Vote: No PvP in D3 at Launch

Blizzard recently announced that we would not see a functional PvP system in Diablo III at launch. This created some fan outrage, but since the feature cut was framed in their usual, “Do you want System X or another six month delay?” no one was able to refute it too powerfully. And then the release date was revealed five days later, wiping away all memory of the latest and largest promised feature to get cut from the game during the rush to release.

Let’s go back to that no-PvP decision for a moment, though. If you can, look at the issue as an actual feature debate, rather than just a matter of “soon.” After all, as long as we’ve been waiting for D3, would you guys object to *anything* being stripped out for a quicker release? If Jay Wilson said, “The Demon Hunter isn’t working that great right now. Do you guys really want 5 classes if it means waiting until 2013?” I imagine a strong majority of fans, at least on, would be perfectly fine going to war without an archer class. (Vote results on our Facebook page reflect that attitude quite clearly.)

So, try and weigh PvP on its own terms, rather than entirely in terms of “soon,” or “inevitable result of terrible time management from 2008-2012.”

How upset are you at no PvP in D3 at launch?

  • 3) Mild approval. I don't really care about PvP. (45%, 4,094 Votes)
  • 4) Great news. PvP sucks and would have distracted from PvE balancing. (18%, 1,685 Votes)
  • 5) I reject your reframing effort. A SOON release date is all that matters. Cut all the features! (17%, 1,604 Votes)
  • 2) Angry. Was really looking forward to PvP. (17%, 1,590 Votes)
  • 1) Outraged. Won't buy until PvP is patched in. (2%, 212 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,185

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Last Vote Results

The last vote measured public opinion on Diablo 3’s DiabloWikiMagic Find system, in which the MF (and GF and +%exp) for all characters is added up, then divided by the number of players in the game. I figured we’d have a lot more fragmented results on this one, with no one option over 30% or 35%, so apparently Blizzard is doing it right, at least in terms of pleasing the fans with their system plans.

How should Magic Find be handled in Diablo 3?

  • 2) I like the D3 system; everyone’s MF shares. (53%, 3,989 Votes)
  • 1) As it was in D2. No sharing of MF bonuses. (24%, 1,770 Votes)
  • 4) There shouldn’t be any MF in D3 at all. (11%, 828 Votes)
  • 5) Don’t know/no opinion. (7%, 524 Votes)
  • 3) Some different system than D2 or D3. (5%, 356 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,469

While we’re on the topic if fan votes and release dates, check out the results of our release date vote from September 2011. Would you be surprised to learn that the correct answer was the least popular?

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93 thoughts on “Vote: No PvP in D3 at Launch

  1. Personally, I think Bliz is getting away with this largely since so few people have actually played D3’s PvP. Everyone I know who was at Blizzcon the last 2 years hates this feature cut, and is perplexed that Bliz isn’t just releasing the game with a slightly-upgraded version of the Blizzcon 2011 demo, which was fantastically fun and certainly “good enough” for a release feature to get patched/improved over time.

    • Agreed.

      But while I am angry, I am also happy to know they’re putting more thought into it. A more robust PvP Arena system is extremely welcome in my opinion.

      Had there been another option, I’d have voted for “Angry about the initial cut, but optimistic for a better implementation in the future.”

      EDIT: Here are some options that are now possible that weren’t in at the demo that will probably be in the PvP patch later:

      -Practice/Custom Arena Lobbies
      -A Real Ranked System + Meaningful Achievements
      -Better Balance (I’m sure they’re confounded as to how to make a simple UI show PvE and PvP versions of skills in a noob-friendly way)

      This is just a small list. What I do want to point out is that the PvP showcased at Blizzcon ’11 mainly captured the energy of what Diablo PvP brings – which is EXACTLY what people want. It’s just that repetition with no reward becomes a chore. In the end, what was lacking was the structure to make it meaningful.

      I look forward to see what they implement in the future.

