Vote: How was your first week of Diablo III?

We haven’t had quite a week since launch, but a Monday morning is a nice time for a new vote, so here we go. How was your first week of Diablo III? Rate it on the whole, factoring in your expectations, all the technical problems at the launch, how much you enjoyed playing it (or not), approval or disapproval of the item system, the size and speed of the game, fun factor, the fact that people beat Inferno already, etc.

You might hate the game for the same reason someone else loves it, or you might have had low expectations and found yourself pleasantly surprised, which is why this vote is entirely subjective and why I left the answers fairly vague. If you want to explain your opinion, the comments are a good place to do so.

How enjoyable was your first week of Diablo III?

  • 1) Awesome. It exceeded my expectations. (51%, 4,866 Votes)
  • 2) Good, but not spectacular. (29%, 2,744 Votes)
  • 3) Okay. I wish things had been different. (12%, 1,186 Votes)
  • 4) Not good, for various reasons. (4%, 425 Votes)
  • 5) Terrible. Gravely disappointed. (4%, 416 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,625

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Last Vote Results

The last vote asked which class you were going to play first. Unfortunately I didn’t make the post until mid-day on Monday, after the Asian realm was already online and not long before the European servers went us well. And then the site was down intermittently for the rest of the day thanks to the massive load of traffic, plus you guys finally had something better to do than read a fansite about Diablo 3.

Despite those hurdles, a respectable number of votes were cast, and they yielded percentages fairly similar to other votes on this issue. As for the five percenters… have you made up your damn minds yet?

Your First Diablo III Character Will Be?

  • Barbarian (25%, 2,426 Votes)
  • Wizard (21%, 2,098 Votes)
  • Monk (18%, 1,728 Votes)
  • Witch Doctor (16%, 1,609 Votes)
  • Demon Hunter (15%, 1,463 Votes)
  • Still haven’t decided… (5%, 445 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 9,768

    We’ll likely run a vote in a month or two asking who your favorite class is at that point, and it’ll be interesting to compare those results to what you guys were hoping and expecting pre-release. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve already found my first choice less fun than I’d hoped, while one of my last choices was quite enjoyable, once I got past the early slow Beta test skills and into higher abilities, and found enough game difficulty to test them against.

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    50 thoughts on “Vote: How was your first week of Diablo III?

    1. week 1 went like this. play til i start falling a sleep in my chair, sleep 2-4 hours tops, back to the game. the game is more fun than i expected it to be. i have some issue with the game, lack of boss rewards past normal (though i understand why i guess) legendary items not really being better than blue/yellow items is another issue.

      thing that i was worried about have not been bad at all. lag, i have had zero lag once i got in game. day 1 took me an hour and a half to get logged in but once in no issue at all. story was easily predictable but still good enough

      now that week one is over i may actually start getting some sleep again, god knows i could use it     

      • Look at Metacritic’s rating :>
        I rest my case :))
        D3 is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • @Tikitavu you are aware that there was an active protest movement on launch day where if you couldn’t log in at exactly 12:01 PDT in the US, you were to assign a 0 rating to Diablo III on Metacritic…

          • You do realize that I was being sarcastic? You can’t base whether a game is good or not off of some stupid poll because people will either go from the extreme of giving a 0 to giving a 10. Thats just how it is.

    2. I know I’ll enjoy this game for years to come.  It has exceeded all my expectations… Error 37, underpowered Legendary items, some bad lag in places.  None of that has dulled the feeling of satisfaction I have.

      Belial had my heart pounding out of my chest when I soloed him in HC… a real thrill. Reminded me of a Castlevania-style boss encounter.

      Deep appreciation to Metzen, Jay, Bashiok and all the rest…

      Now to drag all my friends out of SC2 and into D3! 

    3. betwean good and awesome
      the story line and the  epic cinematics made my first run awesome. Now on the next difficulty levels i have yet to make an opinion

    4. Okay, I wish some things were different.

      The story line is awesome.

      In game community is non-existent. No public lobby, no way to see what others (strangers) have found.

      I fear the longevity of the game. 

