We haven’t had quite a week since launch, but a Monday morning is a nice time for a new vote, so here we go. How was your first week of Diablo III? Rate it on the whole, factoring in your expectations, all the technical problems at the launch, how much you enjoyed playing it (or not), approval or disapproval of the item system, the size and speed of the game, fun factor, the fact that people beat Inferno already, etc.

    You might hate the game for the same reason someone else loves it, or you might have had low expectations and found yourself pleasantly surprised, which is why this vote is entirely subjective and why I left the answers fairly vague. If you want to explain your opinion, the comments are a good place to do so.

    How enjoyable was your first week of Diablo III?

    • 1) Awesome. It exceeded my expectations. (51%, 4,866 Votes)
    • 2) Good, but not spectacular. (29%, 2,744 Votes)
    • 3) Okay. I wish things had been different. (12%, 1,186 Votes)
    • 4) Not good, for various reasons. (4%, 425 Votes)
    • 5) Terrible. Gravely disappointed. (4%, 416 Votes)

    Total Voters: 9,625

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    Last Vote Results

    The last vote asked which class you were going to play first. Unfortunately I didn’t make the post until mid-day on Monday, after the Asian realm was already online and not long before the European servers went us well. And then the site was down intermittently for the rest of the day thanks to the massive load of traffic, plus you guys finally had something better to do than read a fansite about Diablo 3.

    Despite those hurdles, a respectable number of votes were cast, and they yielded percentages fairly similar to other votes on this issue. As for the five percenters… have you made up your damn minds yet?

    Your First Diablo III Character Will Be?

  • Barbarian (25%, 2,426 Votes)
  • Wizard (21%, 2,098 Votes)
  • Monk (18%, 1,728 Votes)
  • Witch Doctor (16%, 1,609 Votes)
  • Demon Hunter (15%, 1,463 Votes)
  • Still haven’t decided… (5%, 445 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 9,768

    We’ll likely run a vote in a month or two asking who your favorite class is at that point, and it’ll be interesting to compare those results to what you guys were hoping and expecting pre-release. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve already found my first choice less fun than I’d hoped, while one of my last choices was quite enjoyable, once I got past the early slow Beta test skills and into higher abilities, and found enough game difficulty to test them against.

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