Feathers were ruffled, then partially-smoothed with an explanation, by the recent revelation that high level skills in Diablo III will have cooldowns as long as 120 seconds.

    Some fans thought this was fine, since it meant that skills could be super-powerful, and would encourage more variety of character builds since players would have to mix and match spamable lower level skills with high level mega-skills that come with long cooldowns.

    Others were unhappy about it, thinking that long cooldowns don’t belong in a quick clicking game like Diablo III, and that skills could be adequately modified by higher resource costs or other limitations. Or even by cooldowns, but ones that lasted a lot less than 2 minutes.

    What do you think? Pick the answer closest to your opinion, and we’ll try to get some community consensus.

    Vote: How do you feel about long skill cooldowns in Diablo III?

    • 5) Great design. Creates more variety and strategy. (29%, 1,183 Votes)
    • 4) I guess it's okay if the skills are super-powerful. (28%, 1,132 Votes)
    • 1) Hate it. Long cooldowns do not belong in Diablo 3. (20%, 825 Votes)
    • 2) Don't like it. Cooldowns should be much less than 2m. (17%, 702 Votes)
    • 3) No opinion/don't care. (7%, 269 Votes)

    Total Voters: 4,111

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    Last time we followed up the revelations of D3Here, the alleged play-tester, and the bitter arguments that accompanied them, with a poll. Here are the results, which show no clear majorities for anything, but general support for the opportunity to at least read what he had to say.

    Which we gave you guys.

    The big question now is if he was legit, and that we’ll known fairly soon, as many statements as he made that can be directly proved or refuted by more game info. Which we’ll have as soon as August 1st.

    What do you think about the D3here guy’s claims?

    • 2) I’m not sure. Could he really have made all that up? — 678 votes, 25.03% 
    • 5) I didn’t read. No opinion. SPOILERS. — 583 votes, 21.52%
    • 3) He was fake, but very interesting — 548 votes, 20.23%
    • 4) He was fake and should not have been given a podium. — 478 votes, 17.64%
    • 1) I believe that he is a D3 play tester. — 422 votes, 15.58%

    Total Votes: 2709

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