Vote for the best PC games in the IncGamers Readers’ Awards 2013

IncGamers Readers'Awards 2013

We have just launched the IncGamers Readers’ Awards 2013  in which we invite the IncGamers’ community to vote for the best PC games of 2013.

The IncGamers team have thought long and hard about what should make the shortlist in the annual Readers’ Awards and this year we’ve added a few more categories. It can be tricky fitting games into little genre boxes (which is why we have one called ‘Third Person Action Thingy’) but we’ve tried to remain as consistent about it as possible.

So, instead of us telling you what the best games were, we want you to tell us. On the voting page you’ll find all of the categories and you can cast your votes in each and every one that takes your fancy. If there’s a game you think should be on our shortlist you can do a write-in vote by typing in the “Other” box. DO NOT suggest Diablo 3, it wasn’t released in 2013 😉

On the 19 December we will be announcing the winners in each category, so get voting!

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    9 thoughts on “Vote for the best PC games in the IncGamers Readers’ Awards 2013

    1. QUOTE

      No Cod or Battlefield?

      I suspect the “Best PC Games of 2013” may be limited to, you know, PC games. Just a hunch.

        • Rayman legends and Assassin’s Creed 4 are on the list and are multi plataform.

          Battlefield 4 is a good PC game and should make any list Arma 3 makes, imo.

          Now, CoD Ghosts, as a PC game… Just no. You can try to explain in front of mirror why it’s a decent console game with old graphics with innovative features for a Cod game, like squads, being out of combat faster (taking a few shots on the leg = in game dead) and stuff like that- besides the fact everyone online and their dogs play team deathmatch. You could put an ARPG on Cod and people would play TDM.

          The PC version just didn’t work 🙂 That’s why I understand why it isn’t on the list.

    2. Or just limited to good games. Same result 😛

      Edit. Okay, looking at the list, not just good games.

    3. Not sure if the system will see this as double post in-forums, previous post was a reply…

      So, there was this category… Best free to play…

      Dota 2 and Path of Exile. I don’t like Dota 2 or MMOs, but Dota 2:

      – Crashes less (even on beta, btw – not to mention poe’s desync);

      – has a more solid interface;

      – it’s more balanced, more stable, you can afford to have a comfort zone after the learning curve (you don’t need to reinvent yourself every week – there’s no Myley Cyrus on a wrecking ball, wearing a troll face mask at the end of very single patch note).

      That’s why I ended voting for Dota as a better F2P. I don’t like MMO’s, but design-wise, they seem to be doing better…

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