Vote: More Reaper of Souls Six-Piece Sets?

news-six-piece-setsDuring yesterday’s Tavern Talk developer live chat, the guys mentioned something they talked about at Blizzcon last year; improving the old Diablo 3 five piece class sets and adding another item to each (technically, IK is already 6, Inna’s, Natalya’s, Tal Rasha’s, and Zunimassas are 5) to make them comparable with the newer, more powerful six piece sets introduced in Reaper of Souls. (Technically again, Firebird’s has 7 items, while Raekor’s, Akkhan’s, Roland’s, Marauder’s, Thousand Storm, and Helltooth all have 6.)

On one level this seems like a pretty good idea, as the current six piece DiabloWikiItem Sets are DiabloWikiBest in Slot for most builds and players would like more high end gearing options to choose from. On the other hand, lots of players don’t like having to tie up six (or five, if you go with a DiabloWikiRoRG) pieces of their gear to get the big set bonus that’s required for the best performance. And since all the current six item sets use the same six item slots — helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, pants, and boots — (with an orb for the 7th in Firebird’s) almost every character can realistically make just one item substitution in those slots. Which basically limits our gearing options to weapons, belts, bracers, and amulets. (And not rings, since everyone who can goes with 2/3 of RoRG/Unity/SoJ.)

There should be a bit more variation once the old five piece sets are buffed, since they do not all take the same five slots. Currently, those sets differ from the normal six in that Natalya’s has a Ring and Weapon, Tal’s has an Amulet, Belt, and a Source, IK a Belt and Weapon, Zuni’s a mojo and ring, and Inna’s a weapon and belt.

There are currently a few (Okay, really it’s just Sunwuko’s) powerful sets that only require 4 items, and that don’t take all four from the main six slots. I think there needs to be some overlap in gear slots, since characters would be too powerful if they could wear two full sets of end game gear, but on the whole I think it would be more fun to mix and match multiple different bonuses from legendary gear, rather than having half my kit tied up in a single set.

So, what do you guys think of adding more six piece item sets? Vote: More Reaper of Souls Six-Piece Sets?

Do you want to see more six-piece item sets in Reaper of Souls?

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Almost forgot to mention, but there are three more six-piece sets coming up in Patch 2.2.0, which is targeted to go live after Season Two/before Season Three. DH, Barb, and Wiz themed. Approve? Hate? Think it’s unfair only 3 classes are getting more set goodness?


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  1. It would be great if the new sets came in various slots other than the main normal ones. Then you could at least get 1 main set done and have part of another one going, instead of just “i have marauders on, and can gain nothing from shadow or (eventually) Unhallowed. Having the ability to get something from another would be nice like Unhallowed and still able to get all your pets from Marauders for example (assuming Unhallowed turns out ok that is). You can do this with the wizard now, firebirds and tal rasha’s, among some others, due to it being in different slots, but other classes are just 1 set and that’s it.

  2. What if they made all non-crafted sets have a 5 piece bonus (instead of 4 or 6), but there were 8 pieces for each set so you could mix and match in various gear slots? I’d also love to see RoRG removed from the game so you could double-dip if you wanted to, but it would really restrict your itemization choices.

  3. I don't like the large sets because their inflexibility. I think that ideally some combinations of individual Legendaries should be as strong as the large sets, but that's just not the case at the moment. Alternatively we should have 6-7 large sets per class and that may actually happen… in a few years.

  4. I want to see some nice sets that include one or even two rings to force people to move off of RORG/SOJ/Unity.

    Really though, as long as Blizzard keeps adding items I don't care what they are as long as they make more builds and playstyles viable. The number of items in the set is really only an issue because the sets are all but mandatory at the moment.

  5. I would like to see helltooth not being a complete UTTER gargabe, like a wd-only invoker set. They could at least temporarily disable it, because i could have puked from the 5th helltooth gloves when i was fishing for jade. And it’s a 6 piece set, for god’s sake.

  6. I agree 6 piece bonus should be at 5 with bonus at 2-4-5 like the Earth set. 6 takes up too much diversity out of the game.

  7. What if they remove items and give us:
    A legendary power chosen from a drop down list (like skills)
    Potions of "stat" like in D1
    Buff bonus from paragon points
    And we'll have what they are preparing: the bonus from the set and grinding for amelioration of stat, CD CC ..,

  8. Not into 6 set bonuses, at least not on my Wizard. It is far more profitable to wear 2 piece Vyr and Firebird for that free +1000 int bonus and then adding legendary items with useful unique properties in the mix.

  9. I think that Blizzard are perfectly aware of how boring and inflexible 6-piece sets are, but given their stance on avoiding nerfs to items, they can't really do anything to rectify that at that this point – we're effectively stuck with them. Because of how most sets work (i.e. force your character to play a very specific way) the least Blizz can do is to add competing sets that open up more playstyles, and that's exactly what they're doing.