      • I agree with haqattaq…  The community is lacking. No lobby, no real game rooms. A list of player made custom game rooms was key to community.

        Another thing that was kind of disappointing, aside from the community features, was the game rooms being act-locked based on your quest. I liked being able to WP over to Act 1 and wreck there to train for some harder stuff in act 2 etc.

      • Spot-on. Without custom chat channels, the game lacks any sort of ‘community-building’ features. I run a large multi-national gaming community, so I’d like to see even more guild features – but everyone I know is severely annoyed with the lack of just simple chat channels.

    5. I’m in the “awesome” camp.

      While I understand some of the critical notes, I think there would have been no way to please everyone. D3 is not D2, chasing nostalgia will never lead to a balanced, modern, fun and playable game. D2 was extremely good for its time, and continued to be fun because of the lack of other good ARPGs. But D2 is also very buggy, unbalanced and outdated by today’s standards. You can not make a “new” Diablo 2.

      The launch was a bit messy, but people overreacted. 15 may was launch day, and people complained that they could not log in at 12:05… get some sleep and enjoy the game the next day. I am a bit disappointed by the fact that offline play is completely unavailable, but it doesn’t even lose a point for that in my book.

      Items/difficulty/leveling is awesome so far. People overreact because they see well-trained gaming “machines” finish content in a few hours, by exploiting certain game mechanics and being supported by grinding teams. Is that the way you would enjoy the game? Probably not. 99% off all players will spend weeks in nightmare, months in hell, and years in inferno. Itemization seems slightly off (a bit too simple in terms of what to look for/combine), but can be fixed. Not a single RPG has a perfectly worked out item system on launch.

      The story is awesome and dark, the gameplay feels genuinely challenging and surprising without getting too grindy, atmosphere and artwork is perfectly polished.

      I have not played such an entertaining game in 5-10 years.

    6. I only voted “good” because I didn’t get to play enough. Too much else going on in my life. The game is great, but it does have some flaws I’d like to see fixed.

    7. I’m not in the “awesome” came.
      I sat and waited for the midnight launch listening on the live stream here and was prepared and ready to go.
      When the game launched I couldn’t get in, at 3 in the morning I gave up. Next day I woke up and played for 30min before I got some error.
      Since then I’be been able to play a while here and there inbetween tons of different errors.
      I still haven’t been able to install the fucking game on my other computer.
      The time I did play was fun…not as fun as Diablo2lod or WOW was to me when I started those games but kinda fun. I don’t really like the lack of things to do in D3, I have updated the stash fully and my jewler and blacksmith are almost done…what other gold sinks are there?

    8. Overall, I’ve really been enjoying it.  There are a few things I hope they address in future patches, such as being able to revisit previous acts (without resetting quests) and the option to be invisible to friends when popping online (sometimes I just like to play a little single player without any interruptions, ya know?)

    9. Pretty good, but I’m really disappointed with the itemization. Progression is very flat and boring. Legendaries are garbage. I’d like to see that fixed, because right now the only stats worth hunting for are straight DPS increases and Vitality. 

      • Just curious, have you ever found a Legendary, or are you just going off what you have seen on the site?

      • If you have a lot of straight dps increase, wouldn’t that make crit chance and damage a lot more compelling?

    10. I’m in the awesome camp.

      Related to votes 4 and 5: you are ruining the forums. Contemplating staying off of these forums completely. It is basically full of the vocal minority hijacking any thread you start and turning it into a “D3 sucks” debate. Same thing happened in D2 and I enjoyed my 7+ year respite from these forums. I won’t let the door hit me in the ***

      • man, so true, the other day I just got so disgusted with the complaining that is going on around here, I mean, I do see some room for improvement and all but all the bit***ng is just too much. The game is awesome. F888k the haters and whiners, man, f888k them. 

    11. I think this poll shows that the forum whiners are the most vocal and that the silent majority are just getting on with enjoying the game.

    12. I had an excellent time playing most of the time. I’m kind of dismayed with the fact that the servers were offline for most of the Sunday afternoon, in Europe at least. Also the achievement bug is driving me crazy!

