Vote: Inferno Difficulty Level

A new week is a good time for a new poll, and the subject seems pretty obvious. DiabloWikiInferno! It’s hard, but not impossible. Although it offers no new areas (that we know of yet), it opens up the entire gameworld for end game play, with monster AI tweaks and features to greatly increase your hunting grounds for high-end loots.

Is Blizzard’s current Inferno plan great? Good enough, to start? Were you hoping for end game content that was all new and different? Or would you prefer them to just bring back the easily-exploitable D2 system of endless runs of the same areas? Hit an option that matches your opinion, and we’ll get some community consensus.

Do You like the idea of the Inferno 4th difficulty level?

  • 1) Inferno is a great concept and I eagerly await it. (51%, 3,487 Votes)
  • 2) It's okay, for a start at least. But I want MOAR. (39%, 2,665 Votes)
  • 4) Not a big fan, but it's not a terrible idea. (5%, 355 Votes)
  • 3) Don't know. Don't care. (3%, 202 Votes)
  • 5) Strong dislike, for a myriad of reasons I'm eager to elucidate in comments. (1%, 94 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,803

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Last Vote Result

The last vote gave you guys a chance to share your feelings about RMT in general, and in Diablo III. By these results, it’s clear that most people, if not the 2/3 Jay Wilson cites, are okay with D3’s RMT, though it appears that just about 50% of respondents dislike RMT in concept, if the developers are the ones selling the win.

How do you feel about DiabloWikiReal Money Trading in video games?

  • 2) It’s okay. Time is money. So long as the $ doesn’t guarantee an insurmountable advantage. (35%, 1,667 Votes)
  • 5) Hate it. Real $ should have no place in video gaming power balance (29%, 1,390 Votes)
  • 4) Opposed on principle, but the D3 model is tolerable, since it’s just player to player trading. (21%, 1,004 Votes)
  • 1) It’s awesome. Money should afford advantages in everything, including gaming. (9%, 427 Votes)
  • 3) Don’t know. Don’t care. (6%, 244 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,732

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67 thoughts on “Vote: Inferno Difficulty Level

  1. Dislike, based on the principal of why they are doing inferno.

    The point of inferno is to have a “challenge” and better loot? To stop people from doing “boss” runs?

    Once people get through inferno, get better gear, know the “Ai tweaks”, all they are going to do is specific runs to kill the highest level monsters they can, just like they would of in Hell Mode. 

    The more I think about inferno, the more it feels like the developers are being rushed to get the game out. 
    It feels like they want a 85% complete game to hit the shelves, and figure out the other 15% while the players fiddle around in inferno and arenas.

    But, other than feeling like there is a rush…  I do like the idea of inferno as a mode.  There are many parts of D2 that I never really went back to unless leveling, because it was less time effective to kill monsters of such a low level.  Hopefully they do the right thing with inferno and not let the end game monsters out level the early ones by too much of a degree, or people will just spend their time in the later acts, probably the last couple of dungeons of those last 2 acts, just like in D2.

    But as always, treasure finding is a great time sink.

    • “Hopefully they do the right thing with inferno and not let the end game monsters out level the early ones by too much of a degree”
      You did not read about inferno, did you? All inferno monsters are level 61. Characters have a max level of 60. You can play wherever are you want to, and that’s the objective.

        • This is questionable, in one some interviews they said min level of monsters is 61. During the panel it was clearly written that the MAX level of monsters is 61.
          Now if they want to keep it straight all monsters will be level 61 and not more or less.

          • Since the whole Inferno presentation was prewritten, I think it’s the most reliable source of information. On the screen it was written that “Player’s level = 60” and “Inferno Level = 61”. Notice that no maximum level was mentioned. However, Jay Wilson said, that “the monsters you’ll face in Inferno are all at least level 61”.

            My current guess is, that the level of the enemies won’t change throughout the Acts, but their level will differ based on their type. What I mean by that is that basic monsters will be lvl61, champions lvl62, uniques and their minions lvl63 and bosses lvl64 in all Acts, just as an example.

          • Just watched the presentation again, and strangely enough at the end-game part they’ve really said the max level of Inferno monsters will be 61, so they’re contradicting what they previouly said a few minutes ago. So much for my assumption that the presentation was prewritten I guess.

          • Saying at least 61 does not actually imply that there is anything greater than level 61. Although it does sounds a little bit misleading if 61 is indeed the max level for all. In any case I am sure some enemies will be tougher, even if they are just level 61. It doesn’t really make much diff, a level 61 boss is still going to be tough.

