Vote: How Will You Play Diablo 3 Immediately After Release?

Partially spurred by an ongoing forum debate, I got to wondering how you guys were planning to play Diablo III during the first weeks after release? Are you going to race through one character to Clvl 60 and leap into DiabloWikiInferno? Will you play a variety of characters and experiment with the classes? Or will you be a completist and explore every DiabloWikiNPC dialogue, empty every dungeon, test every DiabloWikirunestone effect, etc? Or do you have other plans?

Pick the vote option that best matches your plans, and we’ll get some community consensus.

How will you play Diablo III immediately after release?

  • 3) Completist = slow but very thorough. (43%, 3,164 Votes)
  • 1) Race one character through to level 60+. (33%, 2,391 Votes)
  • 2) Play all 5 classes in turn, at least through normal. (11%, 835 Votes)
  • 4) Hardcore from the start! I will suffer! (8%, 577 Votes)
  • 6) Don't know yet. Undecided. (4%, 298 Votes)
  • 5) Beg a friend to rush me. Lazy. (1%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,311

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Incidentally, we ran a vote on this topic a couple of years ago, but since our old votes got eated in a news script upgrade, we can’t compare the results and see how opinions may have changed over time. Alas.

Last Vote Results

The last vote asked what you thought of the Diablo 3 opening cinematic. Unsurprisingly, most of you guys liked it quite a bit.

What did you think of the D3 Intro Cinematic?

  • 1) Loved it. Moar! (37%, 2,473 Votes)
  • 2) Good, but not great. (28%, 1,894 Votes)
  • 6) Irrelevant. No release date = FAIL. (15%, 1,014 Votes)
  • 3) Mediocre. Not impressed. (14%, 930 Votes)
  • 5) Didn’t watch. Might have spoilers. (3%, 190 Votes)
  • 4) Awful. Lame. Rewrite. (3%, 150 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,651

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70 thoughts on “Vote: How Will You Play Diablo 3 Immediately After Release?

  1. I think there should be one more option: Play through to the end of normal with one character and then move on to another game.

        • C’mon, SC2 is like 50 now instead of 60… with steam sales that’s another 2 older games you can buy right there.

          • Blizzard and Steam don’t mix, never will. Blizz might throw a sale around Xmas/expansion time. Walmart might run a special, too.

          • @dc
            if he waited 10 years why is he only gonna play once on normal?!
            You misunderstand, i meant buy two other non-blizzard games on steam for 10$…

      • i want to play through it on release because if i wait longer there will be mad story spoilers in plain sight all over the place like with SC2.

        • Learnig how to avoid spoiler = HC mode for the internet… and unlike Diablo, you can’t kill the final boss of the internet on softcore…
          But yeah, now it does make sense…

    • And change Option 4: Play hardcore from the start if possible. Else 1 (at least) SC char first.

  2. I’ll be getting into Inferno ASAP.  I am also interested in experiencing all of the content, but why not experience it in Inferno where the loot is the most valuable and the game is the most challenging?  The difficulties only repeat the same content, so I still want to clear every dungeon, complete every random quest, and explore every area, but I want to do it in Inferno where the time invested will yield something of long term value rather than some gear I grow out of in a few levels.

    • It’s more likely that you’ll experience all or most of the content in Hell, since they said that you will need to farm Hell to be able to handle Inferno.

      • I’ll believe that when I see it.  Blizzard told us we wouldn’t be able to solo Hell in D2 and look how that turned out.

  3. I don’t know whether there is any difference between options 1 and 4.  If you are “racing to level 60+”, aren’t you being “hardcore”?

    • He’s referring to hardcore mode where if you die once that character is dead forever and you can’t play it anymore.

      • Ah that makes sense then. I thought he meant “hardcore” as in surviving on mountain dew and nachos for 2 weeks and peeing in a bottle

  4. Completist for sure, I can see no reason why this game needs to be rushed. But lvl 60 & Hardcore is going to be awesome fun! 

    I wish Blizz would hurry up and make an announcement for the release so I can confirm my work annual leave!

  5. 7.) Put the Diablo 3 box on my desk, and meditate one week over its release until I’m fully aware that the game is actually there.