    13. I am in awesome camp.. yea..few things have to be sorted… but overall … game is really really great.

    14. Fully in the awesome camp.  Aside from launch day woes, I’ve had an amazingly fun time each time I’ve played.  It’s clear a lot of work still needs to be done in terms of patching and extra content (expansions, etc.) but the foundation is incredibly solid.

    15. Good, but not spectacular for me, especially because i can’t play with all the people i whishes to because of the 4 players coop limitation (i suspect they did that so the game wasn’t too easy with much more players, but it could have been fixed by drasticly increasing the difficulty with a fifth player and above).
      However unlike most pleople, the maintenance and errors didn’t bother me at all, i just watch some movies/series in the meantime.

      • Pretty sure they (the devs) did it because they did not want your screen looking like a constant fountain of exploding colors. Imagine 8 Wizards going at it in inferno… Noone would be able to see what they were doing  8)

        • Exactly. I was playing in a 3-person game on Friday (NM Act 3) and noted how much was going on visually…and that is only 3 people. With 5-8 it would be total chaos. You wouldn’t be able to see anything. Four person limit is plenty.

    16. Hmm, I am in the “not good” camp. I just feel like there is very little replay value. I am already lvl 60 with one of my characters- which makes me laugh, because I was so awful at D2 I could barely play in hell difficulty, much less get a character to 99 (yet I LOVED it- I didnt mind sucking at d2, because it was so much fun). My opinions are definitely in the minority. I can’t honestly remember one single tune in the entire game except for the intro music when you pull up the game. I thought the boss battles/story were cheesy. & The acts are so small, I was shocked..and Act4 was a huge disappointment, to me. I had to give this game a chance because its Diablo… but I think this is my last Blizz game, unfortunately. However, I am glad so many other people still find it enjoyable! (no sarcasm) , maybe I just need to pick it up and try again a few months from now… because I am truly not diggin’ anything about the game right now.

    17. in the awesome camp too.
      My only complaint thus far is that the demon hunter kinda sucks so far compared to the other 4 classes.  I’m doing plenty of damage, but the skill selection just feels off to me compared to the others. (in terms of using them frequently)  I use left/right mouse all the time..but #1 and #2 is only on occasion.    I’m only lvl 16 tho and hoping it gets better.   This is the character I’m playing with my wife.   I’ve gotten each of the other classes to lvl10-12 and they are feeling quite good. 
      The items feel great to me so far. I’m reserving judgement on legendaries until I see them for myself.   I just looked at AH and an available lvl 9 legendary was miles better than anything I’ve found thus far.  (tho, depends on where it dropped for those folks..i guess if it doesn’t drop till act 2, a lvl 9 is worthless)  I do suppose they could have more frequent drops in the lower lvls tho.  Flux is right..By now I would have found a gold/green item in D2.   Even tho they become quite useless as you out level them, its still fun to get those drops. 

      • I’m at lvl 27… just hold out, you have a ton of awesome skills coming up, I can’t remember but you probably haven’t unlocked anything from Archery yet.  With DH I feel like, so many good skills, so few Action Slots.

        Also if you aren’t vaulting or moving much… you aren’t really playing the DH to his/her true potential. Take advantage of your mobility, the other skills will open up.

        Instead of perching in one particular spot… try vaulting (there is your #1 or #2) every couple of shots. Runes on Vault will also open that up.

    18. I really enjoyed it and put it between good and awesome. Aesthetically amazing in art and sound. What I don’t whine about I either love or have seen my expectations met. The few things I dislike though are the following –

      The one thrill/punishment a softcore player could get in D2, was to die and have it sort of mean something. This is from a solo, classic, un-modded perspective granted. I miss the death penalty of having to retrieve your corpse with all the items you wore at the time. It meant you couldn’t race passed mods and rush the boss because if you died you’d have to go through all the monsters again (possibly with weaker or no pieces of gear) as your waypoint may be significantly far away. Also, you’d have to do it before any monster pack before the boss would respawn. While I still enjoy clearing entire maps in D3, it seems to mean a little less now. I think with virtually no death penalty it tends to make me feel more like the (immortal)hunter, rather than the hunted – in what I would think of as a action/suspense style game, you’d want to have it the other way around. Also! It’s kind of contrary to the theme of the damn storyline! Isn’t the defeat of Diablo “special” because I was done at the hands of a mortal? *Exhales* Hello hardcore.

