We’ve seen a lot of conversation about the extensive use of Item Binding in Reaper of Souls, since details began to emerge and were stated quite clearly from Blizzcon. Currently, all legendaries and sets, all DiabloWikiMarquise and higher level DiabloWikigems, and any item that’s been DiabloWikienchanted become (DiabloWikiBoA) Bound to Account. The exception is the ability to trade newly-found items to other players in the game with you when they drop, or for up to two hours after the game ends.

    Enchanted? Legendary? No trade for you!

    Enchanted? Legendary? No trade for you!

    This policy is a reaction (some would say an overreaction) to the extreme item fluidity of Diablo 3 via the Auction House, where the vast majority of high end items were bought and sold, rather than self found. Blizzard has defended all the binding in D3 by saying that it promotes self finding, that it’s more fun to find an item than to buy it, and that binding allows them to greatly buff the drop rate in DiabloWikiLoot 2.0. Most fans seem to agree in principle, but many say it’s going too far, and a prime example is Azzure’s anti-binding forum thread which has run to over 170 posts, most of which seem to be in agreement:

    All Legendary items Soulbound just killed it for me.

    Just when I thought that Blizzard were finally on the right track with itemization, they pull this one out. I’m sorry, but a Diablo game where loot runs are almost pointless once you have great gear is not a good idea. If Blizzard think that this won’t have enormous long-term ramifications for the future of the game they are absolutely mistaken. Half the fun of item-hunting is getting items you can trade. Finding amazing gear that doesn’t suit your character and having to throw it away is going to make loot-hunting a lot less fun.

    Also, what happens when you have excellent gear? When only 1 in every 10,000 drops is an upgrade, won’t we have the exact same problem as we are experiencing now with the whole “ID 500 rares and legendaries, no upgrade”, but even worse now that we cant even sell/trade it?

    This is an awful decision. I predicted the failure of loot 1.0 in Beta, and predicted the failure of the crafting system. I am saying with strong conviction that this change will once again destroy the item system.

    The best counter point isn’t that trading sucks, it’s that binding allows the drop rate to be much higher, since every item players find doesn’t immediately go into an Auction House. Binding means much better loot drops, trading in-game only means an incentive to multiplayer, and that’s more fun long term. That’s the official argument, anyway. Does the community agree with it? Let’s find out.

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    I tried to keep the vote options very simple and generic to measure broad opinions, not get into specific points of what should be bound and what should not. Hit the comments if you wish to offer more detailed arguments about all the pros and cons.

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