Vote: Have you tried out the D3 PTR?

With the Diablo III Patch Test Realm now properly online and accessible, lots of players have put in some testing time, to see the new v1.0.5 changes, and to test out the DiabloWikiMonster Power system and the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine. Are you one of them? Have you been trying out the new stuff? Or do you feel that play time on the test realm would be pointless, since any improvements or awesome item finds would not carry over to your real account?

Pick an option that fits your mood, and we’ll see some numbers. Note that we had some tech issues around the time the last poll went up, and that a lot of people got error messages when trying to vote. Those have been resolved and you should be able to vote now; if not you can definitely fix the issue by clearing all of your cookies. (Naturally, “if” and “should” are somewhat tentative when referring to technical problems.)

Have you tried out the D3 Patch Test Realm?

  • 4) None. Not interested, tech problems, etc. (48%, 1,489 Votes)
  • 3) Not tried it, but I'm kinda curious/considering it. (24%, 733 Votes)
  • 2) I tried it a little, but just a taste. (18%, 545 Votes)
  • 5) Dunno. PTR what? (6%, 187 Votes)
  • 1) Yes, I copied over characters and have tested thorougly. (4%, 134 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,088

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Last Vote Results

The last vote asked how curious you guys were about Torchlight 2. The total votes weren’t very high due to the aforementioned tech issues, but the percentages are interesting, with more than 60% very or at least mostly interested. Speaking of percentages, TL2’s critical mass now stands at 88% from Metacritic… which is exactly the same as Diablo III. Though TL2’s fan score is just a tad higher: 9.1 vs. 3.7.

What’s your interest level in Torchlight 2?

1) Excite! Already ordered it. (31%, 971 Votes)
2) Kind of interested. Might pick it up. (30%, 944 Votes)
4) Zero interest. This is a Diablo site. Stahp. (20%, 616 Votes)
3) Not very interested. (19%, 589 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,120

Check out our Torchlight IncGamers fansite if you’d like to learn more about the game or join the community.

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33 thoughts on “Vote: Have you tried out the D3 PTR?

  1. There was no option for “not interested enough to download that massive PTR client.”

    If it weren’t for that, I’d be all over it.

    • yeah, totally agree. Where is a normal “No, not tried it”-type option without making it sound like I think it’s a stupid idea?

      • The #4 option was meant to be a catch all “no,” so I edited the option slightly to include technical issues, including download problems.

  2. Whatever comes,. we’ll see it when it does.
    Also, haven’t played diablo in a month or two now.

    Been poking around in Aion, and later Guildwars 2.
    D3 just isn’t holding my interest at the moment, let alone any PTR servers.

  3. I downloaded and played probably about an hours worth to see some new changes and keywardens and all that but I don’t see the point of playing on it extensively since nothing is carrying over. In my short time on the PTR I definitely noticed a big improvement in drops as I found an amulet with 45% MF (where previously the highest I’d ever found was around 30) and a Mighty Belt with str, vit, all res and max fury.

  4. Nah, I’m done with testing D3. Beta and through to my first and only Inferno Diablo kill is all the testing I can handle for this game.

  5. my favorite changes are the ones to the AH

    no sarcasm here
    they really made some good improvements

  6. I’ve played a couple of hours with my WD. It is obvious the drops are going to be better. At this point, I don’t have much desire to play either the PTR or the regular realm – the PTR drops are pointless, and the regular drops now don’t hold as much excitement. I’d say I probably won’t log back in to D3 until the patch releases officially. I’m having fun with Torchlight 2, and frankly, it has been nice to scale back the gaming, as my work has definitely seen a productivity increase.

  7. I hardly play any Beta.

    It spoils the fun out of playing the real thing.

    Still playing D3 at around 10 hours per week.

    it is perfect this way and mostly just in open public games (fun).

    So no testing for me.

  8. The thing I keep noticing is that, even though at first when you read comments in about any news on sites like this one, about Diablo III, it appears that many people don’t like Diablo 3.
    But then I think and it hits me, I’ve never really seen a game where people who stopped playing it keep browsing fansites about it and even go as far as commenting news on them.
    I mean I’d understand if it was a generalist website about many videogames, but when I’m done with a game I usually pretty much forget about it, I wouldn’t even have time for playing left if I didn’t.
    Does that show how amazing Diablo III really is ?