          • Really people?
            The basic monsters are level 61. The champions, unique, bosses get higher levels as part of the essential power package.

          • The concept of spreading out the loot runs still applies as long as all the bosses are the same level as each other, and require roughly the same time to clear to. Your guess is as good as mine if this is how it’ll be at release…

          • regardless of what the actual level number is, the whole intention of inferno is to flatten the difficulty so that no one area is being played while the rest are ignored. I would assume they’d do something similar with loot tables, or else they’d be undermining the purpose of the whole difficulty.

      • what I mean is, if the act 1 monsters are lvl 61 and act 4 monsters are 64, why would you waste time in act1?

        If all the monsters are level 61, then that is good news.  I never saw anywhere saying all would be 61, but they would be a minimum of 61.

        • actually, why would you waste time in Act 4 ?
          the Act 1 monsters will die so much faster
          more monster deaths = more drops
          but they have said they will monitor all areas and constantly tweak them to make sure no area becomes a “run area”

  2. btw . i was always wondering : flux why do you cater to those people who “dont know – dont care” . in all honesty i dont know how these people are of any emperical importance. given that even if their opinion mattered (or the opinion of all voter for that matter ) it would be of no significance.
    do we really nedd a “i was here button” ?

      • *need : typo :/
        @whatever : so “dont know – dont care” does not distort the result ? and do we really have to assume that people are that clumsy ? wouldnt a 5th real option rather optimize the result ?
        eg. iam somewhere between 1 and  2 – i like the concept of inferno but after all no one of us knows how they execute their concept – and how significant the difference really is – in comparison to hell.

    • I think that ‘Don’t know/ don’t care’ is a valid option, people who come to this site aren’t all dedicated news followers and may not know about a subject. Mainly though if the poll is about a subject that a reader genuinly does not care about such as a part of the game that will not affect their play experience or it will effect them very little at all. As an example for this poll, how about readers that plan on buying the game and playing through it maybe even to level 60 but will not spend a great, if any, amount of time in end-game.

      • well first off all – i think that most people atleast have tendency – and if they truly dont know because they have no idea of the given feature or truly dont care – why would they vote at all ? people aren`t that dumb.
        i woudlnt go to a election just to show them that i care about neither of the options …

        and if they just vote to see the poll result – they obviously care quite abit – nothing a “show results”-click couldnt solve.

    • It’s a way to measure the general level of fan interest in the poll topics. The total number of votes is some insight into that, of course, but if we put up a topic and it gets like 30% DN/DC, then clearly that’s an issue of not too much importance on the whole.

      I suppose I could make that option, “While I am a rabid follower of Diablo 3 news and information, I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other on this particular issue.”

      But that would probably mess up the formatting on the vote box…

  3. 91% Approval. Looks like JW nailed it. This confirms my theory that most forum posters represent a perpetually miserable and bitter fraction of mankind.

    • I am afraid you are mistaken here: Any time you have people respond to anything, 90% of the time it is going to be negative… Why? Because humanity only responds in overwhelmingly emotional times, and it has been conclusively found that people respond 9 out of 10 times more when confronted with negative stimuli than positive. Essentially, if people do not care or they like something they tend to respond less than if they have a negative opinion or reaction to it.  Those who know this try to balance it out a little, but it is fairly universal regardless of gender, race, national origin, etc

    • 91% Approval. Looks like JW nailed it. This confirms my theory that most forum posters represent a perpetually miserable and bitter fraction of mankind.

      This is a fansite. That counts for all of us whether or not we share your opinion, smart guy.
      The people this will make the biggest impression on are people who haven’t even heard of the game yet, but will sure find out about it when they buy it.

  4. Having the possibility to farm everywhere is a good thing, I like it, but for an “endgame” content, that’s so boring! It’s funny to see people on forums when they get angry for each change Blizzard make for D3, but when they announce a fourth difficulty everyone rejoice 😀
    Oh please, make something different and fun !

    • I actually rather like the fact that community embraced Inferno idea so wholeheartedly. Usually there is so much whining going on about any change in D3 that, quite frankly, it´s annoying and disheartening. I know we are intelligent fan site, and most people won´t readily embrace anything just because Blizz tells them to and that critical thinking is good, but there is a line where “critical thinking” becomes “whining”. And we go from “intelligent fan site” to “whine-site” or “hate-site”.