      Community (or lack there of)
      I just dislike the social/community interface of the game. It seems like the chat system, the community status UI thing, and character profiles should be more cohesive – along with maybe any environment (not necessarily physical) for people to socialize in. Maybe that is just to MMO-y. I guess community is what fan forums are for.

      Crafting – my financial demise
      I’m not sure if the system is messed up, or if it only benefits the player at higher levels or the highest difficulty or what, by Haedrig is screwing me blind. Granted I’m pretty low level (32 just out of normal playing mainly solo), but it feels like I’ve sunk a lot of gold into this guy for very little reward. I’m typically finding better items than he can make that are usable at my level. It seems as though Haedrig can make many items comparable (or a little less so at times) to what I have, but it requires that I be at a higher level – but by the time I reach the required level, I’ve already looted something better.
      Minor gripes for the most part.

      • crafting…ya it’s a gold sink.  It was intended on being one.  It is supposed to be beneficial at lvl 60.   That said, I’ve used it tons on new toons.  I’ve rolled 8 characters already (highest lvl is 16..wasn’t my plan to roll so many chars..just worked out that way as I played with diff friends)  When rolling a new character, the blacksmith is a god send for getting started.  Once I’ve done it the hard way (via loot) the first time, I enjoy being able to have a leg up.  And I still find loot that does end up replacing crafted items..but that is how it should work IMO. 

    19. It’s good, though only because it’s the first week.

      I had an absolute blast playing through the story, but lack of replayability has very much tempered my enthusiasm. Items downright suck (boring), and despite the rune system being mega-awesome, it doesn’t seem to have the same kind of longevity D2 had.

      I’m in for the medium run to get my money’s worth at least. Beyond that, we’ll see. 

    20. Absolutely love it. I’m not feeling what the complainers are – in fact, many times, the exact opposite. But everyone has their own opinion. I’ve just enjoyed pretty much every moment – except for a lag spike here and a d/c there.
      Items are great.
      skills are frigging AWESOME. I’m remembering back to when Bliz said there would be a 6 skill limit, and people were saying that’s way too low. I was firmly in the, ‘that’s plenty, I rarely used more than that in D2, why would I want to?’ camp. But they’re all so cool I want to use them all X|

    21. I agree it’s awesome, but I have a few gripes.  I guess I too sort of worry about the games longevity, along with the itemization and crafting.  And the music of course just is sub-par.  Nothing close to Matt’s level.
      I wonder what the RMAH will be like when it launches..

    22. Voted awesome, only thing I was seriously disappointed with was the itemization.  And like others have said, that can be easily fixed in the future.  
      I mean, the game has been out for one week people.  Serioiusly?
      Anyway, my roommate predicts its gonna be like WoW-heroics where in the start, you got gibbed by any and every pull.  Inferno is definiteley kicking my ass right now.  But one of my friends has 60k dps as a DH in mf gear and is soloing inferno just fine (by soloing, i mean farming)
      Give the game a chance. 

    23. I love it! My biggest gripe is  the difficulty, or lack thereof. Me and my friends just downed SK in inferno on the first try. Diablo on hell was one long holdleftmousebuttonuntildead, was  totally expecting more opposition from the legions of hell but I am hoping for a steep curve now that we’re in inferno.

    24. Voted awesome.  I do not see myself ever playing D2 again.  I loved D2 and rolled probably upwards of 75+ characters over 10 years or so.  But D3 has such better graphics and such better combat – I just can not see going back.
      For me, the D3 skills are so much more interesting to watch and use than D2.  For instance, the Barbarian skills Concentrate and Berserk were very effective numbers-wise.  Using and watching them, though, was quite boring IMO.  Same thing for the Paladin skill Vengeance.  You’d look at it in the skill planner and love the possible damage.  Then you’d use it in game and watch the same boring swing at the same single monster over and over and over.
      I’m not far enough in the game to comment on the item variety / power.  It has been fine for me so far; I’ve gotten a few rares and plenty of magical items.  I’ve found most of my equipment, crafted a bit, bought a little, and trade a few between characters via the shared stash.