    Back on topic, I’ve played a few hours, tried farming for keys however I don’t do very well at MP3 or above (I could probably do it in MP10 through dying repeatedly but I won’t bother for that until it hits live at least, I don’t like playing on a difficulty where I don’t at least have a chance to do everything at a decent pace and without dying) so I haven’t found anything. Did a couple runs, got a legendary crossbow before the “double legendary droprate” patch, and once that patch hit I went and got IK weapon on the first pack (no CHD or sock, but over 1500 dps still lol).
    I’ll enjoy being able to farm in whichever act I feel like and surely will like to do an uber run once in a while. What I look forward the most though is leveling the 3 remaining classes I haven’t yet done on MP10 though, I’ve picked up my lvl 30 monk to try it and it felt awesome 😀

    • I would hold the predecessors responsible for at least a bit of the interest bringing people back again and again that are not commenting in favor of D3: As I understand it this here is a diablo-universe-fansite and not just a D3-fansite 😉

    • People don’t post hate on forums and fansites about games they hate?

      Are you new to the internet?

  9. In general I don’t put much stock in reviews, but player reviews on Metacritic are – and have always been – completely useless. For most people on that site it’s either a 10 or a 0.

    Anyway I bought TL2 and I play it a bit with a friend. I don’t consider it anyway near as fun as D3. Then again I’ve only played maybe 5 hours of TL2 and 300+ of D3, so maybe that’ll change.

    • Seems I missed the new question. I answered: “I tried it a little, but just a taste.” I tried it out to check monster levels, and the general difficulty what with the decrease in monster damage and the decrease in defense.

  10. Since the patch is developed enough to be playable, I say screw testing it. Push the patch through. I want it now! If anything goes wrong just patch it back. Diablo 3 already feels like a big test realm anyway.

  11. An option for people who want to play PTR but can’t seems to be missing. Error 12 prevents play.

  12. Dunno what to select here, as I’m interested in playing on the ptr but the problem is the datalimit of my connection. Perhaps 4. gets closest, as loading the client down would take perhaps one to two weeks and another until the refresh gets me above isdn-speed and thus into playable pingregions again.

  13. NO since I basically have to redownload the entire 8gb again and I only have about 2gb free on my HDD I just dont have the space to download the PTR to test it out.

  14. I’ve played a good bit of it to test my barb. (not a ww barb) Was very pleased with MP. It really levels the difficulty curve from what I tested thus far. 1.04 I can get thru siege breaker and thats as far as I can go without starting to die repeatedly. MP0 is easy to full clear. I suspect MP1 is gonna be doable. MP2 Act 1 starts to get a little hard but still doable. Haven’t tried further than that.

    Keys: It took 5 tries to get the key from act 1. Only other key I have tried for is act 3 and 3 tries in I still haven’t gotten it. So ya, it’s gonna be one of those pain in the ass to farm things.

    Drops are much improved. I actually started to feel like yellows I picked up had a shot at being good. Several drops were indeed upgrades for my 2 characters. Didn’t equip anything tho as I wanted to keep my char at the same dps and such as live character.

    Not gonna test any more though and ya I’m not playing live either. Not when I know that drop improvements are coming. A break is a good thing at this point.

  15. I dont want to try as i fear that probably a nice set item or legendary would drop and it would not carry over.. i would be so sad 😀

    • So you only play on the normal realm where you can be sure you won’t find a nice set/legendary at all! 😉

  16. Beta test all over again, for a game that has been out for months now? I seriously can´t understand it. I´ll try it if it was an expansion beta, but I think it is a waste of time. Don´t they have a QA department for that?

  17. My gaming time is pretty limited – maybe 5 hours per week if I’m lucky. I’m not going to spend it testing out their patch and having the EXP and items I get go down the toilet. Kudos to those with the time though – you are no doubt finding issues that they’ll hopefully fix.

  18. Since TL2 keeps being mentioned on this site – lemme ask those of you who’ve tried it ….

    I bought TL1 and initially liked it. But I found that it got dull really quickly. It was the same reaction I had to Dungeon Siege. Everything looked cool, but something about the items/combat/progression was just not that interesting after a short while. I never finished either one.

    Did anyone else feel that way about TL1 that has has tried TL2? If so, is TL2 much better in this regard or did you again lose interest quickly?

    • Hard to say after 2 weeks, but I enjoyed my first play through in TL2 much more than in TL1. (Where I only ever did one full playthrough, since the last act got very repetitious.) TL2 is a much bigger game with vastly more areas, monsters, items, much better balance, etc. So seems fairly certain to provide more long lasting enjoyment and play experience than TL1 did.

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