      • I think a lot of people consider PvP to be a form of end-game in and of itself; this feeling probably comes from Diablo 2’s lack of any ‘real’ end-game. Anyway, I would play PvP just because I enjoy it. Any rewards are sort of gravy to me.

      • I hope you’re right, but after the slooooow improvements in SC2, I’d be surprised if ANY of those options ever got into D3. We’ll get PvP, but probably not until holiday 2012, and it will likely be with only a few or no extra features.

    • Well, having not played it, I choose option six which is I will take the delay if it means a better pvp experience from the limited amount of content they were planning to ship.
      Arenas are not good enough for me, no matter how fun they are in once-a-year fifteen minute bursts. 

    • They probably needed more features for it to really work out, that they didn’t need at blizcon.  They clearly need a system for balancing people based on gear, level, and general skill level. 
      It would turn a lot of people off if their first experience in PvP was to queue up at level 30 and get stomped by a team of level 60’s.  Similarly, gear can have an impact like that as well.  Balancing Matchmaking for the 3 variables (level, gear quality, and player ranking) is pretty complicated, and one of the biggest gripes with pretty much any moba right now is Matchmaking.  
      It’s wise for Blizz to take the approach they are taking. 

      • But they had to have been working on that stuff all this time while working on the campaign. There’s no way they didn’t have a decent matchmaking system in place already. They are holding it back for some other incomprehensible reason…

        • I would guess that it’s just lacking overall in features. It was just a few deathmatch maps, and that was it.

          • I disagree, because I can see the massive potential it has. I’m just hoping that the development team sees some of what I do.

    • Agreed. I was pretty angry when they announced pvp was out for now. But I get it. I am just surprised from the voting how many have “meh’d” the whole pvp thing. Trust me when I say that is was really, really, really fun.

      • I’m sure a lot of people are expecting it to be like WoW pvp and are voting accordingly. I didn’t like arena in wow, if D3 pvp runs along the same lines I’ll probably avoid it.

    • As one of the few that got to play the PvP at Blizzcon.  I was disappointed that they felt that it needed to be held back, but it didn’t send me into a rage. 
      This is not the first time Blizzard has done something like this.  If we look back at how PvP was back when WoW first launched (nov 23 2004) it was nothing more then 1v1 sparring (no deaths) or gank PvP servers. 6 months later they introduced the honor system (a reward system for PvP) One month later (7 months after the release of the game) that they introduced the battle grounds. (zones made just for PvPing)  Then Dec 5th 2006 they introduced the Arena system
      If this was any other company I would have been worried cause I would have thought “O great, they are just going to release this stuff later as DLC and charge us for it”  But Blizzard isn’t like that.  They give their gamers free content.  Think of all the patches D2 has gotten.  Most game companies wouldn’t have even bothered updating a 2 year old game let alone a 10 year old game.  At least they aren’t like EA, with all the services shutting down.

      I will gladly wait for a fully featured PvP system.

      • I REALLY Care about PVP…. But i will PVP only after I maxed out at lvl 60… where is that option? I think it is the “Mild approval” option? but I do care about PVP….
        Trust me , you will have 75% of people voting for
        “Mild approval, I will not PVP at early level anyway, and it will come out as Free Patch too”
        Captcha = As You Wish

    • I played it at blizzcon, and I thought it was bad.
      If it takes more time to make it good, more power to them.

      • I saw those Blizzcon PvP vids, can’t recall what level those chars was but they had less HP then I was able to achieve in beta… that Blizzcon PvP was more of a show off / preview of what they probably had in mind but didn’t really “perfect” it Blizzardstyle.
        I would like to see more beyond then just Arena matches, maybe even some big battleground where more then just a few are able to enter in and have some awesome battles for more fun, because lets face it arena’s are always abit more the competitive way (not that that’s a bad thing). But I do like choices depending on the mood I’m in.