    25. It really exceeded my expectiations and drew me right in. The only bad thing is that my PC can’t handle it when there’s too much graphics going on… Like the butcher setting the floor on fire or just too many burning bats of fiery goodness going after too many mobs.
      It really gave me back the diablo feeling… especially after having played ‘standard’ mmos these past years. Nothing beats smashing up hundreds of mobs per minute 😛

    26. Voted awesome.  I’m having so much fun with it, even if I’m playing slow as heck (Act 3 Normal whoo hoo!)due to work, family, etc.  There is a visceral feel to smashing the everloving crap outta demons in this game, it’s soooo satisfying.  I also haven’t had any problems with lag, and only one server outage that impacted my planned play time which was on Tuesday night.
      I’m concerned a bit about the itemization concerns others have brought up, but since I’m nowhere near needing to worry about it yet I’m not going to.  Plus, that’s an easy fix if Blizz decides they need to buff legendaries or nerf blues or both.

    27. I voted awesome. I really like everything, except the music. It’s horrible, but this is not D2, so I can get over it. They also Pushed the religion envelope in act 4 about as much as I can handle, but again, I love the game.

    28. Gameplay was great not awesome until I hit hell, looting has been appalling so I gave it an okay. I’m just struggling atm to find a reason to do more xp runs. I’ve come to understand that the champ packs shouldn’t be taken on unless you can kills them very quickly. 3 mods on champion packs makes them nearly unbeatable unless you buy items which is my biggest gripe.

    29. 2. I can’t say that it exceeded my expectations. I expected a little bit more, but overall it’s been a good experience. Nothing about the game has totally ruined the experience for me, so I’m willing to stick around and see what Blizzard does to fix some of the issues.

    30. There should be option 1.5 between “Awesome” and “Good” – “Great. A little hiccup at the start.”
      I’m much closer to the “Awesome” option regardless the fact that my copy arrived from Amazon around mid-day Tuesday. I expected that. I expected the servers being overrun by rabid fans (like me) and going down under the strain as well.
      I was hoping I’ll get my copy a day before launch and that the servers will be more robust but I wasn’t at all surprised by the launch day hiccup.
      But the game itself is awesome! I fully acknowledged that I was really playing Diablo game when, somewhere in Cathedral, I heard this familiar squeal and wet crunch sound and I realized that I stepped on the rat. That small thing brought me back faster than anything else they did with the game 🙂

    31. Game is great on many levels but the item system definitely needs some work. Hardly finding uniques and finding them to be vendor trash when you do really pulls you out of the game. Wow-like item stats also is very bland compared to how it used to be and definitely less fun. Can’t see myself playing this for 10 years like i did with d2. I find myself already feeling burned out when playing after just taking one character to middle NM and it’s linked to the loot system. Hoping they’ll make some changes there but i doubt it.

    32. Connection wise?  It’s actually been pretty decent.

      But the game itself has issues.  Lol @ anyone who actually believed it was a good idea to place all of your customization eggs in one basket (in the form of gear).  People are STILL having to stack vitality in inferno, aside from a few broken builds that will probably be nerfed soon.  The same way that they HAD to stack vit in D2. Only now there’s no illusion of choice.

      Also, most of the spell/rune combinations are useless.  I’d say about 99% of your “billions” of possible builds are completely useless. The lack of identity within your class is palpable. Are you a hydra orb Wizard? A Blizz Wizz? No, you’re just a Wizard.

      Matchmaking sucks, you never get into a game with more than one other (most likely AFK) person.  No custom games?  No lobby?  No chat channels?  LOL.

      Games can only take place in one act?  Not only one act, but one quest of an act.  LOL.

      And the story is absolutely atrocious.  Even if Diablo isn’t about the story, there’s no reason the story should be this bad.  It’s so bad that it ruins the atmosphere, and Diablo DEFINITELY needs atmosphere.

      Diablo 3 is a decent game, but it’s not a legendary game like its predecessors were. 

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