    Basically, in the short run, adding more 6-piece sets is a good thing because it adds more variety to a dominant item type that desperatly needs it. In the long run, it's just a band-aid fix to an escalating problem that is probably cannot be solved without massively rebalancing the game's itemization (i.e. not gonna happen before the next expansion).

    On a different note, I would like to see a return of the partial set bonuses from D2, where you'd gradually unlock more stats on the actual items (e.g. wearing two items would make both slightly better) rather than merely the 2/4/6 piece set bonus. By shifting the power of the sets onto the items instead than the completion bonuses, and by nerfing the overall power of completed sets, I believe this could potentially open up to a lot more mixing and matching of sets and legendaries, adding some much needed flexibility to sets.

    • I think they got rid of partial bonuses on set items because it’s kinda confusing. Also it makes it really hard to compare different item slots, because removing item X also weakens the other 4 items you’re wearing, and you have to look at each of those items individually to see what stat it is they’re losing.

  10. 6 piece sets are fine. Just give us more gearing options to co-exist with these six piece sets.

    4 piece sets (and even 2 piece sets such as Chantodo and Focus/Restraint) should offer up some of the most flexibility in terms of gearing options and skill choices, we just need more items that are USEFUL to go along with the sets.

    Off the top of my head, as a Wizard, I would love to use a Wave of Force build, or an Arcane Orb build, or how about a melee type of build. Sure these builds are possible, but certainly not competitive.

    More competitive builds / gear choices are what players are really wanting. (and I for one enjoy grinding for the gear to get it, as long as the grind is fun / interesting)

  11. They need to broaden out the six piece set bonuses for both DH sets. Make it generators and spenders via disciple pool for UE, and make it generators and spenders via active sentries for M6.

    There is no need to pick winners and losers here, especially considering the infinite scaling is Greater Rifts.

    Both sets have Multishot damage bonus?, why?

    Let us choose how we play, and let it be guided by discipline or active sentries, not pre-determined for us.

  12. the top vote honestly confuses me… why wouldnt people want a little less dependence on set bonuses? if they keep 6 piece set bonuses and make them the focus, they need to add about 10-15 per class, to mix it up and actually make more than a few playstyles work. with as few sets as we have, the 6 pc bonuses make it so we're basically back to square 1 back in old inferno days of different class builds. they made such a huge stink about making unused skills useful again, but when was the last time you saw any wizard other than fire doing really good in higher grifts? thats one of the main problems with the game, if you asked me. we need to be able to make literally any combination of skills (provided you picked a good combination of damage spells, buffs, and defensive cooldows) work and be effective.

    • Just read the forum comments. Many people here are using one main with the most effective build and ask for:
      – more power for the most effective build or a new most effective build
      – the nerf of anything that help beginners to progress (like reduce legendary drop rate but for torment 20 for instance)
      – ask for moarr difficult challenge when they get bored playing.
      What is good is that Blizzard can please everyone (but for nerf to beginners) adding more 6 items sets for easy building and steamrolling but also adding nice 4 or 3 pieces bonus which makes full use of the rrog and new legendary powers for those who like tinkering builds. Of course the latter requires more work of balancing and foreseeing the possible exploits so they are better on the first option.

  13. I just want more sets in general and all kinds as well. 2piece, 3 piece, 4 piece etc. Mix and match that shit up blizzard!

  14. In an ideal diablo3 imo you’d be able to competitive against full 6 piece sets by wearing 3x 2piece sets.. Perhaps even surpass them by enabling 3x3piece setbonuses by use of the RRoG. Just not viable in this day and age unfortunatly.

    Alternatively i’ve always had a hope that all sets could have some diversity built into them. For example, M6 set: Current bonuses would be unlocked at 2,3,4 pieces rather than 2,4,6. Enabling the player to choose which of the pieces to take and which to leave out, rather than the customary replace chest with cindercoat or helm with prides fall. In addition, the pieces themselves would have unique affixes further differentiating them and the builds they create. Set pieces nowadays are just stat sticks with a set+1 completion bonus attached. Boring.

    Not much of this would appear possible as bliz seems to be putting in less and less effort into the game.

  15. I would like more smaller sets (2-4 items). That could be fun to mix them.

  16. I would like to see more pieces available in 6 piece sets. With the firebirds set having 7 pieces it actually helps by allowing more flexibility. I think all 6piece sets should be 6 of 7 or 6 of 8 sets.

  17. I don't mind "large" sets but there need to be some changes.

    — Change set bonuses to be at 2, 3, and 5-pieces. Have 6 or 7 total pieces in the set. This allows for more choices on which pieces you pick to get the bonus.

    — Make sure the bonuses facilitate varied game play. Set bonuses like "frozen orb now does 8000% weapon damage and is awesome" are boring and lazy. A bonus like "Cold crits now stack an Exposure debuff on the target and for each stack of Exposure…" could potentially open up a dozen viable builds.