  6. Experimenting with the classes sounds good to me. Best to get a feel for all of them before sinking any substantial amount of time into one. Then again, I’ll likely sink a lot of time into all of them anyway. It’ll be a natural process whichever way it plays out, but I will definitely try to get some sampling in.

  7. I’m probably going to be a combo of 2 and 3. I’ll play every class through at least normal (solo) and be a completionist while I’m doing so… Then I’ll play my favorite class(es) up through to Inferno with a group and do a lot of arenas and whatever other end-game stuff they release later on…

    • I voted undecided because I’m kind of thinking about doing a mix very similar to this as well. I still can’t decide which class I want to carry to Inferno 1st. That’s why I wanted to be in the beta so bad, just to get a feel for each character. If I had gotten into beta, I’d make my mind up about 1 character and stick with him all the way.

  8. #1 may be losing close 2nd, but thats more money for us 60’s fastest muahaha RMAH Gogogo 8) 8) 8) 8)

  9. I’m going to blaze through asap. I have too many damn unanswered questions about gameplay to putz around with a story I’ll be underwhelmed by.

    • I feel the same way.  The content will be the same in Inferno, but the endgame dynamics will be totally different from the early levels.  I can’t wait to see how things play out at max level and difficulty.

  10. I love these polls because it’s a constant reminder that a majority of the people here are as dense as my asshole.

    37% of the voters loved the intro cinematic, 37% of the voters will chug the diarrhea that Blizzard will gush out at them. The intro cinematic was a visual spectacle no doubt, but it had as much substance as Gina Carano in Haywire.

    • Once again… Why do you keep coming back here if you hate what Blizzard does so much? It’s even stranger if you consider the majority of the people that frequent this site to be morons… Either you are a severe masochist or just as stupid as you accuse the people here of being… 🙄

      • Because I like what Blizzard used to do, and I keep coming back here with a child-like hope that eventually Blizzard will return to the days where it didn’t take them 7 fucking years to develop a sequel, or that they can make a cinematic that is more than just pretty. 

        Also false dilemma much?

        • “Operation Septar” – gives you unlimited Fury ]
          Make it happen Blizz.
          And when where the cinematics anything but just pretty… i mean some had potential (cold fusion beer in an Aliens homage), but they where always just cliches and pop culture references…

        • That’s all fine and well, but could you refrain from the endless insults towards others that don’t share your opinion of things? If you want to rage against Blizzard for their doing things that you don’t like then do it on their forums, not on an unofficial fan site… 🙄

    • Also, why is your asshole so dense… didn’t you send it to school? Because denying it an education is asshole abuse…

    • How much substance do you expect there to be in a cinematic which is shown before you even start playing the game?  I’d prefer to keep it short and sweet so I can start playing the damn game after waiting a decade for it.  Diablo fans already know what’s going on anyways.  Or would you prefer to sit through a longer intro that explains all the details of the backstory to the casual crowd so that the game can be more “accessible”?

  11. My first play through is going to be slow.  I’m going to take my time and talk to everyone and explore every corner and dungeon.  After normal I’ll need to play catch up with my friends that will just be blazing through but I’ll be looking to cut straight through to 60 from there.

  12. Well obviously the 1st time i’ll get my Wiz up to 60 to experience the whole game, as it where… but i wouldn’t say i’ll race to it…
    After that i’ll probably test all the other characters at least once.

  13. Mostlikely #1 with a little bit of #3 but that will include playing with/beside friends, 4 play co-op FTW!

  14. I’ll most likely play through “normal” (infant mode) for the story and aesthetic appeal, and if the game ends up being interesting still (challenging), then I’ll keep playing.

    I would play on Hardcore mode to start with, but only if you started with your character as level 60 in Inferno, otherwise Hardcore will just be a chore going through Normal/Nightmare to get to the meat of the game (Hell or Inferno). Dying and going back to the start only works if the game is quick and constantly thrilling/action-packed, so if hardcore doesn’t start in Hell or Inferno it won’t make sense.

    • You do realise that you’d have to start at level 40 min if the 1st difficulty for HC is Hell, right?