        • So you were able to get almost 10,000 health?  Really?  Really?  REALLY?  They were lvl 60 characters by the way. That was also before they changed the health, so now I would guess their health sits around 20,000. (probably more)

       You forget, the 2011 Blizzcon demo was using the old skill system…
       It’s likely they didn’t want to risk having to delay the game again because of the PvP rebalancing they need to do… working on PvE balance for another month or two is much easier if it’s the only thing you have to worry about.

    • I was actually at Blizzcon the last two years and though yes the PvP was fun.  What fun could you have with it at level 1?  I’m guesstimating that you can’t get to max level in a few weeks if leveling is anything like D2 leveling so I’m not worried about it.  PvP was fun but never what Diablo was about to me, give me my item grind give me my randomization.  And if PvP needs to be on the chopping block to get me to that point I’m more than happy to lose it for now.

  2. Sad that it won’t be there on release, but glad that they want to make PvP a great experience and will wait until it is good and won’t delay the whole game.

  3. You need better poll options. Is it impossible to like PvP and be okay with the delay? 

    • Exactly.  While I and everyone else want the game as soon as they can, I’m not going to be jumping straight into PvP.  I’d like to play the game, learn the story and understand the mechanics before beating up on other people.  For me, it’s not a huge problem but of course I’d like everything done, even if I don’t use it right away.

    • This…. is what i thought… I really care about PVP, but not at early level…. And since it will come out as Free Patch anyway….

    • I agree, the poll doesn’t leave room for any positive reaction, whatever you pick is negative towards either Blizzard or pvp. Most of us will probably level up to 60 before going pvp so we’ll have all our skills and runes. I’m don’t mind Blizzard delaying the pvp aspect to a later patch. 

    • Exactly!  Im serious about PvP, but I don’t mind that they want to polish it before release. 🙂 

    • Poll options here have always been questionable, regardless of feedback that’s been received on the issue. I just shrug and pick the option closest to my “general attitude”, if I care to respond.

  4. The way I see it is – it sucks that PvP isn’t ready right off the bat, but I’m not going to rage about something that I probably won’t play until I’m at max level and have a good feel for my character, anyway. And I’d much rather just play Diablo 3 in 2 months rather than wait 6 months just to derp around in the Arena with a level 11 character for kicks.

    • I probably would have jumped in around level 30, but what I said above still stands.
      I’d prefer quality PVP with interesting features, and more than one play type, with brackets, ideally. I’d love a DotA/WoW BG-style mode, too. 

  5. On principle, I agree with Blizzard’s decision on this. No PvP for now is better than bad PvP; it’s not the first time they canceled or delayed something that wasn’t up to their quality standard.
    On a personal level, this is good news for me because I don’t care about PvP in Diablo. ^^

  6. I think you have gone too far with your little comments next to each choice.
    I am very glad PvP is being delayed, but I love PvP.

    The thing is, PvP in Diablo 3 is arena based. There is no ‘open world pvp’ that we are missing out of while leveling because of this change. Also remember that different skills may seem more or less OP at different levels with different gear. I know blizzard said they don’t intend to balance around PvP but that said, PvP will only be stable at max level. By delaying PvP until we have experimented with our classes, tried out different combinations and (for the more obsessed of us) leveled to 60 they will ensure that there is a lot less rage (balance), confusion (understanding a loss) and misunderstanding (of skills and game mechanics) generated by Arena play.

  7. wow lots of pvm no…I mean poeple :d

    I voted 2 for the obvious reason, that I loved pvp in d2 and was looking forward to it in d3 aswell.

    However, since the anouncement, Blizzard did say they will add it later on with several mods, so I don´t mind the wait in the beginning, because that means, that I can enjoy the story and farm some items and play HC aswell.

  8. Where’s the “I’m a hardcore PvPer, I absolutely love PvP, and I’m very glad they’re deciding to take more time into making it as great as possible before releasing it” option?

