diablo-hardcoreA couple of blue replies to issues I’ve noticed in my own conversations about the game, as it seems like more players are making the move to Hardcore, full time or at least part time, and lots more are considering doing so in the first Ladder Season, when they’ll be able to start fresh at the same time as everyone else.

    What is the toughest class to play on HC. My friend leveled a WD and found it too easy. He wants a challenge. What should I dare him with?
    Araxom: My DHs would agree. Although the Wizard is another vulnerable class, my own Demon Hunters sometimes suffered from not dishing out as much damage as was needed when they were locked down in close quarters. I’m looking forward to leveling a new Hunter as soon as 2.1 drops.

    It seems more and more players are switching to HC mode. I remembered when at ROS launch most of the HC players are stuck at playing normal to master difficulties. Nowadays, more and more hc players are playing T4-T6. HC mode is the end game. Yeah, DC, PK, and lags can kill your characters but eventually it adds to excitement. It makes you aware that you need to balance dps against your toughness. It makes you care about your character. I noticed that hc players are more cooperative and helpful to other hc players.

    That feeling when a friend/clan member dies, and almost everyone will type “RIP” at clan or party chat, at SC when a player dies, u see them typing “*#@& Noob”

    That heart pounding feeling when you have less HP and the screen turns to red.

    Recently my friends quit playing SC mode and turns to HC and never looked back. They are having a blast.

    The only part that ruins it is a lot of people think that because they play hardcore, they’re better than everyone else.
    Araxom: I associate mostly with HC, but I appreciate SC. I think they’re almost two completely different games; being able to put yourself in the midst of the danger without the repercussion of permanent death allows for experimentation in ways that are just not nearly as feasible in HC mode. While in HC, I don’t consider myself to be taking it easy, but I’m also not vaulting into the fog of war. I think what I enjoy most is the impermanence of HC mode is that feeling that this battle could be my last.

    We Hardcore players sometimes joke about being elitists, but at the same time… if “never dying” isn’t evidence/proof that you actually *are* a better player, what is? Obviously there are some very skilled non-HC players, but it’s much easier to gear up when you can make mistakes or Zerg content that’s over your head. And while not all the best players are Hardcore, it seems like all the worst must be Softcore, for fairly obvious reasons.

    That said, the Blue has a point, and it’s not just a way to deflect the “HC elitist” question (though it was that as well). With the complete lack of death penalties in Diablo 3, HC and SC are functionally different games. Players not in Hardcore can choose to value toughness and play defensively and carefully… but frankly, that’s a suboptimal strategy. The game doesn’t punish you for dying, it rewards you greatly for pushing into higher difficulty levels, and when there’s a problem, higher DPS is almost always the solution.

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