  5. I loved farming bosses ^_^ and i’ll probably just end up finding somewhere in inferno that is nice and juicy and end up farming that

    • well i hope they will add something like drop tendencies something like Act I area 3/8 has a 100% higher chance of dropping a rare / legendary amulet. (in comparison to ther mobs of the same level )
      i mean i like trading and all – and i probably wont play with self found items only – but i would atleast like to direct my itemhunt depending on what i currently need the most

  6. it sounds decent , atleast now you will be able to keep playing with a high level char without feeling indestructible . altough i do hope they still do some extra endgame thing like dungeons or something . an endless dungeon that threw a boss at you every 5 floors would be awesome 2 , but i think that can break the loot .

  7. I like the idea of Inferno. For the release.
    I expect to see more end-game content modes in future. I guess if they were to put some end-game content as something complietly diffrent, then Diablo 3 would not be out till late 2012 / start of 2013.

  8. I mean isn’t it clear it’s 2011 look at Valve and the other big houses, they constantly update their games with new stuff (or in worse cases release a game and then sell content they already made as DLC). RMTH is going to fund it and they’re going to make new content, new quests and shit for free. It’s like DLC but you pay indirectly for it with the RTHM.
    If you ask me Diablo 3 is going to be like WoW, with content and events added every few months or so… Inferno might the the last step but I’m pretty damn sure they’re going to make more stuff for you to do in the game especially since they’re fully aware that making new characters to try different builds is pointless now.

      • on the other hand – they have no obligation to actually create new content. regardless of wether or not the RMAH will print money for them.
        call me cynical but i think they will only create new items to keep the RMAH-Machinery going.
        we`ll see in time

    • You realize they won’t be making very much money from the Real money trade right.. the flat fee will be small and since there is no percentage fee they wont be making much cash at all, since it’ll cost them money to run the auction house servers.

      • I don’t buy it.  Micro-transactions are enough to, without any other input, keep free-to-play MMOs afloat, server fees and all.  Also, consider that server space is always dropping in price, and that still other games can keep theirs afloat with the traditional one-time sale model.  Now blend the two together in one game.  Brilliant, and lucrative (not that they had a choice, after the printing-press that was/is WoW- they need to justify the Diablo franchise to their shareholders).  I REALLY hope we get to see the RMAH profit numbers 6 months out; I suspect it will be huge (remember, even the few “free” transactions per week, per player, will generate a fee when completed; so 5 to 10 cents (could it really be any smaller?) per micro-transaction is a huge deal- precisely why they are tailoring their entire game towards it*).  Ask any investor if they prefer a one time score, or cash flow…
        * The big push for hand crafted item icons; the “great idea” about making runes harder to plan for, and locking them into a specific skill, once used; tying some skill power (sans skill points) to item power; and on, and on…

  9. I look forward to it. After a gazillion pindleskin runs on my quest for the holy windforce( which ofc I’ve never found 🙂 ) it’s nice to know that in D3 you won’t be confined to a select few areas if you want good loot.

    This mechanic combined with the promised random quests/map cells would make even a 50% kill speed drop a fair trade for me.

  10. It seems to me like Inferno will totally break down and revert to a boss/area run culture if things get even the least bit unbalanced. Diablo players are smart 🙂

    This means that Blizz has to balance all areas to stack up to having essentially equivalent payoff when factoring in monster level, unique monster abilities (like whether the monsters in an area are ranged/cold immune/swarms/etc), density of monsters in a given area, area layout (aka how would you ever make the maggot lair worth running)… and a bunch of other factors.

    I have faith in Blizz, and fo def they can go back and fix things (and even go back and fix things every few months)… but this is gonna be a tall task.

  11. I’m kind of a mix between 1 and 2, so I picked 2. I like Inferno, and I look forward to seeing what else they do down the road.

  12. It is great.
    But that doesn’t mean it can stand alone. It very much can’t, since it doesn’t really offer any actual end-game mechanics, just a balanced version of hell.
    So I picked 2.

      • So wanting something different and expanded from Diablo II means that we don’t know anything about Diablo?

        “You did it a million times already in Diablo II. You should have to do the same exact thing in Diablo III. You don’t know anything about Diablo.”

        How is this even relatively logical? How does one come to such a conclusion? I don’t even want to know.

