it was totally seamless. No errors, no major lag, and no unexpected issues. Soloing a Crusader so far, so can’t comment on multiplayer experience, but really well done launch IMO. Kudos to the Blizzard server team on that one… Looks like they learned from the D3 launch.

    PS: While I would have snickered at an Error 37 joke, I’m sure the PR team shot that down asap. For good reason I’m sure.

  26. Loving the expansion so far. Progression from 60 to 70 was a bit weird, but once at 70, things make more sense. The first character to 70 is heavily twinked 60 with nothing for the last 10 levels.

    Once past this hump, the game really opens up. Adv modeis really cool. So many items are dropping I don’t know what direction to take. For the first time, I am thinking of making multiple wizards each with different gear and skills.. this is a good thing.

  27. The launch was basically “nonexistant” because I was already logged in when the message “Reaper of Souls is now active!” popped up in the game.
    Then I just selected act 5 and played for 40 hours without incident!

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