Not everyone likes to party.

    Not everyone likes to party.

    Yesterday’s post about exp “sharing” problems in parties, where players geared for EXP gained much more exp than the characters doing most of the damage/work, got a Blue follow up today. As we pointed out in the post, and many of you guys said in comments, the issue isn’t about support vs. DPS, it’s about leechers vs. Support/DPS, and after B.net posters made the same point, the Blue returned to the scene of the crime to admit his error and show contrition.

    This has nothing to do with perma stun, you don’t need or want perma stun in speed rift for xp.

    …Thanks for the reply, but the topic was missed in your reply unfortunately. Perma-fear is rarely a thing below GR 50, and certainly isn’t a thing for XP runs.

    …We don’t even need perma-Fear or CC to do speed run. In fact, when we’re actually pushing GR, we don’t want any “leechers” in our party. We want people that are fully optimized for pushing. Removing perma-CC will not address the XP discrepancy at all. It doesn’t fix anything at all. It only affects people who are trying to push.
    Tyvalir: Gah, you’re right – I totally missed the mark there.

    It sounds like your concern is more with how support builds that focus on experience boosting gear and run mid-tier Greater Rifts in groups are the most efficient builds at speed leveling, and that this both diminishes the value of playing DPS roles in groups and can lead to power disparity between competitive players in Seasons.

    Thanks for clarifying that, and distinguishing between this strategy versus those that focus on pushing higher Greater Rifts. I’ve made sure to clarify this in passing your feedback to the design team. So sorry for the confusion!

    Nice that the blue acknowledged his interpretation wasn’t matching that of the fans, and adjusted accordingly. I’m sure the devs knew about it already, feedback forwarded or not, but this just puts us where the comments were in yesterday’s post

    Everyone now understands that gearing for +EXP (Cain’s/Born’s, Ruby helm, Leoric’s Ring) and just tagging along nets you far more EXP than is gained by the players geared for DPS, who are doing all the work. So how does this get fixed? Nerf or remove +EXP gear? Share all the +EXP bonuses evenly through the party? Grant less EXP per kill to characters who aren’t dealing damage?

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