Vote: Patch 2.2 and Season 3 Legendary Items

Much of the conversation on this week’s podcast focused on some of our favorite new legendary items in Patch 2.2/Season 3. All of us on the show were pretty happy with the new gear we’ve been finding and using, but how goes it for you guys?

Have you benefited from the new legendary items and new/upgraded item sets? Are they doing what you want or need? Or was not your favorite skill or play style supported, or your class of choice ignored, so you can only look bitterly at the others frolicking in their near gear and bide your time until v2.3?

Vote: Patch 2.2 and Season 3 Legendary Items:

Your opinion on the new/upgraded legendary/set items in Patch 2.2 / Season 3?

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  1. The problem I have is not the quantity of new items but the variance. Some are awesome (Tal Rasha, Natalya) whereas as some seem to be very mediocre in terms of design (Immortal Kings, Unhallowed Esscences).

  2. I've been really satisfied with the buffed up Tal's set and Halo of Arlyse. After a little enchanting and crafting work, I dusted off my wizard and took her for a spin. She's actually competing with (and slightly surpassed) my M6 DH with a playstyle I enjoy more, so I can't complain about that. Roland's still feels a little clunky on my crusader, but his gear is kinda lame and I'm still a little irritated about Eternal Union/Phalanx/Baleful Remnant falling behind. IK's seems kinda fun but I haven't played a barb much since twinkletoes was the go-to, so I have barely any experience there. Monk/WD are irritating to play for me, so I can't say one way or another for those.

  3. I main Crusader and play HC only. Crusader items and updates aren't enough for me to bother playing again this season. Akkhan set is still effective, but needs tweak to catch up to other sets. Why does it still have 500 str as a bonus?

    But on the other side, I've been enjoying Delsere set, Ranslor folly, and new setup using Broken Promise ring with zero critical hit chance on gear.

    Whirlwind barb and multishot DH look fun to play too. If only I had time to try those too.

  4. I voted pleased, but not overenjoyed, but the fact is that the game is way better now. Just keep the good work bliz, make more legs that buff different skills and allow different builds, and drop on those crap legendaries. You are definitly on the right track. Pvp, or some kind of team pvp ladder on next expansion and this game is just perfect!!!

  5. I'm a crusader normally so no real sets for us… 🙁

    My drum is about the size of the pool – the more items go into the loot table, the fewer drops I'll get that I'll actually want.

    Also, completely off topic but is there any way to change the colour scheme on the mobile site for commenting? I'm colour-blind and black on red isn't doing my eyes any good!

  6. Where's the option for "I have to wait until the next era to see these items because I don't play seasons"? 😛

  7. I really like the UE set, found it all before P20 (yeah damn lucky me for once) but one thing I miss is that since I use the wolf, I do not have all my pets to taunt enemies so it feels a bit squishier than M6. But the kill speed is much greater with crits in the 200M. I don't even have full Focus + Restraint yet and I'm still using my lvl 66 Krider (yeah I like the ice arrow freezing everything for BoTT right now and it's a good enough generator). So even though I had wanted to only get the 400 Achievements points to get the season stuff, since I'm almost decked out and can gain as much XP as non season, I'll stick with season for now (I have a close to perfect ancient Krider waiting non season anyways).

    The only thing I dislike right now is the new barb set whirlwind. I have nothing against the damage output and it must feel good to be a barb again, I'd just like if they could tone down the movement speed a bit to promote group play. Right now it's just terrible when they destroy everything just sprinting across the map while the rest of the bunch can barely keep up just running behind. If you stop to kill something left over or pick up loot, you fall 10 screens behind in 10 secs.

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