With the limited Friends & Family portion of the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta test well underway, and anticipation building for the full test to get started next week (with any luck), we wondered just how much beta excite you guys have. Everyone with any interest in Diablo III is excited about the beta test, but do you really really want to play in it? Are you content watching and wishing it would hurry up and finish? Or are you one of those rare and mythical spoiler-dodging fans who says they don’t want to beta test at all? Pick the option that’s closest to your feelings and we’ll get some community consensus.

    How much Diablo 3 Beta EXCITE do you have?

    • 2) I'd play, but I mostly want the beta to end so the game can come out. (53%, 5,311 Votes)
    • 1) I would sell my soul to play in the D3 beta. (38%, 3,847 Votes)
    • 3) I don't want to play in the beta. Waiting for the full game. (9%, 888 Votes)

    Total Voters: 10,046

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    Last Vote Result

    The last vote gave you guys a chance to share your feelings about the DiabloWikiInferno difficulty level, and the results were a landslide in favor of the topic. We’ve run a lot of votes, and seldom (if ever) has any proposition received 90% approval. Here are the final results.

    Do You like the idea of the Inferno 4th difficulty level?

    • 1) Inferno is a great concept and I eagerly await it. (51%, 3,487 Votes)
    • 2) It’s okay, for a start at least. But I want MOAR. (39%, 2,665 Votes)
    • 4) Not a big fan, but it’s not a terrible idea. (5%, 355 Votes)
    • 3) Don’t know. Don’t care. (3%, 202 Votes)
    • 5) Strong dislike, for a myriad of reasons I’m eager to elucidate in comments. (2%, 94 Votes)

    Total Voters: 6,803

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