news-six-piece-setsDuring yesterday’s Tavern Talk developer live chat, the guys mentioned something they talked about at Blizzcon last year; improving the old Diablo 3 five piece class sets and adding another item to each (technically, IK is already 6, Inna’s, Natalya’s, Tal Rasha’s, and Zunimassas are 5) to make them comparable with the newer, more powerful six piece sets introduced in Reaper of Souls. (Technically again, Firebird’s has 7 items, while Raekor’s, Akkhan’s, Roland’s, Marauder’s, Thousand Storm, and Helltooth all have 6.)

    On one level this seems like a pretty good idea, as the current six piece DiabloWikiItem Sets are DiabloWikiBest in Slot for most builds and players would like more high end gearing options to choose from. On the other hand, lots of players don’t like having to tie up six (or five, if you go with a DiabloWikiRoRG) pieces of their gear to get the big set bonus that’s required for the best performance. And since all the current six item sets use the same six item slots — helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, pants, and boots — (with an orb for the 7th in Firebird’s) almost every character can realistically make just one item substitution in those slots. Which basically limits our gearing options to weapons, belts, bracers, and amulets. (And not rings, since everyone who can goes with 2/3 of RoRG/Unity/SoJ.)

    There should be a bit more variation once the old five piece sets are buffed, since they do not all take the same five slots. Currently, those sets differ from the normal six in that Natalya’s has a Ring and Weapon, Tal’s has an Amulet, Belt, and a Source, IK a Belt and Weapon, Zuni’s a mojo and ring, and Inna’s a weapon and belt.

    There are currently a few (Okay, really it’s just Sunwuko’s) powerful sets that only require 4 items, and that don’t take all four from the main six slots. I think there needs to be some overlap in gear slots, since characters would be too powerful if they could wear two full sets of end game gear, but on the whole I think it would be more fun to mix and match multiple different bonuses from legendary gear, rather than having half my kit tied up in a single set.

    So, what do you guys think of adding more six piece item sets? Vote: More Reaper of Souls Six-Piece Sets?

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    Almost forgot to mention, but there are three more six-piece sets coming up in Patch 2.2.0, which is targeted to go live after Season Two/before Season Three. DH, Barb, and Wiz themed. Approve? Hate? Think it’s unfair only 3 classes are getting more set goodness?

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