Vote: How much do you want to be in the Diablo III Beta?

With the limited Friends & Family portion of the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta test well underway, and anticipation building for the full test to get started next week (with any luck), we wondered just how much beta excite you guys have. Everyone with any interest in Diablo III is excited about the beta test, but do you really really want to play in it? Are you content watching and wishing it would hurry up and finish? Or are you one of those rare and mythical spoiler-dodging fans who says they don’t want to beta test at all? Pick the option that’s closest to your feelings and we’ll get some community consensus.

How much Diablo 3 Beta EXCITE do you have?

  • 2) I'd play, but I mostly want the beta to end so the game can come out. (53%, 5,311 Votes)
  • 1) I would sell my soul to play in the D3 beta. (38%, 3,847 Votes)
  • 3) I don't want to play in the beta. Waiting for the full game. (9%, 888 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,046

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Last Vote Result

The last vote gave you guys a chance to share your feelings about the DiabloWikiInferno difficulty level, and the results were a landslide in favor of the topic. We’ve run a lot of votes, and seldom (if ever) has any proposition received 90% approval. Here are the final results.

Do You like the idea of the Inferno 4th difficulty level?

  • 1) Inferno is a great concept and I eagerly await it. (51%, 3,487 Votes)
  • 2) It’s okay, for a start at least. But I want MOAR. (39%, 2,665 Votes)
  • 4) Not a big fan, but it’s not a terrible idea. (5%, 355 Votes)
  • 3) Don’t know. Don’t care. (3%, 202 Votes)
  • 5) Strong dislike, for a myriad of reasons I’m eager to elucidate in comments. (2%, 94 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,803

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42 thoughts on “Vote: How much do you want to be in the Diablo III Beta?

  1. Back when I was running our ill-fated HGL site, I used to enjoy predicting (guessing) at vote results when I posted them. I’ve lost that habit, but this seems like a good vote to renew it on. I say 45/50/5 for the results. With the slight win to #2 since we’ve got more pragmatic than fanatic readers.

    I went with #2 myself, at least partially since I’ve already played a lot more of the game than is in the Beta (at the last 3 blizzcons), and since the beta is just a tiny sliver of the game. If the beta were the whole game, or like, acts 1-2, the waiting would be much harder.

    • 383 votes in 15 minutes, and the percentages are 44/50/6. I should close the poll now, as my 45/50/6 prediction will never get any more accurate. 😉

    • I was lucky enough to be in the Diablo 2 beta (still have the CD sitting here on my desk), and to play the demo version of Diablo 1 several months beofre it was released. I would absolutely give my leg/arm/nut/ etc. to play the Diablo 3 beta. Could someone let me know if they remember a Diablo 1 beta? I don’t think they had one, and being middle aged, I tend to forget stuff from 15 years ago. I do remember all of the games I have played in my storied career since I saved all the discs/floppies/CD’s/DVD’s, etc. Back in the middle 90’s beta tests weren’t generally public events yet, since the internet was still young and games hadn’t deveolped to what they are today. Any clarification is appreciated!

  2. I felt obligated to choose 1 since I strongly believe the buyer would be getting the worst side of the bargain.

  3. You know? I was going to choose the least passionate route, it is just a video game after all, but who am I kidding? I’m pathetic. Now I just need someone to buy my soul.

  4. This is a unfair poll to put up if you don’t actually know anyone in the soul market with beta keys to give out.

  5. Well the beta is only like 1% even less from the whole game, I would be entertained for a day or two but after that it’s waiting time again… oh not to forget to sell beta account for eating all your souls and draining your moneys 😛

  6. I’d much rather have a soul than a runestone-less, gem-less, story-less and purposefully easymode beta where my characters are wiped every patch. True story.

  7. I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get into the beta because a hell of a lot of people who don’t know me are telling people like me that they know better than people like me how my experience with this game is going to be.
    So I’ll just let those people play in the beta without stealing one of their chances to be a beta-tester, and I’ll wait for the full game to play by my lonesome so I don’t inadvertently ruin their gaming experience.
    I do wish everyone who is dying to get in the best of luck, though.
    Have fun guys and gals.  Sincerely.

  8. Eh, I’m not using my soul for very much anyway.  Besides, having completed the new Deus Ex, the next game that I really want is the new Batman and that’s over a month away.  I could use something to help me get through the downtime.

    I’m skeptical of Dead Island based on the reviews I’ve read and equally skeptical about Space Marine after having played the demo.

