Vote for the best Female Monk fan concept art

We’ve made a new post in the Monk forum asking you guys to vote on your favorite of the fan-created female monk looks. Bashiok posted quite a few fan submisisons, and when you added those to the ones we’d already had submitted, that put us up over 40 pieces of fan-made female monk concept art.

With all those on hand, and the official reveal imminent (we sincerely hope), we thought it would be fun to let everyone have a say. So head to the Monk forum thread, look over the semi-finalists we’ve picked, and get in your votes. (You may vote for more than one option.) We’ll pick the top 4 or 5 and run a main page article/vote on that next week, to arrive at the ultimate community consensus as to how the female monk should look. And then when the real game version is revealed, we can all be surprised, gratified, or disappointed.

A few of the semi-finalists are thumbed below, just for the bonus eye candy.

Update: Even though the “real” female monk has been revealed, go ahead and vote for your favorite fan versions anyway. We’ll run a poll next week with the most popular fan ones against the official, and see which you guys prefer.



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1 thought on “Vote for the best Female Monk fan concept art

  1. I thought the whole part with Metzen was very funny. 

    “I could give 2 @?$%! about World of Warcraft Dude! This is Diablo 3s time”

    “what game’s keeping the lights on, Bro?” “6 years you guys been building this thing”

    Then he shoots the “decision gun” at a board that has a huge circle that says Like WoW and a small circle in the middle that says like D2. and it lands on the Like WoW side and he walks out.

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