Vote: Missed Diablo 3 Item Opportunities

I’m playing mostly Hardcore lately (my Monk is up to P6) and as a result, 1) I’m poor, 2) so I’m picking up damn near all of the Diablo 3 items drops to sell/salvage, and 3) which is reminding me what an incredible amount of junk rares the game spits out once you’re past level 60 and stacked up.

I find far more rares playing SC, where my mains have over 400% MF and very fast farming speeds, but in that mode I only pick up a tiny fraction of the yellow, so I’m sure I’ve missed some awesome stuff. In SC I only pause for jewelry and some ilvl 62/63 armors and 1H weapons, and not even those, all the time. In HC so far I’m picking up every Rare, since selling Iridescent Tears, ToS, and FS Amethysts is my main source of income. (They all sell for much more than they do in softcore, as we discussed at length on the last podcast). And so far, just going from P1-P6, with minimal MF other than the stacks, my HC Monk has already found 5 rares that were good enough to upgrade his own gear or to sell on the Auction House. And that’s more interesting since 3 of them were item types I’d *never* have picked up in SC. (Admittedly, only 1 or 2 of those rares would have had any value in SC.)

Thus I’m now wondering how many awesome rares I’ve zoomed right past in SC. Hence this vote question, which is obviously a hypothetical.

Imagine if Diablo 3 had some algorithm that would let it know when a “good” rare item was dropped (it could base it on similarity to items that have sold in the AH for above some price threshold that you set). Would you want to know? After 99% of games you’d get a pop up that said “You missed nothing!” But once in a while… once in a very long while… the pop up would tell you that you missed something. Maybe that ilvl 62 wand you blew right past in Arreat Crater 2 was a 99.93% quality roll and it had (for example) 1143 DPS, a socket, 85% CD, +134 INT, etc. On top of the item tool tip, the game helpfully tells you that similar wands are listed for 75-100m. Perhaps with an appropriate sound effect?)

Would you want to know that? Would you enable that option if it existed?

You missed a great item -- would you want to know?

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If that option existed, would you enable it? And how would you react if you got a hit? Desire to hurl your monitor through the window? New found careful and conscientious play style so as not to miss another one? (That should get a lot easier with the ID-all button in v1.08 and especially once the rare drop rates are turned down in v1.09).

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8 thoughts on “Vote: Missed Diablo 3 Item Opportunities

  1. Some of my most fond moments, item related, in diablo 2 was running around after a cow run/baal run, or joining late, and finding some high-ish level rune or unique that people had missed! This was of course before the bots took over completely. When I was first starting out I found a wizzard spike and that was quite exciting, again, this was many years ago before diablo was as big as it is now!

    But on topic, I’m hit and miss about being told what I’ve missed… personally, I pick up everything anyways cos I use all items I find and don’t sell them, unless they are of no more use to me and can make a few gold!


    This is the best rare I’ve ever found in Diablo 3, and I couldn’t sell it, because the market was already saturated with slightly better Skorns. This was the time I saw there was no hope for this game, since the designers simply don’t understand Diablo. I mean, you get a rare with very good rolls, and still some generic legendary is better.

    • So you’re saying that in LOD after improved rune words came out, you would use a rare in that game instead of a generic rune word?

      Skorn is simply amazing, and it -IS- theoretically possible to roll a rare that is better, which is more than you can say about the rares vs rune words in LOD.

      • Sigh. Why do you even respond when you cannot comprehend what people write? I said nothing about LoD. I expressed how wrong the system of Diablo 3 is, when even a very well rolled rare is not worth anything.

  3. There needs to be another option because what I want to vote doesn’t exist, although I’m not sure exactly how to phrase. This just seems like a feature that would make no sense to ever have in the game. If you don’t want doubts, pick stuff up. If you don’t pick everything up, you already know that there is a small chance you’re missing out on IDing something worth money (otherwise, why would you ever pick anything up ever?). The more things you ID, the better your chances, so by not picking everything up, you know you are inherently lowering your chances.

  4. D2 Expansion already had a system that told you whether something with a good chance of being worthwhile dropped… It was called “Uniques”. Once you were specced to the level we generally are in D3, Rares just rolled junk by comparison.

    D3 increasingly also has such a system (for better or worse). It’s called “Legendaries”.

  5. I can’t say I’ve ever missed a quality item, since I pick up every unidentified rare and check out every blue I find. I can say with some surety that the number of awesome rares I’ve encountered has been pretty low.
    This is also subjective in a way, since it really depends on where my current character is in his progrsssion. If he was several levels lower, then an item I currently found might fit the bill as being an awesome item. (Now, only if there was a way to go back in time and give it to him 🙂
    The same could also be said for items I find which might really boost one of my other lower level characters on my account.
    Plus, if I were spec’ing out a character for more life versus dps, how would the algorithm know to make the difference? It’s a tricky problem, for sure.

  6. Normally I don’t crosslink, but I feel it’s relevant enough to breach protocol. The Deckard Prospectus blog ) had an article concerning affix levels. For the most part, only alvl 63 affixes are going to create a rare worth selling. The most egregious example is CD%. alvl CD rolls on weapons and amulets max out at 65% while alvl 63 CD% rolls up to 100%. Empirical evidence strongly suggests that while all Inferno dropped rares can roll alvl 63 affixes, the higher the ilvl of the item, the more likely it is to roll alvl 63 affixes.

    Most people know that a rare 2H Hellion Crossbow can actually roll better than most Manticores. This is the case for a lot of rares – even Skorn. I pick up *every* ilvl 63 rare now and keep an eye out for ilvl 62 gloves, as well, because even alvl 62 trifecta gloves are very good.

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