  9. “rare and mythical spoiler-dodging”. Rare, yes but mythical ? The only mythical thing about me is that I’m the Noob King, nothing more. It is just that us, the 5% (yes, like to speak for others, it is so (noob) king like), try our best to not succumb to temptation (and the sanctuary world train us against it very well as demons !).

    That aside, when we watch the news and co, it is some sort of spoil… the true “spoiler-dodger” don’t even come here to vote cause they just wait, in the corner of the room, for the final game to be release. But I do think (again) that there is also others who just don’t want to “get bored” too soon while playing the beta or being disgusted with a version that contain too many bugs (don’t really know about it, I merely have watched 3 videos).

    Hope the beta testers (and those who are willed to do what we, the 5%, can’t do !) do their best for a better release.

    Sincerely, the Noob King, waiting in the next castle while Toad laught at you.

    I’d honestly rather have Path of Exile at this point.  Don’t get me wrong, will gladly play both, but anticipation for PoE is higher.  Too bad Flux won’t give me a key. bawww

  11. I’d be way more excited if it were a longer beta… If I’m lucky enough to get a key, I’ll enjoy kicking the tires on the different classes.  If anything, the beta will get me used to the controls and help me choose which class(es) I want to play first.  Just getting to watch some streams and vids have helped my patience level a lot.  I was getting frusterated at Blizz’ lack of gameplay videos (so much artwork!).

    The hard part now is having no idea when it’s coming out so I don’t know how long to mentally prepare myself.  Right now I feel like the mental stepping stones are:  1.  Closed public beta release.  2.  Official preorder packs release.  3.  Release date announced.

  12. Definitely don’t care about beta. Trying to avoid spoilers but it’s not even about the spoilers. Playing a game (beta) that’s changing non-stop and then having all your progress wiped in a few months sounds like an epic, self-hating waste of time to me o.o
    That said, I can’t wait to dig into the actual game…

  13. Well i mean, i’ve used this alias for over ten years, short for apocalypse, which i got from the diablo 1 spell… i wouldn’t hesitate to sell my soul for a diablo 3 beta key, where do i sign :P?

    • I’ve heard from several readers with offers in the hundreds of dollars for beta access. No one has yet offered any portion of their reproductive organs, though.

  14. Yeah the soul selling thing, not for a game, maybe immortality!

    I would like to play beta, but there’s a spot on their terms after downloading beta info to send off computer info that says Blizzard isn’t responsible if D3 frys my computer when testing their beta. Sending a letter, kind of PO’d about that. I’m not sacrificing my computer to test their damn game! I can wait for full release, hopefully they’ll remove that part of their terms and guarante their product, if they don’t why be in business if you don’t take care of your customers?

    • It’s a beta. How can you guarantee something that isn’t tested, when what you would be signing up for is to test it?

  15. I’m going to buck the trend and say that I don’t want to be in the Beta. I also have not watched any of the streams and videos or listened to any of the music.
    I want my first playthrough of Diablo III to be as fresh and pure an experience as possible. By playing the first couple of hours of the game in repetition while soaking-up every little detail I’m only spoiling the final experience. The initial periods of my full playthrough would just be become a rush to get past the ”beta stuff” and get on to some new content. I’ve been waiting for this game for over 5 years now and don’t see the point in tainting my experience just to play it a couple of months earlier.
    My willpower isn’t strong enough to keep me from checking this website every day though 😛

  16. I sometimes wish there were no Diablo fansites. Cain dies? Heaven invades? The first mission is to purge undead from the bar in Tristram? Gaah… I want to experience the Diablo story. It’s kind of like a movie, the person that spoils it all by telling gets a kick in the groin.

  17. The beta looks boring as hell and regardless I continuously ask myself why this game took so long to create it’s not that special. Blizzard drawing this out to create as much hype as possible with a BS beta test to “test server load” is just absurd and killing my desire to play the game at all. It’s not their first game, their declared premise for the beta is so useless it’s just more marketing hype for a game that’s likely been completed for months trying to get huge holiday sales numbers.

  18. 40 comments and no complaints about how the wording of the questions is “bias” to skew the results towards my opinon???



    • I was one of those to previously complain about some of your polls’ options.  If you took it as ppl complaining about bias towards your opinion, speaking for myself, that was not what i was complaining about and you missed the point.  If other ppl complained specifically about bias towards your opinion, then my bad.

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