        • What is an “end-game mechanic”?  You mean end-game content?  How can it “not stand alone” as end-game content when the game itself is designed to be played over and over and over again due to it’s randomness?  How can a game, which provides a unique experience every time it’s played, by design, not provide enough content to “stand alone” as end-game material?
          You see how little sense this makes?  If you don’t understand that, then no, you don’t understand Diablo.  That’s a fact, regardless of what you’d prefer the game to be.  I said nothing about what a player may WANT – I spoke only about what Diablo IS. Clearly Diablo 3 is designed on the same fundamental principles of randomness and replayability as Diablo and Diablo 2 were. How you would prefer it to be different or expanded at this point are irrelevant.

  13. They have an totally open door with Inferno mode, they could change everything in this mode, hell it could even be the Secret level of D3, just like cow level was of D2, who knows? Yeah everybody has been joking about what the secret level being rainbowshittingunicorns but none of us really know. I just hope everything is equally challenging it requires good balancing and that is even questionable. Bosses seem always more favorite since they have a certainty of loot drops. Eitherway I’m looking forward to it.

    Voted 2 just because Inferno can be so much more then just act1-4 with just mob levels changed to 61 and better loot then Hell.

  14. By the way… Jay Wilson said “about 2/3 positive”…
    The in house poll recently done on this site is 65% for [I]at least[/I] tolerable. Tolerable would be considered positive (and of course anything above that). Therefore the positive adds up to 65%- almost exactly 2/3 (and statistically equal). 65% is “about” 2/3 anyway. Jay may or may not have pulled the numbers out of his butt hole, but the statistics he presented are true.

    The poll for reference:
    ”    How do you feel about Real Money Trading in video games?

    2) It’s okay. Time is money. So long as the $ doesn’t guarantee an insurmountable advantage. (35%, 1,667 Votes)
    5) Hate it. Real $ should have no place in video gaming power balance (29%, 1,390 Votes)
    4) Opposed on principle, but the D3 model is tolerable, since it’s just player to player trading. (21%, 1,004 Votes)
    1) It’s awesome. Money should afford advantages in everything, including gaming. (9%, 427 Votes)
    3) Don’t know. Don’t care. (6%, 244 Votes)

    Total Voters: 4,732″

    • That is really depending on how you read the numbers.
      ‘Against on principle, but accepting the current state of things’ could certainly be considered as being against RMT.

      • I voted for that option. My more detailed meaning was that I don’t think its ok the way most games do it, but the way D3 is doing it seems good. No reservations with regards to their implementation. I would certainly want my vote to be considered positively, but I can see how others who voted the same might not agree. Thats the difficulty with awkwardly worded polls like that. I must say that my read and analysis of the stats was the same as Aquilux.

    • I agree the wording of #4 distills down to opposed in principle, but tolerable in d3. I.e. means everywhere else sucks but it’s OK in d3. Flux seems to read this option as strongly against d3 RMAH. I think a new survey with more defined options:
      1. Awesome, MOAR, will use heavily cash in RM for items and sell items for RM.
      2. Okay, will buy (with RM) or sell (for RM)
      3. Meh might use, will sell (for money credit) and will use credit to buy RM items.
      4. Dislike would hardly if ever; will trade only; might sell or buy but just for crafting items; will never enter RM into the RMAH economy.
      5. Terrible will never never use in any context.

  15. I’m a little disappointed (even thought I voted 2) that it will just be the same game 4 times over.  Now, I don’t know much about the game like most of us and this could be a good thing.  The random quests, etc. could make it more replayable but it’s hard to say right now.

    • Same game four times?  Have you ever played Diablo?  More like the same game 1,000 times – that’s how it’s designed.  That’s why everything about the game is random, that way it doesn’t get boring because it’s meant to be played over and over and over again.  Game content is the end-game content.
      In Diablo 1 it was hell/hell runs
      Diablo 2 sucked so it was just boss runs (same concept but much more limited)
      Diablo 3 it will be ____/inferno runs – you can run that shit anywhere you want.
      That’s the best yet!  What do you want, some stupid gimmick tristram – the same 10 minutes worth of content every single time that only 3 builds can complete anyways?  Disgusting.

  16. 91% happy to ecstatic or is ecstatic over egging it a bit?  Even accounting for people miss voting (due to sausage fingers or somesuch) that’s a resounding success.

    I voted for 1, rather than 2, because Jay has told us it’ll grow as time goes on so for now I’m happy to be nearly ecstatic.  Don’t want to go straight to ecstatic as I need to leave myself somewhere to go with my excitement.  😆

  17. I like more difficulty levels and I believe it will be easier for Blizz to tweak the difficulty just right when the cap for players is 60 but monsters go a little bit further than that. It will create a much more challenging game and thus be more fun (D2 had this problem when from around 75th level Hell was already really easy but you got even more powerful after that).