      • Hell starts around level 50… what are you talking about?
        and beside NO you won’t get a free lvl 60 that is just utter ridiculous! Enjoy the ride it aint only about the end result.

        • And i’m assuming that being 10 levels under the recommended is the maximum you can go without being completely innefective in Hell, which is why i said 40 minimum (that’s that min. is short for). Pay attention.

  15. Depending on the pricing and how good the anti-lag is, either “not at all” or I’ll play a barb and WD through Hell/Inferno.

  16. Nice poll.
    Definitely completist, I want to explore as much as there is to explore. Wondering how long it will take to get to lvl 60. If 60 is similar to getting to lvl 90 in d2 might start earlier with some other chars, but if lvl 85 then probably go all the way with one char. My first char will be the witch docter, I think that’s a very good character. I guess I will run through everything there is to explore on normal and then go on to nightmare and start a bit in hell, make some other chars to play with for a bit in normal and then complete hell with my witch docter. 
    Can’t wait!

  17. Neither one of them 😀 I’m going to beat normal solo, enjoy the story etc… Then i will rush the game with my friends and go directly to inferno! Thats the plan…

  18. Hardcore straight off the bat! although im a little concerned about losing my char, I’d rather play Hardcore for that thrill than sit through the ponyride Normal mode.

  19. Will try to get to Inferno on softcore asap. To be able to take part in the RMAH trade but also to learn what to watch out for in hell and inferno.
    I’m a big fan of hardcore, but not without knowing how hard Hell and Inferno realy is.

  20. Gonna have to go around and look at all the polish of course! The level of polish must be out of this world by now ! 😛

    Bitterness aside I’d prolly get a barb to Inferno first and foremost to get a feel for that.

    • probably the same way as in Diablo II: finish normal (> level 20 (?)), start anew with a lvl 1 hardcore character.

  21. I’m very much the “play all characters in turn” guy.
    I bought WOW at the end of Vanilla so soon after BC I had all 9 characters at lvl70, almost no one had more than 2 lvl70s, mine was of course not well geared but I liked leveling better than doing instances in the end game.

  22. Don’t you need to complete SC first before you can go HC?
    Anyway that’s what im aiming for!
    Play it through easy and slow for all lore/quest etc.
    Try learn as much of the game in SC then move on to HC.

  23. Staring hardcore from the beginning, playing like completist and solo in private games. Also I’ll be playing WD and some other class. Something like: when WD finishes act 1, I’ll replay it with another class, and so on until the end of normal. That way my two chars will complement each other by equipment they find in game.

  24. There’s an absence of an option that is bothersome to me. I plan on playing with 4 friends from start to finish, going at the pace of the group. This could be thorough, it could be fast, but it could also vary a lot in its pace.

  25. I’m considering getting someone to play my character to the start of hell on hardcore without me watching. I expect hell will have the kind of difficulty I want to start out on. I don’t want to spoil my first playthrough by doing it on normal, I want some challenge from the start.
    The problem is that is that most people I play with have the same kind of mentality, so none of them will want to ruin their first playthrough by playing my char through normal and nightmare. I’ll probably end up having to powerlvl to the start of hell I guess :/

    • Is it even allowed to let others use your account?
      Maybe with the RMAH it is possible to buy someones character that just made it to hell for a bit of cash.

  26. Does anyone plan to wait a few days for the first patch or for the huge insurge to subside so there’s less lag? (I’m aware that they say there’s no lag.)

  27. I didn’t wait for YEARS just to waltz through the game like a freaking race.
    You better believe I wil inspect every nook and cranny and leave no stone unturned. I will so immerse myself into the game!

  28. I’ll try and get at least one character of each class to 60 and tool around w/ them a bit (unless one class is just flat out awful for whatever reason. I’ve seen no evidence to believe that, though). Then, depending on how much overlap there is between PvP/PvE gear/skills, I’ll PvP a little and then decide whether to make a new PvP alt or just swap gear/runes around on my regular character. Probably make an alt.

  29. Completist. I want to enjoy every single pixel of this game. Music, background, animation, story, cinematics, gossips. Everything.

    Then rush to level 60 with friends!

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