    • If you genuinely believe that they, Blizzard, the people who put everything before PvP, are taking time from their summer to work on PvP and make it orders of magnitude times better than what we’ve already seen, you’re delusional. We may see some UI changes in the PvP patch. Maybe an altered ranking system. That’s it.

  9. People who voted for 4, and maybe 3, don’t realize how bored they’re going to be after their 9th playthrough and 157th hour of checking the auction house.

    And I second the notion that the poll options weren’t too fantastic on this one.

    • Why would anyone play through 9 times when we can swap out all our skills anyway? You’d never level the same class twice. If anything you would do runs of all of inferno acts at max level.

    • I’m not so sure about that… Even a few dozens of runs through the beta hasn’t left me bored.

    • we are gonna be alot of people bored to death…

      Poll speaks for itself. I rest my case.  

    • Because when people get bored with warcraft raiding they turn to pvp? No mostly they just quit warcraft.

  10. lol Flux is so bad at these polls.
    Here’s how it’s done: Are you bothered by the PvP delay?
    1. Yes.
    2. No.

      • If you want detailed opinions look at the comments, polls aren’t supposed to break down into specific opinions but rather general attitude.

        As an example: Polls for presidential elections don’t read: “I would vote for Obama because he is the Messiah reborn” or “I would vote for Santorum because I hate college professors and I love his beautiful sweater vests”. Even the most adamant supporters of those candidates wouldn’t feel comfortable selecting one of those.
        My OCD demands that I complete the poll, but I can’t do so because my option just isn’t there, if you had made a simple “yes/a little/no/don’t care”, everyone would fit in somewhere.

  11. I vote they take the beta offline now, they cant keep it stable for more than a few hours. road apples

  12. I voted that I don’t really care about PvP. But I wouldn’t call it mild approval. It’s just apathy.

  13. I’m in the number 2 boat and don’t understand how people could not enjoy PvP. I mean what other reason is there for perfecting your character after having played through Inferno over and over to the point that it becomes trite? I also don’t understand what was so wrong with the version they had at this past Blizzcon that they felt like it needed to be revamped again. I just hope they don’t add the hand-holding-ness that they did to the skill ui and that it doesn’t take too long after release to get it in… At least before the end of the summer…

    • I don’t care much for PvP. What keeps me going? Stuff. Discovery. Killing the boss that much quicker. Killing the boss with this ridiculous spec. Finding that awesome rare item. I don’t care if I could kill Chuck Norris with it, I found it, and that’s enough for me.
      If I was interested in PvP, I’d probably not be too bothered anyway. It will be some time before I’d be interested in going PvP anyways. I’d want to learn the game and skills and get some nice gear before I’d bother with it. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try it and find it enjoyable when it comes.
      The alternative would be yet more delays before launch. At this point: I’m just happy that we’re getting the game now and not having to wait for a feature that I don’t think that a majority of people will be interested in at launch anyways.

  14. I am looking forward to PVP in the future. It looked fun. Honestly though, I’m just glad to get the game and learn how to play my character while I level. I won’t be looking to PVP until I’ve leveled up one of my characters which will probably take a month or two anyway. Hopefully PVP will be ready by then. If not, I’ll level another character. Leveling and gearing up was the majority of what I did in D2LOD.

  15. How about “I like PvP but it can wait”? I mean, you need to level up a character first anyway…

  16. If the Blizzcon arena had been included in the beta I suspect people would be much angrier because they would’ve been seeing how much fun the arenas were even with low lvl chars.

  17. I’m more of the moderate persuasion in that I care a lot more about the pvm as opposed to pvp,but it’s a disappointment nonetheless.

  18. I LOVE PvP. 
    That’s why I still play Warhammer Online despite all its flaws.  
    PvP is not an end-game feature for me. If PvP were in D3, I’d be playing it at char level 1.

    Fighting chars controlled by actual people is always more fun and more difficult than fighting monsters controlled by AI.

    Luckily, I still have Warhammer Online and “another mmo” 

  19. I guess the primary reason they left it out was balance, and lack of balance was not because they had been sitting on their asses all the time. The skill and rune systems were overhauled as recently as January, and it would have completely changed the way PvP (especially end-game PvP) had been balanced till then. So rather than ship with some half-assed balance in the new system, they decided  to hold it off, and add new goodies to please the crowd. Simple.

  20. This poll is missing an option:
    What about the people that like PVP but love the fact that the game is coming out early because the PVM is finished?
    If they released an unfinished PVM game, that’d be a different story… but by all accounts it’s good to go, so it’s better that we don’t need to wait 🙂

  21. For me there is a massive gap in the voting option’s, for me it’s good/great news, (BUT PVP DIDNT SUCK) Should of been an option for Great news on it being a release date that is just around the corner, and GREAT news that the extra time means that the PVP system getting alot more polish which mean “multiple Arena maps with themed locations and layouts, PvP-centric achievements, and a matchmaking system also adding a personal progression system that will reward you for successfully bashing in the other team’s skulls.”  Having all of that perfectly functioning and implemented is GREAT news, then rushing out 1 arena map for the price of ‘unknown hopefully shortish time’, which ofcourse is 1 negative unknown (but could easily be a positive time)
    So ultimately — it’s Great News (PVP Is getting polished and will also be Great!)!   —-even more great if pvp gets patched in just as im wrapping up PVE and getting ready for it

  22. Jesus! Flux, you couldn’t have deviced a more biased poll than this. Is it so tough for you to stomach Ellys poll results (facebook poll)?

  23. I’m missing the “I don’t really care that PvP is delayed as long as it’s going to be in at some point.” option.

  24. I dont know what others think when they voted that, but for myself, i am going to treat D3 as a single player game, at least as best as i could. i’ve never liked playing games with others, if i did i wouldnt hate DOTA or WoW so much. I do play MMO sometimes, but always keep to myself and dont party. Call me whatever you want, but im pretty sure i aint the only \odd\ one voting for the \meh\.

  25. Voted ‘don’t really care for PvP. Honestly I think there will be a problem of players complaining that certain classes are OP etc. That will be the gist of PvPers. Didn’t they say they aren’t going to balance this game around PVP?
    Regardless I’ll give it shot. Doesn’t look fun to me. although I think I’m in the minority.

  26. Well.
    RMAH will be in at launch.
    I think it odd they have time to work on that. In fact, I find it odd they spend the most time working on that. 😀

  27. 46% don’t care about pvp and 17% pvp sucks? surely this poll has been hijacked surely.

  28. Voted for Mild Approval. I cannot say that I won’t definitely PVP, but I am glad that Blizzard got their priorities straight and just focused on releasing the damn game.

    As long as the PVP will be patched in later, then I am good. I don’t really care much about it anyway, as the heart and soul of Diablo for me will always be about the grind and the magic find. PVP is just like an added bonus.

  29. Im angry because I wonder whether or not they will ever actually implement it.  There are still features they promised to put in SC2 that still havent made it in almost 2 years after release.

    • This is exactly what I’m worried about too. I believe they will put it in, but it may not be for a long time. An even more disturbing prospect would be holding PvP for the expansion.

  30. Umm where the a bah a delay, but it fine if it means we get better PvP when we get it option?

    Forced to take number 3 by default.

  31. I hate WoW team arena and i do not want see it in diablo3, it is boring and force you to look for pvp partner.
    I like duels and battlegrounds with interesting mechanics/goals and maps design and for me that is where they should focus.
    Personally i think that DotA like battleground would be hilarious in Diablo3.
    So i am happy if they take time to develop smh good.
    In the end for PvP i can use Dota2 😛 leaving Diablo3 for great PvE experience.

  32. None of the above.
    I’m not angry that they don’t bring PvP for the release but other-hand I wonder how it affects to selling in RMAH.

  33. Bad poll (surprise). Where is the option that is not negative? Getting old Flux. I don’t remember this website being this snarky back in 2000.

  34. PvP without competition is meaningless.  The current system you go into an arena a few times say “tee hee” and leave because it’s fucking pointless.  It doesn’t need to be an e-sport but any form of PvP needs a ladder, or it’s analogous to sliding down a rainbow into a little room where sparkles appear from our foam swords as we swat at each other like dancing pixies. 

  35. It all depands, right now my option is “Im angry, but I can live with that” but if they not release pvp mode in like 3-4 months after 15th of May then ill be really mad.

  36. I think it would be cool if they added a custom maps option like in starcraft 2 for pvp arenas. It could be neat to see what type of game modes and pvp arenas people would come up with…. wishfull thinking I know…  I picture people making horde mode games. Or games when you could only summon creatures to fight for you, the possibilitys would be endless!

  37. I did not care at all about PvP in D2.  I’ll probably try it in D3 if/when it comes out – keeping an open mind.
    As a software engineer by trade (but not in games biz), I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to balance the vast amount of skills + runes + gear combos for PvM.  Balancing for PvP would be another big effort that I could see definitely affecting the release date, disregarding the effort necessary to implement Arenas/PVP ladder, etc.  For example, monsters tend to have high hit points, low damage, and come in packs.  Players tend to have lower hit points, much higher damage, are much faster, there is only one, etc.
    My big concern would be skills getting nerfed/goofed up in order to balance PvP.  PvM should be the primarily offering in this game.  If necessary, I think they should have the ability to provide different skill affects on players than monsters.

  38. To whom it may concern: your poll results are faulty.

    At the moment I am looking at this, one answer has 107 votes for a listed “3%” of total votes, while another answer has 1070 votes for a listed “17%” of total votes.

    I thought it was interesting that one result had exactly 10x the support than the other, and then noticed that 17% is not 10x 3%.  So something with the math of your poll system is not adding up correctly.  The bottom result currently has 1.75% of the votes.

    • I’m gonna guess it’s due to calculating the lowest % as the difference of the other percentages from 100.  If the others are rounded in such a way that the top 4 sum to 97%, it might just be giving that last 3% to the bottom one without actually calculating it.

  39. fuck PvP, as if people would jump straight into it upon D3’s release without having getting used to the gameplay mechanics, let alone their class preference etc.

    De-noob yourselves first and then see if you’re good enough to play PvP. unless you want a major noobfest plaguing the mode starting from day 1, and then cue the bitchfest “WAAAAA this community is full of noobz who can’t play shit, block them from joining based on total hours played”, like all the elitist-wannabes do in other games, particularly the Steam morons

  40. I know I won’t be bored without PVP.  I can’t stand PVP, and still play D2 sometimes, it has never been uninstalled from my computers.  And I never PVPd in WoW and I played that for years, too.  So I’m perfectly happy without PVP, and am glad they didn’t delay the game to get it finished.

    That said, I thought Great news. PvP sucks and would have distracted from PvE balancing was a little harsh.  Even though I personally hate PvP, I wouldn’t have minded if it had been in for those who do enjoy it.   

    • People hate being judged for poor decision making in clutch moments.  They would much rather half way master repeated mechanics that require as much brain function as a mouse getting cheese in a maze he memorized. 

  41. I don’t know… To me the thrill of fighting other players is always going to be a significant part of the enjoyment of a game (if it makes sense for the game). There’s just something about going against another person who is unpredictable and can change strategies on the fly that is just more interesting than going up against scripted ai monsters. I mean, I will always enjoy taking down super powerful monsters, but pvp just has a special place in my heart as well so the fact that it is delayed is disturbing to me… much as the removal of the mystic was. I simply can’t comprehend the mindset of those that voted 4. Saying that pvp sucks is just a very (to use slang from another game) care bear/casual sort of attitude… It just seems to me that if you like a challenge in your pve then you would also enjoy the challenge of fighting people with equivalent abilities and power to you…

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