    However their explanation about this being endgame content and how they want to stop people farming certain areas of the game and farm the whole thing make me sad because it means they don’t understand the game they are developing. First, its no endgame content yet (they gave a few hints that we don’t know everything about Inferno so something special might arrive later), its an endgame environment on which they can base all this content we’re supposed to see. Second, there will ALWAYS be a farming area better than others, if they don’t intend to make every monster in the game to be EXACTLY the same, different classes/builds will prefer different types of monsters with different abilities/stats/drops!!! Its basic logic!!!

    • agreed. i wish they’d stop trying sooooo hard to prevent runs or “exploits” when it’s understandable that some areas will be harder than the next. people will inveitably attempt to seek out the most efficient/rewarding path. they’d have to make every creature exactly the same (or not, i guess you could respec) and drop rates in every area the same or minutely different, and creature spread the same, and boss spread the same.

      i mean certain levels, based on their design, would probably deter people from fighting in. just imagine the maze of stone walkways in lava right before chaos sanct. who’d want to go loot hunting there? yeah you could always go the right path, but i imagine you’d want to kill every creature you could to increase the chances of finding good items, but then you’d take more time walking around the maze instead of killing creatures.

      • Yes I agree, completely forgot that map and monster distribution is also a factor in this. I really don’t understand it, I love the fact that players keep finding new things, “paths of least resistance” and all those secrets like drops etc. Its one of those things that actually were endgame content for power gamers, not only playing but dissecting the game to gain all this knowledge.

        Overall I think its (creating Inferno as it is) a haphazard decision to help them push D3 out the door but it has the potential to benefit the game in the long run.

  18. I wish a Last man Standing Option for D3 Endgame. You and your 3 Comrads are Defending an outpost (perhaps Tristram?) on a lost stance. U know u can not defend all the different waves of Monsters that are coming in, but u will try to defend as long as u can. So there will be a timer running in the Game, and u will be able to generate highscores by defending a key element or area from monsters long enough. As longer the battle goes, the more powerfull the monsters and the loot will get(or reward only in the end in, defined by the time u reach). And the last waves of enemys will be just unbeatable, but u can reach a highscore by preventing them to enter a special area or just survive longer. (wont be possible for Hardcore Chars?)
    What does this bring into the game? You dont have to search any areas to farm. There could be various (random) Outposts to defend and show your Skill and your new gear are top notch. Maybe u just want to beat a Highscore in survivability, or want the loot, wich awaits you by killing all the encounters and perhaps a reward in the end?
    I think this zombiesurvival mode style would fit into d3. What do u think? 😈

  19. The flat fee will be small but i think only a small minority of people will be able to take out their earnings from the RMTAH to their credit cards/bank accounts. Most of the cash will be used to buy other items. So we will have a stream of cash that flows in a circular fashion inside the RMTAH. And at every transaction a tiny bit of this stream is drained away to go in Blizzard’s poket. Given enough time, no matter how small the fee is, all the cash is bound to end in Blizzard’s hands. The RMTAH will be like a pool: a tap (people who buy items with credit card) that pours water (money) in the pool, people that by jumping in the pool splash out a bit of water (the small minority able to take out their earnings from the RMTAH),  and most of the water lost due evaporation (Blizzard’s little fee).   This isn’t an argument against the RMTAH  (that i dislike) or Blizzard, it’s against all the fools that keep saying \Come on! It’s a small fee they won’t profit much from it.\ without knowing anything of mathematic.

  20. I think it’s a good idea.
    In Hell mode, your character won’t start off at level 60 – it will end at level 60 (on average).
    Starting Inferno at level 60 means that the entire game will out level you. Every area, even Act I, will have worthwhile drops. You won’t have to run Mephisto or Ancient Tunnels – You can run Mephisto, Baal, Andariel, Duriel, or whoever you want. (Using D2 bosses as an example, not saying these bosses will be in D3)
    Of course, Blizzard might make it so that Inferno isn’t really all that balanced and you still have to stick to the last Act boss to have a chance at getting the best gear, but I don’t really think that’s what they’re going for.

  21. I think we can rule out a full 4th difficulty level, since that would just repeat the same content for zero level up bonuses, and would turn into a D2-style “run the area that’s easiest over and over again” situation. Thus I’m guessing that Inferno is just their name for the full suite of PvE end game activities.
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