Vote: My First Character Choice Is…

It’s the last and final and ultimate, as long promised… make your first choice! For those of you who *still* haven’t decided… what are you waiting for? Blindfold and a dart board?

Your First Diablo III Character Will Be?

  • Barbarian (25%, 2,428 Votes)
  • Wizard (21%, 2,100 Votes)
  • Monk (18%, 1,728 Votes)
  • Witch Doctor (17%, 1,613 Votes)
  • Demon Hunter (15%, 1,464 Votes)
  • Still haven't decided... (5%, 445 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,772

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Last Vote Results

We squeezed the last vote in just over the weekend, after the closed beta testers were awarded a controversial Feat of Strength. Fan opinions on it weren’t real positive, though as many pointed out in comments, it’s funny how more people who got it liked it while most people who didn’t… didn’t.

D3 Closed Beta Feat of Strength; Your Opinion?

  • 5) I didn’t get it — I do not approve of the award. (30%, 2,033 Votes)
  • 1) I got it — I approve of the award. (26%, 1,758 Votes)
  • 3) Don’t care/no opinion/achievements are dumb. (23%, 1,549 Votes)
  • 4) I didn’t get it — I approve of the award. (16%, 1,049 Votes)
  • 2) I got it — I do not approve of the award. (5%, 371 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 6,760

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    24 thoughts on “Vote: My First Character Choice Is…

    1. 2nd place monk?? WTF?? and WD only 4th.. srsly? 😐
      lol after refresh all changes….need more votes for real stats

    2. 35% don’t approve
      65% don’t have anything against this award
      So most people aren’t haters, good news. 

      • that’s how i read the data as well. good news. 2 weeks into release and no one will even care.

    3. My demon hunter is not getting a lot of love.

      I’m technically rolling barb first to unlock hardcore but I don’t really count that. 

      • If I planned my first playthrough to be SC I would 100% play DH.  IMO it was the most fun class to me in the beta, I think it’s fairly under-rated.

        going WD for HC though. I want to play solo HC first I think, and for that I want a semblance of safety when encountering new things and I think the WD is the “safest” char with some huge damage reduction options and a lot of control of enemies.  

    4. 1st char – Demon Hunter named DikembeMutumble. If that’s too long, then WayneCritzky

      2nd char – Wizard named JoseConShako

      • DikembeMtumble is too long because my sorc name from D2 was too long:  SusieHomemaker

    5. I went Wizard, but I’m still technically waffling.  I love the Barb’s visceral playstyle as well.  And I like necro-like abilities the WD brings to the table.  Argh! Maybe I still AM undecided.  Who am I kidding?  I’m a quivering ball of indecision. 

    6. First char: Twohand Mace Barbarian
      Second char: Dualwielding Sword Barbarian 😛

      Will probably play a bit of everything 🙂   

      • This.  SC Monk to level 10, then HC Witch Doctor.  So what am i supposed to answer in the poll, Monk or WD?  😛  Gonna put WD since i don’t feel the SC requirement counts.  Especially considering i’m choosing my least favorite class for the SC playthrough.

      • Why, INCGamers, why would you double post me?
        But, as to the rush to 10, then HC strategy.  Man, I guess I’m just not hard core enough; some idiot hit a power line near my place today, and knocked out power for 2 hours.  Just in time to make me rethink HC.

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