    — The bonuses have to be work with how Diablo3 is structured. The Tal Rasha set promotes multi-element game play. But multi-element game play in D3 is pretty bad. The additional/changed bonuses have to be something that actually makes a multi-element wizard compete with a FB wizard.

    — If you are going to fix the legacy 4-piece sets, then fix ALL the 4-piece sets. From their comments Tal's is going to be fixed but Vyr's is not because…reasons.

  18. I’m completely against their set design. 6 Piece is too many pieces ESPECIALLY when they are a must have. It completely removes the diversity of the item pool by making most legendaries impossible to use because they are being blocked by a set item. It makes RORG completely mandatory if you want to use a different legendary in some slot. TERRIBLE design!!!

    The 4 piece sets should be king. You can actually mix and match more and with RORG get the full effect of 2 different sets. It leads to far more build variety.

    Take Zunimassa for example. Right now its 5 pieces. (one of which is a ring) Most of the good builds require one of the legendary helm drops for the WD. If they upped the bonus to 6 pieces, RORG is 100% required AND you will have to use that on the helm. Where do they add the extra set piece? Gloves would block Taskers usage. Shoulders would be ok. However by keeping one of the pieces a ring slot, you make it impossible for the WD to use a Unity (which they’ve made mandatory for higher solo GR’s) because you are already required to have the RoRG and the Zunimassa ring.

    See what I mean? It’s so incredibly limiting.

    Not to mention the fact that it takes them for f’ing ever to build these damn things. Having sets be the path to the best builds AND requiring 6 pieces is a catastrophe. Forget ever having build variety in this game unless they significantly speed up the development of these things.

    I really feel that every set bonus should be 2/3/4. It would open a world of opportunities for using other gear combinations. Imagine for a second that each set had 6 pieces but only a 4 piece bonus. RoRG would no longer be required but could still be an option. Without RoRG you’d be able to freely swap any 2 slots for something else. With RoRG you could swap 3 slots for something else.

    I’m dreaming though because this dev team is insanely pig headed. (ideally, sets wouldn’t be related to builds at all…They’d compliment skills in a different way, like +3000% poison dmg, chilled targets are frozen, projectiles shoot faster, pets are tougher, pets are stronger, more generic stuff like that which could be applied to many skills at once)

    I still love the game…But I’m sick of the dev team’s decisions. They are on the very wrong path. Basically, what you see now in the game is as far as this game is going to go. In the next 2-3 years we may see one or two more sets open up builds per class. That is still completely shitty for build diversity. Unless they knock our socks off with a ton of sets per class in the expansion. (i doubt it though considering they pretty much had new sets done at blizzcon and they still aren’t in the game)

    • i should add this. If they want build variety, they will need 10-15 sets per class with this current design philosophy. Imagine how incredibly difficult it would be to collect the right set. The only possible fix is to make them blacksmith recipes.

      This is such a bad design its mind boggling. While they have been fun, they have completely doomed the game long term.

      • Maybe they are hoping people will happily accept a few powerful 6 piece sets and be satisified, in order to avoid the massive amount of work to to creatively update many existing legendarys, since time is money and time is flying…gotta come up with the special legendary attribute, code, test, bug fix, test. <–conspiracy theory 😀

        Totally agree with you about 4 set items and the 2/3/4 bonuses, though.

  19. They should modify the set piece bonus to work in a formula, like:
    -Increase multishot damage by (number of set parts)*50%
    -Your generators give (number of set parts)*1 dicipline every hit
    -Your generators and Multishot do (number of set parts)*10% for every discipline you have.
    for example, so we could use 2 set parts and still have good set bonuses. This can make set mixing possible and more flexible.
    And should add more sets so we can have options.

  20. I would need more stash space to collect more sets.
    Stash space is killing me.(hardcore)

    • This is a good point to throw into the conversation! As a hardcore player…I'm completely strapped for space. Even more so with seasonal roll-overs. Being a pack rat at heart doesn't help, but if we start getting multiple viable class-specific sets (as we should), we certainly need a place to keep them…

      I'm a big proponent of having an alternative to the RoRG too. Loved the ring when it first came out…but it's sort of a let down nowadays because it's completely mandatory…as is the SOJ/Unity if you've got them. I've got some other pretty neat rings laying around that have potential…but I can't justify using them because the trade-off is just too large. I think we'd benefit from some other method of gaining a -1 To Set Requirement stat…even if it were via the amulet slot. At least that would give me a couple of new options.

  21. The 3 new sets coming out tonite? Are they season only?

  22. I am all for sets but I certainly agree with many here, we need more built variety. Mixing 2 or 3 sets is fun. I also find that 6 + piece sets limit the usage of other legendaries.

  23. We really just need more of everything. There should be 6 piece sets, maybe even 8 or 10 piece sets. There should also be good 2,3,4 piece sets and good non-set legendaries. We need many more options than we currently have. If nobody wants to use a full equip of non-sets, that's fine. Things like electrocute build with a 4pc or less should be viable. We just need options. The game is slowly getting more cool stuff, but